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About 2facetruth

You cannot have private ownership of real estate.

You Only come to this website if you contribute.

We are telling a most dynamic story in real time and you are now participating.

We will provide you with enough information by recounting events of the past 100 years.

We will give you irrefutable logic.

You start with the message, “It’s great man, so refreshing, you tell it just like it is, man”; and then suddenly you realize it will affect your pocket book to continue down that path, because the only reason our lifestyle exists is because we are creating our enemies, it is the only job left.

At least these army guys are putting their skin on the line, but once they know what you know, do you think they will want your skin?

So if your choice is to be quiet then you decided committing mental suicide is better than financial suicide or waiting to be killed by the guy holding the gun.

You have to be pretty sick to want a young kid killed to preserve your sick lifestyle.

What makes you more special?

You shouldn t inherit anything is the bottom line.

It should all be by merit.

What are your skills of survival in a dog eat dog world?

The Meek WITH TEETH shall inherit the earth.

The information is getting out there.

This website exposes not only the banking-mineral monopolist, South Africa based DeBeers and their closely held affiliates throughout the world, but all those government officials as well as non-profits profiting from the corruption of DeBeers whose publicly available financial statements do not give close to an accurate representation of their gun-money-power.

Common sense says that the business of corrupt government is to corrupt grass roots organizations before they take root. DeBeers take this axiom very seriously.

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  1. 3 books done
    1 more to go

    Still don’t facebook
    Altho I looked this weekend
    To find dozens of people
    I have know post things
    Thru out the day

    Was supposed to go to
    Jo-burg next week but trip was pulled
    Now will be Skyping into Sin City
    More soon

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