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acebook Dialogue with First Lady Michelle Obama’s close cousin Black Rabbi Caspers Funnye

Facebook Dialogue with Black Rabbi Caspers Funnye:

February 23, 2011
Gary Gevisser
Rabbi, you have 848 FB “friends” including me.
You are obviously following along as well as the best thinkers out there what I am writing and realizing that above all else it is increasingly impossible to predict the future.

What else are you thinking?


August 17, 2011
Gary Gevisser

rabbi im trying to figure why you are a Facebook “friend” of mine?

February 4, 2012
Gary Gevisser

Did you know about Rabbi Abner Weiss?

February 13 – 6:08 pm
Gary Gevisser

do you know of a law student, lawyer, paralegal, etc who is honest, please let us know.

February 13- 9:08 pm
Capers C Funnye

I do not know Rabbi Abner Weiss. Is he from Chicago? What city do you live in? Then I can recommend someone for work..

February 13 – 9:22 pm
Gary Gevisser

del mar. I assume you are aware of the fraudulent $4 million DEATH SENTENCE that a corrupt Texas Judge handed me back on january 21, 2011?

February 13 – 9:23 pm
Capers C Funnye

No. Sorry I was not aware of that…

February 13 – 9:26 pm
Gary Gevisser

I have been copying on these most important communiques that you should be sharing with your close cousin First Lady Michelle Obama. You of course know who I am, and the information I am sharing at my website, and so is Texas Judge Martin Lowy, liar-lawyer Alan Loewinsohn and ex CIA Charles Knuff. What is so important about this case is very simple for even an elementary school kid to grasp in an instant. You have the presiding Judge who refused me a jury trial beginning the proceedings by stating categorically that there is no evidence against me and then in the very next breath without explaining why he changed his mind handed me this precedent setting humongous $4 million DEATH SENTENCE that not a single reporter, rabbi, priest, banker-politician etc wants to touch with a 100 foot pole.

Now think about this. What if you are the last person in the world I communicate with before taking my last breath, and you know from past experience with me that I not only always tell the truth, but I have the irrefutable facts at my fingertips, what would you do next?

February 13 – 9:27 pm
Gary Gevisser

copying you that is.
Rabbi, I am now going to sleep. That does not mean your reply is less important than anything else going on in my life.

February 14 – 5:24 am
Gary Gevisser

What could have prompted your decision to finally respond after this long absence? You understood perfectly and long before you accepted to become one of my FB “friends” that the United States Government was behind the South African Apartheid Regime from start to finish and the whites still rule; in other words, the race card is just a smoke screen.

You have no questions just like before, and your thinking that to now keep it short, “sorry” that would be enough to blow me off?

I don’t take you to be such a fool given how you managed to stand next to the Obama’s in the White House under a photo of George Washington, and surely made a joke about what would those whities with all their Black slaves say today when you were all left out of the Declaration of Independence?

You also have enough education to know that The Great White American Fleet expedition at the turn of the last century was no peace mission.

I have now pieced it all together that a 12 year old would understand; so lets stop with the playing stupid.

My $4 million DEATH SENTENCE is the landmark of landmark cases given how never before in history has the presiding judge told the truth that there was no evidence I had committed the heinous crime of defamation, and then without explaining changes his mind and hands me the not insignificant sum of money, all following in the footsteps of the strategies of the South African Oppenheimers-De Beers, Fear, Intimidation & Bribes [FIB] in an effort to suppress my information from getting out there and collect for a corrupt ex CIA official a quick windfall.

And yes you may not have heard of Rabbi Weiss the most famous white Jewish South African rabbi who had affairs left, right and center with female congregants in the richest Jewish communities both in South Africa and the US, but you certainly know who the Oppenheimers are as we discussed in great detail The Diamond Invention book at the very start of our relationship which began with you being featured in the Jerusalem Post right before the November 2008 Presidential election that reigned in your close cousin and her husband.

You know enough about Judaism to recite Hillel and you also know what is the right thing to do, and to have suddenly gone silent again because I left you with little to none wiggle room speaks volumes.

Ps – I will begin broadcasting this dialogue within 24 hours, and bear in mind that it began with me asking you back on August 17 of last year why do you bother being a FB “friend” when I am exposing those closest to you who cannot be that dumb. Do you really believe that G-d is that stupid not to see through it all, or is the money just too important to you right now?

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