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Coffee stains

From: Gary S Gevisser
Date: January 3, 2012 4:06:40 PM PST
To: Terry Samples
Subject: Coffee stains -Re: see attachment

Ok, I have studied what you sent me. I understand perfectly what it means to be strapped for just a few thousand dollars which is not quite the same as not having bread money and having to compete on a street corner with someone like Harmless-UNarmed man.

I am not making a joke of anything.

Nor have I forgotten for one moment that God continues to work his miracles.

You will have read Marie saying, “Once you have the knowledge you know everyone’s game”. That does not mean that even Marie forgets once in a while. I spent the entire time 20 minutes after I spoke with you until I think after noon without once looking at the time or thinking about what time it was even though I knew both Marie and our visitor were very aware of the time as well as the not all that interesting conversation, at least for me it was spectacularly boring. In fact it was the toughest and longest meeting I have ever had.

There is so much of my past that is so very unpleasant and the worst part is that I had nothing to do with other people making it unpleasant.

I learned a lot today beginning with appreciating how much clearer it is for me to see how God goes about punishing all those who lie to themselves.

25% interest is what a loan shark would ask for.

You used the wrong word with me when saying your friend is a Venture Capitalists.

Loan sharks are far more honorable.

But even a loan shark wants to get repaid, and you obviously didn’t convince him even though he has known you all these years.

I feel like I am talking to you the way I was spoken to earlier but this man didn’t know what the goddam fuck he was talking about.

His whole thing is to spend time with his wife and kids who he said repeatedly that he believes are the best kids in the world even though I have proven that his one son has no interest in learning about the truth and nor has his father thanked me for exposing his son, at least not verbally but I do know that he now hangs over his son’s head the son’s decision to ignore me if in fact I am able to topple the Oppenheimers which this man who is about my age perhaps a couple of years older, does not believe will ever happen; in fact he believes based on the diamond sales to China that the Chinese will fall for diamonds just the way the Japanese did.

This man has not forgotten how 25 years ago he and his brother lost their shirt believing that the diamond market was on the verge of collapse and nor were they the only jewelers who felt that way.

Do you remember what was going on in the world a quarter of a century ago?

Before anyone makes a move, they think about.

The Oppenheimers have had plenty of time to think carefully all their options given all the unaccomplished middle class people they control.

Do you think they control Cyndi Lauper?

Do you think Cyndi would say they control her?

How attached to her material possessions do you think Cyndi is?

If I stopped this communication at the previous line you would most likely conclude that Cyndi is just like the rest, and very happy with the status quo.

I am fast running out of time, so I cannot afford to play “What if?” games.

I have proven to you before you went to get money yesterday leaving on with a wing a prayer and ending up in more despair, that the Oppenheimers are hiding.

I have proven to you beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are only hiding from me because you can see from the silence of all the huge numbers of visitors and page views AND NOT ONE MOTHERFUCKER journalist-politician-lawyer; i.e. not one unaccomplished person willing to lift a finger other than leave the most clear trail that they are afraid because they are so unaccomplished and are all about money because they have a circle of friends and family who are all about money and they have failed to break those ties which logic demands of us.

How many times will I need to write before you realize it that the reason for my kangaroo court trial was because Knuff-Loewinsoh-Lowy and company could all read and see that following breaking my 24 year silence with De Beers on 11.11.2004 I then began in the spring of 2005 to ask Oppenheimer-De Beers informers to come forward which had their South African Sunday Times write me a nasty letter accusing me of defamation and that did not stop me from dropping an even bigger bomb mid-2006 when beginning to tell the Oppenheimers and the world that the Oppenheimers who owe their entire wealth and freedoms to their bought US Government who allowed the majority of American women to get hooked on their worthless pieces of glass, now saw Americans as second class citizens and I couldn’t find a single accomplished American to support me and Marie, other than you.

I bet that your doctors are not saying after your last checkup that you should expect to now live to 120.

The time you spent getting disappointed from those money people you could have driven to me to share the stuff about Cyndi that you don’t won’t sent over The Internet which I assume involves Rebecca, and if not then now is a good time to come over as the sun is starting to set and we can enjoy a little time together.

I have read enough of what Cyndi has had to say to know that she can follow logic and she also likes being a big star.

I can make her the biggest star in the history of China and that would quickly end all the bullshit with Rebecca.

Remember how long you have known that American citizens cannot invest in the Oppeheimer’s Lloyds of London Insurance, and you had no comeback.

Once you have the knowledge you know everyone’s game.

Don’t waste your time going back to these money people for anything because all it will do is undermine your credibility.

Marie is now coming home and I expect she is bringing a few groceries.

God will not be upset with you if you die having lived the last days of your life in the lap of luxury.

She tells me we are leaving for a walk with Mango on the beach in 60 seconds

BTW it is not certain the coffee stains will come out.

On Jan 3, 2012, at 12:00 PM, Terry Samples wrote:

Terry Samples MBA , B.Sci. , MCSE
Direct Line (619) 272-9004

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