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Devin Standard – Fat slowing down the ugly – Part II

Does it bother you or please you that the majority of Americans don’t consider for one moment that there is an economic draft in this country as they convince themselves that today’s US army offers opportunities to kids that they cannot found elsewhere?

Have you noticed that it is mostly white Americans who have this perception and not many of them have either kids or grandchildren in the economic draft that is most unfair?

Do you support the introduction of the draft starting with all meathead eaters?

I notice that you haven’t got much response from the rest of your 582 Facebook “friends” following your enquiry to all of them whether they think what I have to say is relevant.

How many times does it take your mind to believe a lie; after you hear it once or maybe just 20 times?

Did you know that in the 21 years I grew up in South Africa where the educational system for whites was about 100 times superior to the best private schools in the United States, not one white person I knew thought for one moment that the Oppenheimers were hypocrites.

Do you remember reading one of David Gevisser’s obituaries following his death in 2009 a quote from his son Mark Gevisser who said that his father hated the most hypocrites and procrastinators.

Does it make a difference to you knowing that this hypocrite of hypocrites also hated procrastinators?

Would it surprise you that no one in my immediate family with the exception of my highly secretive British-English mother or for that matter any of David Gevisser’s relatives on the other side of the family, the Moshals, ever thought David Gevisser was involved with the Oppenheimers, at least until they read his THE UNLIKELY FORESTER which wouldn’t need my commentaries other than the fact God created human imbeciles who can’t get enough of their fat diet.

Above is meat-eater, gay Mark Gevisser.

Below is meat-eater, non-gay Jonathan Gevisser

Now read very carefully everything contained in both Jonathan’s bio on as well as Mark’s, including my father Bernie’s most important letter to Mark dated May 6, 1994 – CLICK HERE & CLICK HERE

Do you see Logic-Truth-G-D in fat slowing down the ugly?

You know that the following people are still alive:

1. Mark Gevisser
2. Jonathan Gevisser
3. Tefo Mohapi
4. Adam Lee Tucker
5. Bernie Gevisser
6. Natie Kirsh

When communicating with Natie Kirsh ask him if he thinks my paternal step-grandmother Jenny Gevisser had anything to do with the theft of my grandfather’s priceless land in Haifa Harbor that never escaped the attention of the Mossad?

You didn’t miss the part in my dad’s letter about Kirsh, the biggest trafficker in animal meat here in the US, “closing shop”?

Ask Kirsh why he used a Christian Clemy McLeash to fire my father right after he “asset stripped” Moshal Gevisser but not before giving my dad a pay raise?

Did you just feel every Gevisser and Moshal in the world experience a deep sigh.

Right now there is the most amazing sunset.

Let’s now be silent.

CLICK HERE to read the full dialogue between Tefo and Mark Gevisser April 11-14, 2005 when David Gevisser was 3 months away from getting his Masters of Studies in History Research from Oxford University.

Notice how my name keeps coming up.

CLICK HERE to read the threatening email the Oppenheimers’ lawyers, also representing their South African Sunday Times, sent me on April 7, 2005.

How many times have you tried reaching Jonathan Oppenheimer’s secretary Julie Burgon?

Do you think it was inadvertent that David Gevisser makes out in THE UNLIKELY FORESTER that I don’t exist?

Do you have a sense of where I am going with this on the 79th anniversary of the Oppenheimers’ puppet Hitler and his Gestapo coming to power?

Can you see clearly in your mind that were I not around how very much differently future history books would have been compared to now, this very moment, all of you who have the information could do something about the end of world poverty and war without having to first murder all the poor because the overflow of the huge middle class of paper pushers are not quite ready to deal with their deficit needs?

The negatives don’t like me pointing out their negatives is the problem and the solution, because the negatives only have the most superficial relationship with one another.

Do you think poor people would do as much brown-nosing of the rich if they had the same amount of money?

If you were rich, would you trust a brown-noser who feels compelled to tell the world what a genius business person you are?

You have not forgotten that if you believe in God the first thing you have to do is fix the inequality between the pay of our soldiers and the civilians who leave it to corrupt banker-politicians to set the wage scale of military personnel.

Try to never forget that if you do not believe in God the first thing you have to do is convince your grossly underpaid military that they are fighting for love of country, patriotism, democracy blah blah rather than supporting all your lifestyles.

You know you cannot fault me for not speaking out sooner because you look around today and you see all these people talking about doing the right thing for the next generation of children as they cannot get enough of their money charities, and not one of them are talking about the Oppenheimers who everyone knows hordes the diamonds, and using their unlimited supply of untraceable diamonds to bribe their corrupted elected and non-elected government officials to keep quiet.

They also know that I am not stupid beginning with the fact that I can figure out why it is that not one of them can answer me in writing whether they believe in God and how much they think our soldiers should get paid.

I don’t see you writing Raye Anne Marks [RAM] and asking her, and it is easy for you since she has a Facebook account.

When exactly are you coming out here?

Do you remember reading in The Diamond Invention book, THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING – 1979.

Do you remember where I was in 1979 before my liver was poisoned on 47th street.

Am I spoon feeding you too much?

Notice how very quiet are all my immediate and rather large extended family who should also check their slips of the tongue – CLICK HERE.

When virulent anti-Semite Charles W. Engelhard Jr. [1917-1971] began journeying to mineral rich South Africa in the late 1940s with the Mossad hot on his trail, it was not public; in other words the South African Sunday Times didn’t provide round-the-clock commentary of his whereabouts as they do Engelhard-Oppenheimers handpicked goody-two-shoes and better yet naughty Hollywood celebrities.

You know where I am going with this?

At what point do you think everyone is going to be so nice with Marie with me and thanking us for highlighting the total irrelevancy of the economic principles of Supply and Demand?

Engelhard at his death controlled the world supply of platinum that had little and no market compared to all the millions of motorized vehicles that contain today a small piece of platinum.

For example, on a level playing field that our adversaries do not want to see, the masterpieces of Sebastian Capella, not the paintings of his students that he fixes, are priceless while in comparison all the rest are totally worthless.

To repeat, if one were to place a value of $150 million on Sebastian’s masterpieces, which is not priceless because the $ has yet to fall to cero, all other fine art oil paintings would be less than cero.

Do you also understand why we get no support from the fine art painting crowd that is clearly overcrowded?

Monkey see, Monkey do.

Out of sight out
of mind.

Marie says, “It looks like we are going to have another storm”.

It is important that MG’s was “asset stripped” in 1969.

[Word count 2692]

Begin forwarded message:

From: Zuma Dogg
Date: January 30, 2012 1:59:16 PM PST
To: Gary S Gevisser

you put time into it, so i wanted to let you know…all year…the Wetherly blog posts, especially the one with the pictures of contract and keys to security box, etc has been flying high w views…I THINK SEC/FBI/INVESTIGATORS. This weekend…they blew up to most viewed, again, all of the sudden. I think your insider info is gonna take a bunch of folks down. i really do. zd

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