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Bankers of the invaded countries

Ole Christian Madsen

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Instruktør + Manuskriptforfatter at Creative Alliance, Copenhagen.
Lives in Copenhagen, Denmark
SAT 6:14PM
I have a story that will boggle your mind.

It goes much deeper than Citron and Flame even if it turns out true that they were assassinating innocent people; worse yet members of the resistance that the corrupt wanted silenced.

It is helped that my father was a most accomplished Allied Fighter Bomber Pilot from WW2.

Would you like to hear more?

Ole Christian Madsen accepted your request.
Would you like to hear more?

Ole Christian
Hey Gary – I’m not really looking for WW2 projects right now, since they are very difficult to finance these days. If you have anything in writing I would like to read it though, if you wanna send it. Of course it is true Flame and Citron shot people that weren’t suppose to ve shot. Oc

Oc – I am not looking to present you with a WW2 project.

I am going to share with you something that I am quite certain you have never given a thought to, and if you have, then something very strange would be responsible for causing you to be distracted from this very important knowledge.

All WW2 movies, including yours, show people in restaurants and bars having a wonderful time.

They pay for the food, alcohol and prostitutes with money.

When a foreign invading army occupies a country like Denmark they don’t bring in their currency such as German Marks, and when they pay their informers in Denmark they do so in the local currency.

Why do you think the history books don’t explain that the first thing an invading army does is gather around them the top bankers of the invaded countries?

What do you think decided the value of the Danish Crowns during the Nazi occupation?

How do you think the Gestapo kept control of their informer network in Denmark, Holland, Belgian and France?

Would you trust your neighbor in Denmark if you knew that they had more wealth than you to afford things like the best food and when eating out to eat at the best restaurants they knew the Gestapo were watching everything like hawks?

Wouldn’t the money be the most important item for the Nazis to be watching?

What is worse than knowing that if you didn’t find the money that the Gestapo carefully distributed by their Danish banks, your family would starve?

BTW, my father who was issued like all Allied Fighter Bomber Pilots – and here his taxing for takeoff on one of his miraculous 71 dive bombing missions

AMGOT [Allied Military Government for Occupied Territories] monies.

Once you begin to just scrape the surface of the AMGOT monies you quickly come back to what I wrote you previously that ended “starve”.

My father Bernie

very much supported my proposition to him that were I to write his biography I would title it:

My Life as an Allied Fighter Bomber Pilot and the Aftermath of the Nazi Victory.

Have you read scholarly author Edward J. Epstein’s 1978 non-fiction book, The Diamond Invention?

I very much doubt it.

You should begin reading it now. The previous hyperlink takes you right to it and you will see that it is free.

I come well schooled

to this “battle” and it is me standing next to my mother Zena back in August 1967, just 2 months after the Arab-Israel 6 Day War which was really the 6 Hour War given the success of the Israel Air Force in decimating all the Arab air forces.

War profiteers have no loyalty to country, race or religion only to their bankers who have no loyalty to country, race or religion because the war profiteers and the bankers are one and the same and which you get your head around very quickly in chapter 16 of The D I book, WARRING WITH ISRAEL

I watch the clock very closely when dealing with someone as important as you; and I say those words out of total respect given how you chose to get closer to the truth than any other filmmaker in the history of filmmaking.

Your achievement is in fact far greater than what you have yet to be given credit for.

So of course, once I understood the “mechanics of war” I knew that it was most important that I find out more about the money launderers of money launderers, mafia of mafia, banking-mining consortium De Beers-Anglo American Corporation [DAAC] who did not question my credentials when I presented myself to them in early spring 1978 and I immediately began my year long orientation that was directly supervised by the head Harry Oppenheimer

who you are quickly introduced to in chapter 1, A RELUCTANT TYCOON.

I see that you are writing quite a bit.

Ole Christian
Hey Gary – Thanks for alt the material and the respect. There might be a movie in the idea of War Bankiers- and you’re right, it hasn’t been told yet. It Sounds really cool. Right now I’m doing another film and won’t have time to read or work on anything else for quite a while. Let me know of you find a way to develop it into film. Or is that already in proces?… Oc

Not writing a lot, just doing more than one thing at the same time

I see that you are choosing the path of denial.

You would not be the first, but you may be the last.

You are of course in a state of total shock because although you broke new ground in your movie you missed the motherlode, and now you have to figure how you can fix that.

In the meantime as you go about figuring your options, my knowledge continues to get out including who knew what and when.

This dialogue with you now will help greatly in reaching that many more people including all those who were impressed with your movie.

Nor do I need you to tell me that there “might be a movie of War Bankers” because when I completed my year long entrance exam and I looked like this

I also knew that no Hollywood director-producer would touch it with a 100 foot pole.

De Beers-Barclays have owned Hollywood from its infancy.

The fact that they haven’t had to bribe all of Hollywood’s directors and producers has everything to do with most of Hollywood is so full of themselves that they don’t think to ask the right questions.

You are not the first person I have approached since deciding to break my 24 year silence with De Beers-Barclays on 11.11.2004.

I also know personally the co-chairman and co-ceo of MGM, Gary Barber who was on ulpan with me in Israel back in 1972.

Nor is Barber the only Hollywood name who knows all about me and you must also have heard of Megan Ellison, the heiress of the owner of Oracle.

What Barber, Ellison and the great many others do not yet know is our dialogue.

And like you they never understood why Hollywood never explain in all their movies of WW2 and the wars that have followed the importance of the strongest military first taking control of the banks once they have boots on the ground.

So right now your mind is racing at a 100 miles an hour to figure out your next best financial move.

You have already demonstrated that the truth is really not all that important to you.

Given how I always have truth-logic constantly at my side, I am far more relaxed than you.

I have nothing more at this time to say to you other than I will be sharing with colleagues of yours who may react differently to you and even if they don’t, you know perfectly well that you can never trust someone in denial; and then it is just a matter of time before you start questioning your own judgement.

Choosing mental suicide is really not bright, especially when the alternative is so much more pleasant.

Ole Christian
I’m not this conversation pleasant. And do not want to continue it. Please respect that.

Of course you don’t like the way the conversation is going because it is not going your way. My respect for you has now evaporated, but your words and my words will long outlive both of us.

Bear in mind the choice words of my beautiful Française-Canadienne [F-C] wife Marie Dion:

Once you have the knowledge, you know everyone’s game!

People with little intelligence, have great difficulty feeling stupid

In due course you will see our conversation appearing all over The Internet.

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