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Convenient to forget: 2facetruth

From: Gary S Gevisser []
Sent: Wednesday, February 18, 2009 9:01 PM PT
To: Duane Parker –
Cc: rest; John Dau – A Leader of the Lost Boys of the Sudan; Ron Bellows – Senior Risk Management specialist – AIG, now owned and operated by the United States Government; Admiral Ami Ayalon – Israel Navy; Adam L Tucker
Subject: Convenient to forget: 2facetruth – [] Feedback submission

Duane hi; actually, there is something you can help me with and at the same time help yourself.

Take a very careful, slow look at

Look at it very objectively in terms of how you make a living.

Don’t ever take your eye off that ball.

You know that you could be put out of business in a flash by a competitor willing to lose money.

I know of one funding source whose business model is to fund losers because they have an unlimited supply of untraceable currency; namely diamond currency; and losers are invariably lazy as well as selfish and they breed just like themselves; and they are all not intelligent because they are carefully selected losers who abhor even the notion of excellence although they are expert at mouthing anything that works for the moment so long as such ideas of the “merit system” can be so very easily trashed when you are simply talking about the unique ability to “throw money at a problem”.

I in fact know De Beers’ business model better than any of their current top management and that includes Nicholas Oppenheimer the current Chief Executive Officer.

If you are thinking for a moment of running say a D&B or just looking on the internet for their market capitalization it means you are very “far behind the ball”.

The very instant you as a nation allow a single monopolist in a critical industry to operate even if it is for a moment and I mean one moment, in that moment, when pricing their exclusive commodity at more than it costs them to produce, they can in fact own everything and inevitably every single human so long as that human thinks their life is worth than say for example, Jesus Christ which is pretty much everyone I know beginning with the Popes who talk about the importance of saving every life as they and the corrupt Jewish leadership so very CONVENIENTLY forget their pivotal role in the rise of Nazi Germany.

But even the most corrupt people know they are not omnipotent and if they are too greedy they will be killed, and when killing one family member what is to stop someone really pissed off from getting rid of the rest.

Consequently, De Beers played it all very carefully as they went about convincing the most gullible people in the world, namely the most poorly educated who had no history to speak of say when compared to the 5,000 plus year old art cultured Chinese, that, “A diamond is forever-A Girl’s best friend”.

Americans were the easy target because they also happened to have the biggest military which was also very contrived by the “powers that be” at the time; namely, the aristocracy of Europe who have never had any loyalty to country, race or religion as they set about intermarrying amongst themselves and why we have, thank God, clowns like Prince Philip.

They are in fact even uglier on the inside but thank God again it reflects in their physical unattractiveness.

Even those ugly amongst us who are born ugly if honest have this “glow” about us that is most beautiful and why it is absolutely true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Look at how many people out there tell me how very ugly I am and yet I have managed “sumhow” [sic] to attract the most beautiful woman in the world.

Remember to keep your eye on your bottom line.

De Beers can of course still kill me but they can’t hurt me for very long.

I, on the other hand, happen to have truth on my side which is much more than simply empowering, and for me to explain that better is simply impossible because I am not God.

Remember to keep your eye on how easy it is right now for someone less worthy than you but who has a friend in government more powerful than your government friends, who can place a call through to a person like Ron Bellows of AIG and have Ron “price you out of the market” and if you don’t go along with the plan to have you bankrupted then of course there is always violence.

The greatest evil of this most repressive regime who do not have a standing army is how they have co-opted-corrupted the very best of us; those who have fled war-torn countries like Albania, South Africa, Congo, Sudan, Israel, Russia, Mexico, China, Peru, Slovakia, Hungary, Germany to name but a few of the 190 or so countries whose borders were established by the “powers that be” to create internecine wars which of course are the bloodiest, as brother fights brother to the bitter end.

The “backbone” of this most corrupt dynamic organization are refugees like John Dau who featured in the movie-documentary, The Lost Boys of the Sudan.

It took John Dau about 30 seconds when speaking with me on the phone a couple or so years back to realize how he had been so “sucker punched”.

John Dau has still, however, not forgotten that because of his great height he was tasked with burying thousands upon thousands of his weaker brothers as they fled our oil wars.

Don’t be mistaken for a moment in trying to point the finger at China who remember has a population some 5 times the size of the United States who set the scholastic levels wherever they travel because of the fact that they are far better educated than us so very brainwashed “money, me” cultured people who judge everything by the price of any object whether it be a hooker, low or high class or an oil painting that extraordinarily few people have the first clue as to how to go about judging, relying instead on bought and paid for art critics or “sum” [sic] idiot who has more “money than brains” who somehow thinks themselves intelligent because they pay the asking price if not more based on what an idiot critic has to say; and yet we all know that money cannot buy class.

Remember to keep your eye on your bottom line.

Now you know things such as the “price mechanism” don’t exist in a “money me” culture where a monopolist like De Beers has been allowed to run rampant, not for a moment but for more than a century.

If you think like an ant you are an ant – Marie Dion Gevisser.

It is just a matter of time before this extraordinary House of Cards collapses and when it does it will be incredibly fast and unbelievably violent because the authorities don’t have truth on their side; speak to any gang member I have spoken to over the past decade or so.

Moreover, maybe it is true what I have been saying about one most omnipotent Superior Force who has also done His-Her part to stop violent gangs from entering each of our relatively peaceful neighborhoods in an effort to give peace a better chance.

Remember to keep your eye on your bottom line which is increasingly more difficult since you don’t know exactly when all these zillions of trillions of made up monies will get reflected in wages which could be any moment now, if it hasn’t already started happening and then God help us all.

Moreover, the educated societies beginning with China, the most educated society on the planet by a long shot and who know their history beginning with the history of the United States is not a “glorious” one, will be very slow to even shed a tear let alone extend a helping hand.

The saving grace you might say are all the many Chinese nationals living here in the United States; but don’t kid yourself for more than a picosecond; they also remember very well just 3 recent events; first, the decision by the Chinese Gove
rnment back on Thanksgiving 2007 to revoke the landing rights of 3 US Navy vessels at the very last minute including the nuclear armed Kittyhawk carrier fleet with some 8,000 sailor on board the aircraft carrier alone; not mention another US Navy vessel had sent out a distress signal but China was unmoved; second, the decision by President George W. Bush to offend President Hu by serving this most brilliant scientist with the most extraordinary command of the English language, a White House lunch, rather than a formal State Dinner; and third, all the very nasty things Sec. of State Hilary Clinton had to say about China during the very recent campaign for President, beginning by accusing the Chinese of manipulating the currency markets; that really isn’t so very funny when considering that China also has the world’s largest standing army and whose Special Forces are all Israeli Special Forces trained.

Then there was the rape of China prior to the official start of World Oil War II by our surrogate Japan; and of course we later came in to “save the day”.

Then was the Korean War because Japan hadn’t done enough damage the first time round.

Then there was the American-British led 8 Allied nations invasion of China in 1900 where after committing genocide that included raping Chinese women and children the Allied forces made off with all of China’s gold.

So much for America’s not “glorious” history and why us Americans know so very little about our history but so much about “making money” or so we thought.

The only question a person with common sense should have at this time is when will the “blackout” occur here in the United States even if the US is able to continue waging war in the rest of the world thanks ONLY to people like John Dau and all the foreigners living here in the United States who happen to know the truth.

They now carry the most shame.

If you would like I could share all the names and email addresses of those that I know that number about 4,000 or so, but if pushed I could probably get you a million or so more well within 24 hours.

Just give me the word.

I haven’t survived because I am stupid.

Nor do I expect to live very much longer but you can bet your bottom dollar that I am the least anxious person I know because again I have figured out this extraordinarily uplifting “game of life” that is most unpleasant for the losers, those who have the knowledge and choose not only to avoid sharing it at all cost but are constantly thinking of ways to profit from my knowledge that I share for free.

So long as I can exercise rigorously, drink most excellent wine with my meals and enjoy 3 square but most tasteful vegetarian meals a day, live in what I consider to be the two greatest residences, however small, on planet mother earth, make love as often as is humanly possible to the sexiest, funniest, most perfect bodied and gorgeous faced French-Canadian in the world, why should I bother with worrying about dying let alone charging which means I have to think about what price to charge when I know the price mechanism is kaput; and even the price placed on my head is all very contrived by the most evil people the world has ever known.

Bear in mind that while I am of course smarter than all of them combined each one of the top officials of the mafia monopoly De Beers, and that includes every member of the US Congress, all members of the US Supreme Court, etc etc, knows perfectly well that there are sufficient natural resources to not only feed, clothe and house every single human being on the planet including those who are illiterate, assuming of course they want anything more than to be left alone in peace and quiet to take care of one another without any interference from the outside; instead their choice is genocidal war and people like you and me allow it.

This is what is so very evil and why today’s evil people are so much more evil than at any time in history given the digital age that allows for the free flow of reliable good information without middlemen meddling.

If you can find when digging through your customers those who share my value system don’t hesitate to even wake me up in the middle of the night; cell phone – 1-858-SEL-NEXT [7356398].

BTW, Adam L. Tucker just informed me that he still has to convert the file but it should be viewable online tomorrow.

[Word count 2100]
From: Duane – Parker News []
Sent: Wednesday, February 18, 2009 6:59 PM
To: ‘Gary S Gevisser’
Subject: RE: 2facetruth – [] Feedback submission

Hi Gary! Glad the clip worked out. It was HUGE so I hope you were able to open and view without a 2 hour wait. As I recall it was over 500MB

Let us know if we can be of assistance in the future

Thanks and take care,

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