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Always remember

From: Gary S Gevisser
Date: February 4, 2012 5:04:20 PM PST
Subject: Fwd: Never choose war – Fwd: Report for, 01-29-2012 to 02-04-2012

Benjamin, always remember that I am fighting your fight. I could have easily opted out; stayed behind the scenes and joined the master teachers to the common herd who still argue the world is better and safer with them in charge than the oversized ego puppet rulers they place in charge of their common herd who are conditioned to believe that they need a strong man to maintain order.

Second, although you said it repeatedly and I didn’t pick you out, you didn’t simply meet me on the beach; and nor would you have found one of my neighbors living close to the water’s edge let alone as close as it gets to the beach engaging the two of you in conversation, let alone a conversation that could lead to the masses of the world getter a far better shake in life in the very next instant once one of you show a fraction of my courage, given how I have already done all the legwork and you can simply ride my coattails; and the choice of course is to live in denial like all the rest and watch yourself age just as poorly.

To me the logical choice is so very simple.

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