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Are you plotting your escape?

From: Gary S Gevisser []
Sent: Tuesday, February 17, 2009 10:56 AM PT
To: – Principal Java Kai – Del Mar, California

Dave, when rereading my nearly 7,000 word communiqué that I wrote to highly decorated Israeli Admiral Ami Aylon when visiting with you at the Java Kai yesterday, begin by going to the section that reads,

“People are people; their nature doesn’t change; they don’t get better because seeking negative attention requires the least amount of effort”.

Not to mention you should soon see an edited version up on the website; the number of words having been reduced down to 6,939 odd; and of course there could be further edits as well as additional photos added.

Before you can help anyone you first have to “take care” of yourself which means, first and foremost, you have to be straight with yourself which “negative attention seekers” can only accomplish when it suits their agenda, which is only for the “common good” after they have first secured their “nest egg” that is a never ending pursuit because they never know how much is enough because of the fact that they are so very insecure about their ability to compete on a level playing field and why it is that negative attention seekers find comfort amongst themselves beginning of course with family members; which should also help you better understand why it is that “internecine fighting is the bloodiest”.

If you “don’t get” don’t be afraid to ask me.

You mentioned not once but twice to me yesterday that you are putting in an 85 hour week after I only asked you once.

Don’t consider for a moment what I wrote above as being a “negative critique”; on the contrary, your repetition of this most important number encouraged me to invest my very valuable time in getting you to better “take care of yourself”.

You know that there are kids a good decade or so younger than you as well as those closer to your age who are either patrons of Java Kai and/or have worked at Java Kai or similar establishments who see you as nothing more than “entertainment”, much the way they still see me.

A good chunk of these kids are extraordinarily financially rich but you wouldn’t know it because depending on their audience they can be either very quiet as they “dress down” and blend in with the masses of kids who like their parents and grandparents are not rich, or these not in the least bit bright charlatans can be rather loud and “outgoing” which is really when you see their “true colors” as they feel compelled to be the “center of attention”.

Their total lack of intelligence stems from the fact that they cannot decide, apart from when “in the moment” whether to be a “peacock” or just like everyone else “going with the flow”.

Their only “sense of purpose” is how they can get what they want for the least amount of effort.

Their “problem” which of course they don’t see as a “problem” is the result of them not being ever straight with themselves because of the fact that their co-dependant parent-grandparents allow them to get away with not being straight with themselves, because of the fact that their parents have their own agenda which is to use their children “in the moment” just as their children use them and why they can all get along “famously with one another” as they unanimously conclude that the whole world is rotten, when not concluding that everything is neither “good” nor “bad”.

So how many people within your inner circle would you say fall into this category of “wishy washy”?

If that is who you like to hang with then don’t bother reading on.

Moreover, when in their “comfort zone” which is when they are mostly at home, they resort to what works best for them which is to be mostly “quiet” when getting “negative attention” which remembers requires the least amount of effort.

Remember now that the focus should be how you can best leverage that 85 odd hours a week you are working at Java Kai in the “hope” that you can become financially independent; and as each moment ticks by you have to deal with the reality of how increasingly impossible it is going to be given what you are “up against.”

These lazy rich kids of course do not have the stamina as you currently have but in order to get up to “mischief” one simply needs to be conniving which is what they are “excel” at and which also takes up the least amount of effort.

If you are not yet in support of introducing the military draft here in the United States and having me help make sure not a single Trust-Hush-Fund kid is able to weasel their way out, don’t bother continuing to read.

You realize that you are offering a “luxury” item that increasingly it is only these spoiled rotten kids and their co-dependent parents who can afford to frequent your establishment; and the last thing you want to do is piss off these very calculating flat line plotters.

Let me give you an example.

You are not the only person in Del Mar who noticed that the proprietor of Board and Brew had very generously allowed me to use an empty display case to promote my one website which a great many people have now seen; and for all I know Tom may have removed the contents which were just bumper stickers and baseball caps with the logo and the words, “Got/Get Intelligence”, a play on “Get Milk”.

Either way, I have mostly accomplished what I wanted to see which was to get the reaction of kids who come from financially poor households who were able to catch on just as quickly as the flat line plotters who didn’t simply go “quiet”; instead they decided that they would fuck Tom and his equally hard working staff by going across the street to get their sandwiches where I doubt very much the hygene is anywhere close to that of extraordinarily clean Board and Brew; all the while saying that not only had they got sick when last eating at the Board and Brew but they liked the sandwiches much better across the street.

Not to mention these are kids who inhale their food.

It is very difficult to prove everything we come across in our daily lives beginning with my contention that what made these good for nothing but getting up to horrible mischief kids sick going to Board and Brew was seeing that display.

The fact that not one of these kids have ever asked me what I think they can do to help give peace a better chance let alone ask the simple question of what I hope to achieve with my websites, is of course rather telling, wouldn’t you agree?

You do realize that not only is a liar, a cheat, a thief and once a liar always a liar, but it is simply impossible for liars to be intelligent.

What I also know is that a very good number of these very spoiled rotten brats know exactly what my websites are about and as far as they are concerned it is not “good”.

Just like they are entitled to their opinion so am I.

They also know that I am willing to debate them as well as their parents on any issue they consider important, and because they know that there is nothing in the least bit “glorious” about what they contribute to the betterment of humanity, they choose very, very, very, very, very carefully to “stay in the grey”, in that very vague zone where it is rather hard to pin them down.

How very “generous” was highly educated Mr. Chen when saying that America’s history was not “glorious” when of course it had a much more powerful effect than telling it is the way it is; namely, “shameful”.

You fully understand EVERYTHING that I am talking about.

You must also understand that you cannot depend on these very conniving, most evil kids t
o help feather your nest because of the fact that not only do I live in the neighborhood so do they and anyone I “befriend” they consider the “enemy”.

And of course you just have to ask and I will stop coming.

Moreover, they know you are working your “guts out” and have very little spare time, and the spare time you have, you are thinking about how to make just a little more money each day to help keep the doors open; and then there are the “forces of nature” that constantly look like they are “pitted against you” and then when the sun breaks out, and more people come in through the doors you get so very busy and forget to give thanks to that “breath of fresh air” that afforded you not just a “moment’s reprieve” but a “new lease on life” that again is easily forgotten in this “mad dash” to make money as quickly as possible before this whole place become one massive ball of violence.

Not to mention how the very poorly conditioned north American is totally convinced that folks like the Mexicans, Peruvians etc etc who have been suppressed for so very long don’t have a clue about what it really means to be “free” and simply don’t have the “fight in them” to stand up for what is theirs; at least more so than us Americans continuing to rape their mineral rich countries at the same time we corrupt their leadership who understand like our leadership that the business of corrupt governments is to corrupt grass roots organizations.

These totally moron westerners “sumhow” [sic] forget that those rather nasty violent gangs just down the road in Tijuana Mexico are extraordinarily violent and they are not Gringos.

Moroever, when “reminded” they then quickly go back to singing their old tune, “Well you make my point, the whole world is rotten and just give the poor a chance to be rich they will be at least as corrupt as us rich and a whole lot more violent.”

And of course if one were to be so dumb as to try to continue the conversation by pointing out that people who wear business suits and their wives dress in fancy designer outfits don’t embrace the old adage of getting others to “shoot their poison tipped arrows”, one could so very easily ignite yet another most bloody internecine war.

So you see how very systemically corrupt is the entire world, but yet the world has not blown up and still the world is mostly extraordinarily beautiful and peaceful and it is not because of these disgustly corrupt people who have not managed to corrupt me as I just continue to go about exposing each and every one of them in real time; and of course you know exactly how you can begin to help.

The rich kids and their co-opted-corrupted parents are not stupid enough to keep all their money in the bank; and when not laughing their heads off at you breaking your neck to just make a decent living, are plotting their escape, having already purchased properties and established “business relationships” outside of the United States; but of course they have not discussed every last detail with their kids who they trust as much as they can throw them.

It takes just common sense and very little at that, to realize that when you don’t trust your government you cannot trust your neighbor as well as your immediate family members; and so then the question is who exactly are you fighting for when joining the US military apart from the rich?

The truth is that in joining the US military you are in fact fighting for “money” which is really tough to do when you consider it is printed out thin air and then given to rich kids and their parents who have already made their escape plans; and then there is the hurtfulness of war that even the corrupt media have brought directly in to each of living rooms making the idea of fighting for money even that much more difficult to swallow.

At this point you might be considering changing your chosen profession entirely?

That may not be a bad idea considering the rather gloomy prospects.

On the other hand you might think it smart to leverage all the information I have been sharing with you to enlighten kids who are not yet co-opted-corrupted by inviting them to attend one of my Educational Light Journey-One Tribe of Achievers seminar-workshops, and at a very minimum when you see how so very few if any decide to show up, how very much dependant you are on the rest to keep your 85 hour a week job where you are most likely earning less than what you would earn at MacDonald’s.

Would it help once figuring out who is “good” and who is “bad” to view the “bad” with blood dripping from their hands as they hand you their money?

In a short while I am going to be heading east to our Stone Home inside the Cleveland National Forest. It is very possible that along the way, I will pull off to the side of the road to begin broadcasting a missive to an employee of the San Francisco Chronicle, leaving me with just one more follow up email to send to President Obama, none of which interferes with me continuing to write my forthcoming book, THE HISTORY OF MONEY CREATION AND ITS FUTURE, subtitle, A Message for the President.

Not to mention you can surely understand that I could personally care less about such a most important book ever being published since I have already proven that the only people who would buy it are the world’s most corrupt who once realizing that the masses are getting too unruly then unleash their military might.

To mention little, however, of my “huge credibility” in a place like Israel that is increasingly beleaguered and its peoples increasingly fearful of leaving their homes which they know are not safe from the CIA’s nuclear weaponry.

To mention in passing, don’t count out my contacts in Israel to take my advice and when calling up President Obama put to an end all this nonsense.

You should not only understand perfectly well that I am not in the least bit naive and nor do I listen all that well to corrupt individuals who are the first to give me all sorts of advice about how to “make money” as they forget not only from where I come, but the fact that they know of no other person currently living today who has done more than me to give peace a better chance; moreover, I have functioned rather well at the highest levels of the socio-economic ladder, and worse yet for my detractors, I am still very much alive and free because I haven’t broken any of the rules that these most evil humans have allowed to be created that has them crowing so loudly about how not only “civil” they are but so “nice”, so “sweet”, so “kind”, so “polite” and so “just wanting to please”.

If you don’t feel right now like wanting to vomit I don’t expect a response.

All the best,


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