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Courage-Speak with a member of your family-Where exactly would you have begun your search – Re: Private

Malcolm – You are not happy with Trump, which is most probably why you cannot stop talking on Facebook.
I mentioned yesterday that if the voter registration documentation had arrived, I would have voted for Hillary, just to make the Presidency for the next 4 years interesting; and what could be worse than watching Hillary place her hand on the bible and her other hand raised when being sworn as the 45th President, and Commander In Chief of all US Armed Forces, other than to see her husband Bill Clinton standing next to her?
BTW, my beautiful mother Zena was the first to inform me that the female Nazi prison guards in the death camps who oversaw the female Jewish Kapos maintaining order, were far more cruel than their male counterparts; and the striking difference is that these female prison guards were not overwhelmingly beauty queen material. Their ugliness inside reflected their outward appearance. That is to tell you that appearances are not in the least bit deceiving. The fact that 58 million Americans, nearly 28% of the American population would even be able to tell from behind that Hillary is female is not what I am getting at. You cannot give up on anything once you see the nature, which does not have quite the same movement as us humans and animals, guiding us to be delicate.
The bright side is look how long it has been since we had a hot looking First Lady and this next one could be the greatest ever because her husband Donald Trump might rise to the occasion; first improving his self-image which would be greatly helped if only he would lose his chicken face looks, the chicken hairdo, drop 25 kilos, take the facial skin blocking his neck when they tighten up, giving himself less of that chicken anus looking mouth.
What a way to go!
Again, a Hillary Clinton win, that was never in the cards, because just like the value of the money that the people keep wanting is totally rigged and no need to be discussing any other rigged markets including all elections, unless your goal is to distract yourself and/or others, would have allowed Trump to talk about how the OECD screwed up Hillary, who handed Putin through his 20% ownership of the United States strategic uranium reserves, legitimate control over the 3 Branches of the US Government to complete his quest for control of the global uranium supply.
Trump is first and foremost a fund raiser. Without a very competent military advisor advising him every step of the way, he might as well have Hillary negotiating with Putin; but then for Trump that is one of the real fun parts of being President of the United States, unless you realize that President Putin holds the trump cards; and President Xi Jinping is also no fool, which is why China who along with Russia took the biggest hits during WW II and not lost on either peoples, is very reserved in their applause of Mr. Trump.
Now that The Donald is about to get his hands on the US Treasury he can just have them continue to do what they do best, and so that is why he is continuing to promote the money in this day after fund raising drive. 
Donald Trump still hasn’t made up his mind who would be the best US Secretary of State and that doesn’t mean you would be chosen as Minister of Defense. That job I could do, and at the same time I would dispense with the US State Department because I wouldn’t want anyone “running interference” while only getting up to mischief.
Trump would most certainly know the “ways of the world” even if his one assistant Claire hasn’t told him previously.Today, being the celebration of Day 1 as President elect, he has already received his first official CIA briefing which lets him know that he and the US Congress will never be short of money just so long as he can maintain chess board prominence of US military throughout the world.
But that is a very tough score to achieve given how what you and everyone else ignores is not lost on either Putin or Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu or for that matter every head of State including India’s prime minister and Turkey’s prime minister. Their names are not important. All that is important is that you know the people in charge are not always playing to the camera and realize that one military miscalculation then Putin moves into new territory, much like Napoleon; the difference is that Putin does not need to attack the Piedmonts in order to get the gold. Putin follows the gold trail from South Africa to the United States with not only American government officials taking their cut in Hong Kong.
Do you think former President George W. Bush is either too distracted and/or too stupid to have read Epstein’s most interesting read non-fiction book, The Diamond Invention?
Are you sick of hearing about this book?
When you read The Diamond Invention book – CLICK HERE – for the 3rd time, and chapter 18, THE AMERICAN CONSPIRACY, you could almost recite backwards, was there a reason why you had no questions for me?
Look how far off is January 20, 2017 when Trump and his movie star looks wife get sworn in.
President Obama is more pissed off than Hillary.
Hillary and Bill Clinton are totally finished. Anyone in the future listening to either of them speak are only wanting to live in the past.
Hillary Clinton destroyed Obama with this defeat, and in so doing revealed that the United States is no different to the rest of the world, a one party state.
The genius of the race was former President George W. Bush who when saying that he wasn’t going to vote for Trump won Trump all those votes amongst the people who hated GWB, such as you.
Now if other commentators have already covered this most important point, please let me know.
With his hands on the treasury and a very astute military tactician commander heading up all foreign trade negotiations, meaning simply sitting across from President Putin and asking Mr. Putin what he wants and when but knowing also how to make the best case for any leader willing to go to war that they should have themselves and their children manning the front-lines of the future battlefields, it simply means forgetting what he said during the campaign that he was going to have you pay for US military presence in Europe and protecting your oil flow from the Middle East, at least your fair share which of course you nor British Prime Minister May have a clue what that means; and that if necessary, should for example you ask the right questions, then Trump will follow through on his word to withdraw out of Nato.
See Trump as a Wall Street salesperson willing to take either side of the deal if there is money to be made, and both sides if he can make more; much like everyone who is uninspired by nature.
That is why he said a long time ago he likes war because you can’t possibly lose when you back both sides to war.
Trump has never before played in such an entertaining arena and he must feel like a kid in a candy shop.
If you are no longer focusing on the money angle, nor are others.
Nor is Trump consuming his precious time writing only to me to solicit more money, because this illusion is being maintained by his computer banks who by now are working on improved customization, to the point that they will be predicting what each of us will be wearing the moment the email arrives in our in boxes.
I assume, even though it is afternoon in Cuba, you are still dressed in your shawl?
Do you feel that you are learning something?
Earlier today, after an early morning bicycle ride with Mango in the forest and of course Mango was running when not sniffing every branch to make sure there was no one throwing hand-grenades at the regal quails who look a lot like hand-grenades, I sent a message over What’s APP to a 40 year old German-Israeli psycho-therapist, who I give the pseudo name “LeHat” and whose home in Haifa we rented for a few days this past month:
I just sent via What’s App the following to an IAF PILOT-ISRAELI farmer:
It has been a month since i saw and spoke to my mother Zena and The Lady’s Speech has not gone viral or anywhere close. The 64 who have viewed it on youtube have not even given it a thumbs up. Imagine if God is singularly focused on doing what is best for my mother and that would mean God knows that what I achieved with ROTHWELL-OECD yesterday that there can be no value assigned to anything in our material world will end the reign of the OECD.
There is more work i must do but now you know that the OECD, who decide the fate of the Israel shekel, are moments away from falling apart.
So you have to think whether it will be good or bad for your business. I would hope good. Putin though will decide unless he takes ill or is bumped off.
If you are still listening to Bechor it can’t be as interesting as this.
She LeHat, friend of [40 year old Phd student Uri] replied:
thank you
let’s stop here
[Those 6 words were in reply to my previous communication]:
I could always send [$4 in underpaid rent] via PayPal.  Do you do it?

I have a lot of time to be contemplative of the important things and find that when I do, my mind is opened up that much more to the wisdom of nature.

You were silent about my response to your admonition of having, “found one of the shutters of the balcony broken – do you know anything about it?”

My response was also seen as you know by Uri.

I can only imagine the invisible yet impenetrable wall that must now and forever exist between the two of you.

Yet you responded only talking about the $4 that I still owed you for rent.

So in fact to save your friendship with Uri it looks like you were attempting a cover up.

There was not so much as a single “sorry, Uri and I had a misunderstanding”.

That your intelligence told you might not fly because you figured I might be too smart to fall for that because you know that not only does Whats App show when all parties to a group have read the writings but Uri is attached to his communicating device as he is to his penis.

It was obscene for Uri to have been silent for any longer than he sleeps and when waking up, and seeing my delay before responding with my knuckleball, he should have jumped in and said, 
“My god I was at the Wailing Wall, I’ve become religious and decided that every day is the Sabbath and I threw my phone in the Thames just in case when they chop my head off at the top of The Tower of London I can call in sick and continue with my bullshit Phd on extremist Turkish Muslims that I now understand the reason the history and economic faculty allowed me to proceed with is because they knew I was a fool and would never get into the diamond – money trail, instead if anyone asked me about the economic funding of these terrorist groups I would stick to the mainstream media who report that most of the funding is cash carried in suitcases by couriers operating in small cells throughout Europe .”

This study I have done might save the world. Would that make you both happy if I am right?”

Btw, I think if you are going to advertise on Airbnb you have to improve on both cleanliness and better sheets and blankets. 

Then we might return if you still wanted us and the Israeli Knesset wouldn’t put us up in more suitable accommodation.

You lack of comment on also confirms that the poor when given the knowledge of why there is still poor while the rich have stolen everything, were the poor to get the power to equalize, they would be more ruthless to each other unless that power was given to all the poor or sufficient numbers, in the instant.
I responded to LeHat:
I figured which is why I decided to go to press (BEFORE GETTING HER RESPONSE, STARTING WITH WHATS APP)
LeHat was quiet for nearly a day. I followed up just minutes ago:
So you see, you are doing the same as Uri, profiting from the system, university grants at the top of the list.
Now you want to stop the conversation that you started so accusatory.
Imagine if I succeed in getting the world to focus not on Trump or the extraordinary few number of Americans who voted but on Uri’s Phd that supports all those profiting from war, and more than bringing about peace and prosperity to the world it exposes all the hypocrites.
You at least appear to be introducing nutrition into your diet. Good for you.
Then I followed up with this IAF pilot who is also an organic farmer and you can’t help but notice this is one-on-one very very slow guerrilla marketing while you know back in the 1980s I ran the most state of the art electronic insurance marketing-publishing company which helped me engineer Citicorp’s entry into the insurance business which is much better than the banking business because people trust their relative if they are selling insurance:
I just followed up over What’s App with X X the IAF fighter pilot who supports the BDS movement who are no worse than Schneerson and his followers:
While you figure if there is a fit for Vistage-TEC in my insurance-financial services marking organization that the OECD cannot fault because it will make the likes of Vistage instantly obsolete, i thought i would share with you what i just sent to an Israeli FARMER – IAF pilot:
Sent via the Samsung Galaxy Alpha™, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone
Rothwell-OECD have been keeping me busy preventing me from moving on.
When you write on Facebook for everyone to see you are mostly talking to yourself, the same with pretty much everyone. Everyone is trying to line up their ducks.
While I gave Rothwell the benefit of the doubt that he was separating from the OECD when revealing to me on June 25, 2013 their deepest, darkest secrets, I did not stand still, in large part because I know the military history of the most important battles.
American soldiers fighting in Italy during WW II were caught flatfooted in the most decisive battles that prolonged the war and allowed for the execution of that many more millions of Jewish people, which of course was not lost on the likes of the General of Generals David Ben Gurion and his partner, South African General Jan Christiaan Smuts who used the delay to train that much better the likes of Palmach-Haganah officer Yitzhak Rabin at kibbutz Yohanan that was named after Smuts who when reviewing the future battlefields in the upcoming Israel War of Independence saw the vantage point of Kibbutz Yohanan with a very good hilltop view of Haifa harbor that my paternal grandfather Israel Issy Gevisser purchased most of in1929 and what he didn’t personally own, the other owners knew better than to erect improvements that would block the vantage point of Kibbutz Yohanan. That is not to suggest that if you want to now join Israel’s most fierce Golani Brigade you immediately move to Kibbutz Yohanan unless you think watching milk cows hump which is really all that is interesting going on these days in this 929 human population, is the quick track to becoming the Golani’s commander.
The fault was not theirs but their commanders going back to the Commander In Chief Franklin D. Roosevelt who talked a good game for the uneducated audience because he would throw in passion along with a bunch of legalize that kept the plebes thinking that he must know what he was talking about.
You may think at first it unimportant to look at the lessons of the Battle of Monte Cassino, Italy that lasted 123 day, 17 January – 18 May 1944, and the 55,000 deaths of Allied soldiers equal to the number of Americans lost during the Vietnam War that lasted 20 years, approximately 60 times as long as the Battle of Monte Cassino where the ground forces were very slow in following up with the heavy bombardment from the air and ground artillery, and when it was all said and done and the monastery finally leveled, there was a need to rewrite the history books.
Cutting and pasting Wikipedia – Battle of Monte Cassino:
United States military history reviews:
The U.S. government’s official position on the German occupation of Monte Cassino changed over a quarter-century. The assertion that the German use of the abbey was “irrefutable” was removed from the record in 1961 by the Office of the Chief of Military History. A congressional inquiry to the same office in the 20th anniversary year of the bombing stated: “It appears that no German troops, except a small military police detachment, were actually inside the abbey” before the bombing. The final change to the U.S. Army’s official record was made in 1969 and concluded that “the abbey was actually unoccupied by German troops.
When correcting a most important war record, one has to look at the other distractions that were being created in 1961 starting with the establishment of the OECD whose first order of business was to have the masses never united until such time as we could all stand on the starting line together which is what I have been workings towards ever since I figured the time was right to break my 24 year silence with the global banker, global war profiteer De Beers-Halliburton-AIG-Barclays-Lloyds on 11.11.2004.
You also remember you and me, part of the baby boomer generation had yet to be born when those 55,000 Allied troops were killed in the space of 4 months, not quite as efficient killing machines as Treblinka and Auschwitz that was hot to trot with killing upwards of 10,000 Jewish people a day.
At the start of World War II, the human population was under 2 billion. A 100 or so were killed and the baby boom only began after it ended. By 1960 it had grown to 3 billion. That 50% increase was not lost on the war profiteers.
Perspective requires focusing first of all on time. Those 55,000 troop casualties could have been easily avoided because WW II was purposefully dragged out by the American military commanders who were being given orders by lawyer President Franklin D. Roosevelt.
A lot of lawyers and medical doctors make money from saving lives but that does not mean if they can profit indirectly from war they wouldn’t be inclined.
No less important, they all know that too many people living on top of each other has them more at each other’s throats. You control human overpopulation you put a lot of people out of very lucrative jobs.
The Chinese were able to do that without incurring the wrath of their weapons manufacturers who when they do wrong they get summarily executed, which is brutal but deserving if their goal is to kill tens of millions. So China does not have that problem. They are not executing their weapons manufacturers’ captains of industry because these chief executive officers want to enjoy their time off, which they wouldn’t do if getting their heads chopped off.
The human population is now more than 8 billion and you recall 6 US Special Forces soldiers were killed just the other day in the space of 72 hours, and most, if not all, the result of “friendly fire” accidents.
Increasingly hard to find people to fight.
What would you be doing right now if a commander in a weapons manufacturer and seeing this explosive growth in human population that is not being culled sufficiently by war and equally contrived poverty. Would you start a civil war or find a President willing to start a civil war?
If you have an ugly wife, who is also fat, and when you look at her getting out of bed in the morning you only wish you had croaked the night before, and on top of that, she has this disgusting bad breath, wouldn’t you just want to kill?
I don’t see that with Trump. I think he sees what I see. A beautiful Slovenian  model wife who would know to dental floss twice a day. Nor does it look like she is carrying that much cellulite on her buns at age 46. What do you think?
There is absolutely nothing about Trump that indicates that he has a death wish. Do you agree or disagree?
If Trump can only keep his head he could go down as a far greater president than George Washington and all who followed, other than perhaps President George W. Bush.
Trump is a businessman who is allowed to change his mind as he sees fit.
He knows from his days when just getting in bed with the small time New York Russian mafia who would have insisted that he use slave labor illegal immigrants to build his mafia donated concrete skyscrapers that these illegal immigrants were dam hard workers.
You can now see Trump leading the charge in removing all the world’s barriers to entry starting with border crossings, and therefore no need for walls and fences of any kind, and to go after those fencing off the most stolen war trophy pieces; namely, the stolen real estate.
To life!
PS – If you feel that those who are clueless about waging war but to feel relevant insist that they display their university “gift of the gab”, they should keep it to themselves, then I would agree. 
Now if their option is to share their knowledge of art and/or nutrition, still they should be very well schooled in the role military play in the pricing of all material goods including enriched uranium and the price of your shawl.
[Word count 3787]

Begin forwarded message:
From: “Donald J. Trump” <>
Subject: Thank you
Date: November 9, 2016 at 9:27:28 AM PST

Make America Great Again


They said we could never do it.

But last night you showed the world that America will once again be a country of, for, and by the PEOPLE.

You fought like a winner, you defied all odds, and history will forever remember the role you played in taking our country back.

I never could’ve done it without you, Friend.

Thank you

Last night we learned that America is still a beacon of hope where the impossible is possible.

For far too long, we’ve heard Washington politicians give the excuse that “it can’t be done.” They say we can’t balance the budget, we can’t stop corruption, we can’t control the border, we can’t bring jobs back to our country.

I REFUSE to accept that it can’t be done. This is the country that declared its independence, won two world wars, and landed a man on the moon. This is America. We can and we WILL get it done.

Now it’s time to start uniting our country and binding the wounds of our divided nation. I promise to be a president for ALL Americans. I will work for you. I will fight for you. And I will win for you.

You will soon remember what it’s like to win as an American.

Thank you and God bless you,

Donald J. Trump

Contributions to the Trump Make America Great Again Committee are not deductible for federal income tax purposes.

Paid for by Trump Make America Great Again Committee, a joint fundraising committee authorized by and composed of Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. and the Republican National Committee.

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