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Coming from an 'under-achieving' immediate family – Part 2

So now lets come back to the very serious business of “love and war” beginning with those words,

Coming from an ‘under-achieving’ immediate family, has made you determined to tackle anyone successful..this is what I think. The good name Mark and David Gevisser have upheld…you have sallied!

My grandma Rachelle Ash was not a “potted plant” and nor was her world class trader husband, my granddad Alef Badash, born Dec. 5th, 1899, who in Sept. 1941 when still 41 years of age changed his name to a more Gentile sounding, Al Ash.

His mother, Nechie Becker Badash was not exactly an “under-achiever” having survived a pogrom in the early 1880s that wiped out her entire immediate family.

When Nechie died in 1943 at age 69 when falling down a flight of stairs in a boarding house in Leeds, England where she was recuperating after being run down by an automobile, there were no big ceremonies in Israel commemorating her lifetime achievements.

Only in Dec. 2001 did my mother let me know that Nechie came from the same tiny village of Plonsk, White Russia-Poland as did David Ben Gurion, the head of the Haganah Jewish Underground movement and first Prime Minister of Israel who in Dec. 1949, some 11 odd months after my highly secretive mother, “From the earliest days of 1949, [Zena] visited Israel two and three times a year, writing reports for different publications”, had the Mossad report directly to him.

I did however, know that Nechie was one of the “early residents of Tel-Aviv” where the Mossad are headquartered.

My mother Zena had made a point of letting me know from a very young age that only in 1929 when she was born, did Nechie, quite the “runner”, return to England where she schooled my mother, “in the problems of the world and the solutions to these problems”.

My mother’s memoirs which she only began broadcasting via email on Sept. 25th, 2001 some 5 odd days following the Los Angeles Times publishing the Mossad’s “Heads up” in August 2001, one month prior to 9/11, spell out a number of very interesting things once one reads them carefully even though they are written in way that the “casual observer” would just breeze through them and then move on.

My grandmother Rachelle Pevy Ash of Hasholom was not a “potted plant.”

There was a reason why she worshipped the ground my Fighter-Bomber-Pilot father Bernie Gevisser walked on.

My mother Zena raised me with the Confucius saying, “The Tallest Trees Attract The Most Wind.

Those who know don’t talk. Those who don’t, do all the talking.

A decade or so ago my dad tried explaining to Marie’s youngest kid Jonathan who was about 8 years of age how before releasing his bombs on his Kittyhawk which was not the exact same plane that the Wright Brothers first flew on, not even close, he would need to tip up the nose of the plane ever so slightly to avoid the plane which was also the delivery system for his bombs that at times weighed in total some 1500 pounds, two on each wing and one under the fuselage, from colliding with the bombs that were now armed.

Jonathan had the attention span of a gnat because he simply couldn’t be bothered, and my dad who you know is the most patient person in the world, kind as a bat,,, I know that doesn’t sound right but you know what I mean, simply decided to give up, but not before giving me a smile and little wink.

My dad Bernie is not gay and even if he were it is doubtful he would want to have sex with his own children.

Now you notice that as soon as I get “too close to home” there is something in your mind that triggers responses in the rest of your body that in turn has your mind short-circuiting.

You come out of it when I now bring you back to us Gevisser’s being “under-achievers”.

Marie’s Jonathan Stewart today knows perfectly well how important people like my father Bernie were in the fight against the Nazis but he still wouldn’t want to hear anything my father had to say, at least about the war, even more so today given how he knows that the money he is counting on from the multi-million dollar trust-hush-fund that his father has set up for him and his sister, is dependent on the truth of what my father and Syd Cohen were up against, not getting out, at least not until he can get his hands on those monies and quickly convert them if they haven’t already been converted, in to assets much more valuable than worthless-fictitious and so very blood stained De Beers-Dollars.

Mr. Jason M. Ritchie, an honored US Navy submarine Sonar Operator who is also one of my Facebook “friends” but with few friends revealed, not even a single photo, is not counting on my dad returning to the US to “try his luck” with yet another spoiled Trust-Hush-Fund kid who cannot avoid Facebook because as much as Jonathan doesn’t want to put up more information about himself beginning with why he doesn’t put up more information about the source of his wealth while arguing that others don’t because they don’t have multi-million dollar trust-hush-funds, that have also been used to try and besmirch my very good name.

71 operations is what “under-achiever” Bernie Gevisser flew very successfully during World Oil War II, and was considered good enough in just his 4th operation on Dec. 10th, 1944 to fly as “wingman” to Jewish South African Captain Syd Cohen who went on to lead the brutal Israel Air Force to victory in Israel’s War of Independence [Nov. 1947 – Jan. 1949].

I hope I am not boring you to death as I nail this schlemiel but more so those we know who put IT up to it.

Try and imagine what it took just to earn the wings to become, not simply a fighter pilot, but a fighter-bomber-pilot.

The first founder of the brutal Israel Air Force, my friend Boris Senior who went on to become Deputy Chief of Staff of the brutal Israel Air Force, was shot down in his 45th operation and soon after was “grounded” before picking himself up and becoming the “little brave man” as he first began flying in French Resistance trained Irgun assasins to hunt down and kill British and American military officers who were enforcing the diabolical arms boycott of Israel which made it illegal for men of military age, such as my father, who was one year older than Boris, to even enter Israel where they would have been shot on sight.

Now place yourself in the cockpit

of your Kittyhawk as you taxi out

on your very first operation and you may not have been told to first empty your bowls but there is a slight smell from the fighter-bomber-pilot who shares your Kittyhawk fighter bomber that was the best the Allies could muster at the time.

Now jump forward not to your 44th or 46th operation but to your 60th operation, some 15 odd more than Boris “The Brave Little Man” Senior.

You are now off the ground, just getting your bearings, checking all the gauges.

Now jump forward as you are exhausted, coming in to land and your electrical system has gone out as a result of your own bombs exploding damaging the fuselage, wings and tail plane.

You are probably not thinking that you still managed to score a Direct Hit.

Jumping forward to when your dad, Leizer, my dad, Marie and I visited together here at our Stone Home; it seems ages ago but maybe no more than 5 years.

What caused your dad who showed no malice when he said what I as well as my father found so extraordinarily shocking, may have been nothing more than your dad finally wanting to get something off his chest that had been bothering him a long while.

Again, your dad’s words that were directed towards my dad, but your dad was mostly looking at me, or so it seemed,

“Once when your sister Daphne approac
hed Sol Moshal [Managing Director of the Moshal Gevisser of Companies] about why he treated you so badly, he turned to Daphne and said, ‘You have more balls than all the Gevisser boys combined!!”

So who apart from David Gevisser has been talking to “strangers”?

Remember, David Gevisser’s uncle Sol “Little King” Moshal was a gofer South African Chartered Accountant who didn’t know his ass from his elbows; and nor did he ever get off his fat ass to see what was really going on in the business because he didn’t care to see the business successful let alone end up as it should have in my dad’s “hands” given how for starters, my father’s father who shared an office with my dad for some 25 odd years before De Beers operative Natie Kirsh “closed shop” in a very dirty “management friendly”; i.e. “shareholder hostile” takeover, owned the fricken “control block” of shares in the hugely successful Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies that owned businesses like ACME Timber which owned “huge forests” throughout the province of Natal-Kwazulu.

One of the things the Little King may have noticed was the sperm markings on Sydney Fobbs pants following Sydney, who was a mid-level manager “servicing” Gretchen, The Little King’s wife, on a very regular basis.

Go ahead and ask our first cousin Karene Gevisser who dated Sydney’s son, Jeffrey for many years, how long that very well-known affair was going on as this SOB dared say, “You have more balls than all the Gevisser boys combined!!

Can you explain what your mother was thinking in keeping such a conversation a secret from my father, her favorite brother?

Can your father Leizer tells us today if he ever shared this so very important “exchange” with my mother, and if so what did my mother Zena decide to do with the information, apart from putting our uncle David Gevisser to work?

You realize that this may be enough to bring my immediate family together; and then God help those “under-achievers” who so sucked up to the enemy who were not all non-Jewish; in fact only the very top dogs of De Beers & Co. are non-Jewish, but having co-opted a great many Jewish people who should know better, beginning with reading and COMMENTING PUBLICLY about Epstein’s, The Diamond Invention; moreover, knowing how very little if any role “Muslim Extremists” have played in De Beers owning the drilling industry for than a century now.

You will notice that I have at least two Muslims as my Facebook “friends”.

They, along with their friends and friends of friends and their friends of friends until we reach everyone should be protected at “all cost”, wouldn’t you agree?

The quicker we share this important knowledge the quicker the slaughter of innocent civilians will end; the instant the earth will heal itself.

Again, it would help if you could give me your edits as well as comments before I try posting this up on your wall.



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