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A self taught artist is taught by a very ignorant man

From: Gary S Gevisser
Date: March 12, 2012 6:53:28 PM PDT
Cc: rest;, “Michael “Big” Grant – IBF Heavyweight Champion” , Gary Barber – Co-Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of MGM , jim winters , “Devin Standard – eldest son of former President of New York State Bar Kenneth Standard.” , Mike Flint , “Melanie Gurvits Esq. – Attorney for Producer-Director Steven Spielberg, Esq. – Attorney for Producer-Director Steven Spielberg” , Vic Shayne – co-author of American George Lichter’s autobiography , Barbara Fix , Cameraman for Rob Machado , Rob Machado , “Lynne “I like looking at myself in the mirror Dinosaur” Zimet” , “Raye Anne “You defame fat people” Marks [RAM]” , “Deborah Sturman Esq – Inspired by Zena Badash-Ash Gevisser Zulman, played pivotal role in collecting billions of $ from remnants of Germany’s military machine during WW II, but stopped way too short when realizing it was so close to home. home.” ,, “Texas American Civil Liberties Union [ACLU]” , “Mark Silverstein Esq. -c/o Alison May – ACLU – roommate of King Golden Jr. at the University of Virginia Law School” , “King Golden Jr. Esq. – my long time American attorney and “bosom buddy” of Roger W. Robinson aka “Our Man Roger” who I have known intimately since he joined the National Security Council in March 1982.” , “Roger W. Robinson – protege of David Rockefeller and former Chairman of U. S. -China Economic and Security Review Commission” , Mary Valder – Personal assistant David Rockefeller , Glen Shapiro – Former President of Bureau of Business Practices – Prentice Hall Simon & Schuster , “Texan Secretary of State James A. Baker III – Representing House of Saud Saudi Arabia – Baker considered by Roger W. Robinson “THE MOST DANGEROUS PERSON IN THE WORLD”.” , Texas 5th Court of Appeals , Texas Judge Martin Lowy , “Alan Loewinsohn Esq. – Dallas, Texas based attorney for CIA Charles Knuff” , John Perkins – former CIA Economic Hit Man author and founder Dream Change , “De Beers – Ernest Slotar Inc.” , Allie Meyer-why we fight , Amanda Lopez – US ARMY recruiter , Matthew Margo , Matthew Hoh – former US Captain who resigned from US State Department , 60 Minutes <>, TheTonightShow , Udi Zorani , Jerry Meadors , Wilfred Weide , Rod Margo , R Oshry , “Mark Gevisser – author of autobiography of Thabo Mbeki former President of South Africa. Mark Gevisser is the son of David Gevisser male heir of American-German Charles W. Engelhard Jr. assassinated by the Mossad on March 2 1971 and buried at St. Mary’s Abbey Church Morristown New Jersey” , “Michael Strauss – International Monetary Fund – former student of Grundfest.” , Jeffrey Krinsk , “Kenneth Standard Esq. – former 25 year in-house General Counsel of Bristol Meyers; most recently past President of the New York Bar Association – Harvard Law School.” , “Rabbi Capers C. Funnye – close cousin of First Lady Michelle Obama who is married to President OBAMA” , Rabbi Stuart Federow – Houston Texas Radio Show Host , “Joe “Could I stop you?” Grundfest – former Commissioner of the SEC and Stanford Law School – intimate of Diana Henriques.” , Adam Hochschild – author of Blood & Treasures – founder of Mother Jones , “President Shimon Peres c/o Office for the Israeli Deparment of Defense Attache; Israeli Embassy Washington DC Israeli Embassy” , Chinese Embassy – USA , Rose Tchang Sun Yat-sen , Travel China Tour Guide
Subject: A self taught artist is taught by a very ignorant man – Re: Strange reflection – Fwd: Are you the son of the amazing Charlie Winters who received a Presidential Pardon?

Leith – it is laughable, such a sick society, everyone thinking that before the “rule of law” it was all about “might is right”.

It is laughable that I am being singled out with the most unjust conviction of defamation where truth is the best defense, and each and every one of you perfectly understanding why those less informed would conclude that there had to be something to such a huge sum of money, and to top it off a label, DEATH SENTENCE, all aimed to discredit me and help suppress the information from reaching those the most disadvantage, when all I am doing is exposing both your ignorance and corruption as you rely on your corrupt Texas judiciary aided and abetted by the rest of the South African based Oppenheimer-De Beers bought justice system, to do your dirty work.

There was no “rule of law” including G-d’s laws that said it was okay to import, against their will, Black African slaves and then when giving them their freedom following the American Civil War that ended less than 150 years ago, not to have immediately received for reparations a good chunk of the lands stolen from the murdered American Indians, who had to endure another 25 years of suffering before the last of their warriors were exterminated in the Battle of Wounded Knee in 1890.

Was it your thinking that it would only be right for white Americans to inherit stolen lands because you felt you didn’t want to blacken the hands of innocent Black Americans slaves?

Not to speak is to speak.

To selectively answer the questions and still not do a thorough job, and think that by continuing to call me on my cell phone in order to have another phone conversation to discuss what exactly as you drive to your offices, and will find a whole bunch of excuses not to remember the finer points of our conversations.

Nancy, the Ambassador to Bangladesh, and who is quoted in the Los Angeles Times article – CLICK HERE – as saying about her husband, “”Sam would turn his back on certain things–like corruption”, left a clearer phone message for me this morning asking to call her back and explain more about this court hearing next Monday where Knuff and his Century City law firm plan to start collecting on that fraudulent $4 million DEATH SENTENCE.

What a thought to go to sleep with every night and wake up in the morning and just hope that every judge not just in American but throughout the world is corrupt and will uphold such unequalled injustice, and not only do a great number of you have children who you know could already know more than what they are letting on because they figured that much quicker than the past two generations that business of corrupt parent-grandparents to make the children that much more corrupt and sooner, but you have business partners and prospective partners who have to keep thinking of stuff like your fiduciary responsibility to disclose material information.

Go ahead and email and/or call Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq. of Finkelstein & Krinsk and ask what he thinks of how G-d would view the decision by people like him not to inform the rest of you about the decision of Lloyds of London Insurance to ban American citizens as investors.

I bet your next response will delete most if not all references to G-d.

If G-d e
xists as many believe then none of us should be really all that busy to the point that they have little trouble dismissing all the important logic in their so busy lives.

So of course I ask myself what am I doing that has attracted so many of you from different walks of life where the only thing you have in common is your belief that you are justified in everything you are doing and your common strong resentment of me and my equally very logical oil painter teacher French-Canadian wife who is equally bored with all the “game playing” by stupid people thinking it wise to play stupid without any dire strait consequences.

What makes you think you are any different to the 2 million plus visitors who have already visited and feel like if they contribute positively it will only end their gravy train that much quicker.

While the tongues of the lazy rich keep wagging, the poor have lost their tongue, but still in the very next moment they can regain their voice, and demand majority rule and for all those who have been guilty of suppressing the information to be held fully accountable.

The fact that a reasonable person would be able to extrapolate that the rest of the 7 billion humans will act as selfishly as the rest who when given my highly valuable information think it smart to play stupid, does not mean they will because in order to extrapolate correctly, a critical requirement is that information be truthful.

What hypocrites count on is that the truth will never see the light of day.

I find it a miracle that so many people who only have in common is their corrupt thinking and not of all you sharing equally in the misallocated resources of the world, think you are sufficiently united to maintain this sham.

Go ahead and poll everyone you know right this moment by sending this question out to everyone on your email list.

Of course you are smiling at me thinking that you are not stupid enough to fall for that trick.

Let me now ask you; how many people do you know who have married a much older man or woman for their money, and the help of the younger person know not only exactly what is going on including their fair weather friends, but my writings that explain that the cheap help of the mostly white people come from the mineral richest regions of the world beginning with very oil and water rich Mexico.

Now consider the fact that were it not for the white man damming rivers such as the Colorado River there would be even more water flowing into Mexico.

So you logically come back to relying on us Americans who not only have the big gun but have shown unlike any other country a willingness to use the Atomic Bomb agains not one, but two civilian populations.

Yet we continue to raise our children under the doctrine that we are a democratic society which prides itself on the rule of law.

You have not forgotten that the only reason we got rid of slavery here in the United States of America was because first, we were the first to master steel for large warships that the earliest of the modern day warfare designers did not need much imagination to know that the next generation of those initial steel ships could be used to cover more ground in a shorter space of time than when Columbus sailed the Ocean Blue in 1492; and second, there was no way to turn back the clock on the butchery of the native American Indians that continued round the clock during the American Civil War which you don’t find much mention of in American history books which gives you that much better a glimpse of how easy it is to brainwash the most brutal of humans who percentage wise believe in G-d than the rest of the world, which is not a bad reflection on G-d; on the contrary I see that as the true genius of G-d to have the whole world inevitably waking up to the power of One G-d who is the only one capable of having such huge numbers of people who think they pee ode cologne, paralyzed in their thinking, without being able to command their Commanding Officers to command their troops into battle for fear that it will be the last command they give.

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