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Day 2 – Intelligence Briefing: Call in your Secret Service detail!

From: Gary S Gevisser
Sent: Wednesday, January 21, 2009 5:40 PM PT
To: President Barack Obama
Cc: rest; Office of the Israeli Defense Department Attache – Israeli Embassy Washington DC.; Devin Standard; Kenneth Standard Esq. – Past President of the New State Bar Association; Jeffrey R. Krinsk – Finkelstein & Krinsk; Professor Joe “Could I Stop you?” Grundfest – Stanford University – former member of the SEC; Joseph Steinberg – President of Luecadia National Corporation;; Edward Jay Epstein – Author of The Diamond Invention; Nicholas Oppenheimer – DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC]; Ernest Slotar Inc.; Martin Rapaport -CEO Rapaport Report; Stephen Cohen – Codiam Inc.;; Warren Buffett – upper middle class player of De Beers & Co.; Laura Coyne – Ben Ridge Jewler – Owned by Warren Buffett of De Beers and Co.; Roger W. Robinson – aka “Our Man Roger” – co-founder of PSSI – Former Chairman and Vice Chairman, U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission-Protege of senior DAAC operative David Rockefellar – Chairman of J.P. Morgan-Chase Manhattan Bank; Molly H. Hubbard – Director of Development James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy – JAB’s law firm representing the House of Saud; Alan M. Dershowitz – Harvard University Law School; Deborah “Aggressive-Billions Nazi Slave Wage” Sturman Esq.; Rabbi Caspers Funnye – Close relation of First Lady Elect Michelle Obama; Professor Rabbi Abner Weiss; Author-Journalist Mark Gevisser – son of David Gevisser, executor of American Charles Engelhard’s estate;; Ronnie Kasrils – South African Cabinet Minister; Trevor Manuel – South Africa’s Minister of Finance; Judy Montagu – Letters Editor – The Jerusalem Post; Jason Ritchie – Honored US Navy submarine Sonar Operator with Top Secret Clearance; John Dau – A Leader of the Lost Boys of the Sudan; Jay McMichael – CNN photojournalist; Oprah;; Tefo Mohapi; Augusto Benito Vargis; Embassy of Pakistan – Interests Section of the Islamic Republic of Iran; Cuban Government; Sargent Amanda Lopez – US Army Recruiter; Ron Bellows – Senior Risk Management specialist – AIG, now owned and operated by the United States Government; DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc.; Melanie Gurvits Esq. – Steven Spielberg’s lawyer; President Rosenberg of the Screen Actors Guild; Mr Mohamed Enver Surty – Deputy Minister of Education;; Rush Limbaugh; Mossad
Subject: Day 2 – Intelligence Briefing: Call in your Secret Service detail!

President Obama,

When Nelson Mandela praises you for now being in a position to rid the world of the “sense of hopelessness”, and includes himself when he says, “We can change the world and make it a better place”, you know that Mr. Mandela is carrying the most extraordinary burden on his shoulders, that will remain there until he takes his last breath; moreover, it is not only right, but what one would expect of a most smart and extraordinarily vengeful God.

I detest those who derive great satisfaction in exceeding the limits of their small authority; i.e. evil doesn’t come in the form of a pointed tail or pitched fork! – Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq. – Finkelstein & Krinsk.

Mr. Mandela like you, knows the problems of the world have nothing to do with racism, color, sex, or religion, just corrupt people like the two of you, who have been in a position to speak out, but have not, because otherwise you wouldn’t be in a position to be the “lapdogs” of the “ruling elite”, which is from where I come.

It is not class warfare that I am encouraging; it is the class welfare system I am questioning; and I am a member of the favored class.

The only good news I see in today’s news is a photograph, that I have yet to see in the San Diego Union Tribune, that shows Democrats finally volunteering at the San Diego food bank.

The Democratic Party of the United States is the party of the rich, no strike that, the disgusting lazy rich.

Let me now tell you about who exactly is the Democratic Party of the United States.

They are the party of American-German Charles W. Engelhard whose funeral in March 1971 drew none other than those he supported the most; namely Senator Ted Kennedy

who Americans have forgotten killed Mary Jo Kopechne

and then went home to sleep; former President Lyndon Johnson and Vice President Humphrey, all big government Democratic succulents.

Do you remember that Ted Kennedy when standing alongside Lyndon Johnson and Vice President Humphrey, was unaccompanied by Mary Jo Kopechne at Charles W. Engelhard’s Roman Catholic funeral held at St. Mary’s Abbey Church, Morris Town, two words, New Jersey?

Not to mention that when reading Edward Jay Epstein’s epic non-fiction novel, The Diamond Invention, you are left with the distinct impression that both German-American Engelhard and his “junior partner” Anglo-German South African Harry Oppenheimer were Jewish, when nothing could be further from the truth.

To mention little of Epstein while mentioning that Engelhard had “no male heirs” makes no mention of when Engelhard, who is central to this most important historical book ever written, died; let alone the fact that the world’s richest human died so very young, age 54.

To mention in passing that Epstein who very quickly got co-opted-corrupted soon after embarking on The Diamond Invention back in 1978, the year I immigrated to the United States from South Africa with the single purpose of officially taking over as executor of Engelhard’s estate from my uncle David Gevisser, who became executor when Engelhard died on March 2nd, 1971, fails to mention that some 5 odd months later, on August 15th, 1971, the United States went officially off the Gold Standard, resulting in such an enormously rich estate that included control of the world supply of platinum; and more importantly, the “control person” position of the mafia monopoly De Beers-Anglo American Corporation [DAAC], the cartel of cartels, who went to great lengths to embarrass all 3 Branches of the United States Government when forcing their stooge, President elect John F. Kennedy to meet with Harry Oppenheimer at the Carlyle Hotel, located on the upper east end of Manhattan.

Go ahead right this very minute, and call in your Secret Service detail!

Ask them what they would have thought about the incoming President of the United States meeting the co-head of a mostly foreign based mafia monopoly and who should have been arrested the instant he set foot on US soil?

They are lying through their teeth if they were to say, “It is not my job to question the President!” because they also know that US Americans “pride ourselves” on being “a nation of laws”.

They would also be lying if they told you that such a meeting “is ancient history” since they are surely smart enough to know that the only purpose of such an embarrassing meeting was to let not only future President John F. Kennedy know but all future Presidents of the United States, that it is this mafia monopoly De Beers who “call the shots”.

Apart from resigning right now, the next best thing to do is call upon the United States Congress to “step down” and the US military to “stand down”, as I have said now repeatedly.

With every tick of the clock, given how such irrefutable facts are being spread at light-speed, those in our military who “appreciate” the importance of “truth” are more likely, than less likely to “turn”.

Charles W. Engelhard was not simply the mineral richest human being on planet mother earth he was an open supporter of the South African Apartheid Regime who the CIA brought to power on May 26th, 1948 and remained the world’s most brutally oppressive regime for an uninterrupted period of 45 odd years.

The backbone of the United States of America’
s Democratic Party are rich elitists from around the world, who have no loyalty to country, race or religion just to those who butter their bread; but of course we have our own home grown terrorists such as Ron Burkle with whom I happen to have great familiarity, although this first employer of Clinton following this DeBeers-Rhodes Scholar leaving the office of the White House namely the Oval Office in a shambles, his splattered semen to boot, I have yet to meet.

Mr. Clinton who may have known at one time his world history better than you, does not forget that founder of the monopolist De Beers was Cecil Rhodes whose first will spelled out clearly his desire for a “Secret Society” to ruthlessly rule the world.

Moreover, your Secretary of State’s dog-values husband had ample opportunity since he was President from 1992 to 2000 to lift the ban on Nelson Mandela – who became President of South Africa in 1994 – from entering the United States without special dispensation by the U.S. Secretary of State because the CIA had continued to label Mandela, who they “turned in” back in 1962, as a “terrorist”.

Not to mention that Charles E. Engelhard’s bought and paid President John F. Kennedy was Commander In Chief of all US Armed Forces that includes the CIA back in August 1962.

So let’s now get down to brass tacks Mr. President.

While your supporters do the presidency of the United States a great disservice as they went about booing President George W. Bush, something I would never do to you when it comes for you to leave, despite the fact that I know for a fact that you are not a man of your word, that you have no integrity, that you are as corrupt as any of the most corrupt elected and nonelected government officials throughout the world, and a neophyte to boot, explain right now in simple English why you never INSISTED and LONG BEFORE you decided to become yet another big government succulent, that as a “precondition” to taking money out of the hands of the poor, the CIA remove the labeling of Mandela as a “terrorist”.

The answer, because I do feel the need to spoon feed you and your idiot supporters is the fact the CIA let you all know then, as they do now, that they call the shots.

Not to mention that insurance scam on mostly black poor church goers that I mentioned yesterday, should have been your very first “executive order”, but then again, given how so very little you know about how the “real world” works, you have simply swept it aside; your thinking, I assume, that there are others ways you can get your rich fat cat friends who got you elected to “sumhow” [sic] make up; and if not then at least you must be thinking, “To hell with God”?

The question, especially for members of the US military who are not the only wired military in the world, is exactly when did you “sell out”?

Prior to you becoming a member of the Illinois Senate on January 8th, 1997 where you remained until November 4th, 2004, before going on to the US Senate starting on January 3rd, 2005 until November 16th, 2008 having become President elect of the United States on November 4th, the same day that Honored war veteran US Navy submarine Sonar Operator Jason M. Ritchie sent his so very important “Letter to the Editor” of the Jerusalem Post that was titled, “What is Israel waiting for?”, you had absolutely nothing jobs.

Not to mention starting on February 10, 2007, when you announced your candidacy for President of the United State you have been too busy with spreading your “campaign rhetoric” which is what you call it, and you weren’t doing a god-dam thing in the Senate.

To mention little of 7 odd days following you leaving Illinois Senate on November 4th, 2004, I broke my 24-year deafening silence with the mafia monopoly De Beers; do my words, “Remember me?” ring a bell?

To mention in passing, you have been receiving FBI as well as CIA intelligence briefings ever since you became President elect on November 4th of last year, and the FBI would have also told you that my copying them, beginning 11.11.2004 on my most “revealing” communiqués to the mafia monopoly De Beers, who own you lock, stock and barrel, no different to John F. Kennedy, was not my first “contact” with the FBI in terms of me “briefing” them, when they first approached me in the early 1990s to assist them in the sentencing of a big time Wall Street crook.

Again, I am available to meet with you anytime, so long as it is here in the United States since I have lost my American passport and couldn’t yet be bothered to get a replacement; preferable if it is here in perfect climate Del Mar, California, and may I suggest you bring along George W. Bush because I know at least two very “to-get-her” [sic] women who would just love to give him a hug and kiss, and of course I would limit my kisses for Laura and First Lady Michelle.

At least equal in importance, I see nothing in your bio on Wikipedia calling upon any US Government official at any time even when you were being funded by Mr. Rezko with Lebanese terrorist links, to allow Mr. Mandela who seem to care so much about to be allowed to freely enter the United States.

So why “harp” on Mr. Mandela who is also so very quiet on this most important fact of life that will remain a significant part of both your remaining consciences for the remainder of your lives; again God’s vengeance so very obvious for all to see, is extraordinarily telling.

Again, deafening silences speak the most volume.

Yes, the utter disgrace to the Presidency of the United States that the CIA is not right this very moment being raked over the coals for both “turning in” Mandela and only in July 2008 during George W. Bush’s second term in office was such a “black spot” on the US Congress finally removed.

Yes, so in YOUR FACE is the CIA who are nothing more than the United States Congress’ terrorist of terrorist financing organization.

But the problem is the CIA, who own you, are in the FACE of all of us United States citizens as well as the citizens of the world.

You think the CIA suddenly like Black people?

The “ruling elite” could care less whether you are black, white, pink or green just so long as you make a point of letting everyone know you are a Black President, but much more importantly, that you do as you are told; and you, so far, make them perfectly happy with your choice of CIA Director Robert Gates as the U.S. Minister of Offense/Defense.

Most Americans as well as foreigners have long forgotten that Robert Gates was part of the Iraqi Study Group Finding orchestrated by Sec. James A. Baker III’s Baker Institute.

Of course you should read that “finding” again [click hyperlink below] and so should Robert Gates, because, at a minimum, it explains that Sec. James A. Baker III, who is seen by the masses as this “conservative Republican”, was no friend of former President George W. Bush, who you can bet your bottom worthless-fictitious DeBeers-US Dollar is going to be starting to smile a whole lot more as you exponentially feel the weight of the world on your shoulders.

Let me leave you with this email I received back on Tuesday, September 16th, 2003 from my close colleague, Black African American, Devin Standard whose father Kenneth is a recent past President of the New York State Bar Association

Subject: Re: ?If I am not for myself who is 4 me? And if I am only 4 myself, who am I? If not now, then when?


Spot on!
Not much more can be said?
Any, and all moral highground is undermined if the minute one’s proprietary skin has been saved, one turns a blind eye to lesser, equivalent, or greater evil. The fact that the gift of one’s life has been spared obligates one to, if not ruthl
essly wield the sword of righteousness, to at the very least, shine a light into the dark corners where evil manifests. Otherwise you are abetting the Devil you’ve recently dodged. Cheers, D

Gary S. Gevisser

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