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From: Gary S Gevisser []
Sent: Sunday, February 15, 2009 10:06 PM
To: Admiral Ami Aylon – Israel Navy –
Cc: rest; Syd Cohen – Commanding Officer Israel Squadron 101 – Israel War of Independance
Subject: 911

Dear Admiral Aylon,

My purpose in contacting you is to let you know that I believe you may be the only person who can save the State of Israel currently in one great divide.

In time you will have no difficulty getting your arms around my “huge credibility”; more importantly, as I see the prospects for peace in the Middle East fast slip away, let me further explain why it is that I am now “talking”; bearing in mind that those who know don’t talk, and those who don’t, do all the talking.

In 1969 when you were engaged in Operation Green Island [July 19th], I was some 12 years younger than you, but in all likelihood better known than you to quite a few great people like Israeli Air Force Commander Syd Cohen who I believe you last “visited with” at a wedding in Israel.

Below is a photo of my dad and Syd

taken in December 1944 when they flew together during World War II; my dad,

At the time neither Syd nor my dad Bernie had any clue what was going on “behind the scenes” in preparation for Israel’s War of Independence where my dad was “conspicuously absent”.

The “quietness” of those preparing for the “final showdown” which the Allies believed would be over in no time, just as Allied Field Marshall Montgomery predicted, was in fact “disturbing” to the OSS, the forerunner to the CIA who were preparing to hire within their ranks both Nazis and Jewish Kapos from the death camps of Auschwitz and the such.

Not to mention that as World War II “wound down” the OSS understood perfectly well that Ben Gurion and Co. were going to do their best to get “retribution” given how very “open” were the OSS who later became the CIA in playing the most pivotal role in Hitler not only getting his diamonds to produce the tooling needed to fashion mass weapons of war but such diamonds were also currency used to purchase other resources critical for war.

The hyperlink below takes you to Edward Jay Epstein’s, The Diamond Invention, Ch. 9, DIAMONDS FOR HITLER, subtitle, The Secret War Report of the OSS,

The decision by President Roosevelt

to meet with King Ibn Saud on board the USS Quincy on Feb. 14th 1945 some 12 days after the Russian Red Army, not American GIs, liberated Auschwitz and in the process send Ben Gurion the clearest “shot across the bow” not to proceed with his desire for a Jewish Homeland, was not done “in a vacuum” just like the leveling of Dresden on that exact same day.

You of course wouldn’t be all surprised to hear that when I first met with Boris Senior [Deputy Chief of Staff Israel Air Force] who like Syd Cohen and my father was born and raised in South Africa, my “friend” Boris knew better than to waste time letting me know that the US Government was “no friend” of the fledgling State of Israel, given how he knew that I had been “well schooled”

Not to mention my decision to speed up the process to “give peace a better chance” is borne out of the “truth” being revealed by a Jewish South African oil trader who wrote me back on Feb 4th, “Im not interested in history of Israel”.

To mention little of why it is that those of us well schooled in war beginning with the importance of being able to trust one’s intelligence, are the ones far more inclined towards peace than those sitting behind desks and pressing buttons who are easily numbed when either receiving or gibing kick backs to Israel’s enemies.

To mention in passing, such “truthful” words do in fact reflect the feelings of a great many of us Jewish people but only those who are Jewish when it suits them to be Jewish.

It is possible that there has never been an individual with my background who has also worked at the highest levels of the mafia monopoly De Beers who “pride themselves” on having so easy corrupted a great many Hasidic-ultra orthodox Jewish-Black Hatters who in turn then focus their energies using

De Beers’ untraceable “diamond currency” to corrupt secular Jewish people and at the same time De Beers have many resources remaining to buy their “opposition”.

I worked for De Beers going back some 3 decades ago and for the next 24 years I went “deafeningly silent”.

My decision on November 11th, 2004 to break such “deafening silence”

with the words, “Remember me?” was one that I thought through very carefully especially as I had been warned just weeks before by my mother Zena, “Are you not concerned for your life!!!”; bearing in mind that my English born mother, “From the earliest days of 1949 [Zena] visited Israel two and three times a year, writing reports for different publications.”

I think this would be a good time to call it a night as it is getting quite late here on the west coast of the United States.

Let me know if I need to spell things out more before we can talk.

Gary S. Gevisser

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