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Aaron Penne – Do you want to return as yourself – Part III

Part II –

Amazing isn’t it, how quickly you have forgotten about this Knuff lawsuit and there is no legal scholar in the world who has seen anything like it where the judge keeps calling for evidence and they cant produce the evidence to show that I committed defamation and the judge keeps saying that he is trampling on my Constitutional Rights to FREE SPEECH and a FAIR TRIAL and then hands me a whopping $4 million DEATH PENALTY sentence that has looped in each one of the silent; and the best part is that they cannot talk about it even to their wives who increasingly know just like the spouses of doctors not to talk about it, and to grab as much as possible before others find out and put a stop to all your “playing stupid”, just like their poison food diets which leaves them with that much more of that “light bulb effect” that I first brought up ages ago.

Does it not look more and more to you that God had a hand in this Knuff lawsuit that exposes you all as much as it does De Beers’ US Government-CIA?

Is it really that important that you have more in common with my adversaries than me?

Do you feel you don’t know any better, and wished you had never been born?

Look again at the time on your computer clock and think when will a photojournalist like Jay McMichael ask an American politician what they think of the photo of Putin bowing to Nicholas Oppenheimer who still has that photo up on his Wikipedia profile, the same with De Beers, and what happens if De Beers were to ever change that photo; can you think of what would replace it that would better illustrate how De Beers are quite convinced the US Government will not forsake them?

Look again at your computer clock. Time is very important when you don’t have truth on your side and you cannot trust the people around you.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Gary S. Gevisser alia
Date: Wed, Oct 26, 2011 at 6:02 PM
Subject: Figure – Fwd: edited – Your article “Yuan Gold Contracts a Step toward Reserve Currency” misses an important piece of history.
Cc: rest: Chairman’s Office – De Beers Julie Burgon – Assistant to Jonathan Oppenheimer , Chinese Embassy – USA

I have made a couple more small edits to what I first sent you earlier; and I am blind copying a statistically valid sampling of the world’s literate population, including one gentleman who I sent an email book consisting of 5555 words that with edits now stands at 5581 words.

The email-book can be summarized as follows: Only One God can explain the overwhelming majority of people who are all about money when not draining the energy out of those they envy, not only failing to figure why their minds didn’t tell them that something was horribly wrong with Nixon’s speech that made no sense, the same as the equally incomprehensible Gross Domestic Product index that rewards the most gluttonous, but now to act like it is no big deal; like putting one ice cube in a whiskey and water versus say two and a half.

It is because you are corrupt or stupid which comes from being corrupt.

The end result is that all you can do is get madder with oneself after first trying to nail me and/or support those using the corrupt governments of De Beers to try to nail me either by your active or passive support of the so transparently corrupt.

The fact that I have the absolute truths at my side does not bother any of my detractors whose minds tell them that they cannot be that corrupt because they first of all don’t always feel rotten about themselves.

At the same time they refuse to address the fact that our soldiers are so underpaid because they didn’t have the intelligence to figure out how corrupt was the government who they left to decide the wage of the soldiers who are clueless about De Beers being the allocators of the world’s resources.

So what does a corrupt person have to look forward to apart from figuring out 24/7 how much madder one can get with oneself and the corrupt people you have to interact with the remainder of your long life and knowing that the silence between you does not make you feel any better about yourself, and to break the silence and talk to a stranger who you know would react the same way and dismiss the truth altogether were it not for them figuring out it is just a matter of time before the whole world knows and even before then a country like China who has nothing to be ashamed of because they do not have a history of invading other countries to make slaves, could end this charade in the next instant, and so what then do you say to your fair weather friends and family who didn’t have the mental capacity to figure it all out and when explained the logical truths about exactly how De Beers’ monetary system works, chose denial.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Gary Gevisser alias
Date: Wed, Oct 26, 2011 at 8:44 AM
Subject: edited – Your article “Yuan Gold Contracts a Step toward Reserve Currency” misses an important piece of history.

There is no mention of the US going off the Gold Standard while the war in Asia was still waging and China was in the middle of her Cultural Revolution.

Coincidence or convenience?

Actually even if you believe “coincidences” mean nothing, the decision to go off the Gold Standard was very much tied into “black gold”

It is highly probable that none of your formal studies or reading made you an expert on the War of Attrition

that immediately followed the June 1967 Six Day Arab-Israeli war that ended on June 10, 1967, or at least that is the thinking of most people who get their news from the mainstream media which is identical in every respect to the non-mainstream media except that main stream media are much better paid and they tow the line on the big news story items such as the War of Attrition that began 20 days later, July 1, 1967 and really only ended with the 1973 Yom Kippur War when Henry Kissinger declared, “Had Israel Air Force launched a preemptive strike, Israel would have received not so much as a nail”

You should be feeling a little shocked given how you will have noticed that you don’t hear much about the War of Attrition from the Israeli media or government officials.

Now let me bring you down even further to the earth.

You will have heard and very possibly listened to President Nixon’s 15 minute speech announcing the decision to go off the Gold Standard, and you most likely never thought anything about it even though the only word he used which made any sense was “Bugaboo”.

Would you like to know who exactly amongst those “International money speculators” he was talking about “punishing” for waging an all out war against the US $, actually gave the final order?

By The Way, 8 years later that individual who happened to be my father’s first cousin, paved the way for me getting the most coveted job in New York City on 47th Street with South Africa based De Beers who own Saudi Arabia, as you should fully understand.

Today, I plan to launch my book that I have been thinking about ever since I completed my Israeli Gadna (Youth Military Training) back in late 1972 that took place at Ben-Gurion’s Kibbutz Sde Boker, Negev Desert when I had more one-on-one meetings with Gen-Gurion and his most trusted advisors than anyone else I knew, and I knew quite a few because I was meeting with all of them and it was also Ben-Gurion who let me know that as far as he was concerned there was no one more important than me; moreover, at the time I did not know that my great maternal grandmother and Ben-Gurion came from the same t
iny village in Poland.

It would be nice if I got to hear from you before I became a household name.

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