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Anglo America-Philippines – Part II

You are a very connected Chinese person and you will have noticed that all this talk about Europe going down tubes has no one blaming China because China like South Africa never asked to be invaded, and nor could those who survived our massacres be expected to speak out.

Engelhard detested the title Platinum King but it stuck because it was true. How could an American who owned the leadership of both the Democratic and Republican Party which is all well spelled out in the Bankers Manifesto, be so powerful in South Africa that mines 80% of the world’s platinum and to do so during the most violent South African Apartheid Regime when Americans beginning with the biggest liberal Democrats like the Kennedy clan were so up in arms?

The Kennedy clan are still around at this very hour and they know that there are not that many of their children who have served in the US Armed Forces.

They are not the only hypocrites.

De Beers figured that soon after the main fighting in the first Gulf War ended when Smilin Sam and his wingman were in the very first waves of American fighter aircraft because of course they were the two top Top Gun pilots, there was an increased need to undermine the self confidence of very best warriors by placing impossible to value and easy to switch diamonds in the ejection seats, and in no time the solution the American common herd would accept is to have pilotless drones doing all the dirty work, and to get there a 5th generation fighter like the Raptor which while performing like a ballet dancer in the air can only fly because onboard computers manage everything which also takes all the fun out of flying.

De Beers have a lot of history to learn from the reaction of their herd going back to World War II when they had Allied Commanding Officers give their best pilots AMGOT [Allied Military Government] money to be used if they had to bail in enemy lines and barter their way to freedom.

It was in fact much easier just a moment ago to keep your military who decide the value of your currency submissive.

You cannot fix a lie.

De Beers are only interested in covering their tracks in order for them and those they have corrupted to hold on to their lifestyles.

They will try anything but they also have to deal with the fact that that photo of Putin and Oppenheimer was intended to intimidate and it didn’t work on me and others like me who cannot be corrupted for all the money in the world.

How stupid to have even thought for a moment that was money was valuable?

One does not see big estates made of money otherwise when the wind blows the money will fly away.

You Chinese were smart when you called money “fly away money”.

Confucius also knew what he was talking about when he said, “THE TALLEST TREES ATTRACT THE MOST WIND”.

De Beers have broken every law on the books as well as God’s laws beginning with, “You shall not steal”.

They have no legal right to their mineral rights which is all that I am saying they must give up.

They can hold on to all their Lear Jets, homes, cars, servants, vacation homes etc etc and if they don’t maintain them and nature takes over it still won’t be the end of the world.

The remaining resources of the world that have yet to be spent can begin to be allocated fairly.

People understand evidence.

Common sense also says that communities all over the world can come together and figure out quickly what went wrong with the perfect Kibbutzim concept once worthless money began corrupting Israeli society.

Israelis are mostly Jewish and they understand better than most peoples driven into cities where the sick over population takes over, that one is always better off moving and thereby not attached to material wealth and nor can anyone run with their real estate.

It is all about peace of mind and if you do not have that then you had better have God-Logic-Truth at your side, and a liar knows that is not possible.

Each of us has to make the convincing case to the next person we need something from and when trading if one does not have the gold then you are left only with your good word which is your promissory note that even the worst of us is better than the promissory note of one of De Beers’ picked big government spenders.

The fact that still not a single politician is willing to debate me on the merits and the entire media are silent, only reinforces how right I am, and if you are someone who cannot get your head around that, then all you have to rely on is your continued luck and knowing that it is not possible to have God at your side.

The evidence of God’s existence began when God put thoughts in to the minds of not just us humans but all of the animal kingdom and so when you hear of religious people beginning with the rabbis, priests and mullahs talking about these conversations between God and us humans such as Abraham and they don’t mention that God would know what Abraham was thinking, you should know better.

You only know what you know, not what you don’t know.

I cannot help people who are arrogant overcome the feeling of stupidity; and so they had better simply ask God for guidance if they cannot figure out for themselves what is the smart thing to do now.

I am living testimony to the corruption that has not got worse, it just was never close to being uncovered because no one including the best cops who were on the take never questioned the money bribes they took.

It is so stupid that this Knuff lawsuit will now also put Hollywood out of business. [CLICK HERE & CLICK HERE].

Sean, you also know the whole story and if you are truly interested in the most important truths of the day beginning with why it is, with just very few exceptions which prove the rule, that the least accomplished have the most time on their hands, you should contact that Chinese reporter and have her meet with me today or anytime that fits in with her schedule. Let me also tell you that I have already followed up with Rose Tchang-Sun Yatsen who was misinformed about things I have done, and that has already sent a message to others who have dared to get up to mischief.

BTW, you would know that her father, while highly suspicious of Chiang Kai-shek and who Sun Fo believed had attempted on several occasions to have him assassinated, by working with Chiang Kai-shek, could not help but be compromised.

Spying is a very dangerous business for your health because not only do you need to constantly keep track of your lies like any liar, but the further up the chain of command you operate so you inevitably find out too late that you have backed the wrong horse.

The wrong horse is De Beers and all those they have co-opted-corrupted and who we first know by seeing if they attended the Bretton Woods Conference of July 1944, one month after D-Day that the greatest general of World War I and II, Jan Christian Smuts opposed because it made absolutely no sense, other than the US-De Beers wanted to drag out the Holocaust as long as possible in order to murder as many Jewish people of Europe as possible and therefore make it that much harder for Israel were it to be established as a country to survive its first war of survival.

So we must now come back to the most accurate statement made by a high level government official; namely Vice President Quale, “The holocaust was an obscene period in our nation’s history.…” and then he caught himself and tried to cover it up with, “No, not our nation’s, but in World War II. I mean, we all lived in this century. I didn’t live in this century, but in this century’s history” but it didn’t work because he knew that he had told the truth.

For those who want to hang their hat in believing that Quale was just another dumb ass lawyer, they can of course do as they please if their intention is to sound dumb or simply attempt to confuse others.

I have proof that Dan Quale is a highly intelligent man and when I decide to share these most important facts with the world which of course are not only known to me, the only question will be if he was the person who gave Dick Cheney the marching orders to compromise our fighter pilots and at the same time support the world’s most brutal monopoly who have openly flaunted their total disregard of US anti-Trust laws which most Americans take great pride in while ridiculing countries like China who stick to their knitting of being industrious and don’t get all caught up the rhetoric as they and their allies fully understand that when it is all said and done America-De Beers will inevitably resort to their big gun if they can get away with it, which is increasingly more difficult, if not impossible.

Again, you have pretty much the whole story, and any delay on your part in helping me as you promised, is not going to be very difficult for me to figure out, and since I know that God exists, and again I don’t need anyone with limited mental capacity to reassure me, it logically means that God not only gets it, but will deliver the harshest of punishments, while leaving it up to the imagination of the offender-s to anticipate the reaction of their next pain.

To understand De Beers you have to know a little about the history of South Africa, modern Israel and the United States where all of the gold of British colony South Africa flowed when not being siphoned off to Hong King when it did not end up in the pocket of the 1 billion Chinese peasants or the current government of China going back all the way to Mao who also had his supporters here in the US including 4 Star General Stilwell who was finally silenced when recalled to the US by De Beers President Franklin D. Roosevelt where he was met in by two US Generals who told him to keep his mouth shut, and then a couple of years later, the fittest general in the history of the US was dead.

The fact that there are a disproportinately large number of Jewish people involved in the diamond trade just like there are doctors and lawyers and the such and few of their children serve in the front lines of America’s War on Terror which can be traced back to the 434 day voyage of The Great White American Fleet when not a single other nation were threatening the US who was still licking its chops after the huge success of the 3 century massacring of the 10 million majority indigenous peoples, does not mean that all of them are bad; and those who are good can now begin to make their voices known because it is the smart thing to do as not only it is morally right to expose De Beers it is inevitable that every diamond will be seen as worthless, and as this process takes hold so we can begin to trade fairly with one another by simply reintroducing the Gold Standard without any fear of De Beers flooding the gold market given how most of their gold mineral reserves remain underground and nor is China going to allow this foreign power to dictate to a 1.5 billion strong nation who has a very good history of being a fair trading nation.

Anglo American-US Congress have not only to overcome their decision to give value to their South African platinum holdings when mandating that a piece of platinum be placed in the exhausts of every new motor vehicle and truck sold in the US beginning in the mid-1970s during the height of the Apartheid Regime but Nixon’s treasonous speech on August 15, 1971, 166 days after The Platinum King’s death.

Back on October 27 the news headline around the world read:

China suspect in US satellite interference

You will notice in the cc section my longtime intimate friend, Roger W. Robinson who along with his former boss David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Alan Greenspan and Texas Sec. of State James A. Baker III should have long by now been hauled before the World Court in the Hague, the same of course with each head of the American Civil Liberties Union [ACLU] who have no difficulty getting their heads around why they are so silent about this unprecedented miscarriage of justice done to me in Texas back on January 21st when I was handed a $4 million DEATH SENTENCE as Texas Judge Martin Lowy gloated that he was trampling over my Constitutional Rights because he was so certain he would have the backing of every corrupt American.

It is easy to see why a country that prides itself on being so law abiding hasnt found one lawywer to show outrage, they are just mad at me for standing tall and all the non-lawyers I know support them and not always directly but rather slyly as they try and prove that it is all about just beating me.

To have such huge numbers of people where the only thing they have in common is their corruption and singularly focused on seeing me go down, smacks of odds that we find in only planet Mother Earth being all alone in a very hostile environment.

Such odds defy all human understanding.

The full of themselves human cannot even when seeing that The Internet shares their deceit with our poorly paid soldiers, think that only a Higher Power that is not drugged like all their bodies, could have created most of all their diabolical arrogance and yet they know that at any moment the majority of the world’s population with the numbers in their favor could speak just using their communicating device and this upside world rectifies itself and they will all be out in the cold, and in the meantime the soldier kids with the guns keep getting that much better informed.

It is much different world than it was a moment ago, and vastly different than when Cheney did the bidding of De Beers.

Nothing can be worse a feeling than having let your body go and not have Truth-Logic-God at your side.

That is one thing the best Fighter Pilots know without feeling the need to be fanatical, but nor do they tolerate bs as long as the rest not quite as accomplished.

The most accomplished think last about money because they are not about money.

That is rather difficult for all the others who are all show and why you see they think more about what they put into their car than their own bodies.

God gave us our bodies to show off for a reason.

How can a human think that it is their intellect that makes them so special when it is obvious all our thinking originates from one source.

The lazy financially rich have reached the end of the road in capitalizing off the poor who have truth now fully at their side.

How much money would I need to have before the corrupt would all say that I was corrupt?

You cannot fix sick people with drugs; only Mother Nature can fix the problems that God creates for us solve.

We solve by rewarding the best who contribute the most and the most accomplished cannot get enough from the joy of teaching and sharing.

Teachers who teach the truth should be the most rewarded, after of course our garbage collectors.

The solutions were always there we just needed to think.

The feeling of dumb makes a human mad; there is logic to everything.

When the New York Times published on March 19, 1989 their feature story on Harry Oppenheimer, Nicholas’ father, all of Wall Street should have shut down.

It is still not too late to do the right thing because De Beers have yet to embroil the world in World War III as they did in WW II which was just a continuation of WW I.

There is a reason why people from all over the world find me, and the rotten ones only talk about the very few relatively speaking who I spotlight when they want to be taken off my email list and added to the $ HIT list.

Interesting that only now we are hearing about all the signals the US received that Japan was about to attack us at Pearl Harbor after we encouraged Japan to first invade Manchuria China on September 17, 1931.

Do not forget that Smuts who applauded the courageous Chinese during WW II had a plan to end WW II in Europe at least a couple of years earlier but the US would have no part of that because not enough Europeans Jews had been murdered.

You destroy the market for diamonds you have the world coming together as traders find alternate means of exchanges other than those back by De Beers’ US gun.

The rest of the world is thinking far more ahead than most Americans beginning with the BRIC:

Cutting and pasting Wikipedia:

BRIC is a grouping acronym that refers to the countries of Brazil, Russia, India and China, which are all deemed to be at a similar stage of newly advanced economic development. It is typically rendered as “the BRICs” or “the BRIC countries” or alternatively as the “Big Four”.

The acronym was coined by Jim O’Neill in a 2001 paper entitled “Building Better Global Economic BRICs”.

You know that Putin is still not happy about that photo but nor has he forgotten where he would be today without De Beers making a spectacle out of him who has never tried to hide his KGB mafia past; and he also knows the US Government starting with Obama and the US Congress have yet to come clean. Putin would also recall that 3 years following him being summoned to South Africa and hauled over the carpet for allowing Russian Black Hatter Lev Leviev to get so out of line, a Special Forces commando group, let by what appears to be Israel’s most elite Maritime Special Forces unit, Flotilla 13, after returning the huge Russian cargo vessel Arctic Sea to Russian authorities – see Operation Sparkling – left on board 4 Ray Ban sunglass bags full of diamonds. 5 days later, on July 21, 2009 President of Israel Shimon Peres – CLICK HERE – met with Putin’s counterpart Medvedev.

Do you think Peres does not understand what is going on? Bear in mind that Peres who is 77 days older than my Allied Fighter-Bomber-Pilot father, when he was just 24 was David Ben Gurion’s official arms procurement officer.

I now need to get ready for the rest of today’s activities.

You can call or email me at any time.

To be continued.

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