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Do you remember Chappaquiddick?

From: Gary S Gevisser []
Sent: Tuesday, January 20, 2009 7:18 PM
Cc:; President Barack Obama;; Office of the Israeli Defense Department Attache – Israeli Embassy Washington DC.; Fred Deluca – Founder-co-owner Subway; Mossad; Author-Journalist Mark Gevisser – son of David Gevisser, executor of American Charles Engelhard’s estate; Jeffrey R. Krinsk – Finkelstein & Krinsk; Jay McMichael – CNN photojournalist;
Subject: Do you remember Chappaquiddick?

Nigel Gevisser should also be more forthcoming about the negotiations with Gary Lewinson and parents who both attended Kathy’s wedding at Rabbi Weiss’ house in Beverly hills’ when he was the rabbi of the fabulously real estate rich Beth Jacob synagogue.

Timing is everything especially when it comes to money.

Creating anything out of thin air eventually costs an arm and a leg.

This is a very bloody war being fought very brilliantly by the brutal Israel Defense Force but don’t ask the majority of Israelis, let alone Jewish people in the rest of world who know less than nothing about how to fight let alone win wars against such insurmountable odds, but they sure know how to talk up a storm.

But look how quiet things are these days beginning with my facebook friends, starting with Francine Orlin Kades who I haven’t seen let alone spoken with in well over two decades and even then we weren’t all that close.

We hadn’t even exchanged pleasantries let alone taken the time out to respond to her simple question about the idiot moron Trevor Goldberg, another Jewish South African “waste of time”, and yet she chose smartly to allow me to post up on her Facebook “wall” before Facebook placed me on the “disabled” list, and while promising faithfully to get back to me with an explanation simply went as expected, “deafeningly silent”, which of course does not prevent me from increasing that much more my support of their great service to humanity even though of course that was not their concept when starting out.

And of course so talkative Trevor Goldberg who has a way of getting the easy-come-easy go “money, me” crowd to share all the various ways they have “beat the system” such as when moving South African Reserve Bank monies out of South Africa via over and under invoicing, is no different to Gary Legator who can also be a whole lot of fun to be around; but if I had my choice between breaking bread with Gary or Trevor or Hitler not only would I choose Hitler “hands down” but there wouldn’t be the slightest anger in any part of my body and mostly I would try to hide my pity for this miserable specimen who didn’t stand a chance; and of course today even idiots like Trevor and Gary can “figure out” that Hitler’s replacement would have been a whole lot worse for us Jewish people.

Do you think De Beers and Co. would have put up with his Hitler’s limp rest for longer than they had to?

Of course they wouldn’t and they didn’t but until he had served his purpose they would enjoy themselves famously.

Obama is now President of the United States of America that carries the other big title, Commander In Chief.

A lot of people think the American Government cannot get any bigger than when buying AIG and nationalizing the banks which has presented a whole bunch of problems that only folks like the CIA and the Mossad seem to be able to get their “arms around”.

And you would agree that is enough folks to start a rather ugly world war.

So what do you think of this “ShloNiel” [sic] who first started out saying that I would be arrested if I stepped foot in Israel?

Do you recall never asking me what was the thinking behind my one ad in the South African Sunday Times some decades ago?

The over the top unemployment rate is not a bad thing for a company like Facebook so long as the US Government continues to grow and the rest of the world feel it is perfectly okay to be our slave wage earners.

2facetruth is different to those who start off by saying, “To tell you the truth…” which is the first indicator that they are quite used to lying, which is very different from it being rather easy to lie to liars because one knows better than keep for any length of time a liar within one’s inner circle, all spelled out in the science, in the math, in the physics, which translates back into the chemistry which is what the mind is all about.

Everything and nothing means the same depending upon whether one is simply mindful or not.

Most people reading all the promo material and TV specials in the multitude of languages out there are unaware that the young founder of Facebook has Mr. Thiel, a rather significant Wall Street backer who made his cash as a hedge fund manager.

It is not in the least bit important to me whether or Mr. Thiel is honest and/or whether he cares one way or another about the importance of always telling the truth and when making a mistake to be man enough to admit it preferably before the error gets brought to your attention.

I don’t know if you know who Mr. Thiel is and/or whether it is in fact you given how within moments of sending out my business proposal to Facebook where I mentioned I would be following up with you next, this schlemiel emailed me questioning my military credentials and when I referred him to Kerene over at the Office for the Israeli Department of Defense attaché at the Israeli Embassy in Washington DC as well as of course the Mossad who know to track any nutcase wishing to bring public international attention to their Fools Names, Fools Faces in Public Places he then went “deafening silent” which is not to say he is isn’t you but if you could ask those Italian t-shirt partners of yours to assist in getting more of a profile on “SchloNIEL’ [sic] I would thank you dearly.

Moving on.

The founder of Facebook in addressing me being placed on the “disabled” list would have by now consulted his own personal legal counsel who could advice him surely much better than me who is not a lawyer and know better to practice law without a license, and even if I did have a license, I still wouldn’t be so dumb as practice law certainly not in this day and age as the world is waking up to why it is exactly there are so many lawyers in the United States, because there are so many laws which have taken away all the individual responsibility leaving the United States as being the largest welfare society in the history of the world; and why it is that US Americans are so very shocked by dire straits of the state of the Republic that could only possibly be saved by someone such as myself who could more than likely negotiate the best possible “surrender terms” with our trading partners who own all our debt and may not care for the way the US Congress is going about printing and spending away their collateral which did not increase in value with the US$170 million just spent on Obama’s inauguration.

Not everyone in the world knows that I know more than most of the high powered players currently on Wall Street about Hedge Funds given my closeness, thanks to you, with one of the founding partners of the Steinhardt US$5 billion Hedge Fund; not to mention I was in the offices of Michael Steinhardt when he gladly signed a check for US20 million which was the nonsense fine he was hit with by the nonsense US Treasury for colluding with Warren Buffett’s Solomon Brothers in stealing a billion dollars from US Taxpayers; and of cause even Buffett and Co. were happy to pay their US$200 million fine.

Suffice to say that even if the founder of Facebook has given up the rights of first refusal to acquire more ownership in Facebook, assuming of co
urse he still controls Facebook, at least from a shareholder ownership perspective which is all that we are now talking about, he should feel very confident that he would be assured of a highly competitive market place given for starters the fact that the US Government now own AIG and therefore anyone who is anyone can always go cap in hand to the Us government and ask them to ensure that any auctioning of anything whether it be a silver spoon that you found in your backyard or voting control of a hot operation like Facebook would end up going to highest bidder and Facebook’s owner would sleep better at night knowing that he wasn’t being taken advantage of; and then of cause there is still me out here with my website.

Could you get me the name and email address of Facebook’s personal assistant who right now I consider a whole lot more important than the founder?

So what do you think the odds are of you running into Irv Cooper on the steps of the Kennedy Center in Manhattan, I believe it was, and you being so generous to give him extra tickets that you didn’t need and in return he gives you his business card and in no time I follow up with Irv and the next thing we know is that Michael Steinhardt is all “exposed”?

Irv Cooper was very much “old school” and trusted no one, apart from his Michael Steinhardt who Irv believed was a “prince of a man”, while of course Steinhardt was more than a big prick, he was a big time crook, who attracted crooks like Martha Stewart who learned all the tricks of the trade from her buddy Michael who not long after writing that check “closed shop”, walked away with some US$400 million and the rest is history.

Well, not exactly.

Michael Steinhardt had an Israeli partner Shimon Timor who I also knew extraordinarily well and so did Irv, at least eventually.

So did my one American attorney of umpteen years Mr. King Golden Jr. Esq.

So did my financial genius friend Newell Starks, an officer of Citicorp’s Venture Capital Corporation who specialize in management friendly, i.e. Shareholder hostile takeovers.

So did our family’s close friend Professor Abner Weiss know everything there was to know about Steinhardt since he presided over the nuptials of Steinhardt’s daughter to another prick who was first schooled at Carmel College, Durban, South Africa and then went on to Harvard Business School; and of course it should come as no surprise to anyone that Michael Steinhardt asked me my opinion about this idiot future son-in- law, who as far as I know when things get too thought goes running to our former headmaster Mr. Kessel, who has now returned back to the South Africa just to get away and eventually find peace and quiet, you think?

No, all these people I have mentioned included Rabbi Weiss are as thick as thieves and why I still give this Mr. Thiel the benefit of the doubt that he is nothing like Michael Steinhardt who thinks he has contributed enough to the State of Israel to be afforded sanctuary.

No Israeli whether or not Jewish who simply has a Yiddisha kop knows perfectly well the modern State of Israel which was found in bloody violence doesn’t have to pay for anything, not a drop of oil, not water, not food, absolutely nothing ever since Israel became a nuclear power.

It is of course all about water.

Interesting on August 15th, 1501 the Danube River crested at an all time high.

Then some 470 years later the United States led the world in going off the Gold Standard.

Don’t be foolish and read into anything more than how dumb are the people today than they were some half a thousand years ago; and today we have the Internet; and look how these imbeciles behave.

Man remains very primitive but a whole lot fatter and less fit.
As you know I recently got back from a trip to Europe where the “highlight” was an 8 day and 7 night s with my sensuous French-Canadian wife Marie Dion Gevisser cruising down the Blue Danube.

BTW I had begun posting up photos from that trip on my on Facebook account.

Did you see the one of me standing in a 3 foot by 10 foot padded cell in the basement of the House of Terror, Budapest?

Not to mention had more of us Jewish Hungarians qualified for Hitler’s basketball team when playing the Lakers, my guess is that our heads would have reached above the padded area and just one solid soccer header could have avoided a whole lot of pain and suffering that awaited us in the cells next door.

To mention little of the one torture cell was most simple in its design. First of all it was square without its engineers necessarily thinking about all the aesthetically pleasing aspects of the Golden Triangle-Rectangle which I suggest a little too much has been made of this ratio, although I must tell you I do feel a little compelled to examine the mathematics which I first came across the other evening while still in a state of recovery following running into twice the most beautiful young lady who wasn’t naked by sitting atop an exquisite horse that was leading a rider less most beautiful specimen that I could have sworn winked at me at the same time turning its head for just a moment or too longer than one would have ordinarily expected along the most awesome trails of this beyond belief godly oasis of the Cleveland National Forest where Marie and I have very possibly the most beautiful stone home in the area, despite the builders most likely not working from any plans and no doubt very poor as was everyone out here in the early 1930s, which didn’t take away from their extraordinary craftsmanship.

To mention in passing, the Nazi SS would cover the concrete floor no more than a third of a meter [one foot] but enough even if one was Kareem to cover fully the ankle area and then they would have their victim do nothing other than stand and eventually stew in their own feces and urine and not to waste; and then also energized when filling a bucket that now contained rotted flesh, bones and of course all the veins connected to the fast disappearing feet with just one throw able to reach the next torture cell that was no more than two feet square and reaching up high to the ceiling with broken glass embedded into the surrounding walls so that when the disgusting waste would be thrown in to make sure the victim hadn’t passed out dead their cut flesh would remind them very possibly that the padded cell next door offered no sanctuary.

No Jewish person in the world should be talking now no matter how fearful they feel about the US jobless rate now close to 8% without first visiting the House of Terror.

Dad and Kathy will remember the last time Marie and I attended Yom Kippur services together in Cape Town, South Africa back in 1995 not long after I visited with our uncle David Gevisser at his home in Johannesburg, not all that far from the insane asylum that I believe was attended by one of Sol “Gambling Czar” Kersner’s one daughter who I was very friendly with growing up and my good friend Cliff Benn was the most interested in and it wasn’t because of her Dad’s money since Cliff’s father Alan Benn and Alan’s partner Gerald Hackner could “buy and sell” Sol Kerzner with what monies they rounded off to each and every day when they “closed their books”.

Most quiet was very shrewd England born Alan Benn who was the real financial genius partner in that highly lucrative business partnership that included the auditing firm of Hackner Benn, a private corporation.

I never got to see either Alan’s or Gerald’s personal balance sheet and even if I had it wouldn’t have changed my mind about everything I knew for a fact.

There was this “standing joke” that Hilary, Gerald’s wife would tell about how she was responsible for Gerald and Alan being “left out” when Super Insurance King D
onny Gordon made it “big time” because Hilary, “convinced Gerald that Donny was a crook!”

Donny Gordon could still to this day make it as an Altar boy so long as his competition was his bosses in the mafia monopoly De Beers and Co.
Following my 4 month Ulpan at Kibbutz Sde Boker, Negev Desert when I met with David Ben Gurion for the first time on November 1st, 1972, some 57 odd following the start of CIA financed and trained PLO terrorists beginning to brutally murder 11 defenseless Israeli athletes and by which time Mossad “hit squads” had been activated throughout the world including here in the United States to hunt down, kill but mostly maim the victimizers who had profited the most, Alan Benn and I would spend our Saterday afternoons playing two-handed Klobios, a card game you very possibly first heard mentioned in recent times by insurance auditing specialist Mr. Jeffrey Malatskey, a senior partner of Ernst and Young who I grew up with in Durban, South Africa and wrote me back on June 20th, 2005, “You always were a better Klobios player than me”.

In 1972 I was 15 and you were 21 having published you first poetry/blank verse book, picking up the pieces of yourself.

But what you may not have paid attention to where to good questions I asked of mom’s Israeli-Argentinean “guide” Yehuda Matov starting with our first trip to Israel in 1966; and it is possible you were not there.

You will remember, however, that our grandfather Israel Issy Gevisser was very much alive and back in Durban, South Africa where as far as you were concerned he was doing much “worse” than simply “taking up space” behind his desk in the office he shared with Dad, since all you knew was from what mom had told you.

I could end this rather long missive right here and you could most likely think you can now finally connect up all the dots; but then there is this “history” that you got all wrong, in part because you weren’t around, beginning with the fact that you got sent when you were still very young to boarding school.

Yes, you know kids simply cannot be trusted with secrets even when they are around people who know better than to tell secrets, since now you perfectly understand that when you tell a secret it is no longer a secret.

But kids are generally very bright and they can pick up on things, and may draw wrong conclusions which could still be harmful to those who don’t tell secrets.

But seriously now, how could you believe in a million years that the job our most street smart grandfather Issy Gevisser could have been done by some clerk, let alone a bought and paid for clerk.

Issy Gevisser CHOSE the fricken job of reconciling the accounts receivable aging because he so smartly trusted no one other than himself.
There was no one in the entire conglomerate who had a better finger on the pulse of the huge Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies; and the fact that he took out so an incredibly low salary, was again just part of the “show”, all geared to see whether any of us could figure it all out without having to be told.
I must now take a shower after a light run along the beach that had this fine mist throughout that along with the glass like surf conditions and the swells still awesomely large had me feeling I had died and gone to heaven which is where I am also right now, sitting on the carpeted floor of the art gallery-studio cliff house, managing to type while stretching my legs; across from Marie who can you believe it is looking at the news on her computer, “Please don’t write about me; I hate it”.

So very Kennedy romantic is Obama and his wife.

Does it seem also so funny to you?

Not really when you consider the job of the President of the United States is all about waging war on mineral rich countries.

But the way people talk about the Obamas is funny; it is like Disneyland; Mickey and Mini mouse, he does look like Mickey doesn’t he? She is prettier than Hilary!

Pretty aweful how all the “powerful” politicians in the US Senate talk about Ted Kennedy as the “Lion of the Senate” but who went right to sleep after killing a girl.

Do you remember Chappaquiddick?

Do you remember that Ted Kennedy without Mary Jo Kopechne at his side attended his benefactor’s funeral on March 2nd, 1971 that was held at St. Mary’s Abbey Church, Morris Town, two words, New Jersey?

You remember that history is important, especially when you are fighting a war where truth is increasingly important as combatants are increasingly wired?

To be continued…

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