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A Breath of fresh air – Part 2

Given how fresh drinking water is the most basic and precious human right, those who control the water also own the banks.

The banks create money either out of “fresh air” or backed by precious mineral resources such as gold which is non-corrosive and cannot be produced in machines unlike diamonds which only have value because of the almost omnipotent presence of the mafia monopoly De Beers, who have been allowed to be the world’s allocator of resources including human labor for more than a century now by corrupt government officials.

Whether creating money out of thin air or using the gold stolen in wars to back the monies created by corrupt governments, everything comes down to war; specifically the winners of wars.

In other words, so long as one wins each successive war one can do as one pleases.

To fight, let alone win wars, one has to pay one’s fighters who fight much better when they have “truth” on their side.

Moreover, with the great speed of technology “transfer” plus the fact that the world’s most out of control military economy has been the greatest exporter of weapon systems needed to keep the US military economy “on its feet”, today there are a great many weapon systems in the hands of military personnel who haven’t quite got their fair share of the graft-spoils of diamond tipped drilling bit oil wars.

Not to mention that one shouldn’t always focus on the US military who are the most poorly informed; instead, there isn’t a single Israeli “grunt” in the Israeli army whose only job is to change the toilet paper in a military base in the center of Tel-Aviv who does not know that the weapon systems the Pentagon-CIA sell to Israel are also sold to Israel’s enemies along with the intelligence to defeat the weapon systems sold to Israel.

To mention little of you really don’t want to piss off an Israeli Special forces commando, let alone a unit commander, let alone a Commanding Officer of an elite Israeli Special Forces unit who also know I didn’t get off a boat just yesterday in Haifa harbor.

To mention in passing, the Mossad don’t just say, “Oh yeah, Right!” to those fork-tongued including American Jewish senators such as Lieberman, Feinstein & Boxer who for good reason have never “led the charge” calling upon the 3 branches of the US Government to apologize for the US Government not being a “friend” of the fledging State of Israel when imposing the most diabolical arms boycott of Israel during our War of Independence when of military age such as my dad were not allowed entry in to Jewish Palestine and if spotted were shot on sight without any witnesses let alone a US Congressional enquiry.

The fact remains there has never been so much as a “murmur” coming the US Congress because to do so opens up a “hornet’s nest” of epic proportions that inevitably lead to the call for reparations not only to Israel but all those countries that have suffered from US sponsored genocides both before and after World Oil War II.

Logic has a way of getting even the biggest fuckheads in the world to shut the fuck up.

Everything comes down to, “What did you know and when did you know it?” and to “play ostrich” when there are innocent and young kids doing the “heavy lifting”, let alone risking life and limb while killing others also just fighting for the “lazy rich” who have no loyalty to country, race or religion, just to those who “butter their bread”, it is much more than simply “unfair”, for these in rather good shape military personnel even amongst the worst trained and commanded militaries, are in an increasing position to demand that their “grievances” be heard; and of course even when in foxholes dug on foreign soil these kids are not only increasingly wired but they have plenty of time to think, “What is in it for me and my family and friends?”

No one who is “comfortable” wants to change the “status quo”; moreover, they don’t want to be bothered even thinking about how very corrupt are their children because it is not so much that they think it is a “reflection” on their “parenting skills” but the reality that if their co-opted-corrupt children “wake up” to the reality that kids of their age already in the world’s military or about to join up because they cannot find jobs in this so contrived recession/depression, it is these military trained kids with access to weapon systems who will first take their vengeance on their “lardy dah”, easy come, easy go peers.

Increasingly, and thanks to websites such as mine, the financially poor who are not stupid just grossly misinformed, can easily figure out the current recession/depression just like that of the early 1930s, is all geared to have the masses no longer needed in this technology driven age, being culled in the so carefully orchestrated genocidal wars that have been going since the turn of the last century, starting with the American led 8 Allied Nations invasion of China in 1900 which occurred in the middle of the Anglo Boer War of 1899-1902; both wars financed by American bankers led by J.P. Morgan who also provided the seed capital for the mafia monopoly De Beers.

No one likes the idea of being “short-changed”.

Worse yet, to be part of a brutal military that has been hijacked by mostly foreign corporate interests.

Even worse to have citizens of your own country who are the same age as you treating you as if you are some sort of “joke”; that you are not smart enough to have figured it all out on your own.

I am also thinking of placing up on your “wall” a better explanation of what I meant by “success” of the one and only ad, A Name From Here, You Can Trust Over There! that my dad placed in the South African Sunday Times back, I believe it was in 1989, soon after I returned from my first trip to China, when a lot of things happened around the world including you emigrating from South Africa to Canada.

Not to mention the “deafening silence” of my uncle Dave reassured me that he silence when I was being treated in South Africa by Dr. Michael Moshal MD for liver poisoning, was no error.

It is interesting that with all that is going on in each of our “busy lives” and of course I cannot help but notice all the very attractive looking women you have as your “friends”, you and I have finally met up AGAIN.

The fact that you remember as well as me Ms. Smith beginning with her great body says a number of things, all the while begging the question how come since both loved rugby it was NOT “meant to be” that we would play together when we were both in peak physical condition which for me was when I was around 24 and having returned to the States from South Africa where I had gone for treatment of poisoned liver when working for De Beers on 47th Street.

Not to mention you would get a kick out of this letter Mike sent me on Feb. 24, 1981 where my very good and most brilliant doctor friend who saved my life, makes reference to me scrumming with the women’s world rugby team.

To mention little of Mike who, within days of diagnosing that my liver had in all likelihood been deliberately poisoned, but neither of us in a position to know exactly who had given the “order”, was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer despite having never smoked a cigarette in his life, and died in Oct. 1981, age 45.

To mention in passing how he and I along with other most trusted “brothers and sisters” were able to conclude just by the reaction of top executives of De Beers when hearing that I was going to be returning to New York much quicker than they ever expected, and responding by letting me know that there was no longer a job for me, just how close to home it got; bearing in mind
there never was a job, at least not a “job to speak of” with De Beers, since all I was doing at De Beers’ Codiam Inc. on 47th Street in the first place was preparing to take over from my uncle as the executor of Charles Engelhard’s estate without, however, my uncle David Gevisser having much if any choice, given how he ALSO had been “put to work” by the highly amorphous Mossad following the Mossad assassinating Engelhard on March 2nd, 1971, age 54.

Once you realize how easy it is to buy someone off with untraceable diamond currency so in the very next instant you realize that the State of Israel which cannot afford to lose a single battle let alone the first war lost would be the last, relies on the Mossad not resorting to killing, but rather to follow “scripture”, no different to the De Beers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC], but when “shadowing” De Beers and Co. which of course includes the CIA who “proudly displayed” the fact that they did absolutely nothing to interfere with Ernest Oppenheimer not only supplying Hitler with his diamonds but thwarting the “feigned” efforts of the Allies beginning with virulently anti-Semitic Roosevelt to stockpile some 6.3 million carats of industrial diamonds on US soil, they are also able to leave quite the DAAC trail.

Peter Chait
Today at 10:47am
Hi Gary
It was great talking with you last night. I remember the time in Durban as being filled with sports and working. After leaving Carmel to go to DHS I had to work hard to break what I remember Russels mother saying ” he is good at sport but not bright”. I remember standard 6. There were 8 classes from A to H and I put into the C class with Russell and mark in the A class. It worked that you moved up or down depending on your results for that year. I was put up to the B class in standard 7 and the A class in standard 8. My final matric results were surprizingly to my 2 “friends” and parents better than their kids. My sport also went from being in the C rugby team in standard six to captain of the A team in standard 7. Finally in matric I was one of 2 prefects with Steve Tollman the other (who was head boy). There were other things that I do not remember as well. My friendship with the 2 friends wained as our interests diverged. We never had a fallout but as you probably guesed I am not the best at keeping up relationships and can easily go with the flow and do what I have to do. I went to Wits to do Medicine which was fantastic. To leave home and be in a residence and then live alone while still persueing my sport and work and having fun was great. I went to wits not knowing anyone else there but soon established a great circle. By the way I had a non jewish girlfriend for about 6 years during this time. I came back to durbs to do my housemanship at Addington. I had luitlle or no contact with russell and some contact with mark. I went to the army and met sandy. I returned to Durban to do radiology and got married. It was at that time that sandy and I reconnected with russell and Marsha. By the way bwefore I forget. I was not aware of you family history or the associated wealth but was fully aware of the money behind my other 2 friends. I was never short of money but always had what I needed. Money was not a big issue but we lived off the salary that I made which was not much at that time. Anyway I studied for about 11 years to finally come to canada to spend 18months in Saskatoon in order to become a citizen and then we moved to Toronto. Our first kid Josh was born in Durban at Parklands and my daughter born in saskatoon and the next 2 boys in Toronto. We are very happy here and have my parents with us. I am still working hard – with jewish schools, university expenses and living you have to keep going espessially if there is no Kitty to dip into.
I need to go now. I hope you and your wife are well and that things move forward. I understand where you are coming from and keeping your yourself honest and true is the most important thing. I do not having any real issues with my friends but can see the times where the there underlying problems.
I remain your friend and hope we can meet sometime

Gary S. Gevisser
January 6 at 11:24pm
I just noticed that the first part of what i just sent you was all but impossible to read and right now I am too tired to read the rest which might get even worse.


Gary S. Gevisser
January 6 at 11:22pm

Soon after speaking with you and then spending “quality time” with my very hot wife who most people just meeting us think we are “boyfriend and girlfriend” which of course doesnt prevent them from “hitting on her”, forget me not quite having her body let alone face, I left Del Mar right after the sunset and headed to our cabin/Stone Home about an hour away in the Cleveland national Forest where I am now; and it is so awesomely quiet, just the crackling sound coming from wood fire place.

On the way I remembered that I had got Bradely Jacobson confused with Anthony or the other way round when talking about how Melvin and Bradely had worked at Tattersils-Durban Race Track, while trying to make the point that it is impossible to have a conversation like the one you and I had once one has “bought into” thinking one is “smart”, able to compute this and that “odd” and inevitably always translate what one does into “money” rather than whether one is in fact contributing to the “betterment of humanity” which is of course really hard to do; which does not mean we should be “tough” on people who “dont know any better” but once one knows exactly how the system works and one does nothing to change things, always coming up with excuses, then one becomes part of the corrupt system, and why such people always end up hating themselves and most of all not very much fun to be around.

It is all one “big game” but I am quite certain that long before both our time is up this “go around” there will be everlasting peace.

Enough said.

Tomorrow I will forward to you what I read before going on to give Pres. elect Obama and Pres Bush the next segment of my ongoing “intelligence briefing”.

Peter Chait
January 6 at 2:28pm
yes cell 416 XXXX or home XXX-XXXXX

Gary S. Gevisser
January 6 at 2:27pm
Can I reach you by phone right now?

Peter Chait
January 6 at 2:26pm
Hi gary
Yes it is me from Durban now in Toronto. Things have changed. I have 4 4 kids 21,19,16 and 12. My parents live in toronto. Simon is in Israel and Anthony in Jhb.

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