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Definition of father: Positive Consistent Presence

From: Gary S Gevisser []
Sent: Monday, February 09, 2009 3:35 PM
To: Adam L Tucker
Cc: rest; US Attorney Patrick J. Fitzgerald – US Department of Justice – Office of Special Counsel – prosecuted case against Scooter Libby, Chief of Staff to former VP Cheney, Attorney of Clinton Pardoned, Marc “Trading with the enemy” Rich ; Adele BUTCHER Strous Clingman wife of Alan “Trading with the enemy” Clingman; Roy Essakow – Executive of Marc “Trading with the enemy” Rich; Hilary-Bill DeBeers-Rhodes Scholar-Rich Clinton – US Secretary of State; ‘’; ‘’; Leutenant William Kemery – San Diego Sheriffs Department Internal Affairs Unit; The Cow who shoots poison tipped arrows for BIG BEN aka former practicing pathologist Dr. John Ben Stewart MD. aka The IT aka The Sperm Donor aka The Slimeball of Slimeballs; FBI; Devin Standard; Paul Hervieux; Roy Essakow – Executive of Marc “Trading with the enemy” Rich; Hilary-Bill DeBeers-Rhodes Scholar-Rich Clinton – US Secretary of State; Bernard Lazarus – Open Supporter of The South African Apartheid Regime and brother of Gunter “The Pig” Lazarus; Paul Hervieux; ‘Gabriella Blum’; Alan M. Dershowitz – Harvard University Law School; Noam Chomsky – MIT Professor; Ernest Slotar Inc.; Nicholas Oppenheimer – DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC]; Warren Buffett – upper middle class player of De Beers & Co.; Laura Coyne – Ben Ridge Jewler – Owned by Warren Buffett of De Beers and Co.; Stephen Cohen – Codiam Inc.;; Martin Rapaport -CEO Rapaport Report; Eliot Spitzer – Former Governor of New York State – Former Attorney General of New York State – Linked to Prostitution Ring ; Michael Berlin Esq. – Office of Attorney General; Michael Strauss Esq. – International Monetary Fund; Whitman Knapp Esq. – Office of Attorney General; Edward Jay Epstein – Author of The Diamond Invention; ‘’; ‘’;; ‘’; King Golden Jr. Esq. – former General Counsel of Science Applications International Corporation – left wing University of Virginia Law School graduate – “bosom buddy” of right wing senior National Security Council member, Roger W. Robinson ; Roger W. Robinson – aka “Our Man Roger” – co-founder of PSSI – Former Chairman and Vice Chairman, U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission-Protege of senior DAAC operative David Rockefellar – Chairman of J.P. Morgan-Chase Manhattan Bank; Judy Montagu – Letters Editor – The Jerusalem Post;; Professor Rabbi Abner Weiss; Rabbi Ezaqui – Chabad, La Jolla, California; Rabbi Menachem Creditor; Rabbi Berk – Congregation Beth Israel, San Diego; Rabbi Caspers Funnye – Close relation of First Lady Michelle Obama; President Barack Obama; President George W. Bush; Adam L Tucker
Subject: Definition of father: Positive Consistent Presence – We have the right to refuse you service!! RE: Logic 101 – Consolidation of wealth


Do you understand why you are not alone in having “missed the boat”?

The photo above shows me in my mother’s arms when my mom Zena was some 29 odd years of age.

Below are two photos of my very attractive, and most good figure mother, sufficient to have my genius literate and numbers person mother be a runner-up in the Miss England competition, despite some 5 inches shy of 6 feet,

onboard, what I believe to be the Southampton Castle, a cruise liner that she and her immediate family, made up of her extraordinarily cash rich father Al, mother Rachelle, and half-brother Joe traveled on from England to South Africa in late 1947, when their first stop was Cape Town, South Africa where they spent the first two weeks “resting up” at the 5 Star Mount Nelson Hotel nestled in the foothills of the magnificent Table Mountain.

During this time as well as when to make the point to dog mouth, dog value oil-pusher-trader-traitor wife Adele Butcher Strous Clingman, my not exactly “dog”

mom and very good looking and extraordinarily athletic Fighter-Bomber-Pilot

father Bernie, were the private guests of Pandit Nehru,

Prime Minister of India where their “escort” for the two weeks that they stayed with Mr. Nehru was none other than Indira Ghandi, Adele NON-KOSHER, NON-VEGETARIAN BUTCHER Strous Clingman’s father and his two brothers were butchering “cr*p” [sic] meat, that I can tell you was not fit for my super Italian Greyhound Pypeetoe, who before Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq. of Finkelstein & Krinsk began hooking our sweet, so silk-soft to the touch, garlic breath, most aware and beautiful soul in the whole wide world

on US$88 48 ounce Rainwater’s Porterhouse steaks

was first weaned on gourmet food, courtesy of the most excellent vegetarian cooking provided by the folks from Rupa Wasi, Machu Picchu, Peru.

And here you have the ugliest, the fatso of fatsos low life carnivores, Durban’s White Trash of White Trash calling my immediate family “low lifes”!

When has The Tonight show been any funnier?

You might have forgotten that my mother’s one model, Penny Coelen, who you standing next to the rowing boat on Durban’s “White Only” south Beach, freezing her very cute buns off, appeared alongside Jonny Carson; and it is possible that my mother had not yet arrived in the United States

and nor was Zena at the function where Penny Coelen was crowned Miss World, the first South African Miss World of 1958, which is the date Penny herself wrote in blue pen in that one-of-a kind photo I keep in art gallery-studio cliff house perched atop the bluffs of heavily real estate and city council corrupt Del Mar, California.

Why wouldn’t I bother focusing on the wife of the business partner of Marc “Trading with the enemy” Rich, and at the same time have the world’s TV addicted, couch potato “imagineless”, who need everything spelled and why porn is so big, imagine what exactly was my mother doing, “From earliest days of 1949 [Zena] visited Israel two and three times a year, writing reports for different publications] when still aged 19, and married less than 3 months to my extraordinarily virile, land and multinational conglomerate rich father; both my dad and mom independently, let alone combined as one team, backed by their not exactly inconsequential respective fathers – who were no “pushovers” and capable of eating a lion let alone become like Adele’s butcher aunt a meal for a hungry African lion sent of course by God – more than equipped

of running circles around the likes of Sol “Gambling Czar” Kersner whose parents’ kosher hotel, The Minora, is where my mother and, again her very cash rich parents first stayed, all covered in great detail in memoirs, “Life Story of Zena” first published via email on September 25th, 2001, some 5 odd days following the Los Angeles Times “going public” with the decision by the FBI and CIA to ignore the Mossad’s crystal clear and prescient timing “heads up” in August, one month prior to 9/11.

Side note to Adele: Consider this communiqué like you would a 10% off grocery store coupon when contacting my mom and see how much she would charge you for two-week

Charm School course because I doubt very much unless someone stitches permanently your lower lip to your upper lip and then for added protection to my mother and her second husband Alan Zulman as well as their dog, wired with galvanized steel of even better fabrication holding up the Golden Gate Bridge your lower jaw to your upper jaw.

Adam, you surely still have right alongside you those 3 interconnecting circles representing, Obama, President George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, and were all 3 connect, is the name Marc Rich.

And if you have forgotten then I can assure you that Un
ited States Attorney Patrick J. Fitzgerald has not.

Today you are not alone in perfectly understanding why it is that the “ruling elite” with access to all the world’s most powerful “gun-money-power” pick from the “bottom of the barrel”; and the Mossad also know they start out in my birth country of South Africa that houses the South African Reserve Bank.

Not mention they totally miscalculated with the great President George W. Bush, who did his best to level with the American people who don’t want to hear the truth because they cannot handle the truth, that begins with the fact that the most terrible job in the world is President of the United States of America, since all it involves is printing worthless money, before giving it to the rich, who don’t pay taxes, apart from what they get as handouts in the first place, and then declaring war on the world’s poor, whose mineral rich countries like South Africa have been raped by the United States Government with absolutely no loyalty to country, race or religion just to the mafia monopoly De Beers and Co. bankers who “butter their bread”, who first share the graft-spoils of oil wars with their distant “cousins” ruling elite throughout the world, who in turn dish out just enough to their “buffer” upper middle class, who are counted on to get laws passed that keep themselves as both “buffer” as well as “peacocks” from the ever growing and unruly masses, who with each passing moment are that much more enlightened, and not dumb enough to be “sucker punched” in to being in the least bit violent, let alone being willing to go to war with their poor brothers and sisters throughout the world, just so that they lazy rich and their good-for-nothing spoiled brat kids can play and poke fun at the financially poor, who are not quite as dumb as the lazy rich and their good-for-nothing spoiled rotten brat kids I am painstakingly, methodically and ever so patiently exposing in “real time”, in an all out effort to level the playing field which is so necessary in giving peace a better chance.

To mention little of the GREAT IMPORTANCE of this most DELICATE BALANCING ACT that the “buffer” upper middle class are expected to “play” as they, on the one hand for not having to work a day in their and their children’s lives, must get certain politicians elected who are easy to find because they are carefully handpicked by the ruling elite with plenty of time on their hands as well as monies to corrupt at any stage of the political campaigning which is 24/7 here in the United States, and then the politicians pass “gravy train” laws that has this “buffer” upper middle awash in taxpayer monies as well as monies created by the Federal Reserve Banks of the world that they are REQUIRED to spend making them the “ruling elite’s” PEACOCKs and the first to get “mowed down” were the “buffer” not successful in getting the “ruling elite’s” handpicked politicians to be successful in starting as well as concluding the so necessary genocidal wars to keep the masses at “manageable levels”; i.e. for local law enforcement to “administer the law” such parking tickets, unleashed dog fines, electronic cameras at light signals, no left turn on to 11th street on Highway 101 after 3pm weekdays unless it is a U turn and the such.

Naturally, the “buffer” upper middle class such as this moron Adele with her two maids to take care of her two dogs as Adele eats her poor husband Alan out of house and hold have the perfunctory jobs that has them saying, “I have a job” for example, “I am an artist painter” and belong to some bs art guild that they hope and pray will never be successful because in the next instant their big government succulent spouses who are the “bread winners” making it big on their big government handouts wouldn’t even be able to afford the impasto let alone canvas and paint brushes.

Now is that clear enough or do you want me to spell it out more?

Of course imagine the Butcher-Strous-Clingman’s non-vegetarian refrigerators stuffed full; and then imagine the smell after Adele, as big as a house, departs their bathroom and I “ASSume” [sic] Alan insists on his own; and yes I think we should all send Adele the sweetest smelling candles to keep with her also at all time.

What else do you suggest I do with my remaining time as I remain mostly surrounded by total and complete imbeciles?

It is important to remember how Adele started out, “Be there, done it” with regard to my simple question of what she remembered from the Nazi Jewish Kapos throughout South Africa and headed up in Durban by the Lazarus clan of Durban North, whose patriarchs were none other than Gunter “The Pig” Lazarus, who eventually had to choke on all his vile words when dying most horribly of throat cancer, and his brother Bernard Lazarus, who mostly resides here in La Jolla alongside the rest of his nauseating hypocritical Jewish South African “worshippers”, being reminded of my “Large Internet Presence” even when he tells all his “lardy Dah” friends that he is vacationing in Cape Town, South Africa, much like Grob Face Adele on her Facebook “wall” pea-cocking that she is now off to Pletenburg Bay, South Africa; and La Jolla you may still recall is separated from Del Mar which is one town further north by the heavily watered elitist Torrey Pines Golf Course which is designated a “public course” but you have to be able to afford the green fees and the such as well of course the customary betting.

Those bone chilling words, “IF THERE WAS NOT A BLACK PROBLEM IN SOUTH AFRCIA THERE WOULD BE JEWISH PROBLEM” while they cannot be “wished away” have yet to be addressed by the new President and Commander In Chief of all US Armed Forces, Senator Barack Obama who was first financed by Mr. Rezko with direct ties to US mafia kingpin Fred Deluca as well as terrorist groups in Lebanese.

Not to mention, Mr. Obama who has yet “to meet a payroll” in the private sector, chastised all us American citizens the other day by saying words to the effect, “Now everyone is an economist”.

We know for a fact that Obama is not an economist; moreover, he does not possess the very basic skills that I had at 12 years of age to read a financial statement and yet he is also Commander In Chief without any military experience apart from qualifying to play a pick up game of basketball with US soldiers which I guarantee you doesn’t even bring the least amount of grin to a “grunt” in the US Army, no matter the color of their skin; as they notice more like I always did that Mr. Obama has more white features than me, who is a full on blooded African American of the mostly white race and let me add “gently”, “weaker race”, who had, however, a whole lot more Black African mother’s milk for the first 3 years of my life than Mr. Obama who had zilch, a flat zero, number nought, zero meaning not coming even close to the genius mother’s milk of my Black African sisters who had no problem with my “slurping” – thank you very much Marie Dion Gevisser – God bless them all.

You haven’t forgotten that the Mossad have already achieved their objective when first deciding to produce, let alone allow me to broadcast their and Israeli Military Intelligence’s Military report of all time given how they knew for a fact when making such a very important “revealing prediction” that it was just a question of time following the Beijing Olympic Games when the CIA would tell the world that they are officially in charge of running the United States Government.

Not to mention for the umpteenth time the decision by President elect Obama to keep on CIA Director Robert Gates as his Minister of Offense as we all know this crazy war monger, who first advocated in 1994 a pre-emptive strike on North Korea that, thank God no one with any intelligence listened to at the time, succeed by failing under the Peter
Principal doctrine as Gates succeeded the very great Minister of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, as Gates became Sec. of State James A. Baker III’s “pick” following the “sandbagging” of President George W. Bush who was not “going along with the program”.

When before in the history of war has someone close to my “hugely credible” spelled it all out well ahead of, “time running out” without being confined to solitary confinement in a padded

prison cell in Budapest, “HUnGARY” [sic] or having to smuggle papers out of country to be published in one of the mafia monopoly De Beers’ news/magazine outlets?

And yet I cannot even get the Israeli Knesset to confirm me as Business Development Director for the State of Israel!!!

Gold last trading at US$ 896.90

a troy ounce on the spot market, and mining unions around the world have yet to call for a strike to show their displeasure with the failure of their governments to apply the “rule of law” to those forward/future contracts which were entered into by foreign and well as domestic corporations, “under duress”.

By The Way, thanks for creating this hyperlink that I have now added to my missive, “Are you going to be reporting to me or the Mossad chief?”

BTW, we are now into I think our 5th day of fairly consistent rain and snow, and right now we are getting it little bit of hail, and just this instant 1:44 pm Pacific Standard Time we are continuing to get fairly heavy snowfall that is having more problem sticking than earlier to the trees and ground that were around mid-morning all white; beyond belief corny picturesque: just absolutely awesome to watch all this within the panoramic view of the cozy Stone home and stark wildness outside hooked to the world via satellite; the trees, the shrubbery all the wildlife big and small feasting off such a much needed godsend; but if you are a migrant worker still providing 50 cent a head lettuce at the still very well stock supermarkets like Vons, Ralphs, Albertsons etc etc catering to the world’s largest welfare society and you are in your freezing tin shack, not able to work the fields just a mile or so away from your canyon hideaway and you feel that shiver, that cough that keeps getting worse, and back home down in Guatemala Mexico, they know what you are going through and when you speak you don’t speak about such things, just the money, just the money, just the money, life doesn’t get any worse unless you are selfish bastard recipient of this email or worse yet on my “$ hit list” [sic] and by virtue of “osmosis” or simply calling it “shared energy” or as my mother and I like to say, “ancient energy”, these people can that much easier weather this storm and if not those that follow will be that much more empowered not to put up any longer with all the “cr*p” [sic].

When you have the time let me know how we are doing with migrating all that data over from our previous webhosting company,

Not to mention the Monster of Monsters, The IT returned this past Friday from his disability-surfing leave in Hawaii, but “sumthing” [sic] still tells me that not only are his heavily diseased eyes insufficiently recovered to get back his job of lead falsifier of insurance claims for the pathology department at the criminal enterprise of Sharp Memorial Hospital, San Diego, where they knew when hiring him without first giving him an eye exam that this pathologist had incredibly poor eyesight, which is why he got the US$ 300,000 plus, plus, plus a year job, with some 6 weeks’ vacation a year for doing all the “heavy lifting” that involved nothing more than moving a pen across a bunch of paper work as in “Ca-Chin, Ca-Chin”, but no less equal in importance the FBI are unlikely to bother with handcuffing him before booking him as well as his attorney for their multiple criminal acts including using local law enforcement as well as the FBI to have me “run out town” – just this minute, 1:52 pm a bunny dashed along the increasingly less white carpeted but very well wet ground directly in front

of where I am reclining in the most comfortable slay bed, looking due south out of the left facing bedroom windows, the cloud cover a little too low to see much out of the vaulted stained glass window that has clear glass on either side.

Everyone in the moment just using each other.

You just don’t get it; at least not 24/7.

You would expect though that someone Jason like to “get it”, given how he went through the most intensive training, having first had to qualify amongst the most highly qualified of American high school students, and then passed the grade to be, not simply a captain on board America’s most advanced fast attack nuclear submarines with enough weaponry on board to send the entire globe back to the Stone Age, but a Sonar Operator, the eyes and ears, far more important than even the Commander In Chief given how a corrupt and/or inept SO can make a “call” which few if any captains of such weapon delivery systems would dare to more than question, given how a corrupt SO would have thought through all the permutations to make themselves totally convincing, even if it meant authorizing the release of weapon systems that the captain and all on board know that it means that for the next many years perhaps as many as 50 when they will all be long dead, they will never again be able to rise to the surface of the ocean and see the “light of day”; Jason having shown singularity of purpose that caught the eye of Admiral Borda, the Chief of Navy Operations, who was a Jewish person, achieving the highest position within the entire US Navy, plus Jason’s extraordinary stamina proved on at least one occasion that he and he alone was to be tasked with saving a zillion odd dollar most advanced fast attack submarine known, that just one error in the sequencing of “batting down the hatches” that called for making the decision who on board would end up very possibly drowning, could very well have led to more than the loss of the submarine but the US Navy frigate it was about to ram, not only did Jason “save the day”, but he would end up befriending later, during his 4 years of distinguished service, the US Navy officer in charge of the US frigate that was just meters away from being harpooned by Jason’s zillion ton torpedo that had this Navy Officer first saying to Jason, “So you are the guy…”.

Now though, I think there is a better than even chance he will finally see all the connecting dots to the NEVER spoken about South African Reserve Bank, who for a century or so now, have been providing their “best customers” which includes their owners, De Beers and Co. with the “legal authority” to buy “everything and everyone”; and all this is known to more than two teenage kids that I know extraordinarily well, and both of them while increasingly trying their level best to “play poor” but at the same time so “wanting now” the beach front properties, the fine art paintings that they don’t have the first clue about appreciating but know only because I tell them how extraordinarily valuable they will be, when the world wakes up if it ever does, but all those constantly “hedging their bets” by grabbing now more than ever and from wherever, and nothing like being able to feel perfectly fine “stealing blind” from those you detest the most whose presence reminds you most of your laziness, your total lack of a value system, you debauched behavior.

Moreover, deep down inside they are laughing their heads off at you now taking a bus to and from work as your not exactly “pro-Jewish”, let alone “pro-Israel” Roman girlfriend wastes no time in continuing to “check out her options”.

Tell me am I right or wrong?

Let me know what I have missed apart from you not knowing since you were not in Superior courtroom 25, in Superior Court, back on October 24th, 2002, but yo
u can confirm with Devin Standard and Paul Hervieux who were, how the most awesome white American Superior Court Judge Hendrix, just before placing the sharpest of sharp guillotines at the throat, not the back of the head of the ugly, so old looking, so growl faced, THE IT, since Judge Hendrix was looking this slimeball of slimeballs square in his so very ugly oversized diseased eyeballs, pleaded with The IT’s ex-wife and me, “Why don’t you just get married?” which again most of us humans deprived of “Poverty of Thought” no pride, no culture, no connection whatsoever with the spiritual world, despite all the jewelry, all yoga outlets and synagogues, churches and mosques would have simply said, “Yes, we will!” even if Marie Dion Gevisser and me didn’t mean it, since it was clear that Judge Hendrix was looking for just a little something to make the IT and Co. feel a little better about themselves, not because the judge had empathy let alone sympathy for the world’s most evil human that has ever set foot on the face of planet mother earth, but because this not yet co-opted-corrupted judge knew that The IT was a deranged animal that was going to be even more dangerous with its head cut off, as we know how right was the Judge as The IT continued for some time to “thrash about” just like a decapitated chicken; but neither my future wife MDG nor I were suffering from “Poverty of Thought”, and consequently we not about to begin lying, instead with MDG doing all the talking she looked the Judge also firmly and squarely in the eyes, and said, “No!” and as best I recall, not another word came out of Marie Dion Gevisser’s most beautiful smile mouth; before the tried his best to repeat himself and MDG held firm with, “Why should we; he has caused all this and should suffer the consequences” [sic]; and then of course the judge set a worldwide precedent in granting Marie Dion Gevisser “legal possession” of one my high powered handgun that will not stop an elephant in full gallop, but were THE IT or his COW to get through the entrance to the stairwell leading up to the studio home it would most likely end up looking like this.

You had even forgotten how a friend of The IT’s one son JoNathan and whose father just a few years before had committed suicide, because of financial stress, with tears in his eyes that Jonathan, who has yet to show signs of inheriting The IT’s heavily diseased eyesight, could see all too well, commented after I asked David words to effect, “What did you get out of The Diamond Invention book?”:

“They own everything and everyone!”

David’s choked up words not moving the heavily co-opted-corrupted IT’s now 16 year old, in the least, as JoNathan fully understood that were it not for The Diamond Invention, which is all centered around, not the United States Federal Reserve but the South African Reserve Bank, both he and his sister and his father who I last heard Jonathan refer to as “papa” wouldn’t be able to afford a pot to pee.

I saw a most poignant movie last night that Marie had left for me that I don’t believe she had seen, titled, “In the bedroom” that started out rather slow and boring, and it was rather easy to predict how it would all end up in a blood bath, the deranged ex-husband jealous of the young and virile new lover that his rather beautiful and sexy wife had befriended, shooting the lover showing how much better of a father he was to the two young kids, right through the eye, cold dead; and of course the ex-husband with the “money, me” family was about to “get away with murder” and I won’t spoil the rest of the plot that was in fact also very uninteresting.

The most interesting of course was the actress who was a little too thin for my liking; not quite the perfect female curves, no long, soft muscled skier thighs

or for that matter the most perfect calve muscles, although she may have had very close to those so very important thin ankles and perfect feet, followed by the absolute need for the perfect ass, and equally beautiful back,

long shoulders, and they also have to have not just the most beautiful strong face

with a smile to die for

Which would look better without the shadows, but they also need to be fully on athletic

and funny

to boot

that I have yet in all my “years of experience”

growing up seeing the most perfect female bodies on planet earth, both dressed as well as full on naked, never seen anyone in the “girlie magazines” even remotely close to my wife Marie Dion Gevisser; and of top of it her confidence about being so incredibly sexy is not hurt by the fact that she doesn’t need me or anyone else on planet mother earth to “reassure” that she is also has a purpose in life to be a great fine artist painter-teacher that so extraordinarily few even those who call themselves artist painters know the first thing about, let alone able to explain how they go about executing a fine oil painting because they can’t; and here I am focusing on the grob daughter of a grob butcher, let me repeat, a fricken ugly as hell butcher couple’s daughter who is just fricken perfect for The IT when no one wants to have anything more to do with either of them.

Isn’t it just going to be great when they and all those who keep their company, the peacocks that they cannot avoid being go with all their worthless money to just a hole in the wall grocery shop and the teller, so proud never to have had a Trust-Hush-Fund, when seeing their faces says,

“We have the right to refuse you service!”

Of course just as us heterosexual guys can tell pretty quickly who amongst us is homosexual, so can the heterosexual women who learn from their homosexual companions whether it be friends or family of their own age or older or younger, makes no difference, just to find out for certain what they don’t already know about the rather easy to understand male species.

You understand that God while also not stupid understands the human condition which He-She created in the first place, just like placing each of us right now looking at the computer screen although given how I can touch type rather well, I continue to look at the magnificent scenery outside; and I might already be out there if I had a little shovel and one of those panning things and start digging in one of the many ancient streams, although I wouldn’t really have much of a clue what I would be looking for; and besides I am quite certain that the US Forest Service would “frown upon” such a disturbance as it most certainly disturbs the critically needed wildlife, and for me to make the arguments that were they to catch me, I was helping prevent them from trampling in more sensitive environments that God felt needed more protecting with the end result, all of us would agree that if they just stayed home and waited for stimulus package check from Obama they would inevitably end up having that many more unwanted babies.

There is this one, again so very predictable scene where the lead actress fluffs her words in the most critical moment that the Director-Editor chose to leave in.

It begins with the recently separated and not yet divorced mother of two driving in to her driveway and sees the new big SUB truck of her soon-to-be-ex who has “allowed himself in”, and is sitting at the small breakfast table in the small kitchen eating away; and just as predictable the male specie has left just an ounce or two remaining milk in the carton, that the wife, most likely with direction from the director, summarily pours into the cereal bowl; and the point is to sell movie tickets to people who need predictability in their lives, because their miserable lives are in fact so fricken predictable, which is what they say want, which is why they have it, because that is what they are most comfortable with because that is who they are, first and foremost most wanting to be
around negative attention seeking people who are “problem oriented” and the last thing they want to be around is someone who sees problems as challenges to resolved knowing first and foremost that “if you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem” which they also don’t want to be told before realizing that nothing they say, even the next minute wanting “light entertainment”, makes little and no sense, before going out and having affairs when not having more unwanted babies; again not lost on any of us who can logically thought process, the same with God, who also could care less about the human overpopulation problem because She-Her designed this problem for us to solve in the first place.

On the table is one of those so ugly tall and all the same clutter and dust collecting baseball trophies that non-athletes like The IT and his son received from the so emasculating Little League whose coaches all seemed to be lacking one thing in common; namely athleticism, followed in the same breath with incredibly low self-esteem, which I guess one would expect from those who as kids never quite made it playing the lame sport of baseball, that besides for The IT interfering with JoNathan’s one time great athleticism on the soccer field where he was the star, thanks to my coaching as well simple instruction, “go out and have fun”, is all that we came blame for all the sequencing interference that has now full-on surfaced, with of course that one most important helmet incident where the person who calls himself, “I am John’s father” sat quietly THOROUGHLY, THOROUGHLY, THOROUGHLY enjoying every moment as assistant head coach, as his big buddy, the equally coward-bully head coach just had “fun” with Jonathan, as Marie spelled out so well to this monster coach back on Jan. 8th, 2005,

“…I will not watch quietly as my son who you keep calling John makes a detour to avoid your reprimand clearly intimidated by your remark, ‘I have nothing to say to you!’ and maybe dreading what was coming next JoNathan decided to continue wearing his baseball helmet through your post game speech so as to protect his head from your blows…”

And which seasoned FBI and local law enforcement investigators and future historians can find spelled out to the Nth degree of detail on the internet when Jonathan’s mother felt she had no choice but to go public, which of course a society who has no shame could really care less about, and why they so would prefer as they “bask in weak-negative energy” for me who simply can’t get over anything bad, since so little bad has happened to me while of course never forgetting all the good including sucking on my great Black African nannies titties; and besides I have to always think of my purpose here for future humanity also puts such unconscionable people “on notice” of why “when it bleeds it leads”; again all of this perfectly understood to our most aware God.

There are a great many things about this male out-of-control, scary character so very similar to The IT aka Dr. John Big Ben Stewart MD it is simply uncanny, apart from “sum” [sic] would argue correctly the actor is extraordinarily better looking than The IT who of course is only scary to defenseless children and their mothers who know they cannot count on corrupt local enforcement, but to someone such as me, while a good half a foot shorter than The IT, not only would I actually prefer he had another 6 inches if not more but a whole lot more length in his arms, such a coward-bully only a genius like God would have placed in my midst at the same time sharing with me the most perfect female ever; and best of all did you know that not only have I had so far the law mostly on my side, as corrupt as it is, but I don’t get to wake up next to this monster every day like his Cow; and better, yet his groveling kids have to see him all the time whenever they want his money, and better yet they have to put on their fake smiles.

Were it not just coming up on mid-afternoon and the all important Honk Kong gold market yet to open

and now wanting more than ever to get out there and exercise in this awesome rain, and very strong wind occasionally, I would break open a bottle of the very best wine; then rest comfortably back on fine soft leather and most comfortable sofa in front of the fire place, and with each sip of the half glass of wine which is all the I would even dream of consuming, toast God and His-Her most perfect daughter, Marie Dion Gevisser.

The important dialogue begins.

Mother: It would be nice if you could come to his game…

Father: I was thinking of moving back with you and the boys; Yeah with you and the boys

Mother: What are you talking about?… How’s the job; did they finally take you back?

Father: That’s funny; you are still getting checks are you; or do I have to call my father’s accountant? Hey, did you see my new rig out there, want to take a ride?

Mother: You don’t change do you? You don’t change do you?

Father: No, I haven’t changed. No I haven’t changed. Everything around me changed. You changed. You take my house; then you take my kids, and you fuck this other guy. No I haven’t changed at all.

Mother: It’s not your house…who answered the phone the other day? It doesn’t matter I don’t care it isn’t working.

Father: I just want a chance.

Mother: For what, so that they can pretend they have a real father for a few days?

Father: I am their real father. I am their father!!

Mother: You know what defines a father; it is what he does, not what he promises.

[Here’s where she fluffs it]

It being a,,con,,,positive consistent presence.

Father: A positive consistent presence? What does that mean? I just don’t get it!

Mother: Can you just go now I don’t want you here when they get back

2 c mE~E=mc²
Knowledge Is Light=Light Is Knowledge
Knowledge-Information-Light, power to change the world stems from humans being lazy and fearful of embracing the truth. The truth is “tTOo” [sic] disrupting for “sum” [sic] people too busy keeping track of their lies  Marie Dion Gevisser

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From: Adam Tucker []
Sent: Sunday, February 08, 2009 2:57 AM
Subject: Logic 101 – Consolidation of wealth

People at the top of the socio-economic ladder are not adversly effected by a collapse in the economy and in fact use it as an opporunity to acquire more assets, Bank of America is a prime example. The board of Directors and executives that head BofA stole on the way up knowing full well that it would not last, and now they are stealing on the way down at the expense of the poorly informed.


1/11/2008 BofA acquires Countrywide for $4.1 billion using BofA stock
BofA now owns the homes of all of the Americans that have loans with Countrywide.

9/15/2008 BofA acquires Merrill Lynch for $50 Billion using BofA stock
BofA now advises i.e. determiens the success of whom ever or whatever they advise their clients to invest in.

Following the combination with Merrill Lynch, Bank of America has become:
•The largest brokerage in the world, with more than 20,000 advisors and $2.5 trillion in client assets
•A leading provider of global corporate and investment banking services, including commercial lending, global high-yield debt, global equity and global M&A
•A global leader in wealth management, private banking and retail brokerage
•A global leader in investment management, with approximately 50 percent ownership in BlackRock, which has $1.4 trillion in assets under management, in addition to the $589 billion in assets under management
with Bank of America as of June 30, 2008

11/2008 BofA gets first Bailout of $25 Billion from TARP funds
•$15 Billion for Bank of America
•$10 Billion that would have gone to Merrill Lynch

1/16/2009 BofA gets second Bailout of $20 Billion from TARP

2/6/2009 BofA CEO Lewis says nationalization is ‘absurd’
Earlier in the week Lewis spent almost a million dollars buying shares of his struggling bank and posted a memo to employees that said the bank’s board “unanimously endorsed our business model, strategic direction and the team,” at its regular meeting on Jan. 28.
Bank of America shares rose $1.29, or 26.7 percent, to close at $6.13 Friday, after falling to a 25-year low – or $3.77 – in trading Thursday afternoon.

“Investors believe that this bank is about to fail and be nationalized by the United States government,” wrote Ladenburg Thalmann analyst Richard Bove in a research note late Thursday.
He added those fears “make no sense whatsoever,” and he rates Bank of America’s shares a “strong buy.”
Lewis purchased 200,000 Bank of America shares for $958,340 on Wednesday, according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Thursday. It’s the second time in recent weeks that Lewis has pumped his own money into the bank. Two weeks ago, he bought 200,000 shares for $1.2 million.

Convenient that the CEO is now able to buy stock at bottom basement prices in the company that he leads which now has more assets than before the “financial crises” – all the while using government money to accomplish it.

Sounds like a business model that the board of directors would happily endorse!

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