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Dating material

From: GaryStevenGevisser <garystevengevisser>
Subject: Dating material
Date: October 9, 2017 at 11:35:16 AM PDT
To: Dave Fifield – Gerhard <monkeyboy264>
Cc: REST; Debbie Patton Kingsriter <>, Nina Sencar – FB friend of Gary Gevisser <nina.sencar>, “Oprah. com” <Membership>, “Dr. Laura Family” <DrLauraFamily>, “Dr. Paul Bozo the Clown Teirstein MD” <pteirstein>, “Malcolm Ness – British architect and political commentator. No longer FB friend of Gary Gevisser.” <malcolmnessarchitect>, Paco Furió Marco – Spanish-German Business News TV Anchor <pacofurio>, Uri Rosenberg <urir77>, “Tomer Tene – IAF Lt. Colonel + organic produce farmer. FB friend of Gary Gevisser” <tene.organi>, Lea Shrem <leashrem>, leahklein, “Barrie Spero – served time in the South African Apartheid Regime’s notorious the notorious Greefswald camp overseen by infamous Jewish medical doctor, Dr. Aubrey Levin and where Spero once witnessed up close the presence of high ranking American military officers.” <barriespero>, “mauricekes3” <mauricekes3>, “Neil Gould – no longer FB friend of Gary Gevisser.” <ngould>, kathleen paris <kathleendwalter>, “Karin J. Leavitt” <kjleavitt>, “devinstandard” <devinstandard>, “Frenchman Jean Figadera – multiple South African Aerobatics champion. Unfriended as a FB friend by Gary Gevisser” <jeanfigadere>, Fabienne Lacourpaille – Unfriended as a FB friend by Gary Gevisser <fablol>, “Olg Zabludoffa – former Editor-in-chief at National Association of Educational Broadcasters – Facebook friend of Gary Gevisser + open challenger of Jerusalem Post’s Steve Linde. Olg’s husband Sid is a 33 year veteran CIA economist [1962-1995] who worked directly for President from 1969 until 1972.” <ozabludoff>, Jeff Johnson – lead in 180º South – FB of Gary Gevisser <jeff>, “Shaun Tomson – 1977 World Surfing Champion – went to same high school and studied economics at university with GG. Both our father’s played on the same junior high school rubgy team; Shaun’s father was an Allied tail-gunner during WW II and GG’s father was a Fighter-Bomber-Pilot completing 71 missions.” <shauntomson>, Shaun Marsh – No longer FB friend of Gary Gevisser <cvcstudios>, “Geoffrey.ROTHWELL” <Geoffrey.ROTHWELL>

Monkey 1 – would you know of someone who would be suitable dating material for Debbie Patton Kingsriter or is your mind too focused on my last postings on the Facebook group chat, THE LADY’S SPEECH OBSERVERS?

Debbie Patton Kingsriter

You’re friends on Facebook
Studied at Southern Methodist University
Lives in Dallas, Texas
SEP 8TH, 3:58PM

You are now connected on Messenger.
SEP 8TH, 9:21PM
What do you expect from our friendship?

I have only good news for the Sherpa people, and in the hours ahead it will spread to all 4 corners of the globe.

It is not a miracle unless you believe in miracles. So lets stick with the truth, conscience not being a miracle, the same with all the forces of nature.

Only once you know the truth, is it possible to go to the next level.

Spirituality must be founded in pure logic, something that can be explained very simply.

The price of the money that we all use around the world to buy what we need and want and when selling what we have as well as our services is fixed; meaning that it is assigned a value that serves the best interests of those who assign the value.

The governments don’t tell us who these people are because the government officials work for these people.

It may sound like a bad movie you have seen or heard about but in fact it is true.

I used to work for these people, and you can learn all about them from reading a very easy read, most interesting non-fiction book, THE DIAMOND INVENTION which is available free on the Internet.

Just type in those 3 words in Google and you find it easily. It was written in 1978, the year I began a year long orientation into De Beers-Barclays, by American scholar and investigative reporter Edward Jay Epstein.

What is easy to understand is what we all know; namely that different parts of the world are the slaves for richer countries, but it is never explained how the richest people in the world who have no loyalty to country, race or religion price the money with no one exposing their fraud.

Consequently we dont know the right questions to ask as we simply trust that the governments would never allow individuals to buy their way into such power.

Without the Sherpas no western man would have ever been able to climb Mt. Everest. Those who have climbed Mt. Everest with the help of Sherpers have not paid the Sherpas a fair wage because the price of the money is fixed allowing people not as accomplished as the Sherpas to ride the coattails of the Sherpa people who have more to offer the world than those taking advantage of the fixed pricing of the money.

This fraud has also resulted in the world’s most close-knit communities trusting more the money than those they know best and the ones most trustworthy.

The money is also used to divide and conquer the people by bribing officials as well as family members who are the weakest link in the chain.

The good news is that combined we can fix this problem that is both illogical as well as unfair.

I am leading the way because I have the knowledge of De Beers-Barclays that no one else has and I also have the credibility because I have never been corrupted.

I hope you are inspired, and will share the good news.

Tomorrow I will share more of my positive knowledge.

All the best. Goodnight from California,


PS – I am also the most “open book” because I have nothing to hide.

What you get out of the most important truths of our time is being able to figure out much quicker who is the genuine friend, and that of course includes family members.

Who to trust is always of paramount importance.

As I began, in the hours ahead there are going to be dramatic changes because if there are any questioning peoples left on this planet it would have to be the sherpas.

Truth-logic also does away with fear.

Get to know me quickly not only by my clear writings but my website, gives the history which most of the world’s leaders only are given once they have moved into positions of power and are now fully “power hungry”.

They don’t have truth-logic at their side and that includes all their opposition groups who only feign their opposition.

You can see that I have several more Sherpa FB friends and that has only come in the past less than 24 hours.

Of course you Sherpas hold the power because you are still needed to get western man up the summit of Mt Everest and the such.

Such power must be used to do good.

Knowledge is Power. Knowledge is Light.

Should you wish to see what I am communicating with those on my email list which is greater than 5,000 individuals/groups and which represent a statistically valid sampling of the world’s literate population, feel free to share with me your email address. Again, this gives you the clearest view of what is happening in real time.

Why not also suggest to all your other FB friends that they send me an invitation to be their FB friend. If they know you, then they know me

SEP 9TH, 11:37AM
When can I expect your email address? Have you begun to share my knowledge of the Diamond Invention game with your other FB friends?

SEP 9TH, 2:44PM

I have no idea what you are referencing. I got a friend request from you.
My email is:

SEP 9TH, 6:49PM
I used to work for a mining house. You may have heard the gingle, “A Diamond is Forever-A Girl’s Best friend”?

Would you like to hear more?

Investment possibilities?

You don’t really think that I am flogging a diamond investment?

I have no idea of what you are doing. None whatsoever. You sent me a friend request. That’s all.

I am going for an evening walk with my wife Marie Dion and Mango to enjoy this one of a kind miraculous day.

Have you ever seen 2 rainbows side by side directly in front of you?


Did you see my very clear introduction about myself at the start?

Have you known anyone who is so credible and so forthright?

Could you send me a photo of such a scene?


I was mostly talking to the Sherpa people who have been so taken advantage of.

I was thinking that there would be more of us westerners chiming in to support a fair wage for those doing the heavy lifting?

We are leaving on the hike now.

These are bizarrely hostile questions. Mr. Gevisser, I do not know you. I don’t know how you got my name, or what your goal happens to be.

Everyone in my life is credible and forthright. I’ve lived a long time. I’ve seen all kinds of rainbows, especially in the mountains of New Mexico and Colorado. I’ve even walked into a rainbow and saw the color on my hands and my childrens’ faces.

There are many ills and injustices in the world. “Sherpas” exist in thousands of occupations and locations on the earth.

I’m glad you are working to help them.
I’m still mystified why you contacted me.

Tonight, I am praying for the people of Florida and the Islands in the Atlantic decimated by Hurricane Irma.

SEP 10TH, 9:02AM
Subject: They want to hit me.

It wont be the first time.

You hand me, “hostile questions” after I provide you chapter and verse of the Diamond Invention game that enslaves the hardest working peoples of the world. That is sick.

You are the one who is threatening and hostile.

The fact that you are not the first to act so defensive may in fact mean you could very well be the last.

The people who I used to work for, De Beers-Barclays bank first choose the creme of the crop; i.e. the smartest people they can find on the planet and who they believe will quickly “fall into line” because they will see how not only so gullible are the poorly educated middle class made up of increasingly paper pushers, but so defensive once they get their heads around how D-B so easily accomplish the goal of pricing the money just as they do their diamond currency.

They never anticipated someone such as myself being offered the keys to this almost unimaginable wealth telling them to go take a jump.


Yes that is me jumping over barrles on ice in an ice show-pantomine Around the World in 80s.

Less than 10 years later I was well on my way to completing the year long entrance exam to join the world’s principle banking operation who have more power and wealth than all the central banks such as US Federal Reserve-US Treasury combined.

And I passed with “Flying colors”.


Today at age 60 I am healthier and fitter than I was at age 24 when I was playing my best rugby and nor was I the slowest or weakest member of the rugby team.

After asking you to be my FB friend which you could have easily rejected I immediately asked you what you expected out of our friendship and then I wasted not a moment in proceeding to give you a knowledge that you could only get either from me or Nicholas Oppenheimer

who you see seated to the left of Putin who understand perfectly the business of Uranium King Oppenheimer the son of Harry Oppenheimer who oversaw my year long initiation into D-B.

So please go ahead and unfriend but do not think for a moment that I will not share with others what I consider your despicable behavior.

Yes, there is nothing like, “Thank you Mr. Gevisser for sharing with me such important knowledge, and here are a few questions I have”. Nothing close.

You ignore the wealth of knowledge and come at me like a bat out of hell.

You also saw that I made it perfectly clear from the start that the people who have the most to gain are those such as sherpas who have suffered the most.

They were not however the first.

The first were in the mineral rich countries like my birth country of South Africa and the Congo; and you should quickly read up on the heinous Congo Relief Security & Democracy Promotion Act that US Congress passed into law in December 2006 less than 4 months after that most important meeting between Oppenheimer and Putin in Cape Town, South Africa on September 5, 2006 which was a couple of weeks after Senator Barack Obama’s first trip to South Africa where he got perfectly sized up.

Following the passage of that Act, began the wholesale slaughter of 6 million Congelese, mostly women and children under the age of 12.

Once they had defeated the peoples in the mineral rich regions and raped them of their minerals while placing puppets like the South African Apartheid Regime and Mobutu Sese Seko in charge, then D-B focused on the tourist destination spot like the Himalayas.

So when you talk about how very fortunate are a great many Sherpas today to find jobs in the United States are you simply being stupid or acting stupid?

Given how self-confident you present yourself although you should know that threatening someone when all they are doing is good by sharing the important knowledge about the slave wages that hide the rape, you should be able to hold your own in a debate with me as I clue in the rest of the Sherpa community around the world about the truth behind the demise of their culture as they embrace consumerism and all its ugliness including bad health.

I would expect you to back up all our communications just in the event someone were to remove them. I will now send you a backup.

BTW, if you can think of better wording than what you see below to help focus the Sherpa people not to fall victim to violence or intimidation, I am all ears:

Do you understand that with the price of the money determined by the people who have stolen the mineral resources, it means that what you pay for your schooling and how much your father earns as a guide is artificially established and always favoring the biggest thieves?

Given how on top you are of your knowledge of domestic and world politics-economics you would know that in December 2005, Senator Barack was the primary sponsor of the heinous Congo Relief, Security & Democracy Promotion Act.

Furthermore, should you wish to be taken off my email list which is a statistically valid sampling of the world’s literate population, let me know.

SEP 10TH, 12:03PM

1. I didn’t threaten you on any level.

2. I used the word “Sherpa” figuratively to describe people who are doing jobs no one wants to do…jobs that are minimally compensated.

3. It seems apparent that everything Obama did was presented as socially conscious, a subterfuge for the reality of the agreements. The Iran “deal” and The Paris Accord are examples of the skillful use of semantics to obfuscate reality.

What action, exactly, are you calling people to take?

When you accuse someone who is only doing good and you cannot refute the very important facts that I share, of “bizzarely hostile questions” when there is also nothing in the least bit bizarre other than you didn’t have the mental capacity to ask the right questions either now and pretty late in life, so you put it altogether and yes, I consider your inappropriate responses designed to intimidate me.

I am very clear because I am articulate.

I dont get your point 2. Sherpers are from a very specific region of the world and they are discriminated against by the thrill seeking western tourists.

I have also explained the evolution of The Diamond Invention game which started with the rape of the poor in the mineral rich regions.

You are also completely out of your depth when it comes to matters of nuclear. I suggest you get a strong dose of humility and email Dr. Geoffrey Rothwell Phd – Geoffrey.ROTHWELL – the principal economist for the Nuclear Energy Agency housed within the all powerful OECD who were established in the upside down year of 1861, again the 100 year anniversary of the government-bankers forming their own national bank and making slaves of the poor and even bigger ignoramuses of the middle class such as yourself.

I suggest you begin by asking Rothwell who prior to joining the NEA which for good reason is housed in Paris, France, was for 27 years the senior lecturer of economics at Stanford University, why he chose me of all the world’s literate humans to share the treason of government officials who had wiped out all opposition to nuclear weapons development which is all designed to cover the tracks of the money being priced fixed by the world’s terrorist of terrorist financiers.

Now that you are sobering up, let me answer your last question.

Share the knowledge of The Diamond Invention game to everyone you know. Encourage them to join a group chat that you start and also invite/add me in.

I will answer everyone’s questions, and to make it meaningful there should be everyone you know at the start.

Remember I am but one human. This one human has attracted a great deal of attention since I broke my silence on 11.11.2004 with De Beers-Barclays who don’t scare easily.

I am not any smarter than I was back then but what is very important is that I am alive and very healthy.

In fact I don’t know of anyone over the past 13 odd years who was very healthy to begin with and has got even healthier.

That must be part of my blessings for doing the right thing.

Nor are the Republicans any better. They are just not as big a hypocrite.

So you would expect me to live every day like it is my last.

Tell me what you are going to do the rest of the day to make yourself a productive, conscious human?

As my gorgeous F-C [Française-Canadienne] wife Marie Dion says:

People with little intelligence have great difficulty feeling stupid!

And no less spot on:

Being a sperm donor or sperm recipient does not make you a good parent.

Then it gets even deeper:

Lack of Knowledge-Information-Light-Energy, power to change the world, stems from humans being lazy and fearful of embracing the truth.

Yes, Marie Dion who is 1/32 Huron Indian and 31/32 French her ancestry matching up with the singer back in the 1600s, has the first language French, the language of love, versus what you know perfectly “The Sly English”. Marie Dion finishes it off for those needing the spoon feeding because that is all they have known since 1861 other than those properly home schooled:

The truth is too disturbing for some people too busy keeping track of their lies.

OECD correction. Established in 1961 and immediately began to premote the brain dead GDP index.

I have no idea why you are contacting me or addressing me in such an aggressive manner.

Many people use the word “Sherpa” to describe metaphorical burden bearers.

I know the history of Himalayan Sherpas. How many are there? How many people climb Everest in a year’s time.

So you have chosen to distract.

While you decide your next move, I will share with others what I have picked from you.

How pitiful to ask me how many people climb everest every year?

How many raindrops did you think fell in all the Hurricans back in 1861?

I am now talking with one of the more than 100 Sherpa FB friends that I have who are on the exact same page as you, and this man just informed me that he will read The Diamond Invention book.

Have you begun?

What did you and your most trusted advisors and I assume that starts with your husband and children think of the favored clients of De Beers being the bankers?

What did you and your husband study at university.

What jobs do you both have?

I think the jobs you have are going to reveal a great deal about your attempts to obfuscate.

What a bunch of krok “I know the history of Himalayan Sherpas.”

If you didn’t know how their money is priced you don’t know their history after 1861?

What is your take of the American Great White Fleet expedition of 1907-1909? What if anything did you learn in history at school or university about the Great White Fleet?

I assume you got my previous backup.

FRI 10:01AM

Insane, inappropriate ravings! Who are you to send me such hostile crap? Fake altruism and irrelevant nonsense. I’m dealing with millions of peoples hardships from the hurricanes. Just stop climbing Mt Everest altogether! Problem solved! No one should claim those mountains. Ever. It causes environmental damage and loss of life. It is an expensive exercise in sheer narcissism.

What are YOU doing for Texas and Florida?

Do NOT contact me again. I cannot imagine why you contacted me in the first place.

No one should CLIMB those mountains. Not ever. Never again.

You are a bizarre predator.

FRI 12:11PM
How dare you call me a preditor.

You can’t find any fault in my sharing my knowledge of the price fixing of the money which means all those poor suffering around the world should get everything including water and housing as well as clean organic food that never had a heartbeat free.

You are angry at yourself for being so stupid so u lash out at me

Shame on you

When did u stop eating meat?

FRI 3:22PM

I am not a vegetarian. It is bizarre to lecture and accuse perfect strangers of ANYTHING. Get some counsel, for God’s sake.

U know u are what you last ate.

Do you feel full or disgusted with yourself?

Btw, you are not perfect.

I will include our d I dialogue in my next broadcast and let the people be the judge.

U OK with that?

Yum. Full.

Have you seen the documentary Forks and Knives?

Isnt it amazing that medical doctors are finally speaking out against meat and the meanness and insensitivity of humans to the more conscious animals?

Ridiculous. Threatening me? What , exactly, is wrong with you?

Don’t even try making out like I am threatening you.

You are talking you say to a complete stranger and you are revealing yourself. You are the one who seek counsel and since you say “full” then you are perfectly fine with the dead animal carcass rotting inside of you.

Have thought of filling yourself up with nutrition and that will help your mind think better?

I bet you are not exactly that happy with your body shape and if Im wrong please let me know.

Go ahead and order Forks and Knives, it might change your life for the better.

Gary, you goofy person. I’ve been a nutritionally pure person since the 70’s. My daughter is an internal medicine Dr. I write articles on newest research.

Nutrionally pure person and you eat meat? YOu are insane.

I’m 65. I am 5’8″ tall and weigh 134.

I eat fish.

Let’s bring your daughter into this conversation shall we?

Veggies. Few carbs…very few.


No dairy


Are you as fast in running as you were at 15 or are you stronger and healthier eating your fish that once had a heartbeat?

Do you have no empathy for the more conscious animal?

I am a dog lover. Horse aficionado.

I eat a little salmon…no farm raised, though.

You don’t answer my question, that is most important.

Beans, lentils, chickpeas…for protein.

Do you not have empathy for the animal you eat?

Do you think you are somehow superior to that fish or does your taste buds override your conscience?

Tonight, I had broccoli, napa cabbage, carrots, w organic basmati rice and organic Honeycrisp apples steamed with the rice. No salt. No oils.

What makes you think your heartbeat is more special than the salmon rotting inside of you making you increasingly less conscious of your environment?

I believe God supplied humankind with some animals for food.

We need the Omega 3s.

I have fish about once every 10 days.

My God, if both of us keep this up we might become best friends just so long as you tell me that you are immediately ending your lack of conscience towards the more sensitive animals placed here to show us the way.

I love and save animals. I have great dogs.

I have videos of cute cows living their owners and babies.

Okay, you finally admit that you have a huge blockage in the animal you slaughter to eat and that you compensate by loving other animals.

Loving, I mean

Do they kill those cows or deprive them of their milk so that the humans can eat liquid meat that destroys the human’s calcium in the bones?

No…I think God placed animals here for companionship and our stewardship…and at times for food. I don’t drink milk. I use coconut and almond milk. Some cashew milk.

Yes, im talking about their calves deprived of their mother’s milk. Do they slaughter the calves?

I drink ionized water. Carrot juice w kale and ginger.

I live in Texas.

Im waiting for your medical doctor daughter to join in.

Did you know that all heart disease can be eliminated by a plant diet?

Do you realize that all cardiologists would be out of business and then the rest of the quacks would quickly follow?

It seems like you might eatu better than your daughter. Does she stupidly eat meat?

Huge ranches here. People don’t eat meat any more like they did when I was young. Steakhouses have largely disappeared. There were never dairy cows down here. Too hot.

Im now seeing “at times for food”.

Are you a hunter?

When did you nearest ancestors stop being hunters?

You eat meat because you are gluttonous and stupid.

My daughter has never eaten meat.

No. Not a hunter. No one in my family hunts. No one owns a gun. Everyone has dogs and many college degrees.

Go read The Diamond Invention book and you realize that if the money was not price fixed no one would choose to become a medical doctor because they would end up at the lowest pay scale along with lawyers because they wouldn’t be paid a nickle.

Two of my kids had multiple open heart surgeries as babies and children for heart defects. We have researched heart disease for decades.

Im moments away in the history of time from putting my forthcoming book to bed; your medical doctor daughter is probably going to vomit.

My daughter and husband are medical missionaries…

They don’t own a house.

Ok you say you have research medical disease for decades.

When did you find out that a plant based diet TOTALLY ELIMINATES heart disease?

My son had three open heart surgeries by age 4.5.

Congenital defects are different from plaque buildup in arterial areas.

Let me tell you quickly about missionaires in Africa.

Are you ready for it?

My daughter and son in law went to Domenica and daughter.taught in the Med school

In order that you don’t have a heart attack and your family looking to blame anyone but themselves, start with Chapter 9 of The D I book, aptly titled, DIAMONDS FOR HITLER.

My son in law taught folks how to grow veggies and stay off drugs.

Note that it was the good sounding Red Cross whose officials were the couriers of De Beers transporting the industrial diamonds to Nazi Germany.

Tell me when you have got to chapter 9.

Have your daughter and son in law read along with you.

My kids have connective tissue weaknesses from a chromosomal issues called Ehler-Danlos syndrome.

I don’t give $ to the Red Cross.

Have your grandchildren and great grandchildren do the same.

We are now into charities which God did not place on this earth to be evil unless you believe that our past lives decide who we are going to end up here.

I never asked you if you gave to the Red Cross.

I have friends who are hands on in crisis situations. I give $ to them.

They rebuilt whole villages in China after earthquakes.

I only told you to read up on the Red Cross’ direct and intimate involvement in the murder of 6 million Jewish people and then the rest were quickly shut up, just like the Christians.

They are still in Nepal/Houston/Florida and Puerto Rico.

Anytime you give money you are supporting De Beers-Barclays who price fix the money and they are the same people who financed Nazi Germany.

Do you recall me saying to you that the lead in to me educating you about missionaries was to read chapter 9 of The D I book.

You would prefer that this knowledge not stay in the space between your ears.

I understand that.

But that is not my problem if you choose denial.

My friends go to areas of need, bringing food and blankets and tents, housing…
Operation Blessing and
Samaritan’s Purse are two of them.

Before joining De Beers-Barclays on US soil at their top money laundering and price fixing operation on US soil I spent the first 21 years of my life in Apartheid South Africa.

Have no idea what you are referring to…

The military might behind the Apartheid Regime was the IMF and World Bank.

These banking institutions reported to the people who financed Nazi Germany. Do you remember their name?

You say that you have no idea what I am referring to?

I am sharing with you my intimate knowledge of missionary work in Africa that is the same througout the world because they all rely on money donations.

The value of the money is pulled out of the air by De Beers-Barclays who price fix the money and they also financed Nazi Germany as well as all the genocides of the poor that followed.

If, instead of feeling the need to write and try to make out like I am some sort of crazy person, read The D I book.

It was written in 1978 by very scholarly, investigative reporter Edward Jay Epstein who happens to be both Jewish like me, and he was born and bred in America.

I was again, born and bred for the first 21 years of my life in mineral rich South Africa where the missionaries were plentiful.

They never once educated the majority of enslaved black people about the price of the money being price fixed; meaning the money was worthless.

Instead of preaching them gospel and making out that the missionaries were father christmas with all their food and medicine gifts all they needed to do was to explain to the majority blacks that all their basic foods including right to fresh clean drinking water should be free of charge because it cost the mineral monopolist De Beers-Barclays not a penny when they stole the mienral resources of the world.

Maybe you have not heard the truth.

Without the church there would be no poor; without the poor there would be no church.

Knowledge is power.

Knowledge is light.

I make it my business to educate as best I can the poor not to fall victim either to the charity of the fork-tongue missionaries or violence.

You want to know how convicing I am, have your daughter and son in law bring in all the missionaries in the world to this conversation and you will see the instant they start reading along The D I book they would shut up.

Im taking a rest now because I have a lot to do in preparation for my next email broadcasts that you don’t want to miss. Do I have your email address?

BTW, thank God for one most righteous Christian; South African General Jan Christiaan Smuts [1870-1950], who I have probably covered with you before.

While you line up all the world’s missionaries and aware that the corrupt Nobel Prize Committee just shot themselves in the foot with their latest award to these folks

look at the conversation with my newer FB friend Denise Goldin:

THU 12:28PM

You are now connected on Messenger.
THU 1:57PM

Denise is waving at you!
THU 6:36PM

You and Denise waved at each other!
Are you related to the Goldin? who owned Clicks, or is that also a different spelling?

Denise Goldin
Hi. We are related, my late husband knew how… fathers were cousins… never met him, but have met some of the extended family in Australia.


My brother in law David Danziger set up Clicks in Australia.

What do you do?

Denise Goldin
Wow. That’s awesome. I am retired now, I was the co-founder of the Crawford Group of schools. I spend a lot of time with people who are grieving the loss of a child and also as much time as I can with my young grandsons. Don’t know if you know my beloved son Brett was murdered in 2006 and my husband Peter literally died of a broken heart 9 months later….

Words don’t describe my anguish for you.

I’m dealing at this very moment with the most powerful forces of nature-god overcoming all those including my brother in law,David and his wife my sister Kathy who think I’m powerless to address the brutality of their treatment of my mother Zena

Type in Google

Remember I have the power that is not so well described in the torah, and am I in the least bit religious which came about when as a kid I heard of the story of Sodom and Gamorah that seemed far too far fetched.

What day was your son murdered and how old was he? Was it a random murder?

What business was he and your husband in?

By the way, back in 2002 I saved my brother in law’s business.

If u have the time u should read on the Internet where it is free, THE DIAMOND INVENTION book.

The first date u see at the top of chapter 1 is Dec 4, 1978 which was when I was just completing my year long orientation into DE Beers and Harry Oppenheimer had very good reason to be impressed with both my analytical and people’s skills.

I’m just putting the finishing touches to my book that picks up where The D I book leaves off.

It is very uplifting if you are not corrupt and far more than depressing if you are.

I’m also putting out a couple of important email broadcasts in the next 24 hours and if you would like to be blind or carbon copied you can share with me ur email address

Denise Goldin
Gary, I will look at your book, thank you. Is your mom still alive? I’m sorry that you are having issues with your family – it is awful when a division takes place. My son and a friend of his were hijacked, kidnapped and shot on April 16th 2006. He was 28 years old. We were extremely close, it nearly killed me too. I got cancer caused by the grief 3 months after. TG I’m ok. He was a brilliant actor, he was gay and the nicest, kindest person you could ever wish to meet. Google him. Brett Goldin. He was internationally known for his film work and a star on MTV. My darling husband was in property development- also a sweet and gorgeous man. Ah well. Such is life. I’m blessed with my delightful daughter and two scrumptious grandsons. One turns 8 tomorrow and the other is 9. They dance in my heart. Where do you live and what do you do?!
The D I book is not my book. It was written in 1978 by scholarly American author and investigative reporter, Edward Jay Epstein.

A funny thing happen to people once they hear someone as credible as me referring them to a book whose title gets everyone’s attention and if they are South African their mind immediately has them registering that I must have read it.

I move back and forth from the start to end, much like the way the Torah scrolls but I avoid like the plague anyone who wears a kippah or starts talking Torah talk without first addressing if they first take care of their body temple otherwise they are telling the world that they are thumbing their nose at God.

Today, and for most of the past 17 odd years I have been writing exposing the German-South African Oppenheimer family who were the principle architects of the rise of Nazi Germany which you quickly learn everything you need to know about that in chapter 9, DIAMONDS FOR HITLER and that includes why it is that there is not a single honest charity on the planet today.

The fact that us South African Jewish children were not taught by our parents, grandparents and elementary school teachers to question more about how it was possible for Nazi Germany to find the resources including the money to rearm when the Versailles Peace treaty following WW1 prohibited them having anything more than a skeleton army with no sophistication in weaponry is more than a crying shame, for it has the Hand of God all over it.

Nor are the Buddhists free of absolution.

So my target audience are the impossible to reach outside of an Act of God young children such your 9 year old to empower her to empower the parents who most need the help.

It is the feeling of stupid that the human cannot get away from but of course I figured all that out before I broke my 24 year silence with De Beers-Barclays on 11.11.2004, but I had to await the advent of a social media network like Facebook where in an instant if one has only 10 facebook friends you can reach approximately 10,000 individuals instantly.

I have a 5,000 email list that represents a statistically valid sampling of the world’s literate population.

They are mostly very quiet, just like my 360 FB friends who knew much more than you just minutes ago; but now you have a leg up on them.

One of my other new FB friends is a woman by the janice bloom who may be also one of your FB friends. She has only 211 FB and didn’t know when I asked her to check out and see what I wrote on Rod Margo’s wall this past Tuesday that Rod is one of her FB friends and when I pointed it out to her that he is one of her FB friends, Janice Bloom just went quiet.

You would also figure out from my not exactly stupid name website that I didn’t lose all my smarts once I left De Beers-Barclays in 1980 when all I needed was just a couple of hours on the job the first day to know for certain that they owned every government on the planet and that meant there is no difference between the private and public sector and that means it makes no difference whether it is the government or private citizens who owns the real estate and it might as well be all in the hands of the government rather than those the courrpt governments choose to give the real estate to, much like the Nazi SS kept order in the 300 death factories of the Holocuast by rewarding the Jewish Kapos.

I live with my gorgeous F-C [Française-Canadienne] wife Marie Dion in San Diego, and for the past 5 years we have spent half the year traveling the world, but mostly Europe, although we spent a month in South Africa and a month in Morroco where I did more than pick up email addresses.

You would agree that I explain the history in an interesting way that bedevils the spiritually weak who are weak because their minds are weak because their weak bodies which have been fed rotten foods take their vengeance on the rest of the internal organs.

So yes my beautiful F-C wife Marie Dion and our mostly vegan dog Mango are super healthy and if today is our last day on earth be rest assured we are going to enjoy every moment.

So do you want to see what I will be sending out shortly and knowing that there are a great many people you already know are teed up for them?
Nothing quite like having a 360º view of things which I had back in 1978 when I was still 21 years of age.
Big decision time for you.
Remember both your husband and son are long dead and 2006 was a very important year in The Diamond Invention game.

Check out this photo.

It was taken in Cape Town on September 5, 2006 and Putin only released it on October 3, 2008, one month before the puppet Obama became President elect.
Also in March 2006, a month before your son’s brutal murder, the South African Police opened up a whitewash investigation in to the tortured assassination of my classmate and cousin Sandra Jacobson [1957-1997], a murder that took place nearly 9 years before and which of course was ordered by Nelson Mandela who always took his important orders from Harry Oppenheimer.

Sandra was a member of the armed wing of the ANC, Umkhonto.
That whitewash report was coincidentally released on September 5, 2006.
Of course my father’s first cousin, David Gevisser [1926-2009] knew everything that was going on with both me and Sandra who had to be silenced.
Do you want to hear more?
correction…. “registering that I must have written it”
I see that you have read everything I have written you so far.

Put aside that both your son and husband have a bird’s eye view of both you and me and focus on how everyone you know including your grandchildren would be reacting if they were reading this in real time.
Im now about to join my amazing F-C wife Marie in the kitchen of our cabin to prepare our next meal which remember could be our last, and it would be if the overwhelming majority of people who knows us could have their wishes granted.

Have you checked out yet The Lady’s Speech?
BTW, there is a Sherpa, Everest Dendi Sherpa who keeps “waiving” to me and so I quickly wrote him the following:

Have you started reading the diamond Invention book, and what have you learned?

If you don’t answer me immediately, I will remove you as a FB friend, although you can save me the time by doing it yourself?
Denise Goldin
Gary, I did google it and read your letter to your sister. It is 11pm here and I’m in considerable pain from my back and am going to sleep now. Best regards to you and your wife.
let me know when you are ready to be uplifted with more truth by simply sending me your email address. You will see in my next broadcast people like Alan Dershowitz who would also prefer that I was long dead.

You never answered if you watched the 9 minute and 24 second video that should have shocked the hell out of you as it does everyone and notice not a single comment other than mine.

You rememver the story of Sodom & G, doesn’t it look more real today than what the Bible describes?

ICAN | International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons
International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons


Awesome, now get some rest yourself; and try to be kinder to that next piece of Salmon because I am also certain that God is watching everything.

My daughter does not know missionaries. She is a physician. He is a Methodist youth worker. They are hands on…do-what-you-can project oriented…one commitment at a time. Small scale.

Have them use the white pages if necessary to bring every missionary in the world to this conversation. Im now taking my rest and will blind copy you on my next communique where I will discuss my efforts through you to bring every missionary worker as well as charity worker in the world to this conversation.

SAT 12:23PM
you must have finished reading everyhting including my last communication which included the dialogue I had with ernest rady back in 1980.

you would also know that I know quite a bit about saving time which you get your head quickly around once realizing that the price of money that you, your daughter and son in law get paid as well every penny of the monies you pride yourself on giving to charity is priced by the people who murder, lie, steal and cheat as well as destroy the planet.

Everyone eventually goes quiet just like you and they also stop trying to distract by saying nonsense such as “I dont know what you are talking about.”

Nor do I rely on lost human souls to do the right thing and share my knowledge; that I leave entirely up to God.

All I do is my best. Those playing stupid, or indifferent or trying to trip my up by trying to outbeat me, lose very quickly the game of life which is only to do one’s best with the body you are born with and the information you discover.

The fact that the entire literate and illiterate world poplulation don’t already have my knowledge and acknowledge the valuable role the diamond invention book played in waking them up to the real world and not saying stupid stuff like “I believe God supplied humankind with some animals for food” and you saw on my wall my very public reaction, I put down to nothing less than an Act of God to show all of you how dumb-numb arragoant sons of bitches you are.

The upside is that with the knowledge you have that God exists you will find yourself less talkative while still having to endure your pains.

That’s my sermon for the day. Share it with everyone starting with members of your immediate family and each charity you have donated as much as penny.

I now have work to do.

No. Haven’t read anything. I run two businesses, have two sick dogs, and a friend
who weathered a hurricane moving her stuff into my house right now.

We all have a path.

much the same as I wrote, “You would have to believe that, otherwise it would be quite the contradiction.”

Enjoy my last email broadcast where the body word count totalled 412.

If you can afford the time to be on FB then you must at least thought what excuse you could come up with to stop from reading The Diamond Invention book which explains very simply that the path you have been down is dead wrong.

You recall proudly proclaiming that give monies to charities which you know once you start reading The D I book it will confirm that you have only been supporting genocide of the poor and those who question.

But please don’t let me stop you from continuing down your path.

SAT 6:56PM

Operation Blessing does not support genocide. Nor, does Samaritan’s Purse.
There are good people in the world.

What did you have for dinner?

bouchée of the most delicious tasting most fresh romaine lettuce, and of course my exotic F-C wife Marie Dion’s salad dressing was out of this world; and that is just the first course.

In due course I will address Operation Blessing, but first you must get through the prologue and first chapter of The D I book.

Have you read up on Ernest Rady?

SUN 9:44AM
As you know I am sharing our communications with others, not that they want to learn the truth because like you they don’t want to know any more than they already know about The Diamond Invention game and what they know they don’t want spread to the rest of their family members, friends and colleagues who they might be dependent upon for their jobs as well as in time of need should a hurrican descend on their neighborhoods.

Like you they first start out trying to distract and asking me all sorts of unimportant questions, and when they do distract me into answering their questions they feel their power coming back.

Once you go into denial about the Diamond Invention game you only hope is to see me destroyed because as you can see there is no one amongst the “do gooder” groups like the OECD who are speaking out.

I won’t ask you if you recall the name Dr. Geoffrey Rothwell Phd but you must have noticed that he has gone very quiet after calling a noboby South African soldier who didnt know what he was fighting for but killing a lot of innocent people in the process, a liar.

Rothwell may very well have been telling the truth, that he had never heard of ICAN and that should wake you up even if Rothwell was lying.

How could the principal economist for the Nuclear Energy Agency which along with its parent OECD is responsible for wiping out all opposition groups to nuclear weapons development not have heard of the ICAN who just received the Nobel Peace Prize for its war against nuclear weapons?

You want to believe that your daughter and son in law are both bright and honest and very often they go hand in hand. You cannot be very bright if you didn’t figure what a mineral monopolist like De Beers who have controlled the world’s drilling industry since the turn of the last century would do in the next instant to control the rest of the global economy given not only their supreme dominance over all the world’s mineral resources but their unlimited supply of untraceable diamond currency allowed them to immediately enter the currency trading market making all “fair trade agreements” between nations a total farce.

That would automatically mean that all charity work for the poor throughout the world was nothing more than a cover for their efforts of ethnic cleansing and genocide of the poor.

By now you should have found my writing on the Internet about the atrocious Doctors Without Borders.

Let me know if you think Operation Blessing is the exact opposite of Doctors Without Borders and then I will begin an investigation of them.

You can’t really be interested in my diet because you still eat animal life that once had a heartbeat. If you want to learn more about health and nutrition I suggest you go speak with the experts and the place to start that seems reasnonable and easy for someone as busy as you with all your family activities as well is the documentary Forks & Knives and remember to order from Netflix the addendum interviews with a bunch of medical doctors.

Then if you have time note how my FB Ray Oshry and all his other FB friends including his immediate family members ignore my last question, “Ray, how come you haven’t accused your Muslim neighbors in London of inciting that killing last weekend in Vegas. You have to be consistent.”

Also what interests you most about Ernest Rady?

SUN 12:23PM

I know nothing about Ernest Rady.

Have you ever wondered that there might be another, wildly different, paradigm?

At what time, just give me minutes ago did you finish reading my email broadcast “Bouchée” where you were no less prominent than J. Essakow?

I don’t know how to find or see your broadcasts. Where are they?

Check you email inbox, spam, trash or other place where you might find them deposited.

No need to continue writing, but think about my beautiful F-C wife Marie Dion’s words, “Once you have the truth, you know everyone’s game!”

I call those words Prophetic.

And, my question about your dinner was sincere. I’ve been transitioning to vegetarianism for more than a decade.

I have trouble creating meals that have no cheese. I am allergic to raw onions and garlic. I can’t eat egg yolks. No dairy at all.

So, what DO people eat? I had book Chou, broccoli , brown rice and carrots for dinner. No real protein there.

While you check for the initial broadcasts that have long been rebroadcast and I would assume that more than a dozen of your other FB friends have received them, not from me but from others, tell me if you think there is any connection between the work of your Operation Blessing and Doctors Without Borders.

You are obviously still far too much of the game that you have unconsciously eaten in the past and so it might very probably take you several lifetimes of reincarnation to fully eliminate from your system, still as a human programmed to follow logic you should be able to find my email broadcasts since I have been using the email address you gave me.

I am now after a little mountain bike ride that began with me searching for the remnants of the deer kill but finding just blood traces and the head and ribs which is all that remained last evening long having been scavenged by far less wretched beings because there is no evidence that the game derive enjoyment from hurting others as does man who has long ended the path of survival, going to enjoy my most healthy breakfast along with my wondrous smelling and ingenious F-C wife Marie and of course Mango already has enjoyed his equally healthy vegan breakfast that never once had a heartbeat and he too has the most beautiful smell and coat; and if you do have trouble with your messed up brain cells saying they are still addicted to the meats that make you nothing less than a meat-salmon head, then I suggest get yourself a dog and start feeding it only a healthy vegetarian diet and notice first of all how your pet’s crap doesnt smell as rotten as yours.

Would you like to start a health food show on this group chat?

Does your husband eat less healthy than you?

If so, do you notice his wretched body odor?

I just sent you a backup of our FB conversation via email.

I am a single person.
I have two beautiful Golden Retrievers who are 12.5.

Operation Blessing is not affiliated in any way with DWB.

So you got rid of your smelly husband. Well done. God must have rewarded you for that.

So God put you on the path to light, but you are taking a helluva long time to get there.

Maybe you should consider speeding it up?

What do you have to lose?

You are already getting old.

Has Operation Blessing explained to the poor that they don’t need your charity monies that only enslave them that much more?

Doesn’t Christianity teach that Knowledge is Power-Light?

Have you found yet my emails?

Operation Blessing only goes into crisis situations to help the overwhelmed. In Harvey victim’s homes, for instantce, they find the elderly, the disabled, the single mothers …. They go into those destroyed homes and clean out the debris, pull up carpet and throw it out, take down sheetrock contaminated with flood waters, throw out furn, etc. They clean and restore houses for elderly people who have no physical strength. They do not put people on welfare programs or ongoing feeding or anything like that. They respond with loving hands to extraordinary crises. They rescue the perishing. They bring in trucks with showers and laundry people’s clothes. Hot meals for the workers. They have chain saw teams who clear the downed trees from roofs and roads and yards. They are working to be the hands and feet of Jesus to just help people. No politics. Just love and rescue.

A few years ago, they went into a Chinese village destroyed by earthquake. It was far into the interior and was receiving no outside help from the govt or anyone. Forgotten and destroyed….starving and grieving people. They rebuilt the village with brick homes planned by engineers to withstand severe earthquake situations. They drilled a water well or several. Created a sanitary plumbing situation. Brought solar lights and ovens, clothes and furniture, blankets and food. When all was restored, they prayed and hugged everyone, left ways to get in touch, set up regular contact with other Chinese people in cities…..and left.

They are quietly amazing people.

Detox detox.

It seems that you are allergic to animal products such as eggs and dairy and milk remember is liquified meat. Sounds like your body is telling you something.

Have you ever picked up a book about healthy nutrition? What does Chia seeds sound like to you?

You continue to distract with your nonsense about these idiot “caregivers” doing the work you say of Jesus Christ.

If you are so bright and know that the money is price fixed by the government’s principal weapons manufacturer and financier De Beers-Barclays then logic says stop with keeping the poor in a state of object poverty and have the government provide the resources to those in need because it cost the governemnt-De Beers-Barclays not a penny.

Don’t assume that showing love to someone means that you are smart.

It means you are dumb-numb if you cannot figure out where to go to get the poor all their basic needs met so that they are no less poor than the filthy rich who lie, steal and cheat.

How are you doing in your read of The D I book?

If you haven’t yet found my email broadcasts I will place them up on your FB wall.

BTW, the Chinese people did much better, the same with the peoples of Africa before the missionaries came bearing their cross.

I do not agree with many of your assumptions and paradigms. The “rich” in America pay around 75% of the taxes. You are describing a powerful governmental socialist/communist situation. I am diametrically opposite of that. I advocate personal responsibility, education, autonomy, consequences, less and very restricted government, less bureaucracy….etc.

The Chinese women were not doing so well, were they, with their confinement for life and the mutilation of their feet?

Certainly, there have been misguided human efforts….and will continue to be. But, the ACTUAL message of Jesus is very simple: He came to set the captives free, to set at liberty those who are oppressed and to bind up the broken hearted.

He came to bring us Redemption and hope, comfort and inspiration. He gave a profound picture of what true love is. He is the Healer and Lover of our very souls. His paradigms had nothing to do with government or religions, except the elements that pertain to respect and love for others.

Where do you think your blinders come from?

The people who go by the name German-South African Oppenheimer-De Beers-Barclays have stolen using the gun the mineral resources of the world. They don’t need to raise taxes to do their bidding. They have the people confused that their governments need to raise taxes to pay for things like weapon systems and welfare for the poor.

Oppenheimer-De Beers-Barclays also haven’t been paying the soldiers including the American soldiers their fair share of the loot.

Maybe you will read better once you see all this in an email broadcast and/or when I post it up on your FB wall.

Are you now blaming Jewish Jesus Christ for your blinders?

I don’t know where your fixation on the whole DeBeers , South African thing comes from. Perhaps, our perceptions are utterly different because we live on different continents.

When you have finished typing let me know and then I will begin the broadcast.

If you are quiet for more than a couple of hours when I will return then I will begin. Does that sound fair?

If the USA had not had weapons and soldiers during WWII, the whole world might have been enslaved in a nightmare Hitlerian dystopia. The USA very reluctantly entered that war. Had they not, Britain would not have lasted much longer.

BTW, I live in the United States.

Of course you can protest that you don’t know anything about De Beers and company because you think it is smart to ignore my questions about how you are doing in reading this very interesting non-fiction book, The Diamond Invention which shuts everyone up.


You are in the USA?

Which corporation and individuals do you think the US Congress and President Franklin D. Roosevelt allowed to arm Nazi Germany?

Since you profess to be an expert on WW2, where in the Versailles Peace treaty following WW1 did it give permission to the Oppenheimers-De Beers-Rockefellers-Fords the right to arm Nazi Germany?

When someone writes, “I live in the United States” why do you feel the need to respond, “You are in the USA?”

What if any education did you get after high school?

Did you ever do alchol or pot as a kid?

If you have lost brain cells, how would you know?

LOL! You are like a verbal Kamikaze pilot. Many of your questions are non-sequiturs.

I have several masters degrees. No alcohol. Never any pot or drugs. In college, I ate beans and lentils, juiced fruit and veggies when no one else was doing that. My friends would not eat at my restaurants of choice. That was in the 70s.

I know of the Ford/Nazi connection. I am a relative of General George Patton. I believe he was killed for his opposition to giving possession of half of Germany and much of Europe to Russian communist forces. Churchill’s face/demeanor at the signing of theYalta documents is reflective of his split with FDR. FDR was a contradictory man, who slept with his cousin in the White House and had his brilliant wife in another area. We will never know what effect Polio had on him, or how much Eleanor had to do with the economic programs, etc.

We all lose brain cells. At 65, I have lost many, I am sure.

You are lying when you say you are laughing.

I have read your contradictory nonsense.

Before sunset today, I will continue the broadcasting. Instead of writing to soothe your troubled mind not helped by your formal education having interfered with your learning, start where you left off when reading The Diamond Invention book.

Thank you for increasing the circle of those dependent upon my insight and analysis of the important events of the day!

I have endured much trauma and betrayal in my life. My photo is in Time magazine in 1971 as a teenager involved in the national debate regarding US involvement in Vietnam AND one who advocated a personal faith in the Redeemer, Jesus Christ.

I have developed an understanding that we won’t solve the issues motivated by the worst in human nature in this lifetime. Not in our lifetimes, or anyone else’s. That is why Jesus came down, to offer a way to “fix” everything. In His Kingdom, there is no greed, false altruism, overweening pride, cruelty or the need to CONTROL.\

I did, indeed, laugh heartily at your Kamakaze style of questioning.

You are singluarly minded, focused on your evangelical mission of changing everyone’s minds over to your paradigms. I don’t agree with many of those paradigms, but I admire your intensity and dedication and your intellectual process. It is intriguing.

I am sure that I could learn from your eating habits. I have looked for vegetarian recipes for years that don’t involve dairy products.

As I see you writing, I will explain more of what I will be sharing with others, apart from you.

You will see people from Yad Vashem as well as other Israeli institutions including members of the Israeli Knesset.

I will begin using your 2 very important sentences side by side:

“I know of the Ford/Nazi connection. I am a relative of General George Patton. “

Then I will go back to your previous writings:

“If the USA had not had weapons and soldiers during WWII, the whole world might have been enslaved in a nightmare Hitlerian dystopia. The USA very reluctantly entered that war. Had they not, Britain would not have lasted much longer.”

Please now send me that 1971 photo of you as I don’t see us having anything more to say to each other as we have the perfect parting of the minds.

As for the USA, I think I recall photos on the Golden Retriever pages of a gorgeous backyard behind your house, or some trip you made…..not sure. It was in my brain that you lived elsewhere in the world.

I don’t have a copy of that magazine. I went through a flood and lost all photos. The magazine has a “psychedelic Jesus” on the cover, and has a piece in there concerning the “Jesus movement” in the USA, which was intertwined with a LOT of social unrest during that time. We had women fighting for equal rights, Black Panthers violently agitating, Weather Underground and the SDS seditiously agitating. We had around 50k Americans dying in VietNam , most against their wills or any sense of why we were there in the first place. It was a difficult time in history, as truthfully, all other times have been and will continue to be.

Jesus came to cut through all of that, and no one understood Him or His teachings. Humans are incorrigibly given to structures and self-interest. Jesus was a Jew, and the Jews hated him. The Romans were intrigued, but wary of him. He looked at the Roman judge and said,” My Kingdom is not of this world.” Still, they thought he might be a threat. His teachings have to do only with the human heart and mind. He loves and loves and loves more in the face of hatred.

Why didnt Jesus provide the taxes to keep the poor poor?

Did u understand Jeses message?

SUN 4:08PM

The entire history of humankind is the story of man’s inhumanity to mankind in one form or another. Stronger people vanquished weaker people. Men preyed upon women. Children were then, and now, utilized for stronger people’s exploitation. Jesus taught charity, BUT based on personal autonomy, personal responsibility. His kingdom is not political. It supersedes all man made constructs like governments, , all time and space and all geography and physical differences. It is a kingdom of the soul, the individual heart and mind, It is a message of God’s love for each person’s uniqueness and individual fingerprints of the soul. God LOVES so much that he gave us freedom and autonomy and complete free will. Then, He /She urges us to choose the things that would make us happier and healthier. Those choices are tiny and large.

SUN 6:02PM
You didn’t answer the question. Is it because you know that The Diamond Invention book explains that the biggest thieves who have stolen from the masses fooled you into believing that you needed to pay taxes to keep the government in business?

So I will make it simple for you. Why didn’t Jesus direct you to The Diamond Invention book so that the poor masses wouldn’t need your or anyone else’s charity.

Didn’t Jesus first of all teach you how to be smart?

If you put aside Jesus’ teachings, when you start to get your head around The Diamond Invention book do you begin to feel stupid and by the end of the prologue you feel totally stupid?

Is that why you have resorted to bringing religion into the discussion where it is all you speak about?

Do you see the solution in The Diamond Invention book to ridding the world of all the poor people without killing them through wars and equally contrived malnutrition?

When you call me a kamakatzi you must have been reflecting internally and saw yourself on a suicide mission.

I have never been aware of that book or your theories. Ever.
I literally never heard any of that before.

I’m speaking only of your take-no-prisoners approach/style of communications. That style is incendiary. Verbal flame throwing.

When you speak of the poor, the disenfranchised, etc, then I am always going to be forced to reference God.

Only God can f

fix people.

The book which was not written by me is not my theories. It explains simply the corruption of the money that I know is not contained in the New Testament.

You are angry because you feel totally stupid and your religious preachings are not convincing.

I’m not angry at all.

I think you are interesting.

Otherwise, I would have blocked you.

You would know that De Beers-Barclays never hired you or thought you were smart enough to pass their year long entrance exam.


I got to see everything that Edward Jay Epstein wrote about in The Diamond Invention book.

I never heard of their test.

I never think of them!

It causes every politician and every religious person to shake in their boots, and of course those who have got rich on the backs of the poor.

For me, everything you’ve said is from a different Universe.

Yes, you laugh. Wake up tomorrow morning and tell me how you feel. Better yet reply to the email broadcasts where you are included.

Everything is from a different universe? Is the pricing of the money coming from a different universe?

I am at the vet hospital w my boy/Golden. As of yet, I’ve never seen the book or braid says you reference.

I’m still very interested in what you two eat. Vegetarianism is not easy. I need recipes.

I am not interested in sharing with you information about a healthy diet which you should have spoken to Jesus about if you couldn’t figure it out on your own by researching the Internet and using common sense.

I laughed because Flame-thrower Gary showed up with yet another insult.

Let me again give you a hyperlink to chapter 9 of The Diamond Invention book, titled, Diamonds for Hitler.

Chapter Nine – Diamonds for Hitler
he strategic importance of diamonds became acutely clear to both the Allies and Axis powers with the approach of the Second World War in 1939. Only diamonds were hard enough to stamp out the millions of precision parts that were necessary for mass-producing airplane engines, torpedoes, tanks, artill…

I don’t wear diamonds. So, all this info is is an economic and historical theory.

Let’s move on.

What reasons can you give for why you are single?

Do you think it is healthy for a woman your age not to have a lover?

Or do you have a lover but still you consider yourself single?

I’m 65. I was married for 33 years.

No lovers.

Let’s come back to The D I book which has everyone including the richest multi-billionaires very angry.

Why does it make people angry?

Stop writing and I will answer your question why it makes people angry.

Have you stopped writing?

Answer me “yes” and I will explain.

Im waiting for your answer.

Talking to vet

Tell your Vet that you are about to get the answer to a question that disturbs everyone; maybe when the vet gets the answer the vet will give you a discount.

Still let me know when you want the answer to your question.

How much time do you need to continue talking to the vet?

I cannot imagine what it must be like to be a healthy 65 year old woman and not have a regular lover. Have you taken your frustration up with Jesus and what does Jesus say?

I am just using filler waiting for your “yes” answer.

Not having a lover when your healthy body is telling you that you are depriving it, including your mind of the greatest joy of them of all, must feel like if you are sick person and frustrated as hell including being envious of those who are healthy.

Are you attracted to your Vet?

If they were more attractive would you come on to them?

I wish to move the conversation to the important question you asked.

Good grief.

The vet is a kid.

I have children older .

A kid? did the vet finish high school yet?

I don’t agree with you. Not the “greatest pleasure.”

Are you saying that there is an age group of adults that you are not attracted to?

Are you more attracted to 90 year old men or healthy 21 year old men?

Is there a middle ground for you which you would like to date?

Not an issue. Really.

Men have been dangerous to me.

You have been writing now for several minutes so you are finished with the Vet. Are you ready for my answer to your question.

Younger fellows appear to be sons, and I am only concerned about their lives and choices.

Vet is still here. Next room…looking at test results…

I read “Men have been dangerous to me”.

Are you ready for the answer to your question?

Men want to be in charge. Sick to death if that crap.



Don’t want a lazy “cook for me” guy around.

Don’t want a narcissist.

Im only interested when you are ready for the answer to your question about why everyone gets angry once they start reading The D I book.

I like active people.

Hate giant bellies.

I am not yet offering a dating service.

I love intelligence and CHARACTER.

You asked. 🙃

There is a reason why you are avoiding staying quiet and letting me answer that very important question.

Answer the question , then. If he comes back, I can’t look at my phone.

Just write “yes” and then be quiet.

You know that FB messaging provides a date/time stamp on each message.

This is going to help a great many people like yourself in denial about the teaching of The D I book because they are not going to want to look stupid.

Everyone wants to think they are different but when they read The D I book they realize quickly that not even putting on makeup or changing their hairstyle makes them feel different inside to everyone else.

The feeling of stupid transcends any and all other emotions.

It is a totally brilliant book.

You must be very eager to hear my answer.

Let’s assume he hasnt come back.

If he comes back, can you ask him to hold his thought for 20 seconds?

You wrote, “Everything is from a different universe”.

The pricing of the money does not come from a different universe.

Nor is it something you should be laughing about because the pricing of the money by the biggest thieves who are also the biggest warmongers and they have their fingers in every military weapon system is murderous to the poor.

Every rabbi, mullah and Christian priest reacts very angry to The D I book.

You should be able to now understand that perfectly.

Every Vet I have met reacts the same way.

Every human, short of a handful react very angry.

They say things like, “You are a flame thrower”.

Even if you weren’t very religious you must be feeling very sick inside accusing me of wrongdoing.

Not accusing you of wrongdoing. Commenting on your “style” only.

I have been very generous with my knowledge and therefore you would expect that if there is a Higher Authority it is not only you who will be severely punished.

Yes you were attacking me when you comment viciously on my “style” which is simply truthful and straightforward.

You just don’t like the truth that you have wasted your life thinking that all your and your daughter’s charity work was helping the poor when if you had only used common sense you would have figured out a far better solution such as going to the people who price the money out of thin air.

Again, it is the feeling of stupid that reaches so deep into the human that they lash out so very illogically.

Love you, Gary. Keep being you.

But, you should stop bashing other people.

How dare you lecture me?

I have just proven to you that you are no different to conscienceless people who when given the information that the money is price fixed lash out, “You should stop bashing other people”.

You do not love me. You are a liar.

You cannot love someone who calls you a hypocrite.

I think we are done. When you either block me and/or tell me that you have nothing more to say then I will begin to publish our writings.

Not true. I think your intensity and life examination makes you interesting and lovable. Most people are apathetic, watch tv, eat fast food and sleep.

I don’t take other peoples opinions personally.

You can call me a hypocrite if that’s how you see it.

You are interesting.

Not true?

I am calling you a hypocrite because you are a hypocrite. That is of course my opinion.

What are you now doing about sharing with everyone you know including the vet the fact the money is price fixed?

I like it that you love your wife.

I like it that you strive to be healthy.

I like your search for knowledge.

I like that you are being punished by not having a healthy male lover.

I like that you have been punished by not having the common sense to figure out on your own how to be healthy.

If any of us go around harassing people verbally, we will be banned from their offices and lives. That results in having zero influence.

I don’t want a “male lover.”

I like the fact that I will be using your stupidity, your hypocrisy, your poverty of thought to teach young people to avoid people like you as you were a leper.

For me, living is about respectful partnership.

Nor do I need you to teach me how to reach others who I have already reached.

You are just describing a sex act. For some of us, there is no such thing for a being that is not a dog, pig, fish, etc. Even some birds/animals mate for life.

So, “healthy lover” has no meaning to me. Oxymoron.

You are no different to all those who are angry and retaliate once they find out that their government relied on you not having the common sense to figure out that the money is as price fixed as priced fixed diamonds.

Got to go. Conference time w folks here. My Golden guy is not ok.

Moreover, De Beers-Barclays and their bought government officials also knew that you would all react this way once you found out.

You are a Christian. You must have heard of killing the messenger.

Again, your punishment must logically continue after you take your final breath.

Then again you Christians beleive that at any time you can say you are sorry and be saved. That does not mean your belief system is right.

You must remember your total stupidity which I placed up on my FB wall; should I repeat it for you?

Now think hard about this.

A great many people including the world’s top politicians and clerics have known The Diamond Invention book spells out the bone chilling facts that there has been nothing close to democracy anywhere in the world since the turn of the last century and nor was there much democracy before.

They didn’t share it with you.

They may have shared it with other people you knowl including your daughter, but no one shared this bone chilling facts with you.

You also know that you were pulling at straws when you said that there are good people out there because a good person would immediately share the rigging of the money with everyone, but no one does, other than me and my wife.

My mother and father made the best choices they possibly could which was to assist me by keeping my biggest enemies; namely family members as close to my parents as possible not only in terms of common sense but Chinese general Sun Tzi got it right using common sense, “Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer”.

You know that it was not only today you sprouted your nonsense about the rich paying most of the taxes and all that spent time and energy that you have been talking all your nonsense can never be made up for.

So you have to examine your already very long life and think most of all what a total waste of time and resources given all the food and drink you have consumed and elminated and what exactly have you accomplished other than you are a talker like everyone else when not also threatening.

How do you go back to all the people you know who have heard your nonsense political speeches and most of course would agree with you and say, “I have now learned the teachings of The Diamond Invention book, and I was talking out of my rear end. I want to apologise to you but I don’t know how I can possibly make up for all the lost time you wasted listening to my nonsense.”

To those who disagree with you on your political-economic speeches, it will be no less tough.

Such a punishment I see as worst than what God decided to do with the residents of Sodom & Gomorah.

The night sky tonight was more beautiful than at any time in my life.

That was because, while the night sky has only got a little dimmer with each passing moment, I got to spend that spiritual time with my lover that you would first of all need to be a healthy male to begin to appreciate as much as I do and our person dog Mango.

You have to look forward to waking up tomorrow, hoping all your pains including brain pains are not so painful and wondering a worst case scenario that everyone is corrupt and will do everything within their power to prevent the knowledge of the price fixing of the money from getting out to the masses until such time as sufficient numbers of poor humans can be eliminated and for their remnants to be herded into reservations and never heard from again.

I will though do my best to send a message to this Operation Blessing.

Do you or your daughter have an email address for them?

I have sent them a communication.

Are you saying that you are not angry that the politicians you most trust have been lying to you about the price of the money that determines how much you pay for your dog when it gets sick and you feel you need a Vet to intervene, or how much you pay for your food or how much we pay our soldiers or the parking and speeding tickets as well as what we pay the police to protect and serve during natural disasters as well as without?

My God, I just saw your comment, “So, ‘healthy lover’ has no meaning to me. Oxymoron.”

Since it has no meaning then your preferance would not be to have a healthy human as your lover than say a fat pig human who smells, you have to dig through the fat to find their equipment and you are thinking about employing hydraulics to satisfy you?

Your common sense says that there is no difference between a human who respects their body temple and somone who is glutton?

Is this what is taught in the New Testament? Could you provide with the relevent reference, thank you.

I also see that you are up and read my previoius comments including the last “reference”.

Since you were providing me with the attributes you are looking for in a male lover and I assume you are sticking to your guns that a healthy lover has no meaning to you over an unhealthy lover just so long as you are sexually satisfied, how would you describe the physical attributes of your lover of 33 years?

Did he leave you or did you leave him?

Remember you have made it clear to me, a complete stranger, that your husband was overcontrolling and saw you as nothing more than a cook, without me getting into how come you couldn’t find healthy, delicious vegan where the main ingredient is sunflower seeds, not pork, not horse, not cow, not duck, not chicken humans, just sunflower seeds, so how great was he in bed?

These are questions you should be prepared to answer before discussing with a prospective lover what you hope to find in him to satisfy you, and yes you should share with this prospect everything that you have shared with me, a complete stranger.

I will assume that you have found the emails I have send you unless you gave me a false email address and then you will only find the problems you have today getting worse.

Just because I do not share your value system does not mean my knowledge of God is deminished; on the contrary when coming across people such as yourself, it is only enhanced and has me wanting to enjoy each and every moment I have remaining only with my wife Marie and Mango; and without any fear of what comes next.

You see when you are armed with the knowledge of The Diamond Invention book which I witnessed firsthand back in the late 1970s, you quickly get to see how beautiful is this world in stark contrast with the rotten human who is so out of place.

What percentage of the 3 million Americans in prison today do you think deserve to be there more than those on Wall Street and Capital Hill who continue to provide protection to monopolist De Beers-Barclays and all their affiliate banking and mining affiliates?

Let’s see how your Operation Blessing handle the truth. Do you mind if I use your name?

Do you have any second thoughts, regrets about what you have written to me? If so, please spell them out.

Again, you have provided great insight into the thinking of those raised with “blind faith” belief that never had you questioning either your religious or political leadership about how the money is valued because not only did they have the words, IN GOD WE TRUST smacking you in the face each time you pulled a $ bill but they had you distracted by all the consumerism.

Then there was the bad, poison food that prevented your brain from escaping the horrific torture brainwashing that stopped you from looking at the economic index GDP which enslaved the poor in mineral rich countries whose leadership were the pawns of the false propogandists.

As people like you have been educated by only me about The Diamond Invention game , so they are removing the cash from circulation because they know how horrific you feel about having been conned.

There are in fact no words to describe how people such as you feel about this epic con other than one can examine the trajectory of your nasty minds when uttering false accusations, “Kamakatze”, “flame thrower” and “you should stop bashing other people”.

Character obviously does not mean much to you because you are guilty of character assassination when you charge me falsely.

It was not only the Apartheid Regime of South Africa that was complicit with global banker De Beers-Barclays but each and every church starting with the World Council of Churches.

Notice that there is not the word “Jew” in World Council of Churches but you would recognize the name Archbishop Desmond Tutu who also presided over the Truth & Reconciliation Commission which was principally geared to both distract as well as flush out people like my classmate and cousin Sandra Jacobson [1957-1997] who was brutally assassinated the year after she gave testimony before the commission about a debacle that led to the murder of senior commanders in the armed wing of the ANC who she had organized a “safe house” which of course was anything but safe.

When you were threatening me about the trouble I could get into if I continued down this path to expose the corruption to the light you were not seeking to look out for my best interests because you were threatening.

The fact that you allowed yourself to back off as well as laugh off everything before plunging back into religious scripture is very old school.

You are not original.

The fact that I kept quiet for 24 years after leaving De Beers’ employment is testimony to my knowledge that there was not a single organization on the planet that said they were trying to help the downtrodden that was not rotten to its core.

Once you involve religious scripture in your arguments then you must ask yourself why didn’t Jesus make you smart to question how would a vile, warmongering, thieving monopolist go about eliminating all its opposition?

Yes, you never explained what is your “greatest pleasure”

It also did not go unnoticed your retaliation So, all this info is is an economic and historical theory. which is pretty much identical to everyone in denial.


e problem that you face is yourself.

Yes, if only you had just a little more common sense you would have figured out quickly how easy it would be for a group with their own untraceable currency to infiltrate each and every grass roots organization including Operation Blessing.

You never had a problem with my “style” you simply couldn’t come up with a counter argument.

You throw all your masters education but you never mentioned that during all these years of wasted time as your body organs were dying and it not helping that you didn’t have the sophistication of a healthy mind to let you know the best way to fight natural entropy, the lecturers and the text books did not spell out that the business of a corrupt government is to corrupt grass roots organizations before they take root.

Yes, you are following along perfectly and that does not mean you have forgotten that your dogs if only you had fed them the same healthy diet which does not have an animal component, they might have guided you better.

What you will notice going forward is that you are going to be speaking less, and that means you are also going to be eating less because with less energy dispersed you will require less replenishing.

That too will be good for the environment because there really isn’t much that I can see that you contribute to making this world more beautiful.

Do you think that I have left anything out?

Good grief, Gary. You left out that you are addicted to being a verbal and emotional abuser. You should spend time silently meditating on the idea that you truly seem to believe that you are the only smart person on the planet.

I read your “Good grief”.

Are you happy that you were conned into believing that the money is fairly priced?

Are you happy that you couldn’t figure out with all your masters education that the GDP index punished the poor in mineral rich countries twice?

Do you understand why mineral rich countries are punished twice with the GDP?

Oops what happened?

How can you not answer those very important questions?

Do you not consider it abuse on your part that you have been pontificating a lifetime about money, economics, taxes and politics and you didn’t know the first thing you were talking about?

You have already admitted that you are the addict.

You at 65 years of age cannot even break the meat habit. Would you put it down to your strength of willpower or that you have no willpower?

Have you taken it up with Jesus why you feel so negative towards men, and what and when did Jesus enlighten you?

Did Jesus suggest that you spend less time on FB and research a healthy diet which can only improve your thinking?

Im assuming that all the writing you are now doing is about your knowledge of the GDP.

I like Salmon. Tuna. many researchers agree. Your choices don’t constitute rightness. You don’t get to be a dictator to the world, Gary.

I have two sons. I don’t have any dislike for men, in general. I defend them quite often. I dislike controlling people, who often happen to be male.

Their sweet little boy hearts were just as vulnerable as a little girl’s heart.

Forget that the research you have found is flawed; don’t you have any feelings towards the killing of another animal?

You and I differ on that.

I don’t hunt. My family didn’t hunt. I had horses and dogs, ducks and chickens and rabbits for pets.

You like that stuff because you are like most an addict to things that are bad for you. Have you smelled rotting tuna in your intestines before they evacuate?

We differ because I have learned to be more sensitive to more enlightened animals.

You don’t hunt but you leave the killing of the tuna and salmon to others. So you are also a coward.

Let’s stick to the slaughter of human beings. Come back to your knowledge or lack of knowledge of the GDP. Do you understand why the GDP punishes the poor in mineral rich countries twice and rewards the aggressor humans?

You last wrote to me at 10:23am Calif. time. I replied at 10:25am.

I am only on The Internet including Facebook because of the atrocity of the GDP which is inextricably tied to the price fixing of the money.

4 minutes have gone by since I had you remove all your extraneous thoughts from your mind and focus on the heinous GDP index.

It of course troubles everyone from the financial poorest to the super rich multi-billionaires because none of them gave it a moment’s thought.

That does not make me the stupid person or arrogant for that matter. It makes all of you both stupid and arrogant.

You cannot claim ignorance when you are given the irrefutable facts.

You cannot think that you can fool your mind or Jesus that you are a good person when you lash out because you feel that you have been part of something horrifically wrong.

You cannot think that all the charity work for the poor is good when their leadership either were corrupted or didn’t have the intellectual reasoning, the common sense to at least question how the GDP worked.

Imagine right now I bring in my 358 other FB friends to this conversation as well as the 5,000 individuals/groups on my email list, and they all agreed with you to ignore the ramifications of the GDP, would that make you happy?

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