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Are you ready?

From: Gary Stevein []
Sent: Saturday, January 17, 2009 5:13 PM
Cc: Att-sec;; Hilary-Bill DeBeers-Rhodes Scholar Clinton;;;; Oprah. com;; Jeff;; Fred Deluca – Founder-co-owner Subway; Roger W. Robinson aka Our Man Roger; Roger Hedgecock; King Golden Jr. Esq.; Valerie Schulte Esq. – National Association of Broadcasters; FBI; Jonny Gevisser;; Augusto Benito Vargis; Ernest Slotar Inc.; Stephen Cohen; Edward Jay Epstein – Author of The Diamond Invention; Mary.O’
Subject: Are you ready?

Interesting that our first cousin Dr. Barry Molk MD would be the first of us Gevisser-Ash-Molks to step up to the plate and allow me to “have at it” at two-faced Facebook who so far have yet to place me on the “disabled” list on the website which if you haven’t heard, I own.

No doubt the quietest of all of us.

And Barry is the oldest.

Many would say the best looking.

Few women would argue that he is the coolest.

Had he been a shoe cobbler as opposed to a hugely successful cardiologist, they would undoubtedly still flock, line outside his bedroom and allow him to “have at it.”

And why shouldn’t he take advantage of his medical credentials and like Dad have a lifeling supply of the purple pill so long as he can remember to take it.

One of his Facebook friends Peter who became one of my Facebook friends had emailed me something about not everyone remembers the pass that well, and he was definitely referring to Barry but it wasn’t done in the least bit nasty way.

Barry only had 21 friends at the time Facebook placed me, their strongest advocate, on the “disabled list” and each one would be the first to say that there isn’t a nasty bone in Barry’s body.

His ex-wives might feel differently and it is possible that at least one of them were on that list; besides Barry knows that it is invetible that if they wanted to get something bad about Barry off their chest Facebook is the way to go.

So you would think they might risk all their alimony and child support and for Barry to behave like Dr. John BIG Ben Stewart MD who Marie let the entire world know not so long ago, “ACCOUNTABILITY IS NOT IN THIS DOCTOR’S VOCABULARY”?


You wouldn’t want to mess with my French-Canadian wife who knows also how to be so very pleasing, so agreeable but only up to a point and increasingly less so today.

Marie Dion Gevisser met our cousins Barry, Kevin and I am not sure about Alan if he was on that Houseboat trip we all took together on Lake Powell about a decade or so ago when Marie thought nothing of weaning, no strike that, wearing a one piece thong swimsuit that if she had it today she would look just as good in.

How many women have you schtooped over the age of 25 don’t have just a little eanie weenie amount of cellulite and who also weren’t as thin as rake.

You would agree two distractions are golf and sex, although the other day I typed in error gold.

MDG weighs about the same weight, I would say 130 English pounds sterling, no strike that, pounds, about 60 kilos and may in fact be a stronger swimmer than she was back then, even though she was exercising some 3 times a week rollerblading on speed skates and hiking as well as doing a whole lot of walking when not speed walking.

So when exactly did my most brilliant so funny so sensuous French-Canadian wife have time to be “absued” [sic] by the heavily corrupted pathologist who was allowed to be the “fall-money-guy” at the criminal pathology department at Sharp Memorial Hospital, San Diego?

Abuse is not only one of those “relative” words but it is hard to define, much like the word, “truth”.

Once defined though it is easy to explain why everyone pretty much becomes so quiet.

Barry had so very little to post up on his wall. Just two postings in all the time he has had a facebook account which I recall went back to 2007, and both were identical, less than a handful of words saying that he was “married”.

Now you recall our granddad Al Ash had this one brother who never got married but he wore a wedding ring that was seen as so attractive both to single as well as married women who he picked up on because they felt he was a “breath of fresh”,

“You are so honest about your feelings, your wife must adore you!!”

Now mom would explain it a whole lot better.

Perhaps, this is where Barry picked up all his charm.

Again, he has known our extraordinary and inspirational mother longer than any of us of our generation, some 4 years longer than you and you are ancient already.

Facebook are in fact not the only ones having 2facetruth.

Truth is that which does not change.

I am not the only person in the world who thinks that is the best explanation of the so often used word that is so hard to define.

Mom’s very close in every respect Scottish friend, Robert Anderson was the first person to have me think about the word truth.

It was back in December 2001 when Robert sat me down in his “hot house” in his and Peggy’s most cozy stone home that Robert built with his own hands in Wivesliscombe, Somerset, England a stone’s throw from mom’s mini estate, although we were both already seated drinking a cup of tea as the birds on a beautifully lit day, the sun was out, entertained us as they fluttered about, helping no doubt everything going with the flow.

So they stick together these birds of a feather Jewish South Africans, Trevor Goldberg, Gary Legator, Avril Milner, Melanie “Hilton I like dik” Wolman-Kerzner.

So what do you think of us being named by this “nobody as “underachievers”?






Don’t take it too personally because you know how much David and his son Mark Gevisser are responsible for your extraordinary success.


Notice how suddenly more than ever you are ready to jump to the defense of dad, who on most of his 71 odd miraculous missions dive bombing the crap out of the De Beer-Anglo American Codiam Inc.-David Gevisser’s Cartel of Cartel Nazi bastards flew alongside Captain Syd Cohen, commander of the brutal Israel Air Force who alone were the difference between Israel’s losing and winning its brutal War of Independance [Nov. 1947 – Jan. 1049], albeit Israel’s only squadron, Squadron 101 were mostly flying inferior “flying bombs” provided not by the United States but by Soviet backed nations such as Czeckslovakia.


Never once did you ever hear mom call a single Gentile-Non-Jewish person anti-Semitic apart from Harry Oppenheimer.

On the other hand on more than a great many times our mother, slow to anger, deliberate in her choice of words, aware of the sly English and why she said it is not so much sticks and bones break bones but words will never harm you, but rather, sticks and stones break bones and words kill, named very precisely which of us Gevissers were anti-Semitic; and of cause mom never dared mention the name David Gevisser because that would have broken a most closely guarded secret.

Yes, you were never aware that German-American Charles Engelhard was a virulent anti-Semite and yet mom knew and so did I, and I am 6 years younger than you.

Moreover, when Engelhard was finally assassinated by the Mossad in one most carefully executed plan that began with naming in 1970 our father’s first cousin David Gevisser Chief Executive Officer of Engelhard’s Engelhard Enterprises So
uth Africa, and at the same time Charles W. Engelhard had to be most concerned for the safety of his daughters let alone how the Mossad would “put them to work” were C. W. Engelhard not to go along with his own rather long drawn poison execution; the second stage to begin in that same year, 1970 to sell off many of his South African assets which ended up of course in the “same hands” but in so doing, C.W. Engelhard left the most extraordinarily clear “gun-money-trail” just as he had done when shipping gold out of South Africa in the form of art objects that upon reaching Hong Kong were then melted down back into gold bullion; the third stage of course his death on March 2nd, 1971 at the very young age of 54; and of course the total silence of the media who could have easily “pulled it all together”, spoke volumes.

Not to mention that I have about 10 minutes remaining here on the deck of the garden that is attached to the main house on this one-of-a-kind beach property where Marie and I rent the front guest house known as Carriage House, before Marie joins me for a sunset walk, most likely on the beach since the tide will be down; and just earlier we noticed even before the great many surfers in the water that the wind had changed direction and the offshore wind, known as the Santa Anna because it blows off the desert, which has been going on for more than a week that has brought summer conditions that don’t require wetsuits, certainly not heavy winter wetsuits, now the wind was starting to come from the north.

To mention little of right now there is almost no wind and the sun is shining very bright into to my eyes and I am having to squint when looking out at the panoramic view, counting some 30 or so surfers, about the same number as when I went on my beach run this morning.

To mention in passing, the surf which never got close to 7 feet is still “cooking” which reminds me of when I left Carriage House and there was still a little chill in the air there were as many surfers lined along the cliff as there were in the water, you do the math, all of them waiting to see if the prediction of 7 feet surf was going to come true; and it was truly exhilarating feeling all their positive energy and why they didn’t join me on my most awesome run is because most of them who were out of the water or the very few living like us on the water’s edge are lazy and know only from deriving satisfaction from a “foreign energy” source; must like our government succulents who depend on the hijacked US military to rape mineral rich countries.

You would know especially if you were one of the poor sleeping on the sidewalks of downtown San Diego, the Santa Anna conditions while hot during the day are bone chilling cold at night, especially if you are not moving and worse yet if you are going to sleep hungry and no access to clean drinking water, let alone battling to keep yourself clean.

Those who talk don’t know.

Those who don’t, do all the talking.

So here we have an Israeli-South African and who knows what’s in-between taking the side of Sylvia Zulman and David Gevisser.

You are not the only Gevisser-Molk who has never once had a serious business conversation with David Gevisser, executor of the estate of American-German Charles W. Engelhard.

Once you tell a secret it is no longer a secret.

Loose lips sink ships.

Mom would also say that you could never tell dad a secret, and yet we never had any reason to question dad about anything apart from why we never thought to ask dad why he thought mom thought he couldn’t keep a secret because dad would have said rather logically, “what is your mom doing telling secrets when she knows better; that once you tell a secret it is no longer a secret?”


Underachieves us Bernie and Zena, Neil, Kathy, Melvin and Gary.

Maybe you, but can you talk for the rest of us, beginning with dad?

BTW how did the surgeries on your elbow turn out?

I am assuming this South-African orangutan defender of Sylvia Zulman and David Gevisser and Co. and who was talking about us Gevissers not really in the most positive manner isn’t really either good in street fighting?


So he now says that David Gevisser would never employ me, but he knows I worked for David’s Codiam Inc.

He must also know about the ad dad placed going on some 3 decades ago in the South African Sunday Times, which was the “brainchild” of mom,

Gary S. Gevisser
A Name From Here, You Can Trust Over There.

Supporters of David Gevisser, please bring it on, if for no one else’s sake than my very good father Bernie understanding better why the lawyers and auditors of his and his father’s hugely successful multinational trading conglomerate, the Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies, didn’t do their job.

Not to mention you understand perfectly well today that you could cut out all that I have written above and the remaining 15,000 odd words that follow which I have been making notes over the past week, by simply focusing on the words, South African Reserve Bank.

To mention little of two perfect shaped young women, couldn’t quite make out their faces because of the strong glare of the sun bouncing off the ocean, shouting across to me just moments ago, “We like your house… you are a lucky guy!!”

To mention in passing when you combine the wealth of all your famous and rich clients, from George Soros to the Hearsts of Hearst Corporation, it doesn’t touch sides with the wealth of the principals of the South African Reserve Bank who have remained very much in the shadows of the “parent corporation” the US Federal Reserve.

You now realize why it is that I didn’t need to attend the Univerity of Natal-Kwazulu South Africa let alone graduate with a B.COMM Degree to know everything I needed to know about the importance of war when it came to folks like the South African Reserve Bank allocating the “reserves” of mineral rich South Africa.

Those who know don’t talk. Those who don’t, do all the talking.

Would you know when last any of us Gevisser’s asked anyone for a “handout”, let alone get in bed with virulent anti-Semite Charles W. Engelhard who never tried to hide for a moment that he was an “open supporter” of the South African Apartheid Regime while his “junior partner” Anglo-German South African Harry Oppenheimer was a “staunch” supporter of the Apartheid Regime’s “opposition”.

Notice all the verbiage of this evil tongued human but very little on the specifics of what about David Gevisser and his son Mark that is so honorable.

In due course I will load up photos taken at our sister Kathy’s wedding showing people like the Lewinson’s whose one son, Gary co-produced Saving Private Ryan with Spielberg which dad refused to watch because of the bloody glorification of war and whose one sister married my Facebook “friend” Michael Seitz’s one brother David who I also knew very well as a hard worker who also didn’t get any handouts or did they?


Why there are no other Jewish people out there besides for Christian Jason Ritchie asking why is there a single poor person in Israel?

Hollywood producer Gary Lewin son remembers me well when I first traveled through the United States back in late 1977, mostly looking for a job, but knowing full well it was just a matter of time before, as mom would tell me from long before I was in my teens, “the world will soon be your oyster.”

Gary Lewinson also remembers the Panza scheme he had going just before making it big in Hollywood that cost our first cousin Nigel Gevisser, not the biggest dummy South African Chartered Accountant and considered the most knowledgeable clothing outsourcer in the world, a cool US$50K, which of course back then wa
s a lot of money to Nigel who felt the need to let us know.

Why you ask?

Marie has just called out to me, “Are you ready?”

To be continued…

—– Forwarded Message —-
From: Gary Stevein
Cc: kathy and david Kathy danziger ; Dad ; melvin gevisser ;;; Syd Cohen ;; שלמה שלפר ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
Sent: Tuesday, January 13, 2009 3:33:36 PM
Subject: ask mom if that is George Lichter who trained Boris Senior and Syd Cohen to fly Messhersmits in Checkslovakia hin the back at the sushi bar and if so was Ishka with him at the time? Alos is that Suzi Wong on the far left at table where mom is looking very chinese? Make note of this charachter who “labelled” us Gevisser-Ashes “under-achievers” – moments away…can you not also feels as well as hear the heartbeat of the universe getting closer and closer. Now it has stopped because it has arrived. Always been there this awesome Ancient Energy that now serves “repell” those energy drainers joined inextricably together until the end of time and who also cant stand the sight of one another – speed of light – time stands still.
Error! Filename not specified.

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