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Anglo America-Philippines – Part I

From: Gary S Gevisser
Date: November 30, 2011 11:02:33 AM PST
To: Sean Liang
Cc: rest; Roger W. Robinson – protege of David Rockefeller and former Chairman of U. S. -China Economic and Security Review Commission” , “King Golden Jr. Esq. – my long time American attorney and “bosom buddy” of Roger W. Robinson aka “Our Man Roger” who I have known intimately since he joined the National Security Council in March 1982.” , “Mark Silverstein Esq. -c/o Alison May – ACLU – roommate of King Golden Jr. at the University of Virginia Law School” , Mary Valder – Personal assistant David Rockefeller , “Texan Secretary of State James A. Baker III – Representing House of Saud Saudi Arabia – Baker considered by Roger W. Robinson “THE MOST DANGEROUS PERSON IN THE WORLD”.” , “Robert Frimtzis – author of From Tajikistan to the Moon. Approached by Israeli Mossad when working on a top secret military satellite project to let him know the project had been fully compromised.” , “David Bellavia – US Soldier nominated for the US Congressional Medal of Honor. Now “blowing the whistle” on Operation Sparkling.” ,, Rush Limbaugh feigned opponent of Obama , Michael Awerbuch , Michael Feldman , “Andrea Renee St. Julian – Attorney At Law – Certified Appellate Specialist – State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization” , Ed Bertolas , Gary Yoursofsky , Gary Barber – Co-Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of MGM , Marcia Kramer – Political / Investigative Correspondent WCBS-TV , “Rabbi Capers C. Funnye – close cousin of First Lady Michelle Obama” , Rabbi Stuart Federow – Houston Texas Radio Show Host , “Kara Cooney – celebrity Egyptologist and Assistant Professor of Egyptian Art and Architecture at UCLA.” , Roy Essakow – Marc Rich Lieutenant , John Boehner c/o Eric Cantor c/o Hillary Bill-De Beers-Rhodes Scholar-Marc Rich Clinton , “Patrick K. Tillman Sr. Esq. – father of American Football athlete Pat Tillman who was killed by friendly fire in Afghanistan.” , Nicole Moisey – Occupy Wall Street organizer , Justin Wedes – Occupy Wall Street organizer , Tom Stone , “Lynne Twist – Founder of Soul of Money Institute – c/o Kay Sandberg, SOMI Program Director” , Lynne Zimet , raye anne marks , Karen Oxrider – Jane Goodall’s Roots & Oxrider – Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots ,, Gloria Garrett , “Jeffrey Krinsk Esq. – shareholder class action litigator [SCAL] – Finkelstein & Krinsk” , Adam Hochschild – author of Blood & Treasures – founder of Mother Jones , Dennis Cuff – Solicitor , “Dennis Rice – United Kingdom journalist investigating the history of Natie Kirsch a Jewish South African who is mentioned in David Gevisser’s autobiography THE UNLIKELY FORESTER which was published in 2006 one year after my lucky uncle David Gevisser received from St. Anthony’s College Oxford University a Masters of Studies in History Research.” , “Natie Kirsh – Front person for De Beers who in 1969 purchased the public corporation Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies that was formed in 1910 for significantly less than liquidation value.” , “Bernie Gevisser – [Oct. 18 1923 – ]. 2nd Lieutenant B. Gevisser along with Captain Syd Cohen were the only Jewish Fighter-Bomber-Pilots of South African Air Force Squadron 11 during WW II and whose Commanding Officer Allied Field Marshall Jan Smuts was second-in-command to Churchill.” , “Syd Cohen – South African Commander of Israel Air Force War of Independence.” , “President Shimon Peres c/o Office for the Israeli Deparment of Defense Attache; Israeli Embassy Washington DC Israeli Embassy” , “Aaron Cohen – author BROTHERHOOD OF WARRIORS. Operation Smiley –” ,, “Devin Standard – eldest son of former President of New York State Bar Kenneth Standard.” , South China Morning Post , Kate Jarosinska , Adam Lee Tucker , Helen Zille- Leader of the Democratic Alliance – Republic of South Africa , Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma – President of South Africa South Africa , “Tony Leon – Fomer head of the South African Oppostion Party to the current ANC regime. Now the ANC South African Ambassador to Argentinia.” , General Atomic – Public Relations Department Relations Department
Subject: Anglo America-Philippines

Dear Sean,

Cutting and pasting Wikipedia – Anglo American Corporation:

According to the charity, “in the Philippines and South Africa, local communities threatened with Anglo American mines have faced severe repression in their fight to stay on their land, while in Ghana and Mali, local communities see little of the huge profits being made by Anglo Gold Ashanti but suffer from fear and intimidation and from the damaging impact of its mines on their environment, health and livelihoods”. Anglo American subsequently published a report responding to War on Want and separately disclosed its safety performance in its most recent annual earnings report, along with immediate measures to address safety concerns

2010 to present
On 4 November 2011 it was announced that Anglo American had agreed to acquire the Oppenheimer family’s 40% stake in De Beers for $5.1 billion (£3.2 billion), raising its stake to 85% (with the remainder owned by the Botswana government).

I know you have not forgotten what you were doing on 11.4.2011 even if you only got to read my “resistance” Part I that I sent you – CLICK HERE

This is Part II.

You know I am moments away from publishing my Gold Money-Diamonds Inventory Petition that is geared towards having the world focused on the photo De Beers had taken on September 5-6th, 2006

showing very defensive Putin bowing to virulently anti-Semitic De Beers head German-South African Nicholas Oppenheimer who was born on the same day that my Jewish South African paternal grandmother Katie Sher Gevisser died, June 8, 1945, by which time De Beers’ decimation of half of European Jewry was halfway complete and it was just a question of time before eliminating all resistance throughout the world.

I know that no one who knows the first thing about me is not too busy to read my writings unless they are convinced that it is just a matter of time before I will be neutralized and the world will forget my contributions and those who don’t know about me will be none the wiser.

To rely on De Beers after they have pulled out their biggest gun which is what the photo of photos was designed to do, may not be the safest bet in the world when you consider that I am not only alive but I have still not fallen victim to have weak energy people at my side which does not prevent me from interacting with them.

What is going on in Europe right now with talk about the collapse of the Euro is all a smokescreen.

You just have to think about it for a moment.

All the Euros that have been used by sophisticated traders trading the likes of tea, coffee etc etc down to the local pan handler using the monies handed to him by strangers either to assuage their guilt and/or just not knowing better until they run across someone like the Harmless-Unarmed US veteran from the first Gulf War when they mostly cannot move quick enough to change lanes and/or look ahead and hope the traffic light will quickly change, have already served their purpose. The food and drink consumed at restaurants doesn’t change because you cannot change the past.

As much as De Beers’ government officials and equally bought media want their common herd to believe that money is the scarce resource when it is not even a commodity, does not change the reality.

The poor people of course have no other means besides for bartering amongst themselves to feed, cloth and house themselves and to them what happens to the value of the little monies they have beginning with the paychecks is of paramount importance.

You will agree that even if you do not understand 100% what I am saying, you know that none of this is covered in the educational curriculum anywhere in the world.

Everything covering the subjects, History, Economics, Military & Politics [HEMP] that have been written since July 4, 1892, the Bankers Manifesto are already obsolete and that includes all articles and books currently in production.

De Beers-Anglo American Corporation [DAAC] have planned for all this including the possible outcry by the people of the world and why just 26 days ago they sold their 44% ownership in De Beers to themselves and pocketed a cool $5.1 billion that means absolutely nothing to them.

Again, their “crown jewels” are the knowledge of the bribes they have paid their elected and non-elected government officials going back to the Bankers Manifesto.

De Beers have never hidden the fact that in 1917 while World War I was still raging, Nicholas Oppenheimer’s grandfather and the rogue American bankers J.P. Morgan formed Anglo American and there was nothing either Anglo or American about the owners of Anglo American who were German, and nor is it important who they are today except to know how during the Allied bombing of Germany none of their estates were damaged which was not lost on either the pilots or their Commanding Officers.

Putin is a very important Commanding Officer who we all know does not look to the Russian Parliament to ratify his actions.

We still have the US Congress and puppet Obama who continue to trade snide remarks which is just enough to distract the American common herd from their favorite TV sports game and to feel comfortable that whatever problems exist here they remain nothing compared to the rest of the world.

That is of course not only wrong but very old school thinking.

Everyone agrees that for 7 billion of us to keep trading you have to have some sort of money, but why choose a money that you know is rigged by a monopoly with a horrific history that is not lost on either De Beers or the world’s best trained soldiers beginning with our fighter pilots?

Why do you think it is that Devin Standard is still waiting in the wings to see what I am going to do next before commenting on his Facebook “wall”?

He is of course not the only person I know who is quiet, but Devin is a little different from the rest because he is first of a very well educated Black American who could make mincemeat of Obama were they to get into a tussle of both wits and braun.

It is very important who played the intermediary role between De Beers and Dick Cheney when he was Secretary of Defense and decided to overrule Secretary of the Air Force Rice and other top US Generals when adding De Beers’ diamonds to the survival kit of the ejection seat, because that allows us to see that much clearer the chain of command.

Even the least accomplished American soldier knows his oath, “To defend the US against all enemies foreign and domestic”.

Money is and has always been backed by military who first of all steal the gold to pay their soldiers.

No American soldiers are paid in gold bullion.

Notice how proud Anglo American Corporation are to let the world know that part of their immense holdings is control of the world supply of platinum.

They got this “smoking gun” paper trail when my “lucky uncle” David Gevisser was made Chief Executive Officer of Engelhard Enterprises South Africa back in 1970, the year before The Platinum King, German-American Charles W. Engelhard Jr. was assassinated by Israel’s Mossad on March 2, 1971 having turned just 54 the month before.

Had I followed in my father’s and his wingman, Israel Air Force Commander Syd Cohen’s footsteps and become an Israeli Fighter Pilot even if I was not the best which would have meant that I would more likely have survived than the very best who get killed when pushing the envelope, even if I had kept my South African British-English accent, there is no way possible I or any of my siblings would have got the necessary introductions from my father’s first cousin David Gevisser which were necessary to first get one’s foot in the door at the highest levels of De Beers where there are no Jewish people, at least no Jewish people who haven’t been corrupted.

No one should be thinking about money or currency of any sort other than what they need in the very present to live on because it is not going to be possible for the De Beers to keep up this charade for very much longer even if they manage to kill me and my webmaster, most accomplished US fighter pilot Terry “Smilin Sam” Samples who has one most extraordinary eclectic group of insanely loyal followers, the same with his very accomplished wingman who retired very recently from the US Air Force as a 1 Star General.

Look at the names of the current US Government officials backing the IN GOD WE TRUST $.

Do they make you feel good even if the current Chairman of the US Federal Reserve says that he has a plan?

A Man A Plan A Canal Panama in reverse still reads, A Man A Plan A Canal Panama.

The theft of the Panama Canal territories in early November 1903 cannot be reversed, the same with the declaration of war on the rest of the world when De Beers President Teddy Roosevelt sent out the Great White American Fleet on December 16, 1907 soon after J.P. Morgan sounded the alarm bells when the gold he was counting on [was delayed] coming from South Africa and China who as part of the “reparations” of the US led 8 Allied nation invasion of China in 1900 sent Chinese “Coolie” slaves to work the gold, diamond and platinum mines of South Africa which was conspicuously absent during this intimidation of intimidation by the US Government who had been hijacked by this foreign power who have never needed a military of their own because they knew they could depend on Uncle Sam.

There is a reason why “Smilin Sam” decided to be my webmaster and that is not because he thinks I am corrupt or stupid.


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