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Damn Eskom Kevin, in preparation for WORLD LOOKS FORWARD

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Ian D. Samson

6 hrs ·

Urgh! Preparing for another 4.5 hours of no electricity today! Damn Eskom Hld SOC Ltd and City Power Johannesburg for this inconvenience especially on a SUNDAY!

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  • Gary Gevisser What is the reason for the blackouts and how widespread?

    Is it storms or are the rich using too much air conditioning etc?
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  • Maarten De Neef it seems they dont have enough coal and diesel for generation purposes so they choke the supply on the weekend to store up some extra materials for use during the week
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  • Gary Gevisser I dont think you answered the question fully.

    Where is the consumption going now that you say it is not the weather?

    Why is it that the human refuses to look further than how it has been told by bad teachers-parents-media how to think?

    D-Money Lie continues.
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  • Patricia Anne Greening Glad we had our “outage” earlier today. The Magic Flute is being aired on channel 144 – Rattle conducting. Blast, it’s a modern-dress production: I hate that.
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  • Ian D. Samson All Eksdom did was advise CoJ that LS would be occurring countrywide today and yesterday. Try to elicit a reason out of Eskom directly.
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  • Amy Groves Ian D. Samson were you switched off? We weren’t, we were lucky again
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  • Gary Gevisser Imagine if you were Eskom officials observing this discussion and saw the ongoing ignoring of the critical question of electricity consumption, wouldn’t you, again if you were in their shoes, think not only how very smart you are, but give yourself a healthy raise and a bonus to boot?

    Who amongst you learned formal economics at an accredited university?

    An economics degree does not guarantee that you are smart but you do have to be able to read the question in order to provide a common sense answer, and if you ignore the most relevant question, you fail and then join the group of talkers.

    The fact that there have to be economics-business graduates reading this dialogue and not commenting, should give the rest of you very good reason to pause.
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