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From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Tuesday, January 04, 2005 8:55 PM PT
To: Bernie Gevisser
Cc: rest; Tefo Mohapi
Subject: RE: 2005

Dad – Isn’t it time we dispensed with meaningless rituals, wishing anyone with the exception of G-D anything other than a short life to make the most of their G-D-Given talents and then if they have done the right thing and the smart thing which is also the right thing to return to SpaceShip Mother Earth as my dog, Pypeetoe who unlike those of us humans accustomed to doing the right thing and the smart thing which again is also the right thing only having to remember when waking up in the morning the 4 S’, Shitting, Showering, Shaving and Suiting up for battle, my dog has us so well trained that he simply has to whimper to sleep in between Marie and me now to the point of actually taking over her pillow, I felt I might as well get used to prison conditions without down pillows and of course we lay awake at night thinking about all eventualities including what possible demands Pypeetoe might have should he reach the terrible 4s this coming July 8th and agrees to participate in the July Handicap.

Such utter garbage has more than just me smiling from ear to ear as word spreads at light speed that a new age of enlightenment and remembrance is now in full swing, the breaking of the “light speed barrier” couldn’t have come at better time, time as just about every literate human being on this planet understands is relative and also meaningless in the grand scheme of things as the bridge between rich and poor now comes together at “blinding speed”, agree?

It always bothering me this “blind faith” business much like us Jewish people “choosing” not to share with the Romans who morphed into the Roman Catholic Church our knowledge of what has us winning the Nobel Prize time and again, hard work-hard play paying off both in this life and hereafter something it seems the Protestant such as Thomas Edison picked up on rather well, agree?

No surprise that our rabbi of rabbis, Professor Doctor Rabbi Abner Weiss who tried his best to educate us imbeciles at the Carmel College Hebrew day school in Durban, South Africa about stuff like being comfortable in questioning the authority of man, our Bible saying it is okay based on the literal translation of Israel to “Wrestle-struggle with G-d”, remains deafeningly quiet not quite able to figure out a number of things I hold dear including the fact that Jesus Christ was born, raised, and very likely understood after being crucified like a common criminal he would be buried according to Jewish orthodox customs while at the same time able to keep focused on important issues of the day such as what customs officials all around the world r beginning to say to themselves in terms of how best to deal with my updated customs manual spelling out a number of things which contribute why “sum” [sic] would consider me quite the plague, only those, however, who have broken their promise to resist all temptation that would have them returning to this incredible SpaceShip Mother Earth with the sensitivity of ant, again if u allow others to treat u like an ant u become an ant, the past, the future, all coming together in the present, agree?

Time, may I suggest to take a very deep breath, careful not to overeat especially if I am right and our Almighty Smart G-D has figured out a way to stream line the process of sorting out those whose DNA was programmed right from the start to be “phatsos” [sic] and those simply self-indulgent so much so that He-She has more time on His-Her hands to be generous to the rest of us who do more than simply take up space, time and again, agree?

Then may I motion u to take the liberty of suggesting since I am up at our cabin all snowed in with very little battery life left on my cell phone to call information and get the telephone number of our insurance pal Donny Gordon and at the same time, u may not get a break on the cost but u will save time and have the assistant, no need to repeat the ant statement, provide u also with your first cousin, David Gevisser’s various residents starting out I would think with his home in Plentenberg Bay, South Africa.

I and/or one of my friends will follow up with Donny Gordon – CLICK HERE – but it would really help me out if you simply gave uncle David a “heads up” beginning what I think should be a rather short conversation with the words, “Remember me?

[You have seen] the latest dialogue between [myself and] Tefo Mohapi, a black 25 year old South African entrepreneur like many people around the world got hold of me by doing “due diligence” on others who have benefited from my unique and universal services over the past quarter of century; and as you can see Mr. Mohapi is not only one happy person, he is now working miracles with those in his inner circle all of them soon to be running circles around us LWWE [Lilly White White Wheat Eating] phatsos asking the right questions such as,

“Hey Bernie, how many shares were you and your father Israel Issy Gevisser gifted in the DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel back in 1970 when the Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies went on the block for a ‘song and a dance’ that attracted quite a crowd from Natie “The Maze King” Kirsh, whose prior claim to fame was his close relationship with one African King, to the American Mr. Charles Platinum King Engelhard who surely when visiting The Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies at your headquarters on Maydon Road in Durban, South African brought with him more than just a couple of cases of Coca Cola; and before you answer that question, bearing in mind you were never able to get your hands on the financial statement of Jenny Gevisser, your step-mother and second wife of Issy Gevisser, with your and your father’s office right next to Sol “Little King” Moshal, the Chief Executive Officer of The Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies, wouldn’t it have been proper protocol, especially considering your father owned the largest block of shares of this rather well known South African public corporation to have been formally introduced to Mr. Engelhard, to at least thank him for his generosity, so busy, busy, busy was Mr. Engelhard entertaining the likes of the Kennedy clan, conspiring with the South African Oppenheimers in the greatest mass enslavement, torture and murder of all time, while ingeniously shipping tons of gold out of South Africa via statues, to be then smelt down when reaching operations like Engelhard Chemicals and Minerals in Newark, New Jersey just moments before the United States of America went altogether off the Gold Standard, the price of gold skyrocketing, although Mr. Edward Jay Epstein in his Internet book, the Diamond Invention was not very specific in terms of how much gold was actually shipped out by Engelhard and his-your other partner in this crime of crimes, Harry Oppenheimer now along with Charles Engelhard long dead, the only survivor with the answer to the few remaining The Fish Rots From The Head Down questions is again your first cousin, David Gevisser, who you must agree should now be protected at just about any cost; so should we take this once again from the top, you not suggesting once again that your youngest son Gary Steven Gevisser is continuing to go overboard?”

Dad, it has been a busy day at the cabin feeding the birds, sad our resident fox has not returned, the water pump though, miraculously working again, perhaps the snow helped to settle things down although if I were to put my mind to it, I might come up with something a little more logical, but then I would have more people letting me know they have figured out the method to my madness and so if you don’t mind I will continue our dialogue, G-D willing, tomorrow.



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