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Aaron Penne – Do you want to return as yourself – Part II

Part I –

Why couldn’t you have least tried to be original in your verbiage, knowing that these writings of yours could be your legacy, the same with my response?

You must have figured out that it is just a question of time before I am permanently silenced and so you wanted to get your best shot in.

Your fired and missed.

Now it is my chance and for all my silent adversaries to take careful note including those who have approached me to make peace; i.e. if I have not responded to your entreaties you must assume I consider you both stupid and evil.

I also figured out when I looked at all the ugly old, bent out of shape people attending synagogue in South Africa where there were no blacks, and these hypocrite whites not only stunk up the place but the Jewish women seated upstairs inhaled all their rotting and dying internal organs that were being evacuated as part of their airborne particles of feces, that God was laughing at all of them; and nor have I ever been disappointed in my logic which allows me to interact with anyone God places in my path, and to just turn their negative energy first on to themselves while empowering the next generation of children to parent the parents who need the most help.

So just imagine 20 years from now and your children get to read this legacy of yours which will keep moving up the Internet Search Engine lists based on what interests most the majority of the world’s peoples since as you know the internet is borderless, doesn’t just that thought have you thinking twice about having children of your own or any child wanting to have anything to do with you.

Explain to me how best I can bring out the best in you than what I am doing?

Let’s assume for the moment that God does not exist and each of us is left to our individual logic to make a convincing case of what the Chinese Government should do next?

China has both the “rule of law” as well as the military might to back up their significant investment in our worthless US Government debt, which the world’s most industrious peoples first accumulated by being our slaves, which began in earnest in July 1971 when Henry Kissinger went on his secret mission to China and placed a gun to the head of Chairman Mao, just as De Beers had placed a gun at the head of President Nixon who knew that he nor the US Congress could call De Beers’ bluff when they demanded that their corrupt US Government expose themselves that much more when instructing Nixon to announce the following month that he was going to be “punishing” De Beers by going off the Gold Standard without, however naming them, since it was so obvious that he was only talking about foreign, South Africa De Beers who have never, not once, tried to conceal to those they have bribed the fact that they own the 3 Branches of the US Government, lock, stock and barrel. The fact that you are not alone in being incapable of focusing in on De Beers showing that they have the US gun backing them when having Mr. Putin

journey all the way to Johannesburg, South Africa and to be forced to suffer such degradation, does not make you intelligent.

If you are corrupt my message is disheartening, but if you are honest, you can only be uplifted because De Beers show how very vulnerable they are to have felt the need to pull out their big gun, and nor have they put it back in the holster.

Can you not see how you and people like Black American Jeff Hubbster are making this world not only much more interesting than anything you will find on any other network including Facebook, but in the next instant we can have everyone who has an internet connection and/or email address all connected up waiting for my next broadcast which is to this close Chinese friend of Rose Tchang Sun-Yatsen, the granddaughter of Sun Yatsen, considered the Father of modern day China.

Are you also not impressed how a Japanese kid I met on a Tokyo subway more than 22 years ago suddenly found me and sent me a photo of the two of us?

Are you not equally blown away that Jeff Hubbster while his English is not quite as good as my French-Canadian wife’s French or English made us aware because of his poor spelling of “entendre” of The Triple Entente that followed the Anglo-Russian Entente of August 31, 1907 which was 107 days prior to the start of the Great White American Fleet which began America’s enslavement of the rest of the world. So let’s now thank former US Marine Jeff Hubbster for adding another piece to the puzzle.

You of course recall that on October 24, 1907, the US stock markets suffered a meltdown because J.P. Morgan and company were having great difficulty getting their Chinese “coolies” sent to South Africa in 1904 and Black South African slaves to bring the gold out of the ground at a fast enough pace to pay off the cost of the two most expensive wars; namely the American led 8 Allied Nations invasion of China in 1900 and the South African Boer War of 1899-1902.

J.P. Morgan and company, the principal financiers of De Beers, would eventually have their US Congress illegally form their US Federal Reserve on December 23, 1913, right before the outbreak of WW I, which no historians have previously explained because they wanted to enjoy their cushy lifestyles and live into their ugly old age.

Do you notice that the word “truth” is missing in your diatribe?

Do you agree with Ernie Briese, “Forget the fucking truth?”

Do you feel the same way when you first visited Have you noticed that there is very little new information that is being added other than my broadcasts which helps those not yet corrupted figure out who knew what and when?

Why not organize right now a debate between myself and you and I will allow you to have as many supporters as you can muster?

I say we start with each of us explaining what the truth means to us both, which I have already, so now it is your turn.

I believe that you feel so stupid that the anger with yourself had your mind erupting.

Shadow, Mango’s most beautiful good companion has just arrived to play; and so I must speed this up because it is getting close to the time the mountain lions and coyotes start looking for their food.

Does it make you feel better about eating meat knowing that you operate the same as a wild beast that also has pure soul?

Remember, I don’t need confirmation from anyone else that God exists.

Would you behave any differently if you were as convinced as me?

Do you believe that you have a more crystal clear read of the September 5-6th, 2006 photo showing Putin bowing to Nicholas Oppenheimer of De Beers, and if so, please express yourself clearly.

Do you blame me for being the first person in the world to explain that it is not only 300 million Americans who were brainwashed but every South African I knew in the 21 years shy of one week I lived in South Africa? Surely, all their silence is not comforting?

Why is that you stupid people don’t first think to look inward and then focus your attention on your dumb parents, grandparents, great grandparents, teachers and professors?

Can you explain in simple English what it is that you like about each member of your family and friends?

Now look again at the very important photo that was taken just 3 weeks ago in the Great Hall of China, and my friend Rose Tchang Sun Yatsen is the closest non-Government official standing next to President Hu.

Does it bother you that there are more Japanese looking people than white Americans?

I don’t see a single white American.

Does it mean anything to you that President Hu is not only an engineer and someone who spent a lot of time in Tibet without ever feeling it necessary to set the record straight on how misguided is the west about Tibetan mon
ks who treated most inhumanely the great majority of Tibet’s poor farmers, and now I am not simply talking about the Tibetan monks who were trained by the CIA in guerilla warfare in the Colorado Rockies before being sent back to Tibet to create civil unrest, but he is a most accomplished singer and ballroom dancer?

Does it bother you that President Hu has never once given an interview?

Do you know how many interviews Obama has given?

Do you feel that you know Obama better than President Hu who has the ability in the very next instant to make the US a 3rd World country simply by calling in their debt and at the same time allowing the Chinese Yaun to rise to a fair market level and then what do you think will happen to the price of the 13.5 million barrels of oil that the US imports each and every day from the rest of the world?

Remember, these are instantaneous effects which not only the Chinese have calculated with the Nth degree of accuracy, so has the Pentagon, and so has the Israel Defense Force, and so have the Russians.

Do you think I need to explain to you again why it is that not one US President or US Congress person or US Senator since President Nixon announced that the US was going off the Gold Standard on August 15, 1971 in the most incomprehensible speech, has ever come close to repudiating what the 37th President and Commander In Chief of all US Armed Forces had to say?

Do you have more respect for President Hu knowing that he nor any Chinese official prior or since had anything to do with President Nixon and the US Congress kowtowing to the mafia drilling monopoly De Beers who had the goods on all US Government officials?

You have the audacity to repudiate me for “sowing infertile seeds” when you perfectly understand that today we cannot blame China or its neighbors for the spread of communism to the US just like we couldn’t blame our invasion of Korean, Vietnam, and Cambodia in the 50s, 60s and 70s for the US Government continuing to bail out failed corporations like AIG, GM and company who first succeeded in wiping out their smaller competitor.

I would have preferred you hit reply all and each one of those I had carbon copied will hear what you have to say without them being able to use the excuse that they have blocked my emails. So I now include them all.

The fact that I got you to finally go on record and you are one of 7 billion and you have trillions of cells that had to get coordinated before firing is most significant, at least to me.

Remember, I am not the one who is defensive because it is everyone who never figured out on their own how they allowed their governments to make such fools out of them beginning with how they didnt educate you in the HEMP [History, Economics, Military & Politics].

What is it that triggered you to finally realize that either God destined you to have the girlfriend-fiance that you have as well as your coffee barista job which in my opinion is more important because it contributes more than anyone who has ever made a living off Wall Street or that De Beers, a mining conglomerate you didn’t know the first thing about until I informed you, decided everything for you including your parents given how De Beers have never once got distracted from the original plan of its founder Cecil Rhodes to create a Secret Society of bankers which he enumerated very clearly in his first will of 1877, and you remember now very well that 15 years later the Bankers Manifesto of July 4, 1892, when Rhodes was still very much alive and aware of how very quickly the most murderous peoples in the history of the world managed to get over their annihilation of 10 million indigenous Indians who were here first and didn’t need white pilgrims to explain how democracy can work for the lazy with the guns once they have murdered off the majority who owned the lands followed by the wholesale slaughter of 700,000, 2% of their own during the anything but civil war when there was no need for General Sherman et al to erect concentration camps as when laying waste to the landscape of Georgia there was also rape in abundance.

You haven’t forgotten to compare where you are today to where I was when I was a good half a decade younger than you and I got to the top spot of De Beers on US soil not by listening to idiots, but to those who raised me very well to understrrand why it is for example that God gave us two ears and one mouth so that we should listen twice as hard as we speak.

Now answer the question as you realize how very carefully I have continued to line up my ducks after very carefully preparing before breaking my 24 year silence with De Beers, do you want to return as yourself, and if not why not?

Thank you for contributing to increase the circle of those dependent upon my insight and analysis of the important events of the day.

The fact that you can write in generalities without once thanking me for enlightening you about your total ignorance of how the real world works and in so doing you help highlight all the rest just like yourself where the only thing you have in common is your ignorance and common dislike of me which again you can only express in vague generalities which shows how very mad you all are with yourselves because of your stupidity the result of the lies you keep telling that create the short-circuits in the space between your ears, and your pain is not alleviated by the fact that you can just throw out meaningless words such as “Why are you so defensive”? should have you now going quiet for how much longer?

When you take so long to respond and you cannot be more mindful, the next time you write or speak you will notice how much more self conscience you are because there is really nothing to be proud of being part of De Beers-US Government’s common herd.

Nor do I need you to tell me how I can improve the Site Analytics of unless you can think of a better way for me to have survived this long and to have the most populace and educated peoples in the world, the Chinese, increasingly and at an exponential rate coming to whereas people such as yourself who are not in the least bit interested in searching for the truth for the truth is too disturbing for those too busy keeping track of their lies, are increasingly shutting down when not continuing to expose your anger-frustration but not to the point where you have managed to blow up the world let alone create World War III.

What do you think of the idea that we all show our value system and use The Internet to vote on how much is a fair wage to pay our soldiers since we can all agree that it is no longer a secret that the reason us Americans have a better lifestyle than those in the countries we rape of their mineral resources is because we consciously leave it to Uncle Sam to do our dirty work.

In other words, why, unless you are corrupt, would you not embrace the democracy; i.e. majority rule that is part and parcel of the leveling power of the Internet?

You don’t really think it is lost on me that you don’t comment on the farce defamation lawsuit against me where a Texas judge makes it clear how much of a threat I am to the status quo and not only does he break every law on the books as well as rules of the court, not even attempting to show even the slightest hint of “Appearance of Propriety”, but agrees with a corrupt ex CIA officer that Americans are perfectly fine with Texas using this landmark case to rule the Internet as they see fit.

Time to exercise with the “goDs” [sic].

[Word count 3876]

On Oct 27, 2011, at 11:08 AM, Aaron Penne wrote:

“Not to speak is to speak.”
— Gary

If you took some of your own medicine, then perhaps your emails would not come off as 10 page-long incoherent drivel. Why not try focusing your enormous amount of energy to directly enact some change instead of sowing as many infertile seeds as possible?

If yo
u have a potent message, and speak it to receptive ears, then you will communicate. If you have a weak and incoherent message broadcasted to 1000 uncaring ears, then nothing is gained.

You have potency, but why always so defensive? Pick one target, and fire a few solid shots. You will hit your mark.

On Oct 27, 2011 8:29 AM, “David Crowe” wrote:
You are in the business of selling survival kits and you have bigwig connections in the US militrary sic., what is the delay in getting your friends to confirm that diamonds began being placed in the survival kit of American fighter aircraft ejection seats in May 1991 because Defense Secretary Cheney whose resume shows he is dumb but not as dumb as you thought, overruled the strong objections of Secretary of the US Air Force Rice.

What legacy amongst your friends who you get to choose, do you think you will leave, or is it no longer important?

Who do you want to return as, and if not yourself, have you thought what Charlotte and your kids would think?

Does the weakest cell in your body tell you that it is increasingly tougher to move, and that you should have thought about a lot of these things when you were younger, and yet you cannot bring yourself to telling your children the truth because it is no longer “love” but personal survival?

How can you love for your own child be more special than loving another child? The fact that all parents think their children deserve more of their love than the love of strange children says that all humans are programmed the same way, and it is not logical is it, unless there is a Higher Force making all of us do things that are counterintuitive to logic.It is logic that says there must be a God, but why don’t we level with both our children and all our friends beginning by writing down our value system and being willing to be tested on it 24/7?

To have so many also thinking that it is okay to leave the salary of their soldiers to corrupt governments who I have proven to you all bow to De Beers starting with no nonsense Putin, and each of you know that the record of what each of us knew and when is permanently digitized, but all of your minds tell you to ignore it because it looks like when the leaders of the different countries get together to decide on what to do about their respective economies and the currencies they use to trade, it looks to you like there is not perfect harmony.

I would prefer to be dead than to think like that. What about you?

Not to speak is to speak.

Ps – Why don’t you email this Dr. Jeff Lewis and ask him how much time he needs before responding to me, and whether he feels he also has a fiduciary responsibility to inform his medical patients that American citizens are prohibited by De Beers from investing in their Lloyds of London Insurance, and maybe you want to add in that you have yet to discuss this matter with your father.

Look at the time on your computer clock and realize the fact that you weren’t able to realize as quickly as me that God exists does not mean anything to God who must have programmed you different to me which does not make me or God stupid.


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