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Back and forth with Adele Strous Clingman

Between Adele Strous Clingman and You

Gary S. Gevisser
February 3 at 8:01pm
Tell me…
besides for how you are doing, when did you last hear my name?

Adele Strous Clingman
February 3 at 8:04pm
wow…wow…wow..a blast from the past….
many many years ago.
how the hell are you and where are you living these days…i could ask a million questions but have to tell you this facebook is amazing..i connected with someone in newport beach that i havent seen for 30 years..flew out to see her 2 weeks ago and escaped the new york snow for a few days…
leaving for s.a. in a few you ever get there..or do you still live there..

Gary S. Gevisser
February 3 at 8:12pm
Well, well, well,…the “gossip” has yet to reach you.


I will check out your “friends” while you take a look at my one website and then tell me what you think.

BTW I live in Del Mar although my French-Canadian wife-partner of some 15 odds years, married 6 his April 22nd, and I spend a good deal of time where I am right now which is deep inside the Cleveland National Forest that is about an hours drive east of Del Mar where I am right now. The hyperlink below takes you to a photo taken by the previous owners which would make it around 7 odd years ago, at least.

also tell me about your family, married, children etc etc?

Adele Strous Clingman
February 3 at 8:18pm
Is Del Mar in California or Cleveland?
We are celebrating our silver anniversary this year. I married a guy from Johannesburg and his dream (not myne but thats another whole story) was to live in New York, which i actually hate. We have a son of 23 quite religious and a daughter of 20. My son graduated YU and is currently doing a course in the Simi Valley. My daughter is a sophmore in college and is currently doing a semester at NYU. 2 dogs, 2 maids and that is the family.
I will look at your sites tomorrow…
Do you have kids.

Gary S. Gevisser
February 3 at 8:36pm
Del Mar is the next small town north of La Jolla, Calif, and the Cleveland National Forest is also in California.

I “inherited” 2 “tTOo” [sic] from my awesome wife’s previous marriage to The IT.

SIC, you may not know is the Latin adverb that means “thus” or “so” and is used when there is either a spelling and/or grammatical error within the quotation marks.

You should feel “enlightened” to know that “word” has not reached you about what it is that I am doing because the “deafening silence” of a great many of mutual friends who know exactly what I am doing “speaks volumes” about most of their “discomfort”, not so much with me, in fact it has nothing whatsover to do with me, but rather themselves.

It is a very tough “course” to “stay up” with me these days as I am moving rather rapidly.

Not to mention even our rabbi abner weiss who was my immediate family’s closest Jewish friend in Durban is finding himself increasing “isolated”, and most of us would agree that Rabbi Weiss was not only very smart and trustworthy, but one hell of a “good guy”.

So what is it that is so “troublesome” about what I am saying as well as doing, and it all goes back to those words, “If there wasnt a black problem in south africa there would be a Jewish problem”.

Given as much as I knew growing up I was an extraordinarily “quiet person” as you shall see when visiting

I am currently making myself dinner which I know to do with “great love” which means first and foremost I have to exclusiv ely focused on that task.

But I will be up for about another 5 hours, so if you wake up in the middle of the night and want to “chat” just email me, best if you email me at

Adele Strous Clingman
February 3 at 8:42pm
Youve totally lost me. I have zero or little interest in digging up old stuff. Been there done that. I have decided a whole new me when I turned 50. I try deal with the now and future. When you have kids..thats what you have to do.
I have no idea what you are talking about, do you have kids or not?
Enjoy your dinner.
I do keep in touch with friends from the past not too many but love the fact that I do.
Anyway nice catching up..if briefly.

Gary S. Gevisser
February 3 at 9:02pm
I do know better than to suggest much if anything to my “old friends”.

Below is a photo taken in my mom’s Netanya apartment, you may recognize your cousin Irwin who I dont see on you list of “friends”.

BTW, I took the “timeout” before I have made most of the salad and now just waiting for the marinated tofu to be done in the broiler.

Just a thought. Have you ever thought why arent more of us Jewish people who keep kosher dont simply turn like my wife and I vegetarian where the only thing lacking in the diet is iron which we get in a supplement?

Wouldnt we also be good to the earth and remember I am only talking about the future, bringing up nothing of the past.

It might be worth your while to know that you aunt Marcia is my “god mother” and I consider Harry Strous to have been one of the few mensches in our community.

Not to mention, I figured out soon after meeting David Ben Gurion for the first time on Nov. 1st, 1972 while on Ulpan at Sde Boker, that for me to start “talking out of school” would not only “fall on deaf ears” but there is a great likelihood I wouldnt be around today to tell one most important story that you religious son especially might find at least a little interesting.

By The Way, do you have any “friends” in the Diamond trade?

Did you know that I once worked at the highest levels of De Beers in New York City?

Would you care to know not only how I got such an important but “nothing to talk about” job but even when our good mutual friend Lee-Anne Benn visited with me in Manhattan at my apt on the upper west side of Manhattan, as she did her best to restore my health after my liver had been poisoned, I couldnt at the time get into the “knitty gritty” of how my father’s first cousin, David Gevisser, someone you probably have never heard of, became on March 2nd, 1971, some 7 odd years before I immigrated to the States the most powerful human being on the planet, in that not only did he retain his position as Chief Executive Officer of Charles W. Engelhard’s Engelhard Enterprises South Africa but when Engelhard died on March 2nd, 1971 having turned 54 the month before, David Gevisser became the executor of Engelhard’s estate that included not only control of the world supply of platinum but the “control person” position of the De Beers-Anglo American Corporation that amongst a number of things have controlled the world’s drilling industry for more than a century; and there you thought the Arabs had all the “money”.

Now tell me why the need for the 2 maids; one for each dog?

Gary S. Gevisser
February 3 at 9:09pm
forgot the photo—Israel.gif


Adele Strous Clingman
February 3 at 9:13pm
Irwins wife is on facebook and is a friend of myne. My hubby Alan and I stayed with Lee-Anne and John in December 07/08 we had a ball together and her son is delicious. Irwin is not on facebook.
Thanks for the compliments on my family. I regard all my family with good and loving thoughts.
Gary..its so nice to connect with you but Im not that interested in all the stuff you are talking about..most of all the business side. Its hard enough keeping up with my husband’s dealings all over the world.
it comes to religion..i have warm thoughts about my upbringing in Durban..I loved my life there and the people. Here its way too serious and I hate talking about light of the fact that my husband and kids are shomrei shabbat and Im not.
Are you angry? or is it just something you like to do. Is it blogging?
What do you do to pay the bills?

Adele Strous Clingman
February 3 at 9:16pm
Nice photo..who r the 2 on the right?

Gary S. Gevisser
February 3 at 9:37pm
while taking a breather from my most delicious dinner that my F-C wife gave me the recipe, the gourmet chef ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ that she is, let me start from the bottom up.

No. On the far righ is Lance Zulman, the only son of Alan who married my mom who is between Alan and my sister Kathy. My nmiddle brother Melvin is on the far left.

One of the most recent pictures of me can be found on the “intro” page of

Given your “wrong concludsion” about my extraordinary happiness at this moment in time, that I expect to continue growing exponentially until such time as I take my final breath, I may need you help in my writing my forthcoming best selling non-fiction novel THE HISTORY OF MONEY CREATION AND ITS FUTURE that begins where Hollywood blockbuster author Edward Jay Epstein’s epic 1978 non-fiction novel, The Diamond Invention ends; and mine will of course fill in all the most carefully left out gaps, that of course only someone as privy, as discreet as “yours truly” could do in a heartbeat.

BTW, wasnt or isnt your husband somehow connected with Roy Essakow?

Adele Strous Clingman
February 3 at 9:58pm
I keep busy with my high tech nonsense and golf and travelling. Not really in doing much else.Thanks for the vote of confidence.
Alan and Roy had some mutually successful business dealings..HOW WOUD YOU KNOW ABOUT THAT??? Why would you even be interested..GEEZ GA..way too much time on your hands.
I have answered your questions..i still dont know what it is you do to earn a living or whether you have kids or not. Why do you refer to your wife as 100 different names rather than just her given name. Just trying to understand.

Gary S. Gevisser
February 3 at 10:57pm
Her name is Marie Dion. hyperlink below takes you to a portrait of her and our beloved and most missed Pypeetoe who got hit by a train on the tracks in front of our cliff house back on June 28th, 2007 when this cutest most sweet-mutik Italian Greyhound was in the very prime of life, just shy of a week before his 6th birthday.

Most would agree that Marie is in fact more beautiful than her almost lifesize portrait painted by her professor, Spanish master painter Sebastian Capella who Marie has been studying with now in to his 11th year; not to mention that she, Marie is herself a most excellent oil painter as well as teacher today, begining with the fact that she has the most important elements that are required in the “murdered” classical fine art painting, namely she is a math wizard and she can draw well which is something very few people who call themselves artists can do; but that is a whole other story;;;; although my forthcoming book addresses why it is that there are so extraordinarily few good, let alone genius oil painters today like Sebastian Capella and it all revolves around the subject of “funny money” and why I can all but guarantee you that even if you dont have the time or the inclination to read your husband will most certainly; but then again I cannot be certain about too many things as it relates to others.

Not to mention AGAIN, my wife’s “tTOo” [sic] kids from a previous marriage who are simply hooked on their multi-million dollar Trust-Hush-Funds no different to pretty much every person I know whose parents did the “unforgivable”, but then again there was nothing my wife could do to stop her X from “hushing up” his kids, which is nothing new in this “money, me” crazy world.

Unlike Roy who felt the need to buy a big house also on the cliffs that we share but a bit further south as I was saying earlier in La Jolla, I knew better than to “shout out loud” while still in my twenties, that I had “arrived” which is how most would agree is what Roy did; and I would be the first to agree that there are far worse things in this world than “bragging” about one’s financial success.

There is very good reason why it is that I know a great deal about Roy’s business dealings with Marc Rich who you may recall first made his money when trading with Israel’s enemies, Iran and Iraq at the time of the Yom Kippur War which you may also recall began rather brutally with “green” border soldiers in the Golan Heights getting their equipment cut off and stuffed into their mouths, some while sitll alive; a most horrible way to start the fast let alone end one’s life.

I bet you are not laughing but still very intrigued; moreover not as interested as you were in how I “pay the bills”.

Did you know that their were very senior members of the highly amorphous Mossad who knew that both Syria and Egypt were about to launch a “surprise attack” which tells you, if you beleive what I am saying, that it really wasnt a surprise attack.

You also know the adage, “Better to walk away from a battle, live to fight another day and then possibly win the war”.

You most likely are not as familiar as me with the “Altalena Affair” that took place in mid-June 1948 when Ben Gurion – who I met with a couple of times privately following our first group meeting that took place some 57 odd days following Black September-PLO terrorists beginning to brutally murder 11 defenseless Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympic Games – ordered his most trusted field commander Yitzhak Rabin to sink the Altalena ship carrying weapon systems for the Irgun Jewish Underground moveement and some 16 Irgun members were killed with Ben Gurion’s forces mostly coming from his Haganah Jewish Underground movement suffering a handful or so losses; at least that that the “official” death toll, but I have reason to beleive that the number of deaths were significantly higher.

I bet you are a little shocked.

First to hear that in Israel’s first most brutal war of survival, just a month into the official start which was May 15th, the day after Ben Gurion declared Jewish Statehood that you would have Israelis killing Israelis; moreover the best of the best Jewish fighters killing the best of the best Jewish fighters who were all desperately needed in a war that should have been over on the day it started given how Allied Field Marshall Montgomery declared right before the ground and air forces began in earnest, “When the British flag is lowered for the last time in Palestine the Jews will be overrun”.

Perhaps even more shocking for you is know that the United States led the arms boycott of Israel that included making it illegal for men of military age such as my father to enter Israel when if caught he would have most likely be killed “on sight”.

Did you know that my father Bernie was a fighter-bomber-pilot during World War II and completed some 71 odd miracullous missions dive bombing the crap out of the Nazi bastards?

Would you be all that surpirsed that his father, my grandfather Issy Gevisser who owned the “control block” of shares in the hugely successful Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies owned priceless land in Haifa harbor that he purchased back in 1929 when also visiting with his family in Vilnius, Lithuania?

Probably not.

But you most likely would be surprised to hear that my dad’s only wife, my mother Zena who married my dad on October 10th, 1948 when she was just 19, “From the earliest days of 1949 [Zena] visited Israel two and three times a year writing reports for different publications.”

The last part of the above paragraph were taken from my mother’s most carefully craf
ted memoirs titled, “Life Story of Zena” that she first began broadcasting via email on Sept. 25th, 2001, some 4 days following the Los Angeles Times pirinting the Mossad’s most clear and frightening “heads up” in August 2001, one month ahead of 9/’11.

You can read that rather interesting memoir by clicking the hyperlink below and be sure to listen to my mom’s record, THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING A WOMAN

Let me know if you have any more questions and/or whether you want clearer answers to your very good questions.

Again, I will be up for several more hours as I not only watch ever so carefully the trading of gold in the spot market looking to see if there is any sign of a single nation nullifying each and every forward/future contract that is currently “on the books” begining of course with gold forward contracts; although there are a handful other equally important “indicators” that I am looking for that again I am quite certain your husband Alan would have more than just a “passing interest” in wanting to know more.

Not to mention, are you not surprise that Roy hasnt mentioned to your husband why he as well as his elder brother Jeffrey who I know equally as well are both so “deafeningly silent”.

Remember, we are not now talking “ancient history”, we are very much talking about money to pay for the dogs food, the maids, vacations etc etc

BTW, I assume that just like my wife and me, you only rent here in the United States, although we do own our rather small Stone Home here in the Cleveland National Forest but we lease the land from the US Forest Service who recently renewed the lease for another 20 years.

Not to mention, I dont know about you, but as great as my wife and I feel today and both of us, thank God and thanks to a great diet and lots of exercise, are very healthy, slender and very fit, I really dont see how it is going to be possible to enjoy life as much as we do right when into our 70s, but I could be wrong; and who knows God might appear and give the best of us a brand spanking new body which would be mighty fine with me just so long as He-She doesnt mess with my mind which you know is a terrible thing to lose.

To mention little of gold last trading on the spot market at US$898.80. You might want to wake up Alan assuming he is sleeping.
Zena Rosland Gevisser

Hello there, my name is Zena Gevisser, and I want to show you how you can overcome shyness, add to your popularity, and not only make friends, but keep them. My particular method for achieving success in all these three things is to give practical illustrations and circumstances. …

Gary S. Gevisser
February 3 at 11:14pm
again i forgot the hyperlink

From: Gary S Gevisser []
Sent: Wednesday, February 04, 2009 1:05 AM
To: ‘’
Subject: It is me again.

While I am about to include you in the blind copied section of an email that I first began broadcasting late Monday evening and which was addressed to President Obama, I am not adding you to my primary email list of about 5,000 individuals/groups who are a statistically valid sampling of the world’s literate population; the vast majority agree with everything I have to say, but would prefer that I simply shared my knowledge of the HEMP [History, Economics, Military and Politics] with them and then “shut the fuck up”.

At this point it really doesn’t “pay” to be added, since soon, once we have finished migrating the data over from our previous webhosting company, will contain all my “writings”.

I am assuming that your husband hasn’t yet “lost his shirt”; on the contrary, I would expect that over the course of the past 6 months alone his net worth would have quadrupled, at a minimum.

Then again, the Alans and the Roys of the commodities trading world; let alone “angel investors” in start up high tech companies, have never been the “focus of my attention”, not even close.

They are, however, most important “cogs” that keep the monetary system still afloat, but not for much longer.

I think it is fair to say that I am not only one of the most successful consultants in the world in the broad area of “risk assessment” but I am most certainly the most expensive, although I haven’t made so much as penny in recent years; in fact all I have been doing is spending relatively very insignificant sums of worthless monies building up the most extraordinary “footprint” on the internet.

It shouldn’t take either you or Alan very long to figure out the “method to my madness” including my very long, very wordy, very run on sentences, longest of paragraphs, each email one could argue should be a book.

But I am not here to die the richest person in the grave.

More importantly I am not only alive, which to a great many is quite “shocking” but there is not a single business person on this planet who knows as much as I do about how things got to be so messed up, which of course they really are not, but more importantly, how very easy and quickly, everything can be fixed.

The fact that I have never been corrupted goes a long way in explaining why it is that I am intelligent.

Also don’t forget, only liars need good memories.

You should remember me mentioning last to you that the Yom Kippur War was no surprise.

Sometime tomorrow, all being well, I will be posting up on under the “Intelligence Briefing” headlines the continuation to “Intelligence Briefing: 911” where you will find why the Mossad decided it was worth the extraordinary “loss of life”, and worse for the Israeli Special Forces commandos who when retaking the Golan Heights were confronted with such atrocities inflicted on our so very young, many just out of high school, much like what took place in the 2006 six week war with Hezbollah that is of course already very much “old news”, but only to the quick “money, me” crowd.

I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that neither you nor Alan are on the “same page” as me given everything I know about the two of you; bearing in mind that you are both, much like me, an “open book”.

The difference, and it is a major difference, between you both and me, is my knowledge base that comes from first of all receiving from a very early age, much younger than most Israelis carefully picked off the kibbutzim and nurtured to become Special Forces commandos, the most highly specialized Israeli Special Forces as well as Israeli military intelligence training that begins and ends with, “Those who know don’t talk and those who don’t, do all the talking”.

You may never have thought about the fact that once a secret is told it is no longer a secret.

I am speaking out now not only because I know, but I cannot think of a good reason not to tell it the way it is; and if someone has a problem with it, then to hell with them.

Hell is only here on planet mother earth for all those who usurp their limited authority which includes each and every one of us who fails to stand tall.

There are of course a great many things that I cannot explain beginning with the survival of the State of Israel that continues to overcome odds so great that one can only logically conclude that “God” must be on the side of Israel, given how there are in fact so very few Jewish people around the world who really care about Israel’s survival; in fact a great many Jewish people who are only Jewish when it suits them, honestly believe that if Israel wasn’t around a whole lot of problems would go away; and those who argue otherwise…

It is endless the u
tterly nonsense talk that those who don’t know can’t stop talking.

I extend my “hand of friendship” to you both, again well aware that not only do you have you own very busy lives but most certainly your own “agendas” that including a whole lot of “play time” and there is nothing wrong with that.

But maybe you want to look at the fact that we are now after some 3+ decades reconnecting and of all the people you know, there is not one amongst them who has close to my “huge credibility”.

My potency comes from the fact that I know I am not omnipotent and nor am I in the least bit arrogant.

I am constantly “grounded” by the knowledge I have of knowing from where I come without feeling the need to explain it all.

You would surely understand by now that I don’t need either of you to assist me in reaching my goal of leveling the playing field in order to give peace a better chance, given how I know, versus believe, this is all one big “game” but with serious consequences for both the winners and the losers; for winners, the sort of mind that I have which of course is rather hard to explain and best understood when comparing what I have to the horrific pain being felt by each and every one of my adversaries; their “deafening silences” speaking volumes.

Nor is there an ounce of religious fanaticism within my bones; on the contrary it is the fanatics within all the religions who make it all but impossible for us to be in the least bit sensitive towards each other and why so many of us prefer the “friendship” of animals such as dogs who give “unconditional love”.

One thing we can all agree on and that is the fact that we cannot take our wealth with us and more importantly, health is everything and even the healthiest of us eventually die.

Again, the fact that I am alive and as you should by now be clearly able to see, I have pretty much single handedly taken on De Beers who are very much “on the ropes” and even if I die before hitting the send button, there are very few who would argue that I have been extraordinarily successful in enlightening a great many people throughout the world about this most evil group of humans who have so outrageously co-opted-corrupted a great many Jewish people, many who still think they are have “done it on their own”.

The bottom line is that De Beers have decided now for more than century exactly who is going to be financially rich and then when giving out their “stipends” to their “favorites” they leave it to their “favorites” to figure out how best to divvy up their “allotment”.

Don’t forget neither of you know of a single person with my Israeli “deep roots” who has ever come close to working at the highest levels of DeBeers as “yours truly”.

Moreover, the fact that I am not a “talker” and demonstrated it rather well when keeping silent for a period of some 24 years following my employment with this most brutal mafia monopoly, as I went about methodically “lining up my ducks” and at the same time never losing sight of the insurmountable odds Israel kept overcoming, helped greatly in my ability to keep “going with the flow” and of course it wasn’t always “smooth sailing” given again all the military intelligence training I received over the years and the fear that one or more of my “trainers” could “turn”, however, slim did on occasion cause me great “consternation” but not for very long as again when “going with the flow” and seeing time and again Israel beating these most extraordinary odds, so you better understand, at least I think you I understand that it is really up to you, not to me, whether or not you make the smart choice to support my “social cause” beginning by signing up for one of my Educational Light Journey-One Tribe of Achievers seminar-workshops.

All the best,



Gary S. Gevisser
February 4 at 10:08am
BTW, there is a “test of stamina” that I have. Are you interested?

Adele Strous Clingman
February 4 at 10:19am
Ok Im going to tell you how it is. I have zero interest in what you write. Im not interested in history of Israel or anything else for that matter.Nor am i going to get into any slandering expedition with you.
I friended you for the reason I friend most people, to catch up on developments in their lives. You are an old schoolfriend of myne. I dont mean to hurt you or offend you but you seem to care very strongly about all that you write. Once again I have no interest.
If you continue to bombard me with this I am going to have to unfriend you.
If you want to continue a normal dialogue with me I would be happy to do so.
Thanks and take care.

Gary S. Gevisser
February 4 at 10:42am
Ok, I will “play by your rules”, at least for now but first let me assure you that you cannot “offend” me just like I believe that you believe I cannot “offend” you for the exact same reasons, whatever they are.

Second, I truly applaud you for writing exactly the way you feel, which very frankly is a “breath of fresh air” to me, considering the reaction I have got from most, if not all my “schoolmates” from South Africa.

With all that said, have you ever kept in contact with Raymond Oshry who I last saw in London when I was staying with Derrick Beare and Raymond and his second wife visited with me late at night and we ended up disturbing Derrick’s “sleep”; but given how very cool, and should I also say, how very close were Derrick and me, by the time he and I woke up the next morning, all we could do was smile at one another.

Not to mention, the only “rule” Derrick had when it came to me was not allowing me close to his computers given how every time I even came close his computers would start to go haywire; and by the way, Derrick is not the only person who gets nervous when I get around their computers.

Anyway, what was really funny about seeing Raymond who I hadnt seen in a very long time was this most incredible stomach he had developed; and truly it looked, at least to me that he was about to pop with 2 twins, and I think it wasnt very long before his weife gave birth to twns.

I am very interested to know about your personal interest in “technology” since you indicate you have your own business?

Gary S. Gevisser
February 4 at 10:30pm
I see that you are online with Facebook’s “instant messaging” but I am already “instant messaging” with Austin Auger, at least I think I am, because it says he is online and we started a conversation earlier. It may in fact be far less complicated than I make it out to be. We shall see.

Did you know that Allied Field Marshal Montgomery who I never met but would have liked to, said, “When the British flag is lowered for the last time in Palestine, the Jews will be overrun”.

Do you know what he meant?

Did you see what I just sent Roy?
Between Adele Strous Clingman and You

Gary S. Gevisser
Today at 12:16pm

Adele Strous Clingman
Add as Friend
Today at 12:22pm
Report Message
YOU STILL DONT GET IT….i dont care what you sent Roy

Gary S. Gevisser
Today at 2:09pm
Do you remember telling me, “Its hard enough keeping up with my husband’s dealings all over the world” and then 45 minutes later at 9:58 PM on the same day, this past Tuesday, Feb. 3rd, you mentioned, “Alan and Roy had some mutually successful business dealings..HOW WOUD YOU KNOW ABOUT THAT??? Why would you even be interested..GEEZ GA..way too much time on your hands.”

And now you tell me after also telling me that you dont care about the history of Israel, “YOU STILL DONT GET IT….i dont care what you sent Roy”.

Earlier, at 11:50 am, I received an email from Madeline with Face
book’s “User Operations”; when I respond please have your husband Alan contact Roy and ask Roy why he never commented in writing to an email I sent earlier in 2006 to a friend of his, Mr. Conrad, that read in its entirety,


You are familiar with those who use others to “shoot their poison tipped arrows!”

You would agree that those people are more cowardly and evil than those who have been co-opted-corrupted who get paid next to nothing and invariably suffer horribly, sometimes even more than their innocent victims.

You are also aware that I too lived in South Africa for one week shy of 21 years and fully understood why for example the most open supporters of the Apartheid Regime in our orthodox Jewish community, the Lazarus clan of Durban North, occupied the best seats in our synagogue on the corner of Silverton and Musgrave Road which didn’t prevent them from “ruling the roost” at our orthodox Jewish day school, Carmel College, Durban, South Africa.

You also wouldn’t be surprised to hear that I have travelled to Israel on a great many occasions, but not once since my last trip in 1995, when I visited for just a couple of hours without leaving Ben Gurion airport, and when I met several weeks later in Johannesburg, South Africa with my “uncle” David Gevisser the day after meeting in Pretoria, South Africa, with South Africa’s current Minister of Finance, Mr. Trevor Manuel, who also didn’t know that I was going to meeting the very next day with my father’s first cousin, David Gevisser, who remains the executor of the world’s richest mineral estate that once belonged in its entirely to big time United States Democratic-Socialist Party supporter, American-German Charles W. Engelhard, I also never brought up with my “uncle” Dave EITHER the fact that I had visited Israel or why people like David Ben Gurion didn’t think very much of large financial-money contributors to the State of Israel that the “gun-money-power” people expected to be wiped out on the very next day after Ben Gurion who was the head of the most brutal Haganah Jewish underground movement, declared on May 14th, 1948, statehood for Jewish Palestine and giving her the name, “Israel”.

In 1948, the South African Reserve Bank was celebrating its 37th anniversary.

You say you are soon to celebrate your 25th wedding anniversary.

Are you and your husband going to make a cash, check or money order donation to the great many poor Jewish children in Israel?

Where would you and all your lazy rich friends be today if Field Marshall Montgomery’s prediction had come true?

Again, back on February 3, at 8:42pm, you said, “Been there done that” after saying, “I have zero or little interest in digging up old stuff”.

What “soul searching” exactly have you done?

Or were you simply saying, “I know how to grab the big money, and no longer have to work very hard”?
You further go on to say, “and his [my husband Alan Clingman’s] dream (not myne but thats another whole story) was to live in New York, which i actually hate.”

I am being accused of “harassing” people like you.

Yet, you are so very OPEN and LOUD when FLAUNTING your ill-gotten gains.

Are you incompetent or culpable or both, take your pick!

You understood me perfectly well when I “REMINDED” you that I “officially” worked for the mafia monopoly De Beers in 1978, but back then you and your husband were already “coining it” and I know because remember your best friend Lee-Anne Benn who you not all that long ago partied with in Australia, told me so when she was living with me for a few months in my one bedroom apartment at 50 west 69th Street, between Columbus Avenue and Central Park West, Manhattan, New York City.

You understand why it is that only liars need good memories,,,, to keep track of their lies which is why liars are the dumbest because they shut down, and when they shut down they stop learning and then they write and say trash.

Today all these very dumb people who rely on their highly paid lawyer-liars to keep them out of “legal troubles” while keeping enough cash on hand to pay the very same lawyer-liars to organize “hits” on their adversaries who “DON’T GET IT”, are increasingly paralyzed thanks to the godsend of the internet where Knowledge-Information-Light travels at light-speed.

You talk to a whole lot of people, or so it seems, plus that is what you say, but it is what you dont say that counts just as much.

Earlier today I was once again on the phone with Adeline Cohen, the very much “aware” wife of the greatest person living in Israel, Commander of Israel Air Force, Syd Cohen who I could hear in the background.

The most important question I asked Adeline who thanked me for the latest photos I sent to her of Syd and my dad when they were together in both Egypt and northern Italy with Allied South African Air Force Squadron Eleven during World OIL War II, was whether she had shared with Syd what I had told her yesterday about what you had written me yesterday morning at 10:19.

If you would prefer I will not copy you on my next email to the San Francisco Chronicle which will include Adele’s “reaction” to your most disgusting atrocity; bearing in mind all your wealth has come from oil trading.

Not to mention, that while all the world’s intelligence services and their respective media outlets which includes all the newspapers and TV networks including websites like, now fully understand not only the purpose of that Israeli Military Intelligence report that both you and your husband have seen on but how it has already achieved its “stated goals” without the entire world being embroiled in war which is the only option remaining for the CIA and all those such as your husband and Co. who profit from war, all you should be thinking about when you are in Plet and so very angry with yourself is how very happy I am, comforted by the fact that with God at my side 24/7, the remainder of your life is going to be one hellhole.

And let me also remind you that the buyers of oil, the oil companies, such as Shell, Exxon, Mobil and the such, and there are really not many, and you would know, given how you have stated in “black and white” that you know “sumthing” [sic] about your, “husband’s dealings all over the world”, have a great many “pencil pushers” who can in addition to reading and writing, serve themselves tea and coffee and biscuits without the need for two maids to take care of their two dog; but what they cannot do, because “the law” does not allow for it, and it is the laws that they and their “middling” [sic] people such as your husband and Marc Rich and Co. write, is to pay kick backs to our tyrannical regimes who are no friends of democracy.

Of course you are not interested in the history of Israel which is the only fledgling democracy in the Middle East, if not the entire world.

I survived death and/or imprisonment and/or banning in South Africa because I knew better than to open my mouth either in support or in opposition to the CIA’s Apartheid Regime given how logical it seemed to me that those with access to money and better yet “diamond currency” that is totally untraceable, would after buying their lawmakers then proceed to buy all the opposition.

I look forward to seeing you place another photo of yourself on Facebook with your big mouth shut.
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Adele Strous Clingman
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heheheh…i was are on big pathetic loser…OMG i can say so much more but….everyone feels the same way..

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