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American Dream-Nightmare~One man's system is another man's corruption

From: Gary Steven Gevisser
Date: Mon, Mar 2, 2009 at 1:53 PM

Davide, I wanted to personally thank you for that great feedback you gave me the other night. Let me know when you are ready for me to put on an Educational Light Journey-One Tribe of Achievers seminar-workshop for all your friends and family.

I will charge US$250 per person and I will share 50% of the net revenues with you.

Also, I think I got my first Facebook member, a very good looking kid, who will be 18 in 2 weeks, to begin selling my forthcoming book 2facetruth, all about the history of money creation and its future, through his Facebook account.

Not only can you do the same, while remembering how proud you are that Mr. Obama is putting our military personnel “to work” in places like Afghanistan that in turn puts pressure on the economies of Italy, your country of birth, which in turn while screwing your family that remain over there, forces the next generation of Italians to rush over to the States where prior generations of refugees can put them to work for the same slave wages that you earned and what little they make to pay you rent assuming your rental properties don’t first get taken over by those getting the bulk of the “stimulus monies” created out thin air much like the nonsense “American Dream”, but you have your very large email list,

I’m excited.


Ps – Just like I blind copy a statistically valid sampling of the world’s literate population, most of whom do not benefit from our CIA wars that for good reason never get voted on by the anything but democratic US Congress, you can do the same; and what you will notice, assuming what you are saying is both true and highly informative as well as of course entertaining, is that only those who profit from war and who see peace as war on their profits complain, which is, as logic would dictate increasingly fewer individuals; moreover, even those such as yourself, hoping against all hope that Obama will be able to keep the pressure on countries like Italy and Greece as well as of course our Nazi Germany, Spain and France and never to forget the English-British who still have a pretty good military but not quite that of Israel or China, given how you are not quite ready to return to Italy to compete against your younger brothers and sisters on a level playing field and would prefer they simply follow in your footsteps and when arriving in the US be just like you, all “Gong ho”, what you have to constantly, “weigh in your mind”, is my ability to spread such very easy to understand logic at light-speed, which first and foremost, reaches much quicker than someone such as yourself with your “deafening silences” those American service personnel very wired on the “front lines” who mostly signed up because of the “cash bonuses”.

Not to mention how increasingly harder it is to get young kids here in the States to fight for money, wouldn’t you agree?

To mention little of I bet you don’t know of a single family in Israel who has children and grandchildren currently serving in the brutal Israel Defense Force and whose parents and grandparents haven’t forgotten that there was very good reason why Italy first sided with Hitler, who made it his business when first being brought to power by the OSS, the forerunner to the CIA, to visit with his Nazi Pope, who didn’t waste a moment in reintroducing the Rome Ghetto after it had previously been “lifted” in 1870 after some 320 years of tyrannical Roman-Vatican rule, which made it that much easier for the Jews of Rome to be herded to their barbarous deaths; and why people such as my Jewish South African-Allied Fighter-Bomber-Pilot and his close flying partner Israel Air Force Commander, Syd Cohen volunteered for the toughest of the tough “assignments” when dive-bombing the crap out of the Nazi bastards over the very rugged terrain of northern Italy.

To mention in passing what a “miracle” it was that my dad, the “favored” son of my grandfather Israel Issy Gevisser who owned priceless land in Haifa harbor, Israel which he purchased in the late 1920s, survived some 71 odd missions during World Oil War II, and why it was so very important to David Ben Gurion and Co. that one of the best of the best Fighter-Bomber-Pilots who also knew not only the cockpit of British made Spitfires

that would be provided to Israel’s most formidable enemy, Egypt, but the desert terrain of Egypt like “the back of his hand”, be “held in reserve” when it came time for the final showdown with the Nazi-Socialist-Democratic Party of the United States, who were so very confidant that they could wipe out the State of Israel on the very day that newly formed Jewish State came into existence and Ben Gurion gave her the name Israel which in English translates into, “Struggle-Wrestle with God”.

You know that you have the right to remain silent.

Deafening silences speak volumes.

Don’t ever forget that there are a great number of us Americans who are rather athletic and in very good physical and mental shape, in large part because we have stayed physically fit all our lives and not indulged in drugs and alcohol, which our bodies tell us are poison, and most of these Americans have very little wealth only because they represent the 97% odd who have not profited from war; and it is quite easy to see who has, even when they “dress down” just by their “deafening silences”.

The “workshop” phase of the seminar gets really interesting as I help you flush out all the two-faced people whether or not they are your Facebook “friends”.

BTW, I really think you should, before reading the Internet only book, The Diamond Invention, which ends where my book begins, to first read US war veteran, Jason M. Ritchie’s “Letter to the editor” titled, “What is Israel waiting for?” which the Jerusalem Post have YET to publish. Click hyperlink below:

Need I remind you of who “vets” all articles before they get published in Israel’s largest international newspaper.

Need I remind you that the Mossad know that I had a significant “hand” in that most important informative piece.

Need I remind you that the Mossad dont need to be reminded of the fact that Mr. Ritchie is a former US Navy Sonar Operator on the United States’ most advanced Los Angeles class fast attack submarines that required Mr. Ritchie, given the extraordinary responsibilities of the SO who is both the eyes and ears of the captain as well as the weapon systems on board and why you would expect someone like Mr. Ritchie to be one “hot commodity” after he concluded his 4 years of most honorable service that resulted of course in an Honorable Discharge.

Now combine that most important letter which remains “conspicuously absent” from the front page of the Jerusalem Post with my 4 letters that the Jerusalem Post published right after President Bill “Rhodes-De Beers Scholar” Clinton granted Israel traitor Marc Rich a Presidential Pardon at the 11th hour even though Mr. Rich had voluntarily relinquished his United States citizenship while a “fugitive from Justice”; none of which was lost on the Mossad who havent really changed their original motto, “By way of deception we wage war!” and why you shouldn’t get your short-hairs all in a knot by virtue of the fact that Israel Prime Minister at the time, highly decorated Special Forces Commander Ehud Barak “weighed in heavily” in support of such an outrageous Presidential Pardon which I explained very clearly and consistently in each of those 4 letters well prior to the Mossad granting both the FBI and CIA a “heads up” one month prior to
9/11, would result in increased terrorism around the world, which you perfectly understand as do does everyone reading this, is the only business of the CIA, the “military wing” of the US State Department who have never been a “friend” of the fledgling State of Israel.

American Dream is someone else’s nightmare~One man’s system is another man’s corruption

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