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Do you remember Chappaquiddick? – Part 2

To mention in passing, the Nazi SS would cover the concrete floor no more than a third of a meter [one foot] but enough even if one was Kareem to cover fully the ankle area and then they would have their victim do nothing other than stand and eventually stew in their own feces and urine and not to waste; and then also energized when filling a bucket that now contained rotted flesh, bones and of course all the veins connected to the fast disappearing feet with just one throw able to reach the next torture cell that was no more than two feet square and reaching up high to the ceiling with broken glass embedded into the surrounding walls so that when the disgusting waste would be thrown in to make sure the victim hadn’t passed out dead their cut flesh would remind them very possibly that the padded cell next door offered no sanctuary.

No Jewish person in the world should be talking now no matter how fearful they feel about the US jobless rate now close to 8% without first visiting the House of Terror.

Dad and Kathy will remember the last time Marie and I attended Yom Kippur services together in Cape Town, South Africa back in 1995 not long after I visited with our uncle David Gevisser at his home in Johannesburg, not all that far from the insane asylum that I believe was attended by one of Sol “Gambling Czar” Kersner’s one daughter who I was very friendly with growing up and my good friend Cliff Benn was the most interested in and it wasn’t because of her Dad’s money since Cliff’s father Alan Benn and Alan’s partner Gerald Hackner could “buy and sell” Sol Kerzner with what monies they rounded off to each and every day when they “closed their books”.

Most quiet was very shrewd England born Alan Benn who was the real financial genius partner in that highly lucrative business partnership that included the auditing firm of Hackner Benn, a private corporation.

I never got to see either Alan’s or Gerald’s personal balance sheet and even if I had it wouldn’t have changed my mind about everything I knew for a fact.

There was this “standing joke” that Hilary, Gerald’s wife would tell about how she was responsible for Gerald and Alan being “left out” when Super Insurance King Donny Gordon made it “big time” because Hilary, “convinced Gerald that Donny was a crook!”

Donny Gordon could still to this day make it as an Altar boy so long as his competition was his bosses in the mafia monopoly De Beers and Co.

Following my 4 month Ulpan at Kibbutz Sde Boker, Negev Desert when I met with David Ben Gurion for the first time on November 1st, 1972, some 57 odd following the start of CIA financed and trained PLO terrorists beginning to brutally murder 11 defenseless Israeli athletes and by which time Mossad “hit squads” had been activated throughout the world including here in the United States to hunt down, kill but mostly maim the victimizers who had profited the most, Alan Benn and I would spend our Saterday afternoons playing two-handed Klobios, a card game you very possibly first heard mentioned in recent times by insurance auditing specialist Mr. Jeffrey Malatskey, a senior partner of Ernst and Young who I grew up with in Durban, South Africa and wrote me back on June 20th, 2005,

“You always were a better Klobios player than me”.

In 1972 I was 15 and you were 21 having published you first poetry/blank verse book, picking up the pieces of yourself.

But what you may not have paid attention to were to good questions I asked of mom’s Israeli-Argentinean “guide” Yehuda Matov starting with our first trip to Israel in 1966; and it is possible you were not there.

You will remember, however, that our grandfather Israel Issy Gevisser was very much alive and back in Durban, South Africa where as far as you were concerned he was doing much “worse” than simply “taking up space” behind his desk in the office he shared with Dad, since all you knew was from what mom had told you.

I could end this rather long missive right here and you could most likely think you can now finally connect up all the dots; but then there is this “history” that you got all wrong, in part because you weren’t around, beginning with the fact that you got sent when you were still very young to boarding school.

Yes, you know kids simply cannot be trusted with secrets even when they are around people who know better than to tell secrets, since now you perfectly understand that when you tell a secret it is no longer a secret.

But kids are generally very bright and they can pick up on things, and may draw wrong conclusions which could still be harmful to those who don’t tell secrets.

But seriously now, how could you believe in a million years that the job our most street smart grandfather Issy Gevisser could have been done by some clerk, let alone a bought and paid for clerk.

Issy Gevisser CHOSE the fricken job of reconciling the accounts receivable aging because he so smartly trusted no one other than himself.

There was no one in the entire conglomerate who had a better finger on the pulse of the huge Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies; and the fact that he took out so an incredibly low salary, was again just part of the “show”, all geared to see whether any of us could figure it all out without having to be told.

I must now take a shower after a light run along the beach that had this fine mist throughout that along with the glass like surf conditions and the swells still awesomely large had me feeling I had died and gone to heaven which is where I am also right now, sitting on the carpeted floor of the art gallery-studio cliff house, managing to type while stretching my legs; across from Marie who can you believe it is looking at the news on her computer, “Please don’t write about me; I hate it”.

So very Kennedy romantic is Obama and his wife.

Does it seem also so funny to you?

Not really when you consider the job of the President of the United States is all about waging war on mineral rich countries.

But the way people talk about the Obamas is funny; it is like Disneyland; Mickey and Mini mouse, he does look like Mickey doesn’t he? She is prettier than Hilary!

Pretty aweful how all the “powerful” politicians in the US Senate talk about Ted Kennedy as the “Lion of the Senate” but who went right to sleep after killing a girl.

Do you remember Chappaquiddick?

Do you remember that Ted Kennedy without Mary Jo Kopechne at his side attended his benefactor’s funeral on March 2nd, 1971 that was held at St. Mary’s Abbey Church, Morris Town, two words, New Jersey?

You remember that history is important, especially when you are fighting a war where truth is increasingly important as combatants are increasingly wired?

To be continued…

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