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Did you receive notification from Facebook?

From: Gary S Gevisser []
Sent: Saturday, January 10, 2009 8:41 PM
To: Jason M. Ritchie – Honored US Navy submarine Sonar Operator with Top Secret clearance –
Cc: rest; Adam L Tucker’
Subject: RE: did you receive a notification from facebook that I had posted up something on the wall of Francine Orlin Kades?

Invite her to be one of your friends.

In the message section tell her that you are a friend of mine.

You can reach her by looking at my “friends”.

The attached file shows you everything I have posted up on her wall. She currently has 84 friends.

Much more importantly is the fact that she has allowed me to post up so much on her wall which is most telling to her “friends”.

It is possible that I only see what I have posted up, but I don’t think so.

I believe she is nothing short of “blown away” by what I have to say.

Unless she married someone very rich, which I doubt, because someone very rich wouldn’t allow me such “access” to all their “friends”, this is not a woman “of means”, and has to work very hard to “scrape by”. But she knows and grew up amongst very rich people who only now she is finding out are “scum”.

Worse they are showing her in “real time” their “true colors” as they “hide” not just from me.

From: J R []
Sent: Saturday, January 10, 2009 8:19 PM
To: Gary S Gevisser
Subject: Re: did you receive a notification from facebook that I had posted up something on the wall of Francine Orlin Kades?



— On Sun, 1/11/09, Gary S Gevisser wrote:
From: Gary S Gevisser
Subject: did you receive a notification from facebook that I had posted up something on the wall of Francine Orlin Kades?
To: “Jason Ritchie – Honored US Navy submarine Sonar Operator with Top Secret Clearance”
Date: Sunday, January 11, 2009, 4:09 AM

Francine Orlin Kades

Today – jan 10


Gary S. Gevisser wrote at 7:56pm
Ps – I will leave it to your “Yiddisha Kop” how best to “reach out” to others all over the world who would want to hear it told exactly the way it is, moreover, by someone who does in fact have “huge credibility”.

Not to mention my “potency” comes from the fact that I know that I am not omnipotent.

Knowledge is Light.

Being non-confrontational is no excuse for bad judgment! – Marie Dion Gevisser


Gary S. Gevisser wrote at 7:48pm
I understand that Israel has in the past few hours taken out another 300 members of Hamas, but I guarantee you that only very few if any have read the newsheadline I began broadcasting on Dec. 31st which you should know by now off by heart.

This is a very invigorating story I am telling and of course I am not alone.

Let me know if you would like … Read Moreto read Mr. Jason M. Ritchie’s “Letter to the Editor” of the Jerusalem Post, again sent on election day, Nov. 4th, and titled, “What is Israel waiting for?”

Also dont be afraid to ask Trevor Goldberg as well as Gary Legator the details of either the Trust-Hush-Funds that have been set up for them and/or how much they have already inherited.

My sense is that you would fully understand that such a request I wouldnt consider in “bad taste”.


Gary S. Gevisser wrote at 7:44pm
who had called me when coming across writings of mine about his close relatives and said to me, ““Why are you so negative toward my family? What right do you have to insult my family calling my one aunt ugly and my other aunt, Arlene Krok, stupid… Read More” ?

And as I go on to tell Devin who is himself no “slouch”, just leveraging as much as he can all the highly informative information i have provided for “free”, the Kroks after “huddling” would have then “blasted” Daren with something along the following lines:

“Christ Almighty.

What the hell do you think you were doing calling up The Rattlesnake?

Gary Gevisser is being incredibly nice only calling us stupid and ugly.

It shows he really likes us.

Can u imagine what he could have called us” [sic].



Gary S. Gevisser wrote at 7:36pm

The much “smarter” of the Trust-Hush-Fund kids are in fact “laying low” by mostly “dressing down” but I seem to recall that Paul Krok uses a photo of what I believe was the Epilady sail boat as his Facebook “picture”.

The “ruling elite” knew they were in “big trouble” once I decided to emerge with that, “Remember me?” as in the next … Read Moreinstant when they “huddled” around the world they also realized how well I had “connected” not only with the “common man” but imbeciles like Paul Krok.

You may have already heard or simply do a Google Search on my name and you will find this email I sent out on July 27, 2004 to the former executor of my estate Devin Standard whose father was a recent President of the New York State Bar Association, in which I reference a conversation I had that day with Daren Krok, the one grandson of Solly Krok



Gary S. Gevisser wrote at 7:29pm
walk around with a big stick not only does it get heavy when having to carry it again after using it repeatedly to beat up on someone else but it sends a very CLEAR message that you are very afraid of something and/or someone.

I knew and so did my highly aware mother, that the only person the DAAC had to fear was me.

My mother was certainly “… Read Moreconcerned” for my personal safety but she also knew that there was noone better than me to go about exposing the incredibly weak underbelly of this most awful beastly people who dress and act so very “civil”.

Because of their “disconnect” with the “common person” they have increasingly relied on their “buffer” upper middle class, the so-called nuveau riche such as Sol “Gambling Czar” Kersner, the Kroks of South Africa, the Jonathan “Trouble Bubble” Beares who in turn in order to protect themselves from the ever increasingly aware masses have EXPECTED those they have bought off begining with family member to “play their part” and be even bigger..


Gary S. Gevisser wrote at 7:23pm
Invention that details the devious nature of the mafia monopoly De Beers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC].

Their first reaction if they are not corrupted like each and every person who first chose to be my “friend” and who knew what I was all about beforehand but curiousity-anxiety got the better of them and they had to “accept” in order to see who … Read Morethe rest of my “friends” were before then “deleting” me and leaving the most extraordinary “money-trail”, is to say categorically in so many words, “It is hopeless. These evil people own everything and everyone.”

Next they should most likely say, “If we get rid of them, and besides at least they make pretty stones, then who will replace them as the allocator of the world’s resources?”

Then refer them to me and I will explain as I am doing now how very devious were the DAAC when first of all allowing Hollywood blockbuster author Epstein to write such an “all tell” book that makes the DAAC appear omnipotent.

You know that when you have to …


Gary S. Gevisser wrote at 7:17pm
of the most thoughtful people the world has ever known, especially so when communicating with me who she didnt have to make a point in lettin
g me know that she wanted me given how she experienced some 8 miscarriages between my middle brother Melvin and me.

Zena Gevisser knew in that rather brief phonecall that I had not only dug up very deeply … Read Morelaid secrets but such secrets in the wrong hands could bring about much more than my own death.

We are talking about in “real time” what it is that each of us who care and who have not profited like the lazy rich of all the religions who care only about themselves, can do to “give peace a better chance”.

Begin by simply emailing your “friends” and get out of them whatever “reaction” they have even if it is a “deafening silence”; and you know deafening silences speak the most volume.

The key to “flushing out” the truly wicked amongst us is to get them to provide in writing their “reaction” after reading Edward Jay Epstein’s, The Diamond…


Gary S. Gevisser wrote at 7:10pm
lawyers who were really the ones “calling the shots” and who had to give their “blessing” before I could get a “nothing to speak of job” working for De Beers’ Codiam Inc. located on 47th Street NYC and whose “money power” put to shame the wealth of “jokers” like Sol Kersner.

You know how “innocent”; i.e. non-corrupted you are by virtue of the fact… Read More that you have been kept so very much “in the dark” about what I have been doing ever since I broke my 24 year “deafening silence” with De Beers back on Nov. 11th, 2004, shortly after I spoke with my mother Zena for the last time and she WARNED me,


Us “under-achievers” Gevissers are in fact all still very much alive although my father has this one leaky heart valve that is supported by a non-kosher pig’s valve and my mother has had quadruple+++ bypasses, and that was more than 4 years ago.

More importantly, my mother Zena Badash-Ash Gevisser is not one to be “hysterical”, not even close.

Zena is…


Gary S. Gevisser wrote at 7:02pm
their children, that “sumhow” [sic] they were more “special”, and besides they could also be very “generous” and besides there wasnt much you could do “about it” even if you had the time and energy because your family was fucking battling just to survive.

You dont mind if I test to see if Facebook have a problem with profanity.

You would by now … Read Morethat not only did i not just get off a boat just yesterday in Haifa harbor, but my Israeli Special Forces as well as Israeli Military Intelligence training at the very highest levels placed me in good stead when at just age 23 I had demonstrated to the “powers that be” that I was “good enough” to take over from my uncle David Gevisser as the executor of American-German Charles W. Engelhard’s estate, which considering what a business person’s “backside” was my uncle Dave may not have seemed then or even right now as much of an “accomplishment”.

Then again, it wasnt my uncle who I needed to “impress”, but rather Engelhard’s San Francisco…


Gary S. Gevisser wrote at 6:55pm

I recall rather well the first time I met you and I beleive you were with your younger brother who was very, very young. It wasnt the happiest of times for you all, I seem to recall.

One of Sol Kersner’s two elder daughters was there as well. I am almost certain it was Andrea who I last saw in an apartment on 2nd Beach Clifton, i think the … Read Moreblock is called Valhalle which I might have confused with the South African Air Force base Valhalla where my eldest brother Neil did his 9 months compulsary military service where he was mostly locked up in a military prison in solitary confinement for having knocked out a white officer who was beating up on a black South African cook.

Up until reading what I have recently written you have always assumed, most likely, that those such as Andrea’s father Sol who many of us refer to as Sol “Gambling Czar” Kersner, were somehow “smarter” even if we thought them a “little crooked” and this “smarter” bit had us looking up not only to them but to..


Gary S. Gevisser wrote at 6:49pm
than someone with an “ax to grind” who uses a blunt ax.

You have already got over the “emotions” felt by each and every one of the members of my immediate family to us being “under-achievers” even if you knew me as well as the rest of the 5 members of the Bernie and Zena Gevisser household who would be nothing short of “livid” ready to eat that “… Read Moreidiot” alive, if need be.

You also know that it makes no difference that this person in Israel is just “one person” and does not talk for anyone but himself and he, as I have shown, is a “nobody”.

But what you are not alone in finding “interesting” is that he would be willing to “take me on”.

Go ahead and ask your one “friend” Gary Legator how he is doing as he takes “center stage” and it is not just because I placed his name and email address I have had for years in the carbon copied section of that last heavily broadcasted communique which of course everyone reading this and interested most of all in the truth, would want their own copy..


Gary S. Gevisser wrote at 6:42pm
Marie Dion Gevisser who would know that ordinarily I wouldnt go back to read what I have written begining with leaving out the word “not” before “necessarily in the first line of what I started writing at 6:14, let alone spelled “will” when I meant “wall”.

Israel is fighting a war, is the problem, no matter how brilliantly.

Even if the numbers … Read Moreshow some 1,000 Palestinians dead to just 10 Israelis that is 1,010 too many “innocent” lives; and then there are the survivors whose children most likely will not live to age of 3 which as you know from what I broadcasted earlier from my one email account is when I started speaking.

There is a good reason that you havent deleted my postings YET, and it is not because you “fear” I have “backups” and will then “blast” you in the next “moment”.

My writings are ALSO “interesting” because no matter how many ways you “slice things” and you know most knife cuts come as a result of not sharp but blunt knives; moreover there is nothing more boring…


Gary S. Gevisser wrote at 6:23pm
they knew as “under-achievers” as this one Jewish person living in Israel has referred to my entire “immediate family” while making a point of being highly supportive of certain members of my extended family who made it their business-personal to “cozy up to the enemy” who are not and nor have they ever been Israel’s Arab and non-Arab neighbors … Read Moresuch as Iran.

They have in fact been of mostly the Roman Catholic religion, but then again when painting with a broad brush one falls into one carefully laid “trap”.

I figured out that there was something to the Proverbs, “it is better to keep quiet and let people think you to be a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt”.

The problem, and bear with me as I am also cooking dinner right now and know the importance of cooking with love even when apart from my very hot French-Canadian wife…


Gary S. Gevisser wrote at 6:14pm
You know more than most, but necessarily more than your 84 “friends”, about what it is exactly that I am doing, while you “play your role” ever so well.

It is very possible that you have informed each and every one of those 84 to not only read very carefully what you have been so kind enough for me to place on your will without me even going … Read Morethrough the “formalities” of asking you how you and your family and friends including Paula Bentel who I care for very mu
ch as well, are doing.

You see me taking on in a very big way Jewish people who are only Jewish when it suits them, which has the rest of the anti-Semites just “loving it to death” were they even in the least bit interested about us Jewish people which they are mostly not.

Those who knew me really well both in South Africa and when I spent a decade living in the Los Angeles area would almost to a “man” say I was both “quiet and thoughtful” but without exception they would not have referred to me or anyone in my family who…


Gary S. Gevisser wrote at Friday jan 9 – 10:56am
Bear in mind that Avril appears to be living a grand lifestyle, very possibly in part because she is the sister-in-law of Gary Barber who is a Hollywood producer and who like Avril and me was on Ulpan in Israel back in 1972, although Gary was not based as was Avril and I at Kibbutz Sde Boker where David Ben Gurion had “retired” back in 1970 and who… Read More we met with on Nov. 1st, 1972 some 13 odd months to the day before he passed away.

Let me know if you would be interested in seeing all the email correspondence between myself and Avril so that you can be more informed before inviting her to be your friend.

Not to mention Gary Legator is also a “friend” of Avril who at 6:53 AM this morning “accepted” to be my “friend” and then soon after “deleted” me.

Bear in mind that Gary Legator was also on Ulpan with Avril and me at Kibbutz Sde Boker and not only does Gary continue to be a friend of yours, it is highly probable that I know Gary Legator better than he as well as his “friends”.


Gary S. Gevisser wrote at 10:50am
What do you think of people who delete me as a “friend” as well as remove my truthful and timely postings on their “walls”; bearing in mind that they first accepted me as a friend who is an “open book”?

Before Avril Milner Barber deleted me as a “friend” all the while she and I were dialoguing via email and there remains a clear digitized record … Read Moreof everything, I had posted up on her wall a “follow up” to what I posted on your wall last evening at 10:37 pm that included information about the “real world” of war that at least from Israel’s standpoint is more about who “profits” from the manufacturing of weapon systems that for example caused the evacuation of Haifa, the 3rd largest city in Israel, housing some 300,000, during the brutal Hezbollah-Israel 6 week summer 2006 war.



Gary S. Gevisser wrote at 10:37pm
Would you have an interest in communicating with the person from Mothercare that is based in the UK who told me back in the summer of 2006 during Israel’s bloody war with Hezbollah that the reason there are no Starbucks in Israel is the same reason there are no Mothercare shops?

What do you think of my news headline from Dec. 31st, “Now Israel … Read Moredefends itself AGAIN against CIA financed rocket attacks!”;topicseen#new

Do you like the name of my website

Francine wrote on Gary S. Gevisser’s wall. 9:52pm


Gary S. Gevisser wrote at 9:11pm
Why hasnt your friend Trevor Goldberg signed up to be my friend?

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