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Aren't you tired of all this family saga?

From: Gary Steve Gevisser []
Sent: Thursday, January 22, 2009 11:30 AM PT
Cc: rest;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Edward Jay Epstein – Author of The Diamond Invention;;;;;;; Drudge; Rush Limbaugh; Oprah. com; tonight show
Subject: What foul 4 lettered words come to mind – Muni, Muni, Muni, Muni – Re: Who do you think it is? – neil gevisser web-page

Aren’t you tired of all this family saga?

Most likely, you just can’t get enough, because we are not talking about some “white trash” family; moreover, you are witnessing it all unraveling in “real time”, possibly even before Oprah’s staff kicking themselves that they hadn’t found “sum” [sic] way to ingratiate themselves with someone like you and your latest Internet dating girlfriend, Nicole.

My brother who cannot make up his mind whether he is or isn’t reading my emails does, however, find the time to not only remember but write that he remembers off the top of his head introducing me to at least 4 people.

This is all part and parcel of Marie’s “Lack of Knowledge-Information-Light, power to change the world stems from humans being lazy and fearful of embracing the truth. The truth is “tTOo” [sic] disrupting for “sum” [sic] people too busy keeping track of the lies”.

So let’s look at say about a dozen or so who without exception had to have thanked my brother most generously given how very quickly I put my “risk assessment” skills “to work”; not to mention one of Neil’s clients that he didn’t introduce me to is Dr. Ruth who you recall was a sniper in David Ben Gurion’s Haganah Jewish Underground movement fighting the British-American White Papers of February 1939.

Below is a photo of Dr. Ruth Westheimer meeting with my mother Zena and her second husband, South African clothing tycoon, Alan Zulman.

Let’s start with Arthur Carter who is “no stranger” to the “ruling elite” but to all the so very full of themselves “buffer” upper middle class peacocks such as the big time idiot crook Warren Buffett, now De Beers’ most high profile advisor to Obama, who think they control the likes of Oprah, O’Reilly, Howard, Dr. Laura, Rush, and the other total idiot talking heads, who so smugly think they have the so brainwashed masses so heavily brainwashed, as the brainwash beginning with the multi-million dollar Trust-Hush-Fund crowd, believe they have it all “figured out”; and they demonstrate this so well to themselves as they go “click, click, click” on their TV control, and my God, they can also reach when in their car and press a radio button all the while managing to keep that steering wheel straight, and better yet to keep the foot on the accelerator that they know can also be used to brake, all very convincing that they are not only so in control of their minds whether or not loaded up on pot, but they have access to the most credible news information.

Now come back to the fact that in 1995 when I met with my uncle David Gevisser in Johannesburg, South Africa, he firmly believed when he said, “You are naïve!!” that I was “naïve”; but that was only because of the information I first provided him as we sat down for the first time ever to have a most serious conversation where for the second time he offered me the position to take over from him as executor of the estate of Charles W. Engelhard that some 24 years after his death was the “control person” position of the mafia monopoly De Beers who still some 14years since, remain the allocator of the world’s resources.

How many times do you think I need to repeat that such an important meeting took place the day following David “Crazy” Altman whose email address you can find in the carbon copy section, met with my uncle Dave’s South African Minister of Trade and Industry, Trevor Manuel, who is today my uncle’s South African Minister of Finance; and yes be assured that Patty Smith, Trevor Manuel’s most trusted and loyal personal assistant is in the blind copied section.

Do you ever remember me mentioning the South African born American attorney, Jerry Philips who I worked most closely with when restructuring Insurance Marketing Services Inc. that was “heavily underwater” when I joined the world’s largest marketing and publishing company that specialized in the insurance industry, specifically the property and casualty side, although we did dabble in the health, life and disability insurance.

Jerry, who is of course blind copied, would be the first highly competent American litigator to tell you that I am anything but “naïve”.

You really should trust the judgment of Jerry who I first began to trust because my mentor US Marine and US Navy Officer Amos P. Wright, a Christian who represents the best of the “American fighting spirit” beginning with his knowledge that when someone knocks at your door and says, “I am from the government and I am here to help you” to know to run a hundred miles away, told me to trust Jerry who is Jewish and can you believe it, a Republican.

My God, how much further proof do you need of God’s existence than to be in my cashmere slippers having finally figured out a way to connect the Mitsubishi flat screen TV without a TV hookup to my Fugitsu computer, not in the least bit distracted by this most spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean possibly in the entire world when one considers not only the natural scenery of the green Monterrey pines framing the now gently rolling in waves that at 5 AM this morning were blasting, thrusting in to the cliff house at a hell of a pace the fresh salty tasting ocean swept air, that effortlessly filled up Marie’s and my lungs.

Not even a school of dolphins entertaining us right now directly in front as they surf back and forth the perfect shaped glass like waves were enough just moments ago to distract me from witnessing in the flesh the most perfect female body clothed only with the most extraordinary sexy lingerie, of course thong panties, the Lord She God ever deposited on this most magnificent planet Mother Earth.

Since my brother won’t be reading anything more from me,, perhaps,, when you update his bio on, not only his friends/clients in London will let him know WHY he is “aiding and abetting” my mother Zena and her second husband in the theft of my Cape Town property; and of course, my now very much “money, me” brother also has to deal with the reality that both our step-father Alan Zulman and my mother can cut him out of their will in an instant.

Amazing how quickly my eldest brother goes from being the “black sheep of the family”.

So you now want to know more about Arthur Carter, thinking that your next Internet chick will be that much quicker to jump into bed with you than Nicole which of course couldn’t have got
any quicker; then again you are thinking that Nicole might get to read this quicker than you because she remembered to start reading from the bottom up?

You haven’t forgotten that at no time did you notice my brother bringing up the word “God” or “Jewish” let alone trying to suggest that I might be “nuts”!

It is true that Neil is not very sophisticated with the Internet, but of course he has read what I wrote you about him being a total idiot and not able to see that no one yet owns; and moreover, he also understands perfectly well as do all his clients including George Soros who Neil can also see is in the carbon copied section, that they last thing they want to debate with me is that most important subject, “God does NOT exist” because they know enough about my “quantitative skills” and well above average “command of mathematics” which I only really displayed in elementary school before “abiding” by my mother’s INSTRUCTION, “The Tallest Trees Attract The Most Wind” as I then began to fade in with just the “above average” which of course suited my most brilliant numbers person mother, “down to the ground”.

Even you who has worked closely with me since early 2002 forget the fact that you know of no one including all the smart people you have heard about in the past who can explain in rather simple English but using the highest levels of math-physics-science that not only DOES God in fact exist but I begin such “proof” using the genius of geniuses Albert Einstein’s “Mind of God” 2 c mE in reverse, which few would argue is the most balanced equation known to mankind in addition to explaining the workings of the cosmos, which is why this most humble genius of a man referred to E=mc to the power 2 as the “Mind of God”.

The fact that part of such “proof” in providing proof of the so sought after “Hand of God”, I also provide “proof” that 2 c mE in reverse, in compliance with Quantum-Gravity-Physics-Mechanics that which goes forward must work in reverse, proves out as well Evolution, thus bringing to an end all the manmade controversy between Evolutionists and Creationists.

I hate to say it but this is rather important even in this “money me” world given how what are rabbis, priest and mullahs going to do when not able to breed controversy; after a while you can fiddle only so many altar boys before they too breed out.

Even as I now type that proof is a function of evidence, the better the evidence the better the proof, you have forgotten AS WELL that it makes no difference to you in your very busy life where like most if not all who have their basic needs met, the only thing on your increasingly Deep Space mind, only knowing just enough to get by, God forbid to excel at anything, for that would defeat the purpose of getting “negative attention” which is where those raised to be “mediocre” which is the direct result of the western style bs Bell Shaped educational system where it is the most average imbecile like The IT who rises to the top, derive their most satisfaction; in large part because they are such horrific lovers because of the fact that unless you are of “sound mind” one doesn’t realize the connective tissue to the rest of the body that is not all dik and pussy.

And of course you understand that these “private people” matters go well beyond my bachelor pad in Capetown with a balcony view of Robin Island where the “sell out” Mandela spent most of his 27 years in prison; not to mention my very literate but most average logical thought processing brother has time to take care of a lot of his personal matters, but does not comment on my so very important uncle David Gevisser, who has been a most significant person in all our lives; to mention little of Neil never responding to one of your first questions to him about how come our uncle Dave only got me a job with De Beers; let alone Codiam Inc. who remain the most important “thorn in the side” of the US Justice Department now overseen by Obama’s Attorney General with the most extraordinary close ties to the Israeli traitor Marc Rich who the Mossad saw to it that Presidential Clinton granted at the 11th hour of his De Beers Presidency with of course highly decorated Israeli Special Forces commando, Israel Prime Minister Ehud Barak weighing in, in support of such an outrage, that again Marc Rich and Clinton wanted as much as they wanted an Israeli Special Forces commando firing a high caliber bullet from well over a mile away that would in the same instant leave a tennis ball size hold between their ears, all the while it taking a little longer for the hand holding up the cell phone to react.

By The Way have you noticed that Mr. Barak who had the Mossad head reporting directly to him at the time is today Israel’s Minister of Defense, and were he to be that “upset” with me, given his “standing” with Israeli Special Forces Commanding Officers, I could be eliminated in less than one second flat.

Not to mention Israeli Special Forces Commanding Officers could but are unlikely to “bypass” the Mossad’s Kidon assassination unit.

To mention little of “truth” goes a long way in the State of Israel able to overcome gigantic odds on the battlefields.

To mention in passing, apart from Chinese Special Forces who are all Israeli Special Forces trained, there are no Special Forces commandos who can honestly say that they “forgive their enemies”.

Israeli Special Forces commandos don’t need to spoon-feed the best of the best special op commandos they capture given how for starters they are treated just like the best of the best trained Israeli Special Forces commandos with “kid gloves”; not a chance of brutality, not even the slightest hint of a raised voice..

Who does Obama think he is telling American Special Forces Commanding Officers interrogating the CIA’s Al Quaida that they should be sharing with those being brutally tortured a long way from Guantomono Bay that most important Israeli Military Intelligence report only available for public viewing on my websites.

It is most important this ability to “forgive one’s enemies”.

Look how easy it would be for Obama to just take my advice and explain to all those CIA Al Quaida members who have not been murdered why it is that President Roosevelt met with King Ibn Saud of the House of Saud, Saudi Arabia on Feb. 14th, 1945.

But still your mind is telling you that you have this deep yearning to hear about Arthur Carter that will move you exponentially closer to the thinking of the world’s “ruling elite” who are already in a total state of paralysis, beginning with the fact that I am not only still alive but able to broadcast such very important truths.

BTW, you will let me know when you find the time in your busy schedule to set up my email account so that I can at least try and get back on Facebook; not that you or anyone you are sleeping with have bothered to file a complaint with Facebook for such outrageous behavior to place me on the “disabled” list without so much as an explanation despite promises to get back to me.

The rape of mineral rich South Africa didn’t end with some 10,000 Black South Africans dying brutally of starvation in American financed British Concentration Camps that were established during the Anglo Boer War of 1899-1902.

Of course you could care less about them as well as the 20,000 Afrikaner old men, women and children who were also so horribly wiped out as the British-Americans learned a thing or “tTOo” [sic] from cigar chopping, whiskey drinking American General Sherman, who you remember laid waste to the farmland during the American civil war of the mid-19th century, which you are beginning to understand will be pale in comparison to the pending ethnic cleansing civil war that President Clinton warned us Americans about back on January 20th, 2000 with a full year remaining as President.

Does Nicole keep her American pas
sport with her wherever she goes?

Nor could you care less about me now repeating that people like Jay McMichael of CNN who were filming Clinton at Caltech University when he gave that extraordinary speech with that most bizarre ending, needed me to “connect the dots” beginning with how the Peoples Republic of Communist China without permission from Sec. of State Clinton could turn on the taps instantly and begin servicing their own hard working population some 5 times the size of the US market without a care in the world about stuff like inflation.

You of course have forgotten that most excellent very recent film that explains so brilliantly that every single dollar the US Federal Reserve issues, such a dollar in the very next instant becomes some US$8 which is all “inflationary”.

In other words, when a so very caring “liberal” hands a panhandler just one penny, not only are they perpetuating this daylight robbery of the poor but when that person uses such monies whether it be for alcohol, a condom, etc etc, they are promoting the myth that the US Federal Reserve and its subsidiaries around the world are owned by the citizens of those countries.

The Chinese who invented paper money and gunpowder; not to mention have an 8,000 year old art culture, are conspicuously absent in my website statistics given how the Chinese Government have made a most conscious decision to help bring public international attention to me being conspicuously absent, at the same time the Chinese Government dont need me to tell them what to do, let alone how to do it, since they have it all figured going back to the Chinese along with the Israelis for good reason set the scholastic levels wherever they travel that is also demonstrated where it counts most; namely on the battlefields.

You remember as you begin to forget about Arthur Carter that not only did Mao’s volunteer farmer army beat the crap out of the US military in the Korean War but that was “ancient history” when great numbers of captured American service people beginning with Black African Americans were so well treated that they decided to remain in China.

You also remember that the modern State of Israel has never, not once, been defeated in battle despite the fact that the CIA’s US Government has never once given up on their original plan to wipe the modern State of Israel off the face of the earth on the very day Israel became a nation on May 14th, 1948, some 12 days before the CIA orchestrated the defeat of Field Marshall Jan Smuts in the South African General Election, and then maintained power through their South African Apartheid Regime for an uninterrupted period of 45 odd years during which time the murderous 3 Branches of the US Government raped South Africa blind.

What foul 4 lettered words come to mind when also thinking about Mandela not just Obama, so very silent about the CIA turning in Mandela?

God is a three lettered word, and so far God has decided not to strike me down, since who else do you think is responsible for allowing me to give all who usurp their limited authority, hell.

Arthur Carter is best known as the investment banking partner of Citicorp chairman, Sandy Weil.

If you have any further questions to ask me, do so through that priest who runs that very poor parish a block from your house.

By The Way, Jonathan who is in the “custody” of The IT, stopped by the cliff house a little earlier to pick up some of his surfing gear, and let me know that his surfing at Black Beach yesterday was “epic, the best surfing I have had all winter”.


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