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Devin Standard – Which weakling contacted you? – Part III

It was the not as regressed thinking of the common man who had a lot of common sense given how the common person peasants were very connected to the earth as they went about doing the hard physical-mental labor of planting and sowing the seeds, with religion having little place against the logic of logic-truth-G-d.

Instead it was the close proximity of the strong farmers who the land barrons, the Lords of the Manors depended upon to do their fighting when not only did they and their families need to be sustained while they were away from their farming chores, but they couldn’t be forced since they were not slaves, and it was financial incentives much more than loyalty to one after the next sick, inbred monarch that had them deciding to risk life and limb.

The soldiers also all knew that while their lifespans were much shorter than they are today, whatever bounty they came away with was all stolen using the pointed barrel of a gun, and if they ever relented, those they beat could beat them back.

The banker-politicians who convened the Bankers Manifesto of July 4, 1892 recognized that if they were going to first of all hold on to their heads they would need to have the people divided and fighting over worthless money as they grabbed the gold.

The English is simple. Even the biggest bs artist can get their heads around the last few short sentences of the very short Bankers Manifesto:

The question of tariff reform must be urged through the organization known as the Democratic Party, and the question of protection with the reciprocity must be forced to view through the Republican Party.

By thus dividing voters, we can get them to expand their energies in fighting over questions of no importance to us, except as teachers to the common herd. Thus, by discrete action, we can secure all that has been so generously planned and successfully accomplished.”

It never once occurred to you until this very moment that while you have known about the gun-money-power of Engelhard-Oppenheimer-De Beers beginning not long after you first met Marie and me at her first fine art exhibition at the La Jolla Fine Art Association a decade ago, there was very much a global economy going on and those with the stolen mineral rights knew that those fraudulent pieces of paper, and the most credible crafted under duress which would still make them all null and void, were not as valuable as the actual minerals which were being harvested and hoarded by the biggest crooks in the world who understood that more than the slave miners knew the gold in particular was leaving their countries and they were not happy troopers.

Better you think to have armored trucks driving around promoting the worthless money and having robbers also rob banks left, right and center, than to focus on what happened to all of America’s gold deposits that have been stolen from more than massacred indigenous American Indians.

BTW, the La Jolla Art Association are looking for more money to give to local surfers in order to promote the association who in my humble but seasoned opinion do not have on their board a single business person worth talking about at least when compared to me, although my most careful with her choice of words mother Zena made it perfectly clear that if all one had was looks, then there was nothing wrong with marrying for money as she taught me from the youngest age the so important truth, “Prostitution is not only the oldest profession it is the most honest”.

Tell me honestly as Mango pulls off the most extraordinary contortions [thanks to] his so healthy fresh fruit, vegetable and nut medicine diet, now looking at me and saying it is time, did it never occur to you that the biggest mining house who only got big because they were the first to steal the biggest mineral drilling rights starting out in my and the Oppenheimer-Engelhard’s backyard of super mineral rich South Africa, next decided on the borders of every raped country, or do you think there was a different order?

Doctors without Borders have yet to thank me either; the same with Survival International who the Oppenheimers tout as their most effective opposition grass roots organization.

How is it possible apart from the presence of Almighty G-d that any of you can sleep at night?

I do all this now for the next generation of kids for them to see how they cannot possibly get as sick as any of you especially those of you who have feigned your “friednship” (sic) towards Marie and me.

Whichever way one looks at anything, logic says that G-d must exist.

This you all easily get your heads around when you realize that if I were to debate your best debaters and it is aired live to all 4 corners of the globe the silence of your debaters would have the majority of the hard working poor including all those in China deciding to make you all their slaves unless you could show that you could do more than clean their toilets.

Not once have you offered an argument that supports the value of the money you use to afford your and your family’s lifestyle not burdened with the blood of slaves less fortunate who didn’t have the modern day communication tool of The Internet to vote their most basic human right; namely, the price of water which isn’t free because the Oppenheimers and their banker-politicans have set their price on not only water but everything else.

That thinking is not close to being a democracy. That is total tyranny.

Yet, you and your corrupt politicians and their media continue to talk about the importance of morals and ethics and so on and so forth.

The fact that there is no one else out there like me who has managed to get so many of you from different walks of life to be silent is not lost on me.

To repeat, the fact that not one of you have managed to find me one other person who has my knowledge and can prove that they are incorruptible is not lost on me; and nor should any of you forget this most important fact.

Without me addressing all your hypocrisy you also know that you and future generations of you privileged would have got away with unsurpassed genocide of the poor.

The fact that you choose to continue with the status quo is not because your logic says that you will be able to convince the majority of the poor but it is each of your out of control egos that want to prove me wrong.

You simply don’t want to believe that you could have been so stupid, especially those idiots amongst you who married primarily if not exclusively for money and you not only have to still deal with your shithead husbands who are taking their time in dying but they too can read my writings just as easily as the rest of you, the same with their lawyers who are not quite ready to buck the system, but you know for a fact that you cannot trust your so sickening brown-nose fair weather friends who you know if they had the money they would drop you like a hot potato.

To use my so very perfect and precise F-C wife’s words:

(Could the COWards come forward. Please make it a permanent record; you know how words can get so volatile. This email should be forwarded to everyone.)

Logic-Truth-G-d tells you by all your positive support which is slim and none, it is either your negative energy which is very easy to identify in fatsos whose fat diseased TALKATIVE cells don’t get as much healthy sex as those high energy healthy cells that are repulsed by disease and there is a reason why it is the exception rather than the rule that old grandmothers get pregnant, or your deafening silence driving you nuts with the silence coming out of the mouth being compensated by your increasingly short-circuiting brain feeling the need to talk to itself, that is continuing to get all this information to the masses who cannot be accused of lying since they have never had the information and can learn from your “light bulb effe

Name me one innocent victim of yours who would vote with you.

Plato was right that good people dont need friends, at least not fair weather friends, as only bad people, the users, surround themselves with brown-noses who in turn can’t get enough of the filthy new rich’s fascination with the Stockholm Syndrome as this love fest of negative energy amounts to one big cero.

You, who got a lot things right when your youthful energy was just beginning to run out, were the last holdout to shut down even before the government stepped in.

They never thought you of all people who had written about the evil of those who skins were saved when waging war on the rest of the world’s poor starting with the strongest who like you are men of color, now throwing in the towel in such cowardly, so contrived, so lacking of intellect manner.

Let me remind you again of your great writings going back more than 8 years ago:

Sent: Tuesday, September 16, 2003 8:58 PM

Subject: Re: ?If I am not for myself who is 4 me? And if I am only 4
myself, who am I? If not now, then when?

Spot on!
Not much more can be said?
Any, and all moral highground is undermined if the minute one’s proprietary
skin has been saved, one turns a blind eye to lesser, equivalent, or
greater evil. The fact that the gift of one’s life has been spared
obligates one to, if not ruthlessly wield the sword of righteousness, to
at the very least, shine a light into the dark corners where evil
manifests. Otherwise you are abetting the Devil you’ve recently dodged. Cheers, D

It is all about lack of morals which may not appear as innate in the rest of the animal kingdom as us humans, but it is very much a part of each of us and one just needs to be around children who are raised in the company of non-controlling parents and grandparents which one can first identify if they are not lazy.

Fat diseased TALKATIVE cells speak very lazy to me.

The fact that the material world is all based on spending without any controls over the resources of the world using worthless monies of the mining houses, knows so very little about well-rounded parents does not mean that in the next moment a much more meritorious system cannot be forced on the heartless who again cannot make the logical arguments when they choose to be silent.

Those who say it is lifestyle choice to be fat and they find people like Oprah promoting fat models who say they are happy, does not mean any of them have credibility and shouldn’t have to pay for excess weight first by how much more horsepower the engines of a passenger train or aircraft need to be exerted.

In a true democracy logic will also far better prevail than in a dictatorship.

The solutions to all the problems of the world are very simple to implement because all it takes is just one website like allowing first of all the soldiers of the world to vote their current paychecks as well as backpay followed by pensions and when they feel they have enough wealth stashed away for themselves and their families they won’t want to fight unless they find opposition amongst their fellow citizens who want to hold on to the status quo of untruthful propaganda.

In the meantime, until there is worldwide consensus, absolutely nothing changes, apart from the corrupt getting increasingly sicker to the stomach worrying about poisoning from those they have most abused beginning with family members who feel they have had to wait too long with the inheritance monies dangling at the end of their noses.

So why not be the first to let us know what it is going to take for you to get over G-d deciding you having parents not as bright and connected as mine and knowing that so long as the Internet is not shut down and the abused soldiers cordoned off, others with healthier egos and course most likely younger will be instantly rewarded with making the right choice.

Only G-d could have the genius of instilling in so many of you both the feeling of goodness in doing the right thing and the satisfaction of seeing me go down in the most trumped up charges imaginable, and this pleasure of bad so incredibly overriding all your natural reactions, and you all so many and in the same boat, all so much thinking because [you are] the same, and not only disliking each other because you can see there is nothing good about what binds you altogether sick, but knowing you [are] out there in one big ocean and never finding a safe port.

Ps – Please get back to me with your suggested edits; additions in green; deletions in red.

[Word count 8866]

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Gary Niod
Date: Tue, Jan 31, 2012 at 7:31 PM
Subject: Fwd: This is Gary Gevisser. Did you intentionally delete me as a Facebook “friend”?

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Gary Niod
Date: Tue, Jan 31, 2012 at 7:19 PM
Subject: Re: This is Gary Gevisser. Did you intentionally delete me as a Facebook “friend”?
To: Devin Standard
Cc: Marie Dion Gevisser , “Tony Leon – Fomer head of the South African Oppostion Party to the current ANC regime. Now the ANC South African Ambassador to Argentinia.”

I don’t believe you.

BTW, Niod is Dion spelled backwards incorrectly. (Obviously G-d didn’t want me to write NO-ID as my F-C wife has all the id in the world.

You had 582 other FB “friends” who you were just beginning to put to the test, and I was helping fine-tune it all, and you could see it clearly.

When asking them their opinion of me you never explained why you have ignored my question about getting confirmation of diamonds being placed in the ejection seats of American fighter aircraft at around the same time that American citizens were banned from Lloyds of London Insurance.

Right now Mango is trying to get in my face and I gave him a little bit of an elbow and now he is resting comfortably on my shoulder still chewing on his leopard chew that he first draped over my head when coming to sit on the black coach next to me, which is exactly where you sat when last visiting.

You also haven’t pulled out all stops to let those FB “friends” and everyone else you know including your father about Lloyds of London having banned American citizens for more than 2 decades, and then hold their feet to the fire.

How come the United States hasn’t gone to war with Great Britain?

Has Iran or Syria prevented American citizens from investing in their countries?

America didn’t simply invest in South Africa during the Apartheid Regime, America’s richest citizen raped South Africa.

Yes, Marie and I have never got along better; and during the worst of times we got along better than any couple I have known. (Of course you can ask her directly).

BTW, do you know of any individual, let alone a couple who search for the truth, and when they find it, they do something about it? There cannot be anything more important in this all about money me world than knowing the truth about capitalism that capitalism’s opponents have never come close to articulating, apart from Lenin, and we know what happened to him.

Didn’t you think Marie’s response to RAM was brilliant? (The fact that COWards don’t like to be called cowards, doesn’t make them also less hypocrites.)

Thank G-d for G-d.

Today is day 1 since the regression of the human ended.

Ps – I expect you picked up that the word “not” was missing in the one sentence of my previous broadcast to Lawrence Moses. It should have read:

They s
imply bred the common herd to think like nothing other than human sheep which does NOT make any of you critical thinkers.

On Tue, Jan 31, 2012 at 6:09 PM, Devin Standard wrote:
Niod(WTF is a Niod):
Nope, just deactivated FB as it seems a waste of time.
I will be out your way again in a few weeks.
Hope you and Marie are getting along well.

Devin S. Standard Global Marketing & Business Development Skype: Dsstandard +1(413)426-5589 Conference #: (605) 475-4825 Conf. Participant Code: 188755#
From: Gary Niod
Sent: Tuesday, January 31, 2012 9:01 PM
Subject: This is Gary Gevisser. Did you intentionally delete me as a Facebook “friend”?

If so why?

Ps – Mango just swallowed a piece of sweater.

If it turns out that G-d is responsible for the complete lack of morals, what else do you think G-d could be responsible for?

Are you tracking what I am saying?

I know that G-d exists.

I also know that there is not a single American or South African citizen who had my knowledge of the corruption of the US Government that convinces everyone from the most corrupt to the most honest I know, and yet once given the information there is not a single dedicated supporter, and the rest are all either very quiet or trying to fuck me over, which is the same thing, isn’t it?

I know the human is far too dumb to have figured out this strategy is what will have all the dumb shutting down in time; it is just a question of when; and it is not for me to ask G-d, but each of you who has the information and therefore you know everyone’s game.

Is that too deep for you?

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