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Did Kerry just make an honest mistake? – FEb 7, 3:20PM France time


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Paul Reti

Did Kerry just make an honest mistake?

Widow Horrified at Kerry’s ‘No Murders’ Claim

Kerry ‘living on a planet of his own,’ widow says.

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  • Roger Grealy The Israelis are doing all they can to ridicule Kerry and again derail the peace talks. They are happy with the status quo because they have the upper hand & continue to increase their illegal land grabs. The world needs to support Kerry and peace.
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  • Gary Gevisser Reti, why do you think it is that you have no shame?

    You have known for some time why it is that not one Captain of Industry was prosecuted at the 1947 Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal or since, and as a result all those with any wealth to their names, be they Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Atheist, Buddhist or entirely indifferent are informers.

    Moreover, you would know all this if you had nothing but the least amount of common sense.

    The fact that I got to work at the highest levels of the number One Captain of Industry De Beers because De Beers recognized that I was not stupid like the rest who when not able to think clearly have this annoying habit of talking to talk, made me that much more aware of the world around me.

    What do you think is the source of your intelligence?
    Yesterday at 11:53am · Like

  • Peter Hersch @ Gevisser. You have obviously been blessed with intelligence that I obviously do not have. What the fuck are you talking about, other than saying that you are smarter than the average bear ?
    Yesterday at 11:59am · Like · 1

  • Mark Bernstein Nothing about this opportunistic traitor is honest.
    Yesterday at 12:00pm · Edited · Like

  • Michael Guggenheimer Reti’s posts do seem to attract a lot of funny people.
    Yesterday at 12:01pm · Like · 2

  • Gary Gevisser After you have checked out the $ HIT list on my website, and remember to keep hitting refresh to make sure you have the latest update, arrange for yourselves as well as the rest of your FB “friends” including of course Paul Reti who is going to be included in the cc section of an “Open Letter” to my 3 elder siblings, to participate in a debate about why it is that all those who are about money when not first interested in “tits and ass” didn’t first think to themselves why they wouldn’t approach the mining consortium De Beers-Anglo American Corporation, my former employer, who have the lowest cost of capital.

    Of course all 3 of you so far responding, Hersch, Bernstein and Guggenheimer may not yet be as up to speed as not very bright Reti, but do you really want to keep the company of fools without being intellectually honest with them about how you feel about them using you to cover their tracks?

    Should you wish to be included in that “Open Letter” please email me directly at gary or you can just send me a FB message.

    May I also suggest that before you go off “half cocked” again, to read very carefully all 4 of my letters to the editor/s of the Jerusalem Post with the first titled, “Heads up, you lose. Tails we all lose” that was an “Open Letter” to Soviet-De Beers-American-Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard published on February 1, 2001, 222 days prior to 9/11.

    It reads:

    Dear Jonathan Pollard;

    The pardon of Marc Rich eliminated not only an opportunity of justice being served but it would have allowed the public to view the role that oil brokers play in furthering terrorism.

    This debacle also makes a mockery of your fight for true justice. Although you have now shown remorse, into your 16th year for providing Israel with a “heads up”, your biggest mistake was that you should have charged more, stashed it away in Switzerland, and you would have got your comeuppance a little sooner. Where was your Yiddisha kop?

    Your pal, Israel’s premier Barak, became so mesmerized by the glitter of “Richy Rich” that he failed to grasp that Rich’s under-the-table deals paved the way for Israel enemies to hit soft targets. It is ironic that while your actions strengthened Israel’s security, Rich’s brokerage operation softened the will of Israelis resulting in the embrace of spiked peace initiatives. Surely you are also wondering if Mr. Barak’s source of newfound wisdom comes from reading the funnies having forgotten the History of the Jews.

    Barak brings shame to Jewish people who grew up believing that when push comes to shove our leaders would know better than to sell their souls in return for a good shmooze albeit with a womanizer supposedly with a good head, wouldn’t you agree? None of us should be all that surprised by Clinton’s call. His actions were simply in character but don’t try arguing that point to our senators Feinstein and Boxer.

    The tail this pardon leaves may yet come back to bite us all. In prison you are safe from terrorist actions. Here in Del Mar surfing conditions have been pretty good lately, but who knows what sharks may appear as the oceans warm up.

    Hang tight. Odds are help may yet come knocking on your door but don’t count on the Democrats.

    Gary S. Gevisser
    Del Mar, California

    Letter number 2 titled, “It is more than Pollard who got stuffed” published on March 3, 2001:

    Jewish leaders coveted Marc Rich at the expense of one who may have delivered the Right Stuff.

    Perhaps, it is simply a coincidence that Jonathan Pollard was locked away at the same time FBI agent Hanssen was mastering U.S. counterintelligence on behalf of the Soviets. If you were Mr. Hanssen or Mr. Ames of the CIA what would you do to deflect attention? Wouldn’t it make sense to position Jonathan Pollard as the evil incarnate, an eternal threat to U.S. strategic interests? Not surprisingly, those charged with counterintelligence have somehow missed every opportunity to neutralize the impact of Pollard’s 15-year-old intelligence secrets. With all the finger pointing that went on in the mid 1980s, even a former CIA head like former President Bush, may not have been given all the intelligence he deserved.

    Coincidence or not, by our Jewish leaders supporting the pardon of Marc Rich negating a once in a lifetime opportunity for the public to view the role that middlemen play in corrupting the leaders of most oil- producing nations to mention little of the terrorism these oil dollars father, the person made of the Right Stuff remains stuffed.

    Third letter published March 13, 2001, was titled, “Barak’s call to Clinton induces the wrong call-to-arms.” [Go to the RESOURCES on the home page of, and with the cursor gently placed over the 9 letters you should see the hyperlink, LETTERS PUBLISHED IN THE JERUSALEM POST. Im having difficulty accessing my website now which could be because I have a weak Internet connection. Please make a backup of all 4 letters as well as anything else you find interesting.]

    Fourth letter published on May 1, 2001, was titled, “Kerrey’s versus Pollard’s heroism PUBLISHED 5/1/2001
    Yesterday at 12:55pm · Like

  • Robert Friedman Kerry makes honest mistakes every day. That’s the problem.
    Yesterday at 12:58pm · Like

  • Robert Friedman…/Bennett-Only-Israel-can-defend…Bennett: Only Israel can defend itself as US has made mistakes
    www.jpost.comEconomy minister says Israel bears consequences of

    Yesterday at 12:59pm · Like

  • Linda Feldman I see the Mad Hatter has taken up residence.
    Yesterday at 1:50pm · Like · 2

  • Stanley Dubinsky For Kerry to make honest mistakes, he would have to be honest.
    Yesterday at 2:37pm · Like · 1

  • Gary Gevisser Linda Feldman, you have one vocal supporter Keith Rankin who has a total of 1060 FB “friends”. His FB “wall” shows that he is sensitive to the more feeling animals that most humans eat; but even non-meat eaters are not as smart as they were once their poor formal education interferes with their learning, but the Internet is great in helping share the knowledge that is part and parcel of the spreading of the FOOLS NAMES FOOLS FACES IN PUBLIC PLACES.

    In your one FB photo, and you don’t show all your FB “friends” but clearly Rankin and Reti are two, there is the photo containing the words, “Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world”, and underneath the name Nelson Mandela. The photo also shows a Black kid, most likely South African writing those 13 words on a chalk board.

    Let’s assume you are not South African and nor were you raised like me for the first 21 years of your life in South Africa during the height of the CIA’s South African Apartheid Regime when my immediate and extended Jewish family were in business with racist white Christian American Invader of South Africa, Charles W. Engelhard Jr. [1917-1971] and who is the reason why I got not only to work on US soil at the highest levels of the banking-mining consortium De Beers-Anglo American-Engelhard Minerals & Chemicals Corporation 8 years after Engelhard Jr.’s death on March 2, 1971, but to observe how people such as you would react if the truth was ever revealed.

    My decision to wait 24 years after I left the employment of the De Beers banking-mining consortium who make a point of understating their assets which doesn’t diminish their gun-money-power influence over all their bribed government officials, before beginning to “speak my mind” was most carefully thought through.

    That thinking has not changed.

    Nor has my opinion about people being stupid including those who love to laugh at people they think are more stupid than them.

    When you watch a comedy show on TV and you they know what you know about how the real world works, you notice foremost on your mind that they are no longer funny.

    In fact you are mad as hell.

    Now let me introduce you to my highly literate and secretive British-English mother Zena Ash Gevisser who does not have a FB account.

    You now feel exhausted and unhappy because your ego prevents you from apologizing for writing your trash without thinking.

    Do you feel that Reti was setting you up in order to distract attention away from him?

    Now, if you were not South African or raised like I was in the US Government-CIA-De Beers South African Apartheid Regime and nor would you have graduated from one of their universities with the right business degree that said only that you were interested in money, that would not make you less informed or less sensitive than most white South Africans who only knew from their brainwashing because their history books didn’t mention Charles W. Engelhard Jr. or that Nelson Mandela was turned into Engelhard Jr.’s South African Apartheid Regime in early August 1962, which Mandela knew about and you can figure all that just by reading his speech on April 20, 1964 from the dock of the South African Supreme Court where he applauded by name the judiciary of his captors, the American and British judiciaries, but he also sounded like a slave asking for a slave wage increase.

    Thank you for increasing the circle of those dependent upon my insight and analysis of the important events of the day.
    22 hours ago · Like

  • Robert Friedman wtf?
    22 hours ago · Like · 3

  • Linda Feldman I rest my case.
    22 hours ago · Like · 1

  • Gary Gevisser That you have limited mental capacity; the same with your new supporter Michael Guggenheimer.

    I not only rest my case, but I look forward to all your bravado turning on you.

    You know what it is like at Christmas after all the presents have been opened and despair sets in.
    22 hours ago · Like

  • Linda Feldman No, I don’t know. Your department.
    22 hours ago · Edited · Like

  • John Ehrenfeld Oh dear. Linda, do you have difficulty locating the delete and ban button? Let me know if you need assistance. Where do you find these aliens and why are they here?
    21 hours ago · Like

  • Linda Feldman Never saw this guy in my life John. We’re on Paul’s page, home of the brave.
    21 hours ago · Like

  • Linda Feldman And the crazy.
    21 hours ago · Like · 1

  • John Ehrenfeld I know what page we are on; the dapper little man in the red hat. The block button still has it’s uses if you get my drift. Hope you’re feeling better.
    21 hours ago · Like

  • Daniel Darkko,7340,L-4485641,00.htmlWinter Olympics 2014: Meet Team Israel
    www.ynetnews.comNews: Israel has sent five athletes to this year’s Games, to compete in skating …See More

    21 hours ago · Like

  • Frank Fisher I had to hide old Gary, no clue as to what he was on about. Anyway back to the topic, it is true that Kerry lives out in the twilight zone someplace, Robert while it is true that Kerry makes mistakes on a daily basis, I do not beleive them to be honest at all. Now if Joe Biden said this then yes an honest mistake as uncle Joe has no clue as to what day it is. And as far as the article goes, very seldom is there anything in the lame stream media here about rocket attacks or killings in Israel. The woman wonder if the US govt. knew what was going on, to answer her yes they know they just dont’ care.
    21 hours ago · Like

  • Roger Grealy Any one who does not bend over for the aggressive Israelis is attacked – another peace plan going down the drain because it suits Israel. If you don’t accept the Kerry plan then you will get the alternative.
    16 hours ago · Like

  • Gary Gevisser First I must address John Ehrenfeld’s comment, “the dapper little man in the red hat”.
    No, my mother Zena’s second husband
    3 hours ago · Like

  • Gary Gevisser Alan Zulman is wearing a blue hat with a white band.
    3 hours ago · Like

  • Gary Gevisser It looks like most, if not all of you, know the first thing about Kerry and yet you all know to follow the money trail.

    Kerry’s biggest financial backer in the United States of America is shareholder class action litigator [SCAL] Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq. who I know intimately, perhaps even better than his wife Marcy “Campbell Soup” Krinsk who before marrying Mr. JRK in 2002 when of course my beautiful French-Canadian [F-C] wife Marie Dion and I were present, was married to the Republican whip in the Florida Senate.

    You will notice that there is not the word “whip” in Mr. JRK’s wonderful expression:

    3 hours ago · Like

  • Gary Gevisser None of you were included in the very important snail mail letter Mr. JRK Esq. mailed me on March 29, 2001 More
    3 hours ago · Like

  • Gary Gevisser Mr. JRK Esq. also didn’t go to either the Yellow or White pages and pulling out any name before writing such an important letter.

    The $10 million settlement check that Ronald “The Finagle King” Perelman eventually sent Mr. Krinsk Esq. does not touch sides with the significance of that decision or my input.

    You would know from reading my website that I was handed a fraudulent $4 million TEXAS DEATH SENTENCE judgment by a corrupt Texas Judge on January 21, 2011 despite the same Texas State Court Judge Martin Lowy explaining in very clear English that the prosecution, an ex CIA agent Charles Knuff, failed to provide either a shred of evidence to support the charge of defamation or that he had been financially damaged by thes supposed defamatory statements that of course do not exist and why Texas Judge Martin Lowy as well as all the other courts that have upheld this decision have not asked me to retract the statements which neurologically impaired, sick ex CIA agent Knuff says are all over the Internet, because again such statements do not exist.

    My egregiously fraudulent lawsuit that was a fabrication from the start can be seen for its importance by the fact that not one reporter anywhere in the world has reported on it; and the reason for that is obvious.

    The first reporter to write about this landmark, precedent setting case where everyone knows that the truth is the best defense in a defamation charge, explodes the corruption that no one wants to talk about; namely, how the money is valued and allocated.

    So what you have is the Peter Principle in place which is what you would expect from the Bell Shaped curve educational system where it is the most average who rise to the top.
    3 hours ago · Like

  • Gary Gevisser I made the mistake earlier of saying that Mr. JRK and Campbell Soup which is his wife’s “code name” because her maiden name is Campbell, were married in 2002, when in fact it was 2001.

    In the event the electricity goes down in the United States whichis beginning to suffer horribly from the misallocation of the world’s resources that result from the fixed pricing of the money by the mineral monopolists who I am also intimately familiar with, as you will have already gathered, but don’t want to touch with a 100 foot pole, below is a cut and paste from Mr. JRK’s Wikipedia profile:

    The attraction did not diminish and, in 1978, Krinsk moved to San Diego, California as staff attorney for Hang Ten International, Inc., an apparel licensing organization owning a “two feet” logo and Hang Ten trademark that epitomized the active California lifestyle. These trademarks were internationally licensed on apparel and consumer goods in over 72 countries. Krinsk became General Counsel and then Vice President and Chief Legal Officer. By 1981, he was the company’s Chief Operating Officer, overseeing a worldwide legal network including 56 law firms addressing trademark, licensing and operational issues.

    In 1983, Krinsk moved to Los Angeles, California, joining Guess? Inc. an apparel manufacturer, as its President, assuming licensing responsibilities and addressing a broad array of business matters for this emerging company. Krinsk returned to San Diego in 1985 as Chairman and CEO of a publicly traded corporation (Fabulous Inns of America) [2] marshaling its assets and enhancing its business platform to achieve exponential growth and attractive ROI for the public shareholders.
    Following the negotiated acquisition of the public corporation, Krinsk maintained an active law practice before co-founding Finkelstein & Krinsk, LLP. Working exclusively on plaintiffs’ behalf in class action lawsuits, his cases run a broad gambit including In re Great American Securities Litigation, (a class action for violations of the securities laws) and Hurst v. Monarch Equities Corporation, (a class action for violations of the Commodities and Exchange Act), and In re State Farm Repair Practices (a class action against State Farm that ended the practice in California of using non-OEM car parts). Most recently, Krinsk ended a pharmacy chains’ practice of using confidential prescription information for sending customers marketing communications disguised as “re-fill reminders or similar”.[3] He currently pursues lawsuits relating to privacy including ending the practice of collecting customer prescription information to assemble doctor (i.e. prescriber profiles) to, inter alia, influence the drugs doctors prescribe.

    Krinsk serves as Senior General Partner of Rosemont Realty LLC, a subsidiary of Rosemont Capital, LLC which maintains a controlling interest in BGK Group, a fully integrated commercial property and asset management firm. [4]

    Krinsk is active in Democratic politics and, with his wife Marcy, has made their San Diego home [5] a well known venue for political functions and civic events. He served as a National Finance Chair for John Kerry for President 2004 and co-chair of the Patriot Project in 2005.[6] Krinsk is also a member of the Democratic National Committee, the Speaker’s Cabinet of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), and Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC). He was a founding member of the 2009 Inaugural Committee.[7] Mr. Krinsk also serves on certain California governmental committees at the requet of Governor Jerry Brown’s administration.

    Krinsk continues his philanthropic involvement in a number of causes from the African Wildlife Foundation to education at the University of San Diego School of Law. The Jeffrey and Marcy Krinsk Research Advancement Initiative (KRAI) serves Scripps Institution of Oceanography and supports the research of young scientists

    Jeffrey and Marcy were awarded 2012 Scientists’ Recognition Award for their work with Scripps and co-sponsored Scripp’s 2011 Extreme Climate Conference Mr. Krinsk also serves on the University of California San Diego Foundation Board of Trustess .

    He is a Distinguished Alumni of Boston University Law School and a member of several boards including the Medicare Rights Center and the American Security Project Advisory Board. Mr. Krinsk serves on the Board of Trustees of the H. John Heinz III Center for Science, Economics and the Environment

    The H. John Heinz III Center For Science, Economics And The Environment
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  • Gary Gevisser Senator Heinz you will remember was John Kerry’s wife’s first husband who was killed in a helicopter crash on April 4, 1991, just when the first Gulf War was ending, and the Pentagon was making further commitments to price fixer of price fixers, De Beers to supply them with price fixed and therefore worthless diamonds to be placed in the survival kit embedded in the ejection seat of American fighter aircraft, but not all of Heinz’s wealth died with him.

    Why do you think it is important that very loaded Teresa Heinz who was born in Maputo-Lorenzo Marques, Mozambique in 1939 needed Mr. JRK and his money connections to be afforded the position, National Finance Chair for John Kerry for President 2004?
    3 hours ago · Like

  • Gary Gevisser You will agree this is a little more interesting than your regular “chit chat”.

    Please continue sipping your coffee unless you already have digestion problems due to the fat diseased TALKATIVE cells taking over, and may I suggest you start drinking mo…See More
    2 hours ago · Like

  • Frank Fisher Gary Kerry’s financila backer is his wife. Where do you love Gary, if you lived in Massachuttes you would klno all about Kerry and his lies and tax evader. You would also know that he was not born with the name Jon F. Kerry, he added Fizgerald so his intianls would be the same as Jack Kennedy. Kerry is a fraud and a coward and a lier.
    about an hour ago · Like

  • Gary Gevisser Fisher, I fully understand you only read what makes you comfortable.

    Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq. is the cash and land richest litigator in the United States. He is also a very skilled and experienced deposition taker; meaning that he can write and understand English as well.

    My home is in California and I am on an extended trip out of the country.

    When Mr. JRK Esquire took the deposition of a senior co-opted-corrupted Revlon executive on October 17, 2002 in Boston, Massachuttes, he and I were not in constant contact during the 9+ hours that the deposition took because during that period which filled up 378 typed pages we did not speak because he was taking the deposition, and besides it would have been rude.

    Before he arrived at the location where the deposition was being held, Mr. JRK got lost on the taxi ride over and he called me to see if I could help.

    Mr. JRK is also a Bostonian but he can put on a California accent?

    Can you say the same?

    Below is a hyperlink taking you that most interesting deposition which you dont have to be a lawyer in order to read…/Deposition%20with%20GG’s…

    You will see notes in the color pink. They are my notes which I made when reading it for the first time.

    When you get to the section which reads: “yacht”, I want you to laugh.

    Then I want you to email Mr. JRK – jrk- remind it that it is Friday and not Monday when he is very busy, and then send him my regards.

    If you email is too busy, you can call his office 619-238-1333 and then ask for extension 24 if the computer does not prompt you.

    Once you and Jeffrey are relaxed and comfortable with each other by being on first name terms read him the email below sent from James A. MacKay, a very senior agent for De Beers controlled Lloyd’s of London to the former heavyweight Boxing World Federation champion Michael “BIG” Grant.

    From: Mackay, James A <james.mackay>
    Date: Wed, Apr 11, 2012 at 3:24 AM
    Subject: RE: Just following up
    To: Mike Grant <mageph520>
    Cc: Gary S. Gevisser c/o mdg

    Dear Mike,

    It was a great pleasure to meet you and Gary. Since our meeting I have re checked whether we can or cannot help US residents who wish to participate at Lloyd’s and most sadly it looks as though the cost of employing an army of lawyers to get all the regulations changed is prohibitive at this stage and we cant proceed any further.

    I wish you the very best of luck in both your boxing and investment future.

    kindest regards and I’m very sorry that I cant help.

    59 minutes ago · Like

  • Gary Gevisser Mr. Fisher, when did you become aware that Lloyd’s who accept diamonds as money instrument from its investors, have banned for 3 decades all American citizens including Mr. JRK, yourself, John Kerry, Teresa Heinz, members of the United States Congress, justices of the US Supreme Court etc etc from investing in Lloyd’s, at the time the American Securities Exchange Commission have sanctioned; i.e. supported this extraordinary banning order by allowing Lloyd’s to continue selling their insurance to American corporations and citizens?

    There is only one exception to the banning order that was carefully designed from the start to turn Americans on Americans, and that is if you were already an investor in Lloyd’s and you hadn’t sued Lloyd’s and pissed them off, then you could be “grandfathered in”; i.e. allowed to continue investing in Lloyd’s who are the most competitive insurance market in the world because their primary backer De Beers-Anglo American Corporation have the lowest cost of capital?

    Do you already know how I know?

    Is this all too much for you?
    52 minutes ago · Like

  • Frank Fisher Gary what on earth does all of your rantings here for the past couple od days have to do with this peace deal that Kerry is trying to sell, and if Israel does not buy it he is threateing a world wide boycot of Isreali products?
    39 minutes ago · Like

  • Frank Fisher Ok Gary you are from California that explains it all thanks. Now one cares if Americans can invest in Llyods or not, and again what has it to do with the topic? Maybe you need to get back on your meds or find a thread where people are interested in what you are saying.
    36 minutes ago · Like

  • Gary Gevisser Relax. Take a deep breath.

    Have you noticed that when you breath in it is automatic?

    Why didn’t that have you thinking that was the first sign of a supernatural force?

    You know of course that the mind is another most brilliant example of the supernatural; it is all chemistry that translates into the science into the mathematics the most precise language.

    Kerry is not the only politician who you all totally distracted.
    35 minutes ago · Like

  • Gary Gevisser Really, no one cares if Americans can invest in Lloyd’s or not?

    If you can pay a lower insurance premium than your competitor wouldn’t you want to know where to go to get that low insurance premium?

    Of course you are not asking the right question and you began by following the “common herd” approach, “Ok, Gary you are from California that explains it.”

    You are obviously not yet familiar with the Bankers Manifesto of July 4, 1892 which references very articulately who is the “common herd”.

    I will not spoon feed on that one because I know it is better that you don’t lead a donkey to water and have you do your own research that will take you all of a minute and then your mind will explode that much more wondering what else you didn’t learn in your formal education.

    What do you think it meant to John Kerry when the US Government bailed out AIG beginning in 2008, 4 years after a very senior AIG risk management specialist, Ron Bellows sent me an email detailing the plan of the US Government to bankrupt AIG which I forwarded on to Eliot Spitzer Esq. who besides for being a guest at Mr. JRK’s tennis court guest house in Pt. Loma, California, was the Attorney General of New York State and overseeing the all important SEC?

    I will tell you what it meant.

    It meant knowing someone in government could mean the success of your business and the failure of your competitor.

    When the American “common herd” did not react to me explaining it all in my first Daily Dirt Newsletter that I published in early November 2008, I did not think you were all geniuses.

    In fact it showed me that you would continue to react the way you are.

    Let me know if you need help locating that email of Ron Bellows on The Internet.
    21 minutes ago · Like

  • Frank Fisher is it possible Gary for you to get on topic here? If not please do not contiue with your rantings. Betty Grable had her legs insured by lloyds, Jimmy durante his nose so what has that got to do with anything?
    16 minutes ago · Like

  • Gary Gevisser Do you think insurance plays any role in the cost of rockets sent to and from Israel as well as other places in the world where people profit from war?

    See if you can stay on topic; and remember at any time you can contact Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq. if you need help drying up your tears.

    Kerry may not have been the best Navy SEAL commando; in fact it is more likely that he was a coward, but he does understand the military component in pricing weapon systems.

    He also knows that if you have a big enough weapon and are willing to use it then you can get whatever you want for free, because you will just kill the person or persons resisting your offer.

    So you see the pricing of military weapons impacts the cost of everything else.

    Back to the important insurance cost that goes into producing a weapon system, whether it be a telescope that is better than anything on the market or an atomic weapon.

    If you can get the lowest insurance that means ;you will have that much more bribe money available to not only get the other component costs but when selling your weapon system you will have that much left over to bribe the purchasing officer of the buyer.

    How much military intelligence training did you get?

    Do you feel that you were short-changed in any of your formal education?

    Do you feel that I am being too repetitive?

    When did you last think that you could go to someone like De Beers and get a loan to pay your taxes, but first you would have to give them something that they would want?

    What do you think De Beers-Loyld’s has on the US Government that allows them to make a laughing stock out of Americans and the US Government-De Beers-SEC do nothing about it?

    Do you think your rants will now stop?
    2 minutes ago · Like

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