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Dan Rather to come out of retirement-Hit show around the world?

From: Gary S Gevisser
Date: January 9, 2012 8:22:07 AM PST
To: Sam Samples
Cc: Marie Dion Gevisser , Rebecca Samples , Cyndi Lauper
Subject: Dan Rather to come out of retirement-Hit show around the world? – Re: Single party line

You obviously have more faith in the justice system even though you know the justice system that may protect you now is systemically corrupt, and only protects those who are willing to play the game. (What about God’s laws that you know are being broken when a lawyer will take on your case where you have a judgement where you were not railroaded and the debtor Moleni continues to be so vocal against you, unless you plan to sue him, and how much energy and time of yours is this lawsuit going to take?)

Your lawyer must be up to speed on my easy to get one’s head around lawsuit which exposes each and every person, lawyer and non-lawyer who is so quiet on the merits of my actions which I cannot get into a court room because I have attacked the American justice system at its root.

the fact that for more than 2 decades, starting well before the first Gulf war, american citizens such as you and the other pilots you flew with plus those like Harmless-Unarmed man lost their limbs and life, have not been allowed to invest in Lloyds and Lloyds is all about propping up the non-meritorious money system that up to now has allowed America to buy its weapon systems and mercenaries as well as those hooked on patriotism who simply get bought for less, says everything doesn’t it, including the integrity of this lawyer.

I know Cyndi gets it including there can be no democracy in the US when you have politicians feigning their opposition. (Don’t you hope that you live long enough to hear someone like Dan Rather coming out of the woodwork to announce on his own news show that maybe it is nothing more than stupidity that has not a single person other than me pointing out the banning of American citizens in the most branded name financial institution; and it is not like it began just yesterday. He would have a hit show around the world in the next instant)

BTW, a small business such as yours is mostly dependent upon word of mouth and you said you have already got one customer backing out, and your pipeline of customers is not flush, and they could all react the same way; and still you havent determined yet whether this Moses has funds to collect from even if you were to prevail in a defamation lawsuit which is virtually impossible unless you have the court system rigged as was my case; and equally important you have heard from Moses that he is not happy with your services and therefore if he get that Ray Moleni to go along with him, well you can see it will be a protracted lawsuit that could last several years by which time both of us could be dead.

If this is “setup” then it could be Knuff and company. Food for thought.

I still need the password to get into the website. I also need you to show me how to make changes in the event your heart gives out while I remain fit.

BTW, minimizing my lawsuit as “You were ccused of defaming someone that you did not and lost a railroaded lawsuit” is not honest.

I will get into “strings” with Cyndi in my next follow up.

Remember I knew the day that Lloyds convened a special meeting on Friday, June 16, 2006, again the day Marie and I left on a 24 day trip to China, that they were very worried about me beginning to bring public international attention to American citizens totally oblivious to them being banned from investing in an establishment that not only epitomizes the western world’s capitalist system that 4 generations of westerns have been bred to believe has God backing it 100%; but that didn’t stop Lloyds from lifting the banning order.

Maybe you want to ask your lawyer whose judgement you trust so much, why?

Behind my lawsuit of lawsuits that is unprecedented, is the very ugly history of America that also bothers a lot of first generation immigrants who came to this country from other countries whose governments we had corrupted and they and their families made a whole lot more money than those left behind who couldn’t wait to get the money parcels.

I have learned a lot over the past 72 hours.

BTW, Larry Moses emailed me about an hour ago with his contact information. He does not appear to be afraid of your lawyer. I have yet to see your lawyer asking him or Moleni to desist from broadcasting your list. You don’t need to be a lawyer to figure out that would have been the first thing to do.

BTW, I assume your lawyer is an American citizen and maybe he wants to comment on the latest coming from Martin Rapaport, a spokesperson for the Oppenheimers:

Anglo American Shareholders Approve De Beers Acquisition
Jan 6, 2012 11:31 AM By Ricci Dipshan
RAPAPORT… Anglo American shareholders approved the company’s plan to acquire an additional 40 percent stake in De Beers from the Oppenheimer family for $5.1 billion. The plan passed as expected and with an overwhelming majority as 99.94 percent of sharesvoted in favor of the purchase during a general meeting held in London on Friday.

The acquisition, which still has also gain governmental approval, would bring Anglo American’s stake in De Beers up to 85 percent, and Botswana controls the remaining 15 percent.

On the approval, Anglo American’s chairman Sir John Parker said, “The board of Anglo American is delighted that our shareholders have shown overwhelming support for the De Beers transaction. Consolidating control of De Beers, the world’s leading diamond company, reinforces Anglo American’s commitment to the diamond industry and to pursuing growth in those resource businesses where we have the opportunity to expand and capitalize on a favorable long term demand outlook.”

(I assume he knows that the Oppenheimers started out owning both De Beers and Anglo American Corporation and has an opinion on why suddenly they would be hiding. Yes, my $4 million DEATH SENTENCE not only spotlights that much more the Oppenheimers but all those who have few value added skills which the Oppenheimers cannot get enough of; but of course the middle class in America are not as large as the poor in the rest of the world, and your lawsuit may help get the information out that much quicker.)

On Jan 8, 2012, at 10:21 PM, Sam Samples wrote:

I don’t have to tell Cyndi not to publish . If your website is hacked it will fall over to the backup. You were ccused of defaming someone that you did not and lost a railroaded lawsuit. I Was defamed unjustly which reeks to high heaven of set up… I AM NOT taking chances I am getting out in front of it with Legal Counsel and filing suit here in California and I will make my apperances and follow my attorenys cousnsel as long as it is effective. Cyndi is offer to help is a private matter; but to let you in it came with strings. Of course I turned her away and she is beyond pissed at me. I am heading to bed and try to stop this headaches


From: Gary S Gevisser
To: Sam Samples
Cc: Marie Dion Gevisser ; Rebecca Samples ; Cyndi Lauper
Sent: Sun, January 8, 2012 6:48:26 PM
Subject: Single party line

Sam, I have to be very concerned that my website could be hacked any moment now.

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