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Mildred Norman – A Peace Activist going nowhere.

[10/30/13 12:52:59 AM] Adam L Tucker:

I think you and Marie will enjoy this.

[10/30/13 3:33:58 AM] garygevisser:

i have a slow internet connection. can I download it and then watch it later?

[10/30/13 3:34:59 AM] Adam L Tucker:

paste the youtube link into this website and it will let you download the yoututbe video

[10/30/13 3:35:00 AM] Adam L Tucker:

[10/30/13 3:50:08 AM] garygevisser:

this is tough one because first I wasn’t able to download it from that website but I did get to hear as I tried, the bits and pieces of her peace speech and there was talk about the weapons of mass destruction that she obviously didn’t make a dent in, but I will try listening and watching more as I write my second to last email book before publishing my book and it will be as many expect because I have been saying to Geoffrey Rothwell who chose me carefully out of 7 billion others to help with his bad conscience as Principal Economist for the NEA, to get the message out about first and foremost how you cannot believe a word coming out of the mouths of any peace activist because they are either insane or bought, as no one has yet come even close to nailing the nuclear industry that is the major force behind human overpopulation.


Adam L. Tucker Wed Oct 30, 4:53am
she’s been dead since the 80s she began her “peace pilgrimage” in 1953 walking 26 years and more than 25k miles without money and never asking for anything.

Gary S. Gevisser Wed Oct 30, 11:46pm

I got all that at the very beginning which is why I commented that she made no dent in the production of wespons of mass destruction which appeared to be one of her primary goals which she stated.

Do you think that her main accomplishment was walking all those miles without asking for anything?

Do you see why Rothwell is very quiet on this important subject?

It is because he knows that the nuclear industry who pays for his happy lifestyle are continuing to laugh at people who bring attention to her accomplishments that now has even the former head of Greenpeace applauding the nuclear industry

So long as you talk money it supports the money.

The more you say people accomplish things with little to no money but they get handouts from people with money-wealth that affords them to be generous with people who are ignorant, so money is seen by the common herd as scarce.

Do you think this dialogue with you will help me sell a lot of books in the first 6 months which I need to do before it becomes “old news”?

You must have read my last response to Rothwell, “The not so bright Rothwell”.

Maybe you could hit the “reply all” button while adding more email addresses to the cc section and incorporate the knowledge I have just shared with you?

Remember his question to you who he knew was not close to as well schooled in the study of military-money as me, was, “Adam, I’m not sure what your strategy is here. What are you trying to accomplish?”

You may not remember every event that took place after Rothwell wrote his piece because you dont have as good a memory as me about the important events in modern day history, including the decision by Putin on October 3, 2008 to have the Kremlin release the telling photo of Putin meet Oppenheimer on Sept. 5, 2006 when Hanssen was already incarcerated and silent for 6 and a half years

As you know I am very familiar with the reality of all humans in denial, that when they feel stupid they retaliate.

When do you think President elect Obama became aware of that photo which shows Putin very angry but unwilling to nail Oppenheimer because he enjoys a much better lifestyle as does Rothwell who likes fucking better looking chicks than ugly chicks which is one of the great joys of life and anyone who tells you differently is a liar?

i dont need you or anyone else to tell me that I have the most interesting book thanks to the irrefutable truths I present that cannot be found elsewhere as well as how everyone without exception manages to block out if their minds when giving their opinions how everything is priced including the not exactly free food given away as charity since unless the givers are De Beers who have no cost of capital, everyone has to pay for trucking either the raw materials such as fertilizer and seeds as well as the finished goods such as lettuce

Right now im using a free Wifi connection at the water’s edge of Corse and knowing that in a fair election I would get the majority vote of the poor who will remain the majority unless insane and bought Peace Activists continue with their nonsense.

If you are as happy as me or happier you must be the happiest person in the world; so what is it about your lifestyle that you like better than mine; in other words lets just assume you are head over heels happy with your sex life and that means your body has to be in top physical condition, do you think you are as intellectually honest as me and therefore you should be willing to enter into a public debate with me to flush out the rest of the clowns without leaving it to God to do everything on its own or you can join forces, if your ego allows it, to flush out the fakers who all feel the need to talk, no matter how stupid they sound.

Twice now Rothwell has forgotten 2 very important conflicting statements and his 2009 White Paper on the pricing of enriched uranium which very few of the common herd know the first thing about got him the most important job in the entire world even though I have limited my comments up until now saying that Principal Economist for the NEA was the most important job outside of the United States.

It may be lost on you, but it is not lost on me that without me still being around, given the huge opposition I am confronted with from all walks of life, future generations would be none the wiser

Now that makes me very happy considering the huge numbers in opposition and the relatively few resources I have at my disposal, and nor have I yet to profit financially from educated the retarded common herd who cannot get enough of the status quo.

I happen to know, again without anyone giving me applause, that it takes a miracle for me to still be alive and free to broadcast.

Also helping me see the light is knowing that I wouldnt want to exchange my life for anyone else’s even if ut were possible.

Do you know of anyone else who can say the same thing?

BTW, soon after i began broadcasting the last email book to Rothwell I followed up with a British banking official who told me that he sets aside £30 (thirty English Pounds) every month to buy books as he reiterated over Skype that he is an avid bookreader. He not only shared his private email address with me but told me that he would most certainly buy D-Money Lie which I have priced at €14.21 which of course is currently less in pounds.

Below is what I sent him via regular email:

Matt hello – I was just talking with you and thought you might be interested in one of the last lead ins to my forthcoming first print edition of D-Money Lie

And yes, I havent forgotten you educating me on rhe words “dying trade” in reference to checks becoming increasingly less common as the common herd multiplies at an accelerating pace spreading worse than disease, stupidity that each of us can still laugh about, until such time as i become a household name

Thank you for listening

Looking forward to your response


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