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Discover – Re: Contact Us – Form Submission

From: GaryStevenGevisser <>

Subject: Discover – Re: Contact Us – Form Submission
Date: January 17, 2018 at 2:29:17 PM PST
To: Dr. Jennifer Wiseman c/o iInfo BioLogos <>

Hello to you,

Ms. Wiseman, played perhaps the smallest amount of time in the 2015 Nova special, The Great Math Mystery which I only got to see the other evening for the first time, but in my opinion the most important.

We can all agree that something very small began this 13.8 billion expansion of the universe, and its patterns along with ongoing creations, including life sustaining spaceship Mother Earth, are most atypical of an exploding shell fired from a cannon as disorder and total chaos is what results in every instance, ever since the first cannons were discovered in China back in 13th Century.
All our instinct is to get the hell out of the way before the shrapnel starts heading our way, which is not quite as damaging to the brain as the much faster sound wave, unless of course the shrapnel ends up embedded in the skull.
Planet M E has been hit many times over our 4 billion year existence but not even the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs 63 million years ago prevented man coming into being, and mostly being incredibly destructive in everything we touch.
No other animal, not even the most ferocious White Shark or pack of wolves leaping upon a reindeer and tearing off limbs while the heart of its prey is still pumping and its eyes showing full awareness that it is being devoured, is destructive to the surrounding land and seascape. Only when there are too many of one species occupying the same terrain do we see them showing no compunction in killing off the weakest.
But we only see that once man starts infringing on their space.
Before man it is hard to imagine any of the wild beasts being so ugly to their own species.
We keep digging for clues into exactly what are we doing here?
Man is inextricably connected through chemistry to the very start of that mind-boggling moment one when all of creation began, and that violence has bypassed all the species that came before us and manifested itself into each of us who are looking to discover ourselves and how we all “fit together”.
Instead of looking at what we have in common with the other animals and plant life, why not examine the one item where we act so irrationally towards each other because we are fighting over limited resources which are under pressure because we feel that it is impossible to stop people from producing children and to do that would have us acting like a communist State like China who have long abandoned the one child family policy in favor of those, who can afford to have more children, keep producing.
That is because the Chinese have fallen victim to believing that the money should not be questioned, even though China invented paper money and saw that placing such power in the hands of their emperor made the emperor do stupid things like forgetting that the wealth of China came from war and getting captured soldiers to do the heavy lifting all the while advances in weaponry and medicine were a direct byproduct of war.
Still the Chinese people didn’t think it wise that their Emperor forgot the reason they had their power, and it was not from creating money out of thin air.
With that said, back on June 25, 2006, I happened to notice out of the corner of my eye in a very dusty “hole in the wall” museum in Dali, China this 2500 year old bronze statue showing money growing on trees.


All the money in the world, all our buildings, all our roads and interstates, all our restaurants, all our museums, all our talking are not going to change the destiny of our universe.
What is important is Ms. Wiseman’s words, “This is a picture of two galaxies that are actually being drawn together in a merger” which had Mario Livio responding, “This is how galaxies build themselves” and Ms. Wiseman confirming, “Right” .
What comes out of that merger is not going to be as destructive as what nuclear war would do to an already very destroyed M E.
We bring peace if we can get people to focus on man’s destructiveness which is all ego induced, unless that is the design of the Creator which makes no sense because nothing in the creation of this universe has shown to be destructive, only as a visual for us to think and realize that all the laws of nature that we were given beginning with gravity make it impossible to predict the unpredictable ongoing accelerated expansion of the universe which shows no sign of collapsing or for that matter causing shrapnel to have long ended life on totally unique M E.
There is also nothing in the least bit random in mathematics not even random tables that have us being able to be more objective in our analysis.
Nor is there anything random in “coincidences” which we cannot explain and nor do we pay much attention to them because they are in the past and we think they have no impact on our future until one realizes that in the moment of thinking about the inexplicable, supernatural event, we are not doing anything else, and that distracting thought delays what we would otherwise be doing.
So in essence, the past coincidence determines each of our fate.
That leads to me suggesting that the more we all stay in the moment and explore the forces at play which have us all focused on “making the money” and “Time is money” we don’t need a miracle to end all wars which are carefully designed by the weapons manufacturers to keep producing refugees whose camps create more upheaval, more discontent, more future terrorists, more future strong men like Hitler and Idi Amin.
Nor are these weapons manufacturers who have no loyalty to country, race or religion only to those who help market and sell their weapons, been fair to our men and women soldiers who only in recent times stopped being paid the lion’s share of the spoils of war.
I have a unique expertise in the HEMP [history, economics, military & politics], and I can easily explain more how to quickly and effectively neutralize all the world’s war mongering weapons manufacturers without any fear of them deciding that in order to maintain their lifestyles they might as well keep trying to blow up the world.
I think Ms. Wiseman will agree that if we can end all wars and poverty on the poor without first killing off the poor, that would be a good miracle without us feeling the need to call upon God to assist.
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On Jan 17, 2018, at 1:09 PM, Info BioLogos <> wrote:
Hello Gary,


I hope you are well. Thank you for reaching out. It would be helpful to know what your are referring to so I can point you in the right direction in order to get in contact with her.
Thank you,
BioLogos Team Member

On Tue, Jan 16, 2018 at 1:48 AM,  <> wrote:

Contact Us – Form Submission

First: Gary
Last: Gevisser

Email Address


How do I reach Dr. Jennifer Wiseman?

I have some answers to some of her questions.



BioLogos Team Member

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