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A Breath of fresh air

From: Gary S Gevisser []
Sent: Wednesday, January 07, 2009 4:22 PM
To: Jason Ritchie – Honored US Navy submarine Sonar Operator with Top Secret Clearance
Cc: rest; Jay McMichael – CNN photojournalist; Jeffrey R. Krinsk – Finkelstein & Krinsk; Office of the Israeli Defense Department Attache – Israeli Embassy Washington DC.; Mossad; Judy Montagu – Letters Editor – The Jerusalem Post;; Mathew Margo Esq. – 60 Minutes Attorney – son of South African Judge Margo who in 1949 developed the “blueprint” for the Israeli Air Force; Syd Cohen – Commanding Officer Israel Squadron 101 – Israel War of Independance
Subject: Jason, I just sent the following to my Facebook friend Peter Chait

A breath of fresh air.

It takes generally about 24 hours to get the coals in the wood burning fireplace blazing red hot; and today with the sun blasting through the Stone Home/cabin from every direction, it looks like I am well ahead of “schedule”; possibly within the next hour the whole cabin will be as warm as the outside so that by evening when the temperature drops close to freezing the inside will be “cooking”; and of course it is not quite as fun cooking without my so very cool French-Canadian wife.

Why not email Marie – asking her why I am restricted in placing photos of her up on the internet, and be sure to mention that you understand she also got a “big kick” out of your so very funny, “IF I WAS [playing tackle rugby], I WOULD KICK THE BALL SO FUCKEN HARD OR MAKE A SUICIDE PASS TO THE GUY NEXT TO ME”.

The fact that not everyone in the entire world, literate and illiterate, when just reading those words; let alone hearing your articulation, would not be rolling on the ground holding their stomachs so very sore from laughing, is their problem!

Seriously, I am thinking of beginning my next “intelligence briefing” communiqué to President elect Obama and President Bush by going in to “great detail” about why it is not only important to have a great sense of humor but in order to have one, it helps greatly to be a great athlete; healthy mind-healthy body.

Health-Stamina is everything.

Suffice to say, I too was born in Parklands, and it wouldn’t surprise me if you were also.

Fast moving backward.

You may recognize as well the heated pool with The Boy Kibbutznik mosaic that sloped on the floor of the pool into the deep end.

You may even remember this photo taken of you and me kissing underwater 3 girls, Marion Lazarus, the eldest daughter of Gunter “The Pig” Lazarus, Noreen Kane and I think Wendy Berkowitz, in 1968, in the same pool in the “backyard” of our house at 50 Bowes Lyon Avenue.

Fast moving forward.

Earlier today, before my quick jog, I copied you on a 1487 odd word email to a computer programmer who I don’t know, have never met or spoken with, and who for all I know, could be one of your kids; not that you would find a reason to leave work early let alone miss another yoga class trying to help me build a world class internet team; but towards that endeavor, please don’t let another moment go by before beginning to share our “back and forth” with at least your kids, especially those who are studying or thinking of studying business, accounting and/or law.

Not to mention and without an ounce of arrogance, I could in the course of a 2 day seminar-workshop provide all your “4 4” [sic] kids with all the knowledge about how the “real world” works that they would receive were they to spend their lives as “professional students” studying business, history, economics, military & politics at the finest business universities in the world; and in addition, I would teach them in that same period, everything about the 4 most important subjects, “History, Economics, Military & Politics [HEMP] that are purposefully never taught as one subject given how very easy they are to teach when all combined, which then would place each and every Professor of Law AS WELL, “out of business”.

To mention little of my goal is not to put anyone in a “food line” let alone join any type of military organization, at least not one which has yet to receive my “schooling” as well as the Military Plan I have developed which dovetails the Israeli Military Intelligence report you see on the homepage of which of course was “vetted” by both Israeli Military Intelligence as well as the Mossad in as CLEAR a manner possible so as to bring MAXIMUM EXPOSURE to the duplicity of the CIA.

To mention in passing that while I turned down the opportunity, not once, but twice to take over from my uncle David Gevisser, the second time in 1995 when I visited South Africa for the last time and he was quite impressed with how “quiet” I had been following my “employment” with the mafia monopoly De Beers, which would have afforded me each and every luxury you could possibly imagine beginning with never even having to pull out a credit card, let alone carry just enough cash to hand a beggar that would make me look generous to those I might be interested in “impressing”, I didn’t exactly “slouch”; on the contrary, I was invigorated by my “good choice” and began instantly to “reap my just rewards” that have yet to end.

At the same time I have to deal with the “reality” of having an extraordinarily large “footprint” on the Internet that is also not lost on the CIA who just like Mossad agents also have names, faces as well as email addresses; bearing in mind 5 things:

First, the Mossad only exists because the “ruling elite” have yet to call a truce to getting rid of us Jewish people; at least those of us Jewish people who are not only Jewish when it suits us.

Second, when you hear poorly informed people say nonsense like, “The Mossad would never turn on the CIA”, all you need do is look at the reaction of the Mossad who finally got Mr. Salameh, the mastermind of the 1972 Olympic Games massacres in 1979, some 9 odd years after the CIA placed YET ANOTHER terrorist mastermind on their payroll.

Third, Asama Bin Laden who is as close as it gets to the House of Saud, was the CIA’s top dog in Afghanistan fighting the 1979 Soviet invasion, and where he was armed with the CIA’s most advance Stinger missiles which Mr. Bin Laden has not used in his “feigned” war against the CIA in both Afghanistan and Iraq.

Fourth, the fact that the CIA can also understand that the latest Israeli Military Intelligence report talks CLEARLY to Mr. Bin Laden not YET attacking the oil fields of Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia because Mr. Bin Laden knows better than to bite the hand that feeds him and Al Quaida which is a name the CIA came up with, has them mostly worried about what the Mossad will do next, apart from making the world more aware of the duplicity of the CIA who not only protected Hitler who was chosen from the “bottom of the barrel” and in so doing letting Ben Gurion and Co. know that his replacement would be a whole lot worse, but following Hitler “calling it day” the CIA moved very swiftly in getting the 3rd Reich’s southern division firmly planted in our birth country of South Africa sitting atop the world richest mineral resources; beginning with gold – Who owns the gold makes the rules.

Fifth; I haven’t spent a penny on Internet marketing; just a few hundred bucks on “Got/Get Intelligence” baseball caps along with bumper stickers that also read: The Meek With Teeth Shall Inherit The Earth.

Such a “presence” has caused my “income stream” to totally dry up which should not have you feeling in the least bit, “Poor, poor Gary.”

I have more than enough remaining wea
lth to see me and my wife-partner Marie through many lifetimes; but of course I feed many more mouths than my one American programmer Adam L. Tucker who while having a lot to say, and mostly nonsense, does keep me “grounded”.

Moreover, I know better than to “throw money at a problem” just like we all know that there is no such thing as a “problem child only a problem parent”.

The instant one sees “money” which is just one means of exchange as a way to solve a problem, so in the same instant one loses touch with one’s innate “inventiveness” – necessity is the mother of invention.

One other means of exchange besides for having “good standing” with De Beers and/or their second tier credit/banking system is someone smashing their fist into your face and in return you choose, if still conscious, to hand over that US$20 bill that your mother advised you always keep in your back pocket in the event of a “rainy day”.

My mother Zena would tell me from a young age, “People only listen to what you have to say if you make them pay through the nose”.

My mother also let me know from a very young age that I would never inherit anything other than my “good name” and so when she would also advise, ““People only listen to what you have to say if you make them pay through the nose” my first thoughts were to listen carefully to her good advice that I was not having to pay for; and yet my most brilliant, most aware mother who was raised by her pogrom orphaned paternal grandmother, Nechie Becker Badash, not because my granddad Al Badash-Ash couldn’t afford a “wet nurse”, would insist, ““People only listen to what you have to say if you make them pay through the nose”.

If everyone were as “well conditioned” as I was, then of course they would listen just as well as me without having to pay, “an arm and a leg”.

I suggest you think about how very fortunate you are to have most of all your health followed by the fact that both your parents are not only alive but compis mentis.

Peter, you have the opportunity, right now, this very day, to provide both your parents with the most extraordinary “legacy” of their super athletic and super bright middle son.

The fact that I am still alive, let alone very fit, strong and most of all of healthy mind, helped by having a very healthy vegetarian diet, does not mean that I will live forever, and nor do I want to ever come close to feeling what most people our age feel; bearing in mind that I had the choice of being in my body or that of any teenager I know, and I know a good number, I would choose my own without a second’s thought given how not a single teenager I know has even close to my stamina; but can they talk up a storm.

Send just the one kid currently in business school to me for just a couple of days, no more than a week although you may want to join him should he decide not to leave especially if he likes the greatest climate in the world that one finds at our cliff house that as one would expect attracts the best looking and hottest bodied chicks in the world; and what is wrong with just looking even if he is already in a “committed relationship.”

You know that also such a kid’s health could disappear in an instant and you could all, including your parents, find yourself adjusting instantly your very busy lives.

The only remaining logical question you should have for me is how much would or should I charge this kid for him getting a one of a kind education that would place him “head and shoulders” above 99.99% recurring of the world’s most educated “movers and shakers”?

Just to give you an idea of my “knowledge base”; back in December 93 – Jan. 1994, I was doing a handful of most “discrete” assignments for Randolf Apperson Hearst who at the time was the last surviving son of the original media mogul and Chairman of the Board of Hearst Corporation.

Not mention RAH was the father of Patty Hearst who of course needs no introduction.

Because I was also acting as a “principal” Mr. Hearst, who died in 2000 at age 85, just 4 months after virulent anti-Semite Harry Oppenheimer passed away while still age 91, only reimbursed me for all my expenses which were relatively very insignificant, in part because of all my extraordinary contacts I had developed over the years at the highest levels of the world’s bought and paid for governments who saw fit to have their lawyers “pick up the tab” even when sharing with me the high level information sought by the likes of Mr. Hearst who for good reason needed to stay “off the radar screen”, not because he was afraid for his life, but rather because whenever the name “Hearst” would be used the “price” would instantly skyrocket.

The hyperlink below takes you to a scanned in photo of one US$100 traveler’s check of Mr. Hearst.

Again, those at the very top of the socio-economic ladder have known not only all about me from a rather young age when knowing to “keep quiet” and let my actions “speak loudest” but most importantly how very quiet were the “movers and shakers” of the Durban Jewish community who also need no introduction, to the extraordinarily “brutal” takeover of the Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies.

Not to mention I placed earlier, albeit out of sequence, the “back and forth” between myself and Len Calo who is a Facebook “friend”; “Lardy Dah, which provides more insight to both my grandfathers who were not only “quiet” but very careful about getting too close to anyone beginning with immediate family members.

To mention little of Len, who attended Stellenbosch University with my “Lardy Dah” uncle David Gevisser and then left South Africa for Israel in 1971, makes clear mention of the Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies, “huge forest” holdings as well as telling it exactly the way it is with my “lardy dah” uncle David Gevisser.

To mention in passing, 1971 is the same year the Mossad assassinated German-American Charles W. Engelhard and then some 5 odd months later, on August 15th, 1971, when placing a gun to the head of anti-Semites Henry Kissinger and Richard Nixon, forced the United States to go officially off the Gold Standard, that in the next instant accomplished two very important goals; first, the value of Engelhard’s extraordinary mineral rich estate skyrocketed; and second, with my “sell out” uncle David Gevisser, not only Chief Executive Officer of Engelhard Enterprises South Africa, but executor of Engelhard’s estate having received a “sign on bonus” of US$6 million, virulent anti-Semite Engelhard and Co. left the most extraordinary “money-gun-trail”.

Given my ability to “connect the …” which is most disturbing to those who think they not only know everything there is to know but pride themselves in thinking that they “deserve” everything they have beginning with the wealth including monies that have just been “handed down” by a close relative that somehow it is their “divine right” and if not, then they are “sumhow” [sic] “lucky”, I keep coming back to the question, “How many coincidences does it take before it is no longer coincidence?”

If there is no such thing as a “coincidence” then there must be by logical thought processing, design everywhere; and for there to be “design everywhere” there must therefore be a “master designer”.

And if one cannot agree with me that there exists a “masterful” as well as most “vengeful” designer, then we should agree to consistently take all forms of mysticism and superstition “out of the equation”, and stick to irrefutable facts.

The first fact of life is that it is war that has decided who shall own the land.

Those who own the land also control the water.


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