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Cover up continues

From: Greg Ressiveg
Date: January 17, 2012 1:40:22 PM PST
To: “Russ Moalemi – victim of former US Air Force Major Terry “Smilin Sam” Samples”
Cc:, Gary Barber – Co-Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of MGM
Subject: Cover up continues – Fwd: payment

Given how both you and Lawrence Moses seem to be “pulling back” on your righteousness to expose Terry Samples who has been very silent since I began sharing with him and the world his insidious attempts to cover his tracks, I want to make absolutely certain that the two of you as well as other victims in addition to those following along vicariously, and everyone understanding why it is that the best of you are showing such extraordinary lack of backbone, are all on the same page.

I have no confirmation from either you or Mr. Moses that you have kept Samples’ Christmas Card list fully up to speed with what is happening.

Never also forget that truth remains very important to the majority of the world who live a far more miserable life than any of us, and that is only because illogical greed sets in when given the important information I am sharing for free about how the world’s mining monopolists go about controlling both the flow and value of their money that city dwellers in particular are forced to trade with, the same with all military personnel spread throughout the world who are increasingly better informed that the fat cats who are increasingly unhealthier at a younger age, have no loyalty to race, family, country or religion, just singularly focused on maintaining the status quo of the unaccomplished lazy rich trickling down the cost of getting richer on to the backs of the poor who are not stupid just grossly informed with utterly nonsense numeric indexes like the gross Gross Domestic Product that puts at a significant disadvantage those slave wage earners “occupying”, like their murdered ancestors, raped lands.

It is therefore much easier for me to live in the moment because I can much better predict the future than a liar whose brain short-circuits makes it increasingly more difficult to keep track of their lies.

You would know that it is not a positive the increased fat amongst the middle class who only came about when the monopolists decided to reward the least accomplished whose craft did not require physical labor as the perversion increasingly set in that it was Mind Over Body when logic tells you that a fat diseased TALKATIVE cell person does not have the willpower which means they are weak minded to see the logic of Mind AND Body.

The fact that there are so many lame who all feel what I am doing is the right thing, as you perfectly understand all the information and then shut down, only means that there are a lot of you who are lame, and the more sedentary you are the more God punishes you with contemplating your navels that much more.

All of you know that it takes just one of you to turn the herd who while looking different all think alike, and yet you know you are not all equal in terms of your financial wealth, let alone your lifestyle that begins with being able to attract the most beautiful in every respect mate, once you have lost the mental game which requires the mental capacity to make logical arguments, which is not helped when you rely on your corrupt judiciary to hand out a landmark, precedent setting $4 million DEATH SENTENCE at the same time your Texas Judge Martin Lowy declares out loud that no evidence was ever presented against me who is the only person in the world making all the sense in the world about the idiotic monopoly money of out of control monopolists who have never once tried to hide how they first got their gun-money-power because that would have everyone else thinking them stupid; and on top of Lowy himself defaming me when calling me “nuts” it does not prevent the liar-lawyer of defamer ex CIA Charles Knuff, Alan Loewinsohn who has had at least one conversation with Terry Samples showing no shame in letting not only the court reporter, but all of you capable of reading easy to read transcripts read with your own eyes that their intention is to use this most gross miscarriage of justice, beyond belief abuse of the judiciary in the history of jurisprudence to regulate the Internet, from of all places, lawless Texas, and not a single other US State official or even one tiny weenie bit public defender crying foul.

You all also know that lifestyle could disappear in the next instant where a country like China to insist the US Government apply the laws of truth which made the Chinese who survived World War II and the pincer movement that followed with the invasions of Korea, Vietnam and Cambodia, our slave laborers; and instead of simply treating them like slaves of the past where all they got was crappy housing food and water, we paid them with our Almighty $ currency which they knew only had the backing of our military might, and they also very smartly because they didn’t want to be bombed back into the stone age, invested their surplus $s in our worthless US Treasuries, while the US Treasury and US Federal Reserve, controlled today as from the start by the monopolists, continue to print money at an increasingly feverish pace out of thin air, which of course was not lost on the Chinese who continue to set the scholastic levels wherever they travel because they recognize the merits of living to learn, and to learn one first needs to be able to survive the most heinous genocidal wars.

That one individual could be very beautiful Gillian Tett, US Managing Editor of the London Financial Times who may have picked up my first “report” titled Perspective One which was my birthday gift to my dad Bernie on his 77th birthday back on October 18, 2000 which then led to my first and largest email broadcast on 12.1.2000 which the British and their colonies around the world write 1.12.2000, that was 9 months and 11 days exactly prior to 9/11.

The coincidences of course are most significant if one believes that there is no such thing as a coincidence and for those who think everything is simply by chance then they have to keep making the logical case why we should retain our inheritance laws which suggest that those children who inherit more than those less privileged must have parents and grandparents who can lay claim to the doctrine, “By Divine Right We Rule” which every common sense person knows is nothing more than “Might is Right” without any regard to democratic rule where the most important pillar remains “majority rule”.

It is all very logical including the deafening silences of all the corrupt which speak the most volume.

Hillel – If I am not for myself, who is for me? If I am only for myself, who am I? If not now, then when?

[Word count 1154]

Begin forwarded message:

From: “Larry Moses”
Date: January 13, 2012 7:17:23 AM PST
To: “‘Gary S Gevisser'”
Subject: RE: payment


I am really grateful that you have gone above and beyond to clear my name by forwarding my correspondence with Terry to all the people with whom he spoke badly about me. There is a lot for me to take in right now, and I am not quite sure what to think about it all. I do believe that me finding Terry via the internet and becoming a victim of his scam had nothing do with another trial or tribulation that life can throw at you but instead had everything to do with me finding you, and once again being opened up to another one of the world’s greatest evils.

I don’t know where this may all take me, but I do know that how I proceed, that I must proceed with caution. I admire you and your fearless attitude to take on such a great evil without worrying about any ramifications which your fight may cause you. I am in a position where I must put my family first and my ideals second if fighting for certain ideals could lead to harm for my family.

I have a lot to think about, and I am going to start by checking out your website in greater detail. In the meantime, I will stay in touch.

Thanks again,


Larry Moses
855 Reservoir Avenue
Cranston, RI 02910
Cell: 401-935-8082
Fax: 401-437-8202

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