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Civil Liberties

Civil Liberties – Conversations with retired Senior Counsel, Jewish South African Robin Margo – Screenshot Feb 8, 2017; 15:24

Anshell Pfeffer examines Israel’s ranking on the Economist Global Democracy Index – no other country on the index has such a massive disparity between its levels of participation, the quality of its electoral process, its strong media and freedom of expression and its dismal civil liberties record.
Judy Singer
Robin Margo, seriously? Has it occurred to you that none of the other Liberal Democracies who are so superior to Israel have been used as a firing range by the countries surrounding them for 70 years? How about searching for a ranking of democracies in the Middle East before rushing to publish?
Robin Margo
Why don’t you read the piece Judy. You’ll see he addresses that point

Judy Singer
You should realize that most people dont read all the articles gushing down on them via Facebook. They just put together the headline, the pull quote and their view of the source, author, poster, publisher. A damaging headline will go around the world in the time 1 in 10 of yr friends read the opening para
Judy Singer
So you pricked me to read it. You mislead me. Pfeffer didnt refute my point, he dismissed the pragmatic argument that a nation at war cannot have the standards of a nation at peace with a holier-than-thou rebuke
Robin Margo
Sorry – I think Pfeffer did address the point well and was very balanced overall – and that the index was very fair about Israel’s strengths too
Judy Singer
Ah well. We differ
Gary Gevisser
Judy Singer and the rest of you who have differing opinions as well as those in agreement with my FB friend Robin Margo are probably not as clued in as Robin or her first cousins Matthew and Rod Margo about Israel’s military-economy.

Those two words “military economy” are not taught in either economics or the study of law, but that does not mean each of us humans is prevented from using common sense.

We all know that there are a great many people who talk out of both sides of their mouths as well as those who profit from war and who see peace as war on their profits.

The greatest war profiteers you would expect to be the quietest. That does not mean they are oblivious to these kind of conversations in which they take great delight.

The modern day man is someone who feels that if they can keep their conversation very short and sound witty, not only will they appear as intelligent but such intelligence when making up for them not looking all that great, and we know that ugly ducklings don’t all turn out Miss World’s like my mother Zena’s one model Penny Coelen
Image may contain: 6 people, people smiling, people standing and child

who won the Miss World in 1958, a year after I was born, will help find them the partner of their dreams.

I did in fact have the most dream mother

who you see articulating so beautifully in The Lady’s Speech which I filmed on September 22, 2016, the morning after arriving in Israel.

The top leadership in Israel back in 1958 which included Mossad head David Ben Gurion also celebrated South Africa’s Miss World in large part because it facilitated my highly secretive British-English mother Zena

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who married my father Bernie

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people standing

 a highly skilled and most brave Allied Fighter Bomber Pilot

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on October 10, 1948, to travel that much more throughout the globe.

6 days after my parents’ spectacularly distracting wedding in Durban, South Africa where the reception was held at the Durban Jewish Club, Israel’s first commander of Israel’s only fighter squadron, Squadron 101, Modi Alon was killed and Ben Gurion had Alon replaced by my father’s wingman Syd Cohen.
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 who went on to lead the IAF to victory in Israel’s first war of survival.

I don’t think I have lost any of you, even those of you with the lowest possible attention span.

 This past Monday, I began in earnest to educate Robin Margo, and not going quite as slow as this, about the real world of military-economics where there is no place for nonsense talk about democracy, human rights, healthy food for the poor that along with fresh clean drinking water go a long way in keeping the poor out of the hands of medical doctors principally focused on money otherwise they would be far stronger advocates of prevention which begin with a healthy non-meat, non-dairy diet.

You are what you eat as well as the company you keep.

My knowledge of the HEMP [history, economics, military & politics] does not prevent me from examining what makes most people tick.

If you notice that someone is out of shape, you also notice that they are much slower in their movement. It would also be wrong to assume that someone slow in the movement of their limbs, especially their legs, has fast hand-eye coordination.

One of the things that my father and Syd Cohen’s Commanding Officer, South African General Jan Christiaan Smuts [1870-1950] encouraged was that they play both rugby as well as soccer right after landing.

What we know for certain is that those games did not result in my dad being shot down or killed in any of his miraculous 71 dive bombing missions dive bombing the crap out of the Nazi bastards.

While bringing Robin Margo up to speed that she is totally washed up about the foundation of the Israel-Palestinian-Arab conflict which today mostly shows the most cruel mistreatment of very young and defenseless Arab children, I did not mention that were my very accomplished and most humble father to have written his autobiography, as did his friend Boris Senior [1924-2004]
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Image may contain: text

my father Bernie would have titled it, “NEW BEGINNINGS” subtitle, “My life as a WW2 Allied Fighter Bomber Pilot and the aftermath of the Nazi victory.”

That is exactly what I am currently doing; and I appreciate all your contributions.

What I did share with Robin Margo was my intimate knowledge of the Diamond Invention Game [DIG] which extraordinarily few people know about even thought scholarly American author-investigative reporter, Edward J. Epstein’s penned in 1978 the most interesting read, non-fiction book, The Diamond Invention

which future clients of mine, Simon & Schuster published in 1982, the same year the documentary Dark Circle was released; not to mention, earlier today I followed up with Dark Circle’s one co-director and co-producer, Ruth Randy.

I also directed Robin Margo to this one most important chapter 16 of The D I book, aptly titled, Warring With Israel which explains in the most excrutiating detail how anti-Jewish, anti-Semitic, anti-Israel De Beers-Barclays went about wiping out all the resisting Israeli diamond merchants, and I got to see it all happening from my perched position on 47th Street, New York City where the diamonds grabbed from the bankrupted Israel diamond merchants mostly flowed before being redistributed.

For De Beers-Barclays to execute so flawlessly such a decapitation in military strong Israel did not happen overnight.

It’s origins even predate their principal role in both arming and financing Nazi Germany.
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[Scroll down to see the next 3 comments which Robin Margo removed]


In 1977-78 when De Beers-Barclays began putting the squeeze on the remaining Israeli dissidents, Ben Gurion was dead.

Moreover, money began flowing into the cities of Israel and today the only way Israeli farmers survive is to import slaves from Thailand.

Another thing that is not taught in the study of economics and law at university is how a mineral monopolist who can run roughshod over all the banks in the world including the central banks such as the London Exchequor and US Federal Reserve, is able to rig the foreign currency exchange market making all so-called fair trade agreements a joke.

But it is not a laughing matter if you live in poverty where fear is greatest.

Israel, given its military might has long run out of strong militaries to fight but still all those in Israel as well as those living elsewhere who profit from war still have their and their children’s mouths to feed.

So when a 16 year old Palestinian girl gets manhandled and arrested for slapping an Israeli soldier, it first of all makes her and her family very upset.

It also gives the media which includes all of you something to talk about.

What is also not taught to full of themselves lawyers, judges, medical doctors, accountants and the such is that if you are involved in the world’s military-industrial-complex which has only grown over the decades, to back both sides to war means that you cannot lose, just so long as you don’t get caught.

Robin Margo understands all this perfectly, and so the question is why does she continue to distract rather than inviting you all to learn about the DIG given how I am not going to be around forever and you might as well hear from the most reliable source rather than someone else trying to confuse you with their slant?

Not all is a bed of roses because my mother Zena continues to be held captive in her Netanya apartment which is not her principal residence as her home for the past 4 decades has been England.

Given my knowledge of the corruption of the Israeli judiciary it has been impossible for me to find competent-honest Israel counsel. In fact, each one I have approached has only been worse than the one before.

Moreover, they, like all of you, can see clearly that my mother’s wishes are for me to be her guardian rather than my 3 elder siblings or for that matter a corrupt, malice ridden Israeli lawyer who my siblings had appointed as my mother’s guardian on September 15, 2016, 6 days before I arrived, as they kept this a secret from me and my mother Zena.

We all also know that miracles do occur.

We also know that wherever there is bad, there is always more good to be found because nature remains always perfect even as we destroy this planet with overpopulation and nuclear radiation which has long been forgotten in most conversations because you can’t smell or see this poison which also cannot be stopped by walls or fences.

So the conversation is about money and how best to get the lowest cost of capital whether you are a manufacturer of those giant ugly concrete walls, nice white picket fences or producer of bulldozers to destroy the houses of Arab villages suspected of harboring terrorists.

Let’s start with you Robin Margo.

Would you if advising such a manufacturer on which bank to approach for the lowest borrowing rate and best terms, would you advise them to speak with your first cousin Matthew Margo, senior attorney for CBS-60 MINUTES, George Soros or someone like Natie Kirsh who as you know is big into security in Israel?

Or would you suggest they first seek an audience with Nick Oppenheimer?

Robin, I see flashes appearing on my screen that you are commenting, but I still don’t see them. Nor do they show up on my FB messaging where you have been very quiet and that hasn’t prevented you from posting up here acting like you are oblivious to the new knowledge you have and which you should have first got your head around when still in high school in South Africa.
Image may contain: 2 people, people sitting and suit
I have also discussed with you the problem of ego.
Image may contain: 1 person, text

Bear in mind, however you decide to proceed forward, the truth will not go away.

The fact that the poor of world do not react well to the truth about why they are poor, does not mean they are incapable of learning that choosing violence only plays into the hands of the warmongers who are masters of false propoganda.

They, De Beers-Barclays, love more than anything else the lawyers who love playing “devil’s advocate”.

I shared with you last evening the words of my former close colleague, shareholder class action litigator [SCAL] Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq. ~ I detest those who derive great satisfaction in exceeding the limits of their small authority; i.e. evil does not come in the form of a pointed tail or pitched fork.

I would now like to invite others to join us, starting with economist Dr. Rod Rodney SmithChristina Moritsch-KrallJanice LipmanJanice BloomMichael ForbesMichael DitzMicha-el FrameDavid MilneDavid AzziniRichard PithouseRichard Pedro, Keisha Whitaker, my high school Hebrew teacher Issy FisherRay OshryRay Wade, IAF Lt. Colonel, Tomer TeneArlene TreismanAdi HurvitzJeremy PerlingRiaan ReynekeBrad Awerbuch, my high school history teacher Wendy Ann BoumanOlga Barbagiannis, and Alexandros Delithanassis.

After I provided the hyperlink to chapter 9 of Epstein’s The Diamond Invention, there were 3 comments of mine that have been removed, and only Robin Margo and I can still see them; so I assume it was Robin who marked them as “spam”.

They are:

Smuts was not a naive individual and people like Churchill understood this perfectly, which is why as second in command to Churchill, had Churchill been killed or become incapacitated, the Smuts would have become prime minister of Great Britain as well as South Africa.

I thought I just saw that Robin Margo had piped in, but when I scroll around this webpage I don’t find what she has written.

Please would everyone make a backup of these writings for future reference in the event they are removed.

For white educated South Africans, especially Jewish South Africans who get a university education, the idea that there was no opposition that the German-South African Oppenheimer did not control or that Harry Oppenheimer was a Trojan Horse in Smuts’ United Party is far too disturbing because that would mean the impartial judiciary that they were told existed during Oppenheimer’s Apartheid Regime was nothing short of total bullshit.

So you can understand that a Senior Counsel like Robin Margo is most disturbed, and maybe she will get over it or maybe she won’t.

I am simply providing the chronology that led to the defeat of the entire Israeli Knesset; i.e. all opposition in modern day Israel.

There was also precedent for the dismantling of all opposition in South Africa, and that was the Jewish Kapo-sellout system which worked wonderfully for the Nazis in the 42,500 slave camps that supplied the 300 death factories such as Aushwitz.

BTW, throughout the 46 year uninterrupted rule of the De Beers-Barclays’ South African Apartheid Regime, the censorship went hand-in-hand with their Jewish informers; i.e. Jewish Kapos playing a significant role.

Only the most naive Jewish lawyers and judges were oblivious.

That did not mean De Beers-Barclays were ethically correct and guided by moral principles to turn us Jewish South Africans on each other, until such time as no opposition existed.

Nor has this reign of terror ended.

If not now, when?
Stewart Mills A well balanced article Robin, looking at the strengths and weaknesses of Israel’s democracy. Whilst the devil is always in the detail of how the rankings occur, the Economist Global Democracy Index does try and create a more objective way of looking at the democratic standards of a country. 

A simpler index would be to use the fundamental principle of self-determination. Whilst Jewish-Israelis have had the benefit of self-determination. Palestinians remain without this basic right. Israel therefore in my view is like Indonesia and China who all receive a big F for continuing to use their military to control the lives of other people, and privilege one group of humans over another; be they in Palestine, West Papua or Tibet. 

A big F can also be given to other countries in the Middle East that continue to deny individuals freedom of expression and association; and right to life. You can rattle of many of Israel’s neighbours. 

What does this all mean? It means all nations need to shine the mirror on themselves and look at ways to provide greater opportunity for civil, political, social and economic rights.  

Israel likes to prides itself as a democracy, is like the Emperor with no clothes. If it wishes to be a ‘light unto the nations’ it needs some humility and reckoning. Israel, like any nation, cannot sustain an occupation without the occupied fighting back. Failure to take steps to end the occupation and come to terms with the past, only hurts any hope of Israelis and Palestinians to live in peace (in a probable confederation, given the irreversible amount of settlements within Palestine).


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