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Designated heir

Begin forwarded message:

From: Gary S Gevisser
Date: March 12, 2012 10:26:27 PM PDT
Cc: rest; Leith Eaton , Robin Reiss
Subject: Designated heir – Fwd: Strange reflection – Fwd: Are you the son of the amazing Charlie Winters who received a Presidential Pardon?

Nancy – i am quite certain that I have answered in my last response to Leith most if not all your questions about this “debtors hearing” I have a week from today in San Diego; and the time it would have taken to cover it in a phone conversation would have been longer than the time it took me both to think and type what I wrote which was written for an audience with an IQ of between 95 and up, which covers about 99.9999% of the literate population.

Equally important is that both of you should remember that I never asked Mike Flint to make the introduction and I did my best to let you know that there has never been close to an inside story as mine as you both now fully understand that the Oppenheimers nor for that matter any of their stooges such as Warren Buffet ever believed “one of their own” would speak out, let alone someone such as myself who “beat out” not only all my 3 elder siblings and many cousins to get to be next in line to my father’s first cousin D. Gevisser but my “lucky uncle” Dave’s 4 sons were never close to being as clued in as me.

In other words, the Oppenheimers who have a lot of time to plan their moves, while knowing that I came from the side of the Gevisser-Moshal family that was the most screwed by the “asset stripping” of our trading conglomerate in 1969, had watched me grow up, and every step of the way I displayed the sort of qualities indicative of someone with very high self-esteem who didn’t need to make myself feel better by getting down on others.

You haven’t forgotten that while my “lucky uncle” Dave had the goods on the Oppenheimers and all 3 Branches of the US Government following the clear paper trail that was created when American-German Engelhard Jr. began selling off his South African assets to the Oppenheimers, the Oppenheimers and their banking-politician partners throughout the world never forgot how such an ingenious move implicated them in their pivotal role in support of the SA Apartheid Regime and The Holocaust, which meant that whoever my “lucky uncle” Dave chose as his designated heir would never even dream of bucking the system that had served not just the incredibly small ruling elite who are far removed from the attacks of the “crackpot” Conspiracy Theorists such as Ikes and that raspy voice character which is all part of the attraction-distraction, but the middle class such as yourselves.

The fact that you talk openly about your husband Sam turning a blind eye to the corruption in Bangladesh stems I believe from the belief system you were raised with that has America’s corruption as far removed as it gets from that in the “3rd World”, otherwise why would you make such a rather unintelligent statement?

The fact that I tell it the way it is, and when no one comes back with convincing arguments that I am wrong, I don’t assume that I am wrong and nor do my readers ever take me for a fool which does not mean each and every one of them don’t want to take their best shot at me if for no other reason then they want to prove that they are as smart as me, which to be they would only need to be honest.

Nor do I believe for one moment that man is inherently violent, but simply designed to be stupid which could end in the next instant when someone has the courage to look at all future generations of children and see them all retain their born genius throughout their life, but the human doesn’t really care that much about their children other than the children serve their selfish needs, and of course a true democratic society could bring that nonsense to a quick end; and the kibbutzim of Israel have already proved that, just so long as the monopolists monopoly money is kept out, which I know I am doing a rather good job in exposing all its weaknesses.

It is all in the human ego, that once fully realizing that G-d exists and therefore letting go in that instant of all fear, the human herd will make the logical choice of choosing change.

The Oppenheimers as far as the outside world was concerned were very much opposed to Engelhard’s Apartheid Regime which he never attempted to hide including how much he adored the company of Nazi sympathizers such as the abdicated King of England and his bride, American divorcee Wallis Simpson

I suggest you read my Feb 16th missive, Aren’t you tired of feeling bad about yourself?

One of the neat coincidences that I have not shared with the 2 of you is that our tiny shop in Vilnius had the number 42 on either side of the name

and then there are the two nails with the number 42 stamped on top that we found hanging on an inside wall of the stone cabin #11 that my wife bought in 2002, which was 2 years and a bit after Warren Buffet purchased Ben Ridge Jewelers in May 2000

Ps – Robin Reiss is a distant relative and one of my 39 Facebook “friends” and has to be well into her 80s if not 90s, unless I am missing a generation, because I believe she is both the first cousin and half sister of Aaron Klug who received a Nobel Prize for chemistry back in the early 1980s and went to school with my “lucky uncle” Dave.

Back on January 18 I placed the following on her FB “wall” which is the last item that I can see:

i will begin deleting FB “friends” who I don’t see contributing anything positive, and I have now got enough negative space filled with the deafening silent as the space between their ears reflects the perfect vacuum of deep space where no sound can travel.

Below is our latest FB email back and forth::

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