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Devin Standard – Which weakling contacted you? – Part I

From: Gary S. Gevisser
Date: Wed, Feb 1, 2012 at 4:55 PM
Subject: Which weakling contacted you? -Fwd: This is Gary Gevisser. Did you intentionally delete me as a Facebook “friend”?
To: Devin Standard
Cc: rest; R Oshry , “Tony Leon – Fomer head of the South African Oppostion Party to the current ANC regime. Now the ANC South African Ambassador to Argentinia.” , Marie Dion Gevisser , Vice President Dan Quayle , Lawrence Moses – victim of US Air Force Major Terry Smilin Sam Samples , Cyndi Lauper , “Oprah. com”

Let me first of all tell you how I know you will read every word as you begin scrolling down and recognizing every familiar name and knowing you can always come back and click on the hyperlinks, while conscious of what those in the blind copied section are thinking as well.

You are still thinking that fair market forces determine the salary of a professional athlete, the same with what a lawyer-banker-“politiican” (sic)-doctor-accountant are paid.

That perverted thinking only applies when talking with those less informed than you, given how you know that ever since German-American Charles W. Engelhard Jr.’s South African Apartheid Regime came to power on May 26, 1948 and their most brutal tyrannical rule continuing on for an uninterrupted period of 46 years, and when replaced by the mostly black ANC government led by Nelson Mandela the whites still ruled, the salary of American soldiers whether they be regular forces, or the higher paid Blackwater types, has been set from Johannesburg, South Africa.

Now try telling that to a baseball jock with 8 kids under his belt.

Yes, your thinking is that he had to have slept in a lot of different beds given how you would know that such a player would have been a kid when first signing with the minor leagues, and his monies affording the wives all the necessary support staff including tutors, and they in turn making enough money to support their own households and the further up the food chain the more you see a whole bunch of bs art.

That is all boring when you consider the high stakes poker game you have decided to play.

Do you have any idea of the pivotal role that insurance plays in the insuring of art?

Don’t you wish I had shown more sensitivity when spelling it all out in a way even the most poorly conditioned kid increasingly dependent upon their parents as their financial backstop, would understand it all?

The Oppenheimers are both Lloyds of London Insurance and De Beers.

Your silence does not make me think you are honest.

If you are not a supportive friend then you are the enemy.

Over the course of the past 24 hours I have been in touch with a South African lawyer practicing law in London, England. Raymond Oshry can both read and write English. He was also on Ulpan with me in Israel back in 1972. I know he also has a pretty good memory because he remembers first of all his English alphabet.

When dispensing with insurance you end the law profession.

Lloyds who set the price on all insurance worldwide because they remain the leader in maritime insurance which covers all shipment including over the high seas, finished goods and raw materials including raw war materials, have still not lifted their 2 decade ban on American citizens from investing in this one of a kind “cashcow” investment.

The United States Government has yet to declare war on Great Britain.

There are a great many Iranians who also read and write perfect English.

The only reason a diamond no matter how large is worth more than the smallest grain of sand is because Lloyds of London will insure a diamond so long as it is authenticated by one of the Oppenheimers’ approved valuation authorities like the Gemological Institute of America [GIA] who rely on my friend Martin Rapaport of the Rapaport Report to establish the guidelines for the wholesale price of cut and polished diamonds.

This is more than double dipping.

This is much more than taxation without representation.

This is obscene.

Do you have any idea of the amount of people who would be out of work if Lloyds were now to charge the Oppenheimers the fair cost of all the world’s military who have been protecting just the oil supertankers, approximately 280 floating oil fields that are sitting ducks?

You must think the Oppenheimers are protect[ed] by G-d?

Why don’t you bow to them 5 times a day without feeling you are a Muslim.

The Oppenheimers are Christian, that is why.

Oppenheimers-De Beers are bad, you know.

It is not that they are just diamonds, they control all the mineral resources including water, Vivendi, Suez. They are bad.

It is no conspiracy theory; it is fact; they control everything and everyone that needs to be controlled.

Lloyds of London continue at this moment to accept as a money instrument diamonds so long as they are certified by the likes of the Oppenheimers’ GIA and the investor is not an American citizen.

Lloyds still do not accept gold bullion as a money instrument.

You couldn’t find such nutty behavior anywhere in the world, apart from what took place in my Kangaroo style trial in Texas Judge Martin Lowy’s courtroom.

How do you have a decent conversation with anyone?

You don’t is the correct answer, unless you want to discuss these important subjects.

Your decision to shut down puts you in the same category of RAM, Major Sam Samples, Lawrence Moses, Kate Jaro and perhaps as many as close to 7 billion humans as it gets based on how you would logically extrapolate the reaction of the herd to my findings.

It is all nonsense but [not] for those actually picking the cotton, sewing the t-shirts, loading the containers onto ships, private security personnel on board, truck[driver] driving the container on our world famous Interstates etc, if reading this and knowing the truth behind you shutting down following receipt of my last communique “Fat slowing down the ugly” to you that came on the heels of Marie’s “Check your slip”, the coincidence of you coming up with the lame excuse, “It seems a waste of time” which you probably didn’t think much of at the time, but simply knowing the positives of the truth getting out there, just wasn’t worth it for you.

There has never been a client or employer who has ever seriously questioned either my competency or integrity; and when they have got pissed off with me it is only because they are mostly upset with themselves for not having followed my advice.

Oppenheimer-De Beers-Codiam Inc. never gave me any explanation why I lost my job with them following my recovery in South Africa from my liver being poisoned when working for Codiam Inc. on 47th Street back in 1979.

When I broke my 24 year silence with them in November 2004, and they understood that I would be firming up a lunch date once I had Attorney General of New York State Eliot Spitzer, a close friend of Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq “lined up”, I didn’t include a litany of statements regarding my dismissal because all that was important to me was that I putting them on notice that the game was up and knowing today that if I had decided to do it a moment sooner without having lined up my ducks as best I could at the time, I could be dead today given the very lackluster support I am getting from the herd who know one thing for absolute certain, and that is the fact that they cannot be either G-d or guided by G-d to be anything but morons.

How can you possibly be indifferent to the plight of the poor when you know that the only reason there are poor in the world is because the Oppenheimers and their corrupted
governments keep allocating the remaining critical resources in a way that will incite the most conflict in order to keep their out of control Military-Industrial-Complex humming along for the primary purpose of covering their tracks.

It is not like this is some sort of complex spy thriller that requires you to watch the movie a couple of times.

It is so fucking interesting that all you can think about is what you are going to do next.

Nor are you comforted that you are in the same boat as other selfish morons who owe you no loyalty.

Once you no longer have Truth-Logic-G-d on your side, you are only in it for yourself.

I am still alive and having not a single regret.

I know the same thing cannot be said about any of [my] adversaries including the Oppenheimers who understand perfectly that this is no vendetta on my part because I perfectly understand that for them to have got away for so long with the easiest to understand corruption defies all odds of human ingenuity.

Just one judge, let alone a single reporter like Gillian Tett of the London Financial Times could end the Oppenheimers’ House of Card which is all of Wall Street in the next instant and then it comes down to either military or the people finally ruling.

Never before have the military and civilians been more closely connected given the power of the leveling Internet.

The permutations of all the things that could possibly have gone wrong up until now boggle the mind of the smartest risk assessment specialists amongst us.

The world hasn’t blown up; and nor is it likely because people like Obama can still read and understand the logic.

At 9:20 this morning Marie left for her once every two weeks stretch-strength exercise session with Liba of which you know it isn’t just enough to talk about, you have to do the exercises each and every day just like starting out the day eating and drinking healthy and not letting up for a moment even when indulging in Kim Wilkins box of cookies like a child and/or Ed’s brownies.

It is very personal for the families of soldiers when an armchair Commander In Chief sends kids to war.

Yes, that photo of Bush Sr. in a wheelchair cowering to Obama did not sit well with you because you know they are now circling the wagons.

Many from the Second World War are still alive but not all of them remember the pivotal role the German-South African virulent anti-Semite Oppenheimers played in the arming of Nazi Germany where all the critical thinking can be traced back to the Bankers Manifesto of July 4, 1892.

Henry VIII, King of England until his death in 1547, was born in 1491, one year before the Spanish Inquisition which again was the same year that Columbus sailed the Ocean Blue which began the rape of the Americas when not one of the 10 million indigenous peoples had been massacred, and easy to label them savages when you control all the propaganda as well as subsequent charade democratic elections, all paid for with stolen lands and mineral wealth first harvested by the strongest murdered in the land grabs that had religion written all over them, but the so contrived history books at the time never for a moment fooling the hardworking people who were taxed with letting go of their “real money” that was 100% backed by all the stolen wealth which was first shipped back to Europe by both the Spanish and their foes, led by the pirate Sir Francis Drake who after the success of his raids against fellow Catholic-Protestants in 1573 caught the attention of Queen Elizabeth I of England and which caused great consternation in King Phillip II who was King of Spain, Portugal, Naples, Sicily, and, while married to Mary I, King of England and Ireland, resulting in his offer to pay 20,000 ducats, not Ducatis, about £4,000,000 (US$6.5M) by modern standards, for Drake’s life.

Of course part of the decision making of the poor to become combatants as well as finance the war ahead of time was not just the fear of how giving up their savings to support war against rival monarchs would affect their current lifestyles, but the fear if their King didn’t prepare for war they would all be caught flat-footed and be the victor King’s slaves and soon written out of the history books.

Their King’s argument was also if his people didn’t take the initiative and be the first to grab the militarily weaker nation’s booty then a comparable military force led by another monarch would beat them to the punch.

Not all of these machinations that go on in “war rooms” are taught in history class because in the next instant the kids would understand the utter lunacy of war in modern day warfare where one country with sufficient nuclear weapons might decide if not a preemptive strike against it most threatening neighbors to at least threaten those countries privately using people like State Department Officials who tell the other side not yet threatening that they also better get on the bandwagon and start all the back and forth threatening rhetoric.

It is of course a little more complicated than that, until you realize that countries like Iran, Israel, Syria, Libya etc were not linked with decorated US soldier Timothy McVeigh blowing up the FBI building in Oklahoma back in April 1995.

Look what 1 American citizen who earned the Bronze Star during the Gulf War 4 years earlier managed to achieve with so extraordinarily few collaborators. For Christ sake he was probably a worse shot than you.

Have you seen that your sly maneuver to squeeze out my footprint on the Internet has not been repeated by any of my remaining 36 Facebook “friends” including Black American Rabbi Caspers Funnye and I have yet to figure out whether he has more or less deficit needs than you.

BTW, Party neighbor and FB “friend” Dennis Mulligan let me know earlier today that he liked my “sound can travel” which I had placed up on the FB “wall” of all my FB friends including you back on January 18:

i will begin deleting FB “friends” who I don’t see contributing anything positive, and I have now got enough negative space filled with the deafening silent as the space between their ears reflects the perfect vacuum of deep space.

Weren’t the first Jews black as the ace of spades?

Whites still rule not just in America but much more importantly mineral rich South Africa where the majority black population have yet to be fairly compensated by the US Congress, Executive Branch and the Judiciary led by the Supreme Court of the United States in their backing of American-German Charles W. Engelhard Jr’s [1917-1971] rape of South Africa.

Yes, Engelhard was not just the richest person in America, he was the gun money-diamond richest person in the world and he loved most those who supported big government welfare since he was the biggest welfare recipient of America’s expansionism that was mostly conducted by proxy tyrannical governments.

You thought that because I have lived amongst the common American herd for the past going on 34 years this coming March 17th, I would buy in lock, stock and barrel to your political rhetoric that you had suddenly decided after nurturing upwards of 600 Facebook “friends” to conclude that it was all a waste of time because you, who are constantly selling guns and their accompanying peripherals, had better things to do with your time.

I cannot read your mind as well as you and G-d but my logic tells me that you feel the need to prove that you are that much smarter than me by fooling me with your sly English?

So let’s analyze quickly in an effort to get every one of my adversaries to join you, RAM, Zymet, Major Sam Samples, Lawrence Moses and company, all from very different walks of life and only connected by your common desire to prevent my knowledge reaching a much broader audience beginning with all the brainwashed soldiers.

5 very short lines:

F is a Niod):
Nope, just deactivated FB as it seems a waste of time.
I will be out your way again in a few weeks.
Hope you and Marie are getting along well.

You showed first of all that you were in too much of a hurry to write your name at the end.

You noticed, however, that Marie found the time in her 949 odd word email to RAM on January 29, and lets not forget her 3 most brilliant words in the subject line: CHECK YOUR SLIP, to write her name.

Of course I have to question your sincerity about wishing Marie and me well because you cannot think of anyone else you know who is getting along anywhere near as well.

Do you really think it escapes the two of us the fact that by you deactivating your FB you reduce the exposure of my $4 million DEATH SENTENCE?

Let’s assume you have been too busy deactivating your account to read what Marie wrote RAM on January 29th – CLICK HERE.

Let’s not assume that any longer.

(Please don’t bother RAM, she is too busy dealing with her own embarrassment, wouldn’t you agree? Or do you think it is like water over a duck’s back?)

I assume you realize that were you to reactivate your FB account you can then start deleting all my postings on your “wall” as well as responses including your last calling upon everyone to let you know what they thought of me?

How can FB be a waste of time when there is no one putting a gun to your head to even check once who has written on your “wall” let alone if you were going to lose more FB “friends” given your relationship with me?

You weren’t thinking that somehow there would be an “Act of God” that would allow you to make up for all the time it took for you to build up to such a large number of “friends”.

I know you also haven’t forgotten when I had less than a couple of hundred visitors a day visiting you thought I could easily “monetize” it.

Yesterday, despite many distractions including spending several minutes explaining to Dave of Gerhard that his liver problems might be related to his “freedom of choice” to abuse his body which must compensate for other things that he does not like about himself otherwise nothing would make sense, we had over 5,000 visitors in total; and you know that an organization like the FBI and CIA and their ancillaries such as National Security Council [NSC] would only show up as one visitor unless the agents where accessing 2facetruth.comfrom other networks say when going home.

Below are the site analytics provided by for the past 6 days.

Total Unique visitor – 12,441
Total visitors – 30,129


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