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Do you think God gets bored?

From: Gary S Gevisser []
Sent: Tuesday, February 10, 2009 1:35 AM PT
To:; investor in Sunmed
Cc: rest;; Office of the Israeli Defense Department Attache – Israeli Embassy Washington DC.; Judy Montagu – Letters Editor – The Jerusalem Post; Mossad; Adele BUTCHER Strous Clingman wife of Alan “Trading with the enemy” Clingman; US Attorney Patrick J. Fitzgerald – US Department of Justice – Office of Special Counsel – prosecuted case against Scooter Libby, Chief of Staff to former VP Cheney, Attorney of Clinton Pardoned, Marc “Trading with the enemy” Rich ; Roy Essakow – Executive of Marc “Trading with the enemy” Rich; Hilary-Bill DeBeers-Rhodes Scholar-Rich Clinton – US Secretary of State; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; ‘’; Rabbi Caspers Funnye – Close relation of First Lady Michelle Obama; Martin Rapaport -CEO Rapaport Report; Nicholas Oppenheimer – DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel [DAAC]; Stephen Cohen – Codiam Inc.; Author-The Nation Journalist Mark Gevisser – son of David Gevisser, executor of American Charles Engelhard’s estate;; Rabbi Caspers Funnye – Close relation of First Lady Michelle Obama; President Barack Obama; President George W. Bush

D – You have yet to hear the gut wrenching reaction of Israel Air Force Commander Syd Cohen and his wife Adeline to the atrocious, but very true words spoken by your “kinsman” Adele BUTCHER Strous Clingman; “very true”, in that Adele tells it EXACTLY the way the overwhelming majority of Jewish people living outside of Israel think about Israel; and of course the Strous-Clingman-Roy Essakow-Marc Rich clan have a whole lot of supporters within Israel.

But of course you and every Jewish person you know can well imagine the Cohen’s reaction to, “Im not interested in history of Israel” or can you?

I would say it is a fairly good “litmus test” of ones “conscience”, although not all that scientific.

When I respond to a gentleman from the San Francisco Chronicle that I believe is still owned by my former clients the Hearst family, I will be sure to copy you and if you would like all the employees of Investec as well as all their clients who must be getting increasingly nervous as I peel away all your very thin veneers and what we can all see are nothing more than “Emperors without Clothes”.

Again, the Cohens are in their 80s and they are not politicians, but they can well remember the days back when David Ben Gurion made the most important decision of his life when making Jewish South African Captain Syd Cohen Commander of the brutal Israel Air Force following the fiery death of its first commander Modi Alon on Oct. 16th, 1948, in the middle of Israel’s most brutal War of Independence that the Allied powers expected to be over on the very day Ben Gurion declared Jewish Statehood on May 14th, 1948 when just before Allied Field Marshal Montgomery declared, “When the British flag is lowered for the last time in Palestine, the Jews will be overrun”.

Ben Gurion you remember I first met with on November 1st, 1972, some 57 odd days following CIA financed and trained PLO terrorists beginning to brutally murder 11 defenseless Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympic Games, in what was yet another CIA job from “start to finish”, beginning with placing in their “protective custody” Mr. Salameh, who masterminded the massacre, some two years prior in 1970, and the US State Department’s “military wing” continued to afford Mr. Salameh who was not the nicest person in the world, protection until the Mossad finally assassinated him in 1979, which of course didn’t go down all that well with the CIA, who by this time had moved on to “bigger and better things” such as financing Osama Bin Laden as well as providing 9/11’s mastermind with Stinger missiles to shoot down fixed as well as non-fixed wing aircraft belonging to the Soviet Union who just so happens thought 1979 was as good a time as any to invade Afghanistan.

Look, if I am putting you to sleep would you simply call me on my Blackberry 1-858-SEL-NEXT [735-6398] and let me know.

Now you are saying, “Don’t remind me that the Mossad gave the CIA as well as the FBI a month’s “heads up” prior to 9/11 and the CIA’s excuse was what?

This is all very silly isn’t it, especially when you consider how much more fun you and I would have just swimming laps in your lap pool which I assume you have built by now; and if not then why not move “bank” [sic] into the previous house where in addition to the world’s very best lap pool the floor was far better insulated than your one-of-a-kind farm house some 9 odd miles from the center of London, if my memory serves me right?

Not to mention, Ben Gurion who later went on to share with me the most carefully guarded secrets was the head of the brutal Haganah Jewish Underground movement before becoming the first Prime Minister of Israel and upon the advice of his “consigliores” decided in December 1949 to have the most brutally efficient Mossad report directly to him, who didn’t suffer fools well.

And of course I never knew then that they were secrets or whether I was simply being “tested” which is why I have never spoken a word about them, and nor am I about to, but at the same time those at the very highest levels of Israeli Military Intelligence and the Mossad would only know to respect greatly what it is that I have to say, beginning with the fact that there are not that many non-Israelis of my age with such extraordinary close ties to the founding fathers and mothers of the fledgling modern State of Israel who just happened to be on the same kibbutz as Ben Gurion in the latter part of 1972 when it looked like nothing would stop the CIA in its quest to complete Hitler’s dream of ridding the world of the “Jewish Problem”, which of course wasn’t really Hitler’s but the goal of the CIA, and more specifically those who buttered the bread of the “military wing” of the so very civil US State Department.

There were more than 3 dozen of the world’s best Fighter-Bomber-Pilots to choose from and there were very few if any “rookies”, all battle hardened from World War II, and all having big egos, and all physically strong but their “state of minds” would be guided by their Commander, and Syd didn’t earn his stripes as a “Pilots pilot” in Israel’s War of Independence; Syd Cohen, remember was a Jewish Captain in the South African Air Force whose Commander In Chief, devout Christian, Field Marshal Jan Smuts was the founder of the Royal Air Force and who in 1932 went along with a kibbutz named after him.

“Im not interested in history of Israel” – Words written on Feb 4th, 2009, 10:19 AM by Adele Strous Clingman.

As you will see when scrolling down, yesterday, Feb. 8th, at 1:52 PM, I asked your “mate”

Why do you think you forgot why you reported me to facebook?

Your mate replied:

Hmm. Me thinks you r starting to bore me already. Just when i was starting to have some fun. Dont see u on facebook anymore. Oh and by the way i hear your own father does not speak to you anymore. What a low life you must be.
Im thinking to put your email address on block

Have a gr8 day

I could ask you to find out if your “mate” decided to place my email address “on block” but since I know she didn’t, because she followed up a
s you can also see, I will save you the bother.

I am not going to ask you whether you have killed anyone because to do so would “rightly” allow you to ask me the same question.

And I would say just like you, “It is none of your business and besides we are all have blood on our hands for having allowed the rape of mineral rich countries.”

You would know, however, that anyone who has killed another person, and we are not talking about crimes of passion or even in the process of committing a violent crime but “in battle” the person doing the killing is not the same person right after they have made their first kill.

I am reluctant to talk about what Syd Cohen thinks or thought back some 6 decades ago, but I can tell you a little about my dad who flew alongside Syd Cohen, the greatest person living in Israel today, on many of my dad’s 71 odd miraculous missions during World Oil War II and dropped about 100,000 pounds of high explosives on enemy targets with a great many scoring “Direct Hits”.

In addition, on each wing of their Kittyhawks there were the world’s most advanced machine guns.

Your “mate” should have her mouth washed out with soap is what I believe not only Royal Mater-Mother would be saying right now.

But the cunt Butcher Strous Clingman is correct, however, about my father is not speaking to me but what she does not say is who is my father speaking to?

Syd Cohen served two tours of duty during World Oil War II, the second with South African Air Force Squadron Eleven which is where he met up with my Dad; first in Egypt where they trained on Spitfires that would be later used against Commander Syd Cohen and the rest of Israel Squadron 101, some 4 years later in Israel’s War of Independence, and then when they went north to northern Italy, which is where my dad completed 71 operations/missions, his last on April 15th, 1945, when he was told that he had to return to South Africa because his beloved mother was close to death, which came as a total shock to my father. It is possible that he didn’t even say goodbye to the rest of the members of the squadron including Syd Cohen, who had a memory just a few months back of my dad seated beside him on the boat after Germany surrendered on May 8th, 1945, as they travelled down the Red Sea before as Syd put it, “we turned left” heading to join up with American forces fighting the Japanese but they never reached their destination because of those two big bombs.

On June 8th, 1967 two American F-4 fighter bombers only armed with nuclear weapons left their carrier fleet and were headed towards Israel with specific instructions to nuke the country responsible for the “unprovoked” attack on the “defenseless” USS Liberty spy ship.

Sec. of Defense/Offence Robert McNamara isn’t talking about what made him decide to call them back nor is US Navy Intelligence saying why else would they arm bombers with only nuclear weapons if they weren’t planning on using them on the only country who could have possibly so brutally attacked the USS Liberty which had been so very purposefully placed in “harms way” in order to draw fire from the brutal Israel Defense Force who of course knowing this, had no choice but to “play the cards they were dealt” knowing that if it looked like they weren’t “taking the bait” then the CIA would create another opportunity to get up to mischief”.

You haven’t forgotten that also when you kill someone in battle the second time it does get easier.

You haven’t forgotten that after dropping the first nuclear bomb on Japan it was not only easier the second time but the second bomb was a hydrogen bomb with a whole lot more explosive power.

BTW, would you know if Mr. Shai over at the Israeli Consulate in San Francisco has filled the Director of Business Development position?

This is rather simple and straightforward stuff that an elementary school kid would understand but once you get people starting to talk, it becomes endless and also boring, so long as you are just a talker when not being a schmoozer which is what most of us do.

Hazard a guess how many people my father killed with his machine guns alone?

Certainly less you would argue than the number of people that get killed every year on roads here in the US which I understand averages around 55,000, give or take; some years I understand as low as 50,000 and then there is the “collateral damage” of a spouse finding out that a loved one has just been killed by a reckless teenage driver and instead of simply killing themselves they turn to drink and pot and if they can afford it cocaine.

Adele BUTCHER Strous Clingman is a cunt.

I want you to email her exactly that, right now.

World Oil War II was all about wiping off the face of the earth each and every Jewish person who hadn’t capitulated.

The mother fuckers have pretty much succeeded, wouldn’t you agree?

Until you take you last breath repeat after me, “Anyone including Bernie Gevisser who has anything to do with anyone who has anything to do with the cunt Adele Butcher Strous Clingman is a cunt.”

So what do you think of God’s “comeuppance” that a most important “peacock” oil trader with extraordinarily close ties to no friend of the State of Israel, Marc Rich, has a butcher wife whose butcher family member along with the orthodox Jewish rabbis who are themselves dependant on the sale of kosher meat to Jewish orthodox carnivores and don’t promote good health by simply eating vegetarian, gets eaten by a carnivore lion in their backyard of Natal-Kwazulu, South Africa?

Even you, someone who knows that everyone uses everyone else in the moment, before moving on in the next moment, when also knowing that the person they were just with was thinking the exact same thing, and those that think otherwise are only fooling themselves, just ask the children of equally co-opted parent-grandparents, has to be thinking about the “fallout” of global oil-pusher-trader blow up mouth

Adele Strous Clingman, whose lion attack on her aunt at a game reserve in Natal-Kwazulu a decade or so ago may have been directed by God to track down the scent of mindless human meat eaters, now professing, “Im not interested in history of Israel”.

Focus now, and for the remainder of this email even if reading from the “bottom up” of what is going through the mind of not exactly dumb Ms. Livni who has been calling on frontrunner Mr. Netanyahu for a debate.

Not to mention, there are many things about Ms. Livni that concern me greatly beginning and ending with the decision by the “powers that be” in Israel to “break her cover” and let the world know that not only was she a member of the Mossad but a “lawyer” for Israel’s most covert, most highly deceptive foreign intelligence institute in the world who don’t think for a single moment about the “rule of law” in Israel or elsewhere unless it is to “set up” a Mossad agent who “went bad” and is simply being “put to work”.

Don’t be distracted by anything else in the rest of this communication that is only geared towards wasting the time of those who have too much time on their hands.

Derrick, you and I both know the truth about each other as well as what we both know about your uncle given the irrefutable facts we both compiled both before I met with him on January 13th, 2005 as well as what took place when he refused to discuss anything relating to the global Water Fund Project we had been working on for months which we had sent to him and he had confirmed receiving, instead his only purpose in meeting with me was to try and bribe me with “friendship” since of course he knew he could never dirty my hands with a “kick back” of any sorts, before then threatening me with physical violence, which is nothing knew to me, but which does not,
however, make it right.

Moreover, when we examine carefully what Dr. Jonathan “Trouble Bubble” Beare was doing so you see how very misguided is your loyalty to him especially as you realize that if you had all the money in the world today it probably doesn’t place you in any better position than a very poor Mexican over in Mexico freezing to death this very minute and yes many will die and their statistics won’t even make it in to the statistics let alone the CBS evening news, because you are beginning to fully understand that it is all one big “mind game” that involves one constant “balancing act” and we only know for sure whether we have won or lost when we die and then get reborn in the next instant and those that have no ancient energy connection with the past have to do a whole lot of “catch up”.

It is okay if I lost you but only just a little, wouldn’t you agree?

You see I am moving rather rapidly today, but time is of no consequence to me because I do in fact have this most awesome game all figured out, at least in terms of how to win; and it makes no difference to me that I have no clue how to lose since I don’t plan on losing, but I am sure you are smart enough to figure that one out, wouldn’t you say?

Just think about everything around you is there for a purpose, from the fart you smell on the plane, to the screeching of tires in the distance, to the voices of folks just “shooting the breeze”, and when you are dead, so in the peace and quiet you are again reborn and you get also you just reward whether it being born into abject poverty or rich households full of love and compassion, and instead of immediately being an adult you are born a baby, and then a kid so that when you are an adult you can reflect always on what it means to be a kid surrounded by unconditional love by well conditioned parents.

But you are not comforted in your misery even though you have “lots of company” who feel the same way you do about yourself, and your utter dislike for me is also not in the least bit soothing because you do in fact feel the weight of the world on each of your shoulders and it is inst going to get any lighter even if you are able to “win over” each and every other lost soul on this planet.

You see I have truth on my side and moreover I can prove that I am very much alive and happy, most content with my rather excellent knowledge of how the whole system was designed to work and it works flawlessly, without the slightest bit of arrogance on my part given again my knowledge of one most master designer who could care less what intellectual midgets such as you, your uncle and yes let’s not forget Adele contribute to the weakening of the human spirit.

My thoughts are always not really with the very young ones who I can only logically conclude are in “God’s hands” when they are in the custody of the biological and adopted parents who universally believe themselves to be godly, otherwise why else would a master designer that I talk about choose them; instead I leave those miserable imbecile barstards to continue to languish just like you in their miserable hell here on earth, again their kids very much in “God’s hands” who also fully “gets” the human overpopulation crisis that the human beast alone is responsible for; instead my focus is mostly Israeli kids in the Israel Defense Forces who are the most wired of all the world’s military and most importantly, they do the least talking, even when returning to their homes, their parents know never to ask more than, “are you getting enough food to eat and don’t forget to drink lots of water”.

Just try for a moment “going with the flow”, let your thoughts wonder a moment or two, and then come back to the “real world” that God also knows a thing or “tTOo” [sic] about and there are within the IDF those very few Special Forces units and each one made of extraordinarily very few soldiers but who are the “spear” as well as “shield” of the brutal IDF.

By now it probably isn’t all that difficult for you to imagine me walking in my civilian clothes to an Israeli Military Intelligence briefing of each Commanding Officer of each one of Israel’s most brutal Special Forces Units and without having to provide any of them with my CV let alone worry about whether my rather rusty Hebrew would be perfectly understood to simply stick to English which I remain fluent in, and without any joking about, immediately get down to business beginning with getting each one of them to confirm my understanding of where their forces are currently positioned and then to hear how each operation already fully underway is being coordinated in order to create the greatest amount of chaos beginning with all the “electrical systems” in earth’s lower orbit.

It shouldn’t help you much in your misery to know that I still haven’t applied for a new US Passport to replace the one I recently lost, so the odds of me being elected tomorrow Prime Minister of Israel we can all agree are nil.

Don’t you feel better?

I do.

Unlike yesterday I didn’t go out hiking today in the snow, just stayed in our Stone Home, muttered about, didn’t really get in that much exercise given how I exerted myself quite a bit during yesterday’s refreshing sunset hike in the still, thank God, raining Cleveland National Forest, and there is still quite a bit of snow on the ground from last night’s and today’s snowfall.

Not to mention that my sudden burst of inspiration occurred yesterday when my so full-of-life, so very purposeful French-Canadian wife returned to the Stone Home in the Mini Cooper S with new Pirelli tires on all 4 wheels following a flat in the one front tire this past Thursday evening, before heading back to Del Mar, and let me know that she had decided to go on a little hike all by herself before returning to our art gallery-studio cliff home in Del Mar, and was just returning to the Stone Home to pick up a light that she uses for painting.

To mention little of we ran across the day before on a two hour or so hike through this most amazing landscape that when wet is as inspiring as making love to the hottest woman in the world, a guy dressed in army fatigues who was panning for gold in the creek a couple of miles north of our cabin and the funniest was him saying that while he hasn’t ever found any gold to speak of in the 2 years since he took up panning as a hobby, he considers being out in the wild like going to Vegas.

Can you imagine going to Vegas for anything but work or finding yourself a prostitute.

How incredibly bored with life can you be say for example playing poker,,,

To win what?

Those are mostly if not exclusively Jewish American-South Africans in that photo above that they broadcast over the Internet and I know at least half of them.

They hope to win money?

They call that entertainment?

They are a total embarrassment to us Jewish people who are supposed to be the world’s bankers responsible for screwing up this whole planet.

What prevented them, one of whom is an immigration lawyer from ever thinking, just once to place a call to De Beers’ South African Reserve Bank?

It is called “intelligence” which is obviously in short supply.

By the way, there are about a handful of officials of De Beers South African Reserve Bank copied and blind copied on this communiqué..

You would know one drop of rain produces some 10 snowflakes.

If not more people ALSO know just like you that in addition to “Being a sperm donor or sperm recipient doesn’t make you a parent” which of course explains besides for the genius of God showing despite all the rotten humans planet Mother Earth remains resilient, the “Hand of God” so exposing these selfish future shellfish thinking themselves so godly that somehow it is “my children” that are m
ore special than all of God’s other children when in fact of course even the co-dependent parents and their kids know the only reason they have anything whatsoever to do with those in their families who they know do not have a value system that they are willing to write down in black and white, and that begins with, “I don’t lie, steal or cheat and nor will I associate with people who lie, steal or cheat”, is that it makes the co-dependent feel that much better about themselves, until they eventually cannot stand the sight of themselves as well.

You know that I know you are not alone in anxiously waiting to see the outcome of my recent communications to Judy Montagu, Letters Editor of the Jerusalem Post without being in the least bit concerned whether my writings are published given how the Jerusalem Post also know how their own staff can be “put to work” when it is necessary.

My “conspicuous absence” from the published pages of the Jerusalem Post in recent times are rather revealing especially when you look at those 4 most important letters that they did publish which they knew had “prescient timing” written all over them.

You haven’t forgotten that were it not for 9/11, then the US military economy wouldn’t be today in either Afghanistan or Iraq unless of course the CIA were not able to create another 9/11.

Not to mention how often do you hear, but only from those who failed to “stand tall”, those so often repeated words, “Isn’t it about time you got over it” and when it comes to those who keep harping on, “Don’t forget the Holocaust” I couldn’t agree more given how those teaching such nauseating verbiage that mostly reminds us and our children that we “acted like sheep going to the slaughter” instead of NOT EVER GETTING OVER how thanks to the superpowers at the time led once again by the west’s most out of control superpower the CIA controlled US Government, some 6 million of the best of the best Jewish people, half, if not closer to two-thirds of European Jewry came to have nowhere to run, thanks again to the British-American White Papers of February 1939 that created a “bottleneck” in Jewish Palestine to feed the stooge Hitler’s ovens at Auschwitz and the such.

To mention little of the fricken morons around the entire world who so arrogantly espouse the biggest lie of them all, “The masses of people always want a strong leader” and the first person they looked to for confirmation is Hitler, the “little corporal” from World War One.

To mention in passing, and then they take a deep breath and say, “O it was words, his strong convincing voice, his charisma, his whole look that shows how very strong he was”.

My God why is it worth living were it not for the constant presence of God!!

Would such morons have been just as convinced if the “powers that be” dressed a sex doll up the same way?

Why not simply find a most well built, strong Aryan with a stellar military record who could in fact talk from experience, apart from the “powers that be” were only interested in one thing, apart from fooling the moron masses with one set of brainwashing words after the next until they took on a life of their own, which was to let David Ben Gurion and Co. who were from the turn of the last century pulling together the best trained and armed guerilla warfare fighters the world has ever known, who understood the message very clearly, “Listen up you Jews. When we say that when the British flag is lowered for the last time in Palestine, and the Jews will be overrun, we mean what we say; just like when telling you that we were picking a leader to be Chancellor of our next Nazi Germany we would be picking a Hitler type from the bottom of the barrel”.

Jewish people going back to the time of King David who sent one of his best captains to the front line to die so that he could continue to have an affair with his wife in “peace and quiet”, have often times for good reason sacrificed Jewish people, although it has also not come under the guise of helping solve the human overpopulation problem.

The decision to put Jewish German US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger “to work” didn’t take place after Syrian forces broke through Israel’s defenses on the Golan Heights at the start of the 1973 Yom Kippur War and committed the most unmentionable atrocities on very green border guards who the Mossad understood perfectly well what would be their fate; on the contrary Sec. of State Henry Kissinger had no choice but to speak those words, “Had Israel launched a preemptive strike, Israel would not have received so much as a nail” because that is how the Mossad orchestrated things when finding out the Yom Kippur War was yet another CIA job “from start to finish”.

Henry Kissinger is still alive, and even without US Attorney Patrick J. Fitzgerald having the FBI administer a polygraph on Mr. Kissinger they know he would answer the truth that he feared only one thing; namely, a Mossad bullet fired into the back of his head had he not uttered those diabolical words.

So now you have to question who put Adele BUTCHER Strous Clingman up to it?

It is only because you know that she comes from a long line of imbeciles that no one in the Mossad would have needed to threaten her.

Henry Kissinger, on the other hand, is another kettle of fish altogether.

Remember Kissinger also prided himself on telling the world that power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

You remember for those the most average who rise to the top of the Bell Shaped Curve educational system that breeds the most mediocrity here in the United Sates and its satellite regime states throughout the rest of the world, such nincompoops, and I can name each and every one of them if you like, haven’t even figured it out until I now mention it that the instant the FBI and CIA failed to respond to Mossad’s “heads up” in August 2001 that came some 3 months after my 4th letter was published all 4 talking about the increased risk of terrorism following the Presidential Pardon of the Clingman’s terrorist financiering partner Marc Rich, the Mossad understood that it was best just left for the CIA to hang themselves rather than blast such a very clear warning all over say the Jerusalem Post

Not to mention before my gorgeous, most brilliant French-Canadian wife who came to visit with me this weekend at our Stone Home, and returned back mid-morning yesterday to Del Mar, I thought I had shared half of the little that was left from Saturday’s very fluffy, lots of Grade A Canadian Maple Syrup saturated banana bread that I single handedly

baked “in exchange” for the most out of this world most fresh mushrooms, raisins, rice, green peas, cashew nuts, carrots and sweet as sweet sautéed onions, just ever so lightly stir fried that were leftovers from vegetarian gourmet chef Marie Dion Gevisser prepared over at the cliff house; and I must say that as good, no, great was and is my maple syrup banana bread that stir fry leftover that I ate, which would have been enough for the two of us, was not quite an “even exchange” and when you consider I forgot to include in bag of other items, well it is best summed in Marie Dion Gevisser’s words when I later informed her over the telephone, “So you are an Indian Giver?”

Now think about it; how much fun could it be cooking in a kitchen with someone as ugly as Adele, even if your kitchen was as big as our entire Stone House; would it be enough that you would want to stay away as far as a hundred feet which would mean you would have to knock down one of the outside stone walls which we cannot do since our Stone Home is a historical landmark.

I guess not everyone in the world is yet aware that when Regulators shut banks in Ga., Calif… or elsewhere they are in fact shutting down the entire monetary system; so that when BANK OF AMERICA CEO says nationalization ‘absur
d’… he has forgotten the US military economy went officially socialist when bailing out AIG.

Do you think Adele might need help from Mr. Mike Kessel our one Carmel College high school headmaster in understanding the first line of my first, The Daily Dirt Newsletter, titled, What does it mean to have the government owning AIG?, that reads:

Why shouldn’t every nationalized industry be free to its people?

What about the second line?

It reads:

AIG, American International Group, the largest financial institution in the world, is now owned by the US Government; meaning that knowing someone in high places could be the answer to the success of your business and the failure of your competitor.

Derrick, you may notice “sum” [sic] new email addresses in the carbon copy section as well as the blind copied section that you cannot see.

“Sum” [sic] of these individuals are apparently ex-CIA operatives dissatisfied with the “practices” of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Most, if not all of them, did not receive any heads up that I would be now ever so gently bringing them up to speed on the most important role played by Jewish, let me repeat, Jewish people who are only Jewish when it suits them, in the oil-pusher-trader wars.

It is in fact very fair to say that most of these “most average” individuals are in fact “low achievers” but who are raised with “high expectations” that they can achieve anything just so long as they “prod away”.

Prodders are most excellent when they simply stick to prodding; but you can’t even be an excellent prodder if you learn things “off by heart” which is what all prodders have in common.

Just ask a prodder and you will know that you don’t want to be within a 100 miles of such a human unless extremely fit and athletic and carry along a 100 foot pole so that the instant they move to that 99 foot and 11 inch mark you turn the pole 180 degrees ,,, well you get the picture, even better if you lived like us on the water’s edge and you are able to time the decent when it is high tide.

How else do you think Roy Essakow made it to Marc Rich’s headquarters in Zug, Switzerland and now we have Adele Strous Clingman confirming that her husband and Marc Rich are partners.

The logical question is why didn’t Clingman get a Presidential Pardon in anticipation of his ugly wife opening her big mouth.

Can you explain to me why anyone marries anyone ugly to begin with?

Aren’t prostitutes a whole lot less expensive and you don’t have to pay them to keep their mouths shut because you only talk about sex, what else?

By the way since I no longer have an operating facebook account could you tell me whether Adam L. Tucker’s latest internet girlfriend found herself a possible replacement for Adam at TNT?

The idea of banning me and then unbanning and then banning me again when I am totally consistent in exposing all corruption that crosses my path is plain infantile, unless Facebook now see how this “good-bad boy” image could accelerate their market share as well as mine?

Moreover, you would know that I don’t need Facebook, for what?

What further proof could they provide me that God exists?

And since God exists why would I even bother asking God for help when God gives me everything I need.

Can you say the same?

You haven’t forgotten that not inexactly infantile email I suggested my math-wizard logical thinking wife send a bunch of gold traders back on December 31st, 2002, when gold closed the year below US$350 a troy ounce; MDG starting with,

Dear Mr. X,

It seems that Mr. Gevisser might in fact be on to something, i.e….

You should be advised that Mr. Gevisser has written this entire email while forcing me to go to work on producing another series of cartoons

much like the one you see at the website.

Drawing cartoons is something I don’t really care to do and in fact detest it as much as I hate looking at a computer screen.

I have yet to go on to the so-called Internet although Mr. Gevisser did on one occassion have me look at one of his websites which I found rather infantile.

Be advised though that I have known Mr. Gevisser some time now and I can assure you he does not lie, steal or cheat or so he says. He also tells me that Mr. Ronald “The Finagle King” Perelman has agreed to a settlement rather than run the risk of a courtroom setting that would have Mr. Gevisser begging me once again to draw more cartoons although he says he is willing to pay me an arm and a leg. I also detest it when Mr. Gevisser makes me beg.

No doubt there are a number of people out there who would like to chop off Mr. Gevisser’s nose as well and so if you know of any plastic surgeons who have been playing things fast and loose with other peoples arms and legs to boot just email him from one of his 78 odd websites which might now exceed 100, or so he says.

I dont know enough what ultimate message others will get from the Revlon Shareholder Class Action Lawsuit and how folks like Ronald “O. Ring” Perelman use Other People’s Money to wreck havoc on the masses while co-opting good folks to do his dirty work butt Mr. Gevisser’s one and only other suggestion outside of returning the monies to me without deducting one single cent is that you take a close look at the deposition taken by a “.killed and competent attorney-colleague” of Mr. Gevisser’s that for the past 3 plus years has prevented Mr. Gevisser from doing other matters of importance in his efforts to solve the problems of the world.

Mr. Gevisser will be calling you in due course. Should you have any further questions please contact Mr. Jeffrey Krinsk at who in turn will find a way to communicate with Mr. Gevisser or the executor of his estate Mr. Devin Standard.

Mr. Krinsk, according to Mr. Gevisser, is currently in Las Vegas and will be returning soon after the New Year. Mr. Gevisser says that he would like to add the following even though I think this is already going on too long,

“It is unlikely that Mr. Krinsk will have bet the farm while visiting the Casinos with his partner “in crime” who may not believe in miracles. My step-father, Alan Zulman, who could also be in Las Vegas right now betting away what might not wrightfully belong to him taught me from an early age, ‘Can’t is not in my vocabulary, the impossible shall be done, miracles take a little longer’ although he may have picked up that expression from Sol Kerzner who almost made it on the cover of Time Magazine recently.”

Not to mention way off the charts physically and mentally perfect, Marie Dion Gevisser before I met up with her again in 1994, was surrounded since 1983, let me help you with the math, 11 years, by a household of total retards in a neighborhood that concentrated total retards that even had pot smoker deluxe, my pal Norm Zwail heading for the hills of Rancho Sante Fe and after making a killing on his real state returned to Del Mar, but not quite that close to the water’s edge, but more importantly as far away as he could get from constant driver pot smoker King Golden Jr. Esq. who before making a right on to his street, that he shares with The IT, King golden would pass by Norm and his fashion model wife’s house whose kids could possibly venture out on the road.

To mention little of King who remember is “bosom buddy” of the most powerful player in Washington today, “Our Man Roger” aka Roger W. Robinson, along with his partner, Sec. of State, James A. Baker III who you haven’t forgotten “Our Man Roger” had us, that is me, King Golden Jr. Esq. , my one American attorney of umpteen years, as well as Valerie Schulte Esq. of the National Association of Broadcasters, thoroughly convinced going back to the early 1980s when “Our
Man Roger” was the most important person in the highly secret National Security Council and reporting directly to the “Being There” President Ronald W. Reagan, that Sec. James A. Baker III whose law firm represents the House of Saud, is, “THE MOST DANGEROUS PERSON IN THE WORLD.

To mention in passing that were the “Being There” President RWR who shares the same initials as De Beers-Rockefellar Banker Roger W. Robinson as well as both born on the same day February 6th, just 40 years apart, alive today he would have celebrated just 3 days ago his 98th birthday.

Happy 58th birthday Roger.

BTW, you may have read that MDG said the other day that if we are going to get married again I had better plan not just a good party but a big party and Saterday just before her daughter called, we were going through a list of our friends to invite to a one of a kind beach party where we would be sharing our one of a kind godsend Cabinet 2005 wine; and after about 10 minutes I reminded my very funny wife with the cutest, so very sexy French accent to go with the rest of her sexiness, why not exactly stupid Plato more than 2,000 years ago arrived at the right conclusion that only “bad” people need friends when simply putting it in a “positive light” and commenting, “Good people don’t need friends”, which of course is way over the heads of people who need friends.

Not to mention, the funniest would be King Golden Jr. Es. always saying his “Hail Marys” after visiting places like LA connected by Interstate 5.

To mention little of King who most of the time acted so very irreligious unless voicing his virulent anti-Semitism towards Jewish people like most in military economy dependant United States, but whenever the “chips were down” would rush off to church and get down on his hands and knees.

To mention in passing, while I fully understand the need of the “Poverty of thought” stricken masses who are only religious when it suits them, not able to get enough of the “dirt” on other people they know which doesn’t mean that others “Poverty of Thought” stricken ever get bored bearing in mind the “huge credibility” of this author, there are those over in places like Israel understanding perfectly well that the plan to destroy the State of Israel on the very next day after Ben Gurion declared Statehood on May 14th, 1948, was not dispensed with by the CIA, and nor was it put “on hold” indefinitely as I have explained very well to out of control CIA agent Jewish American Charles Knuff.

You can read both emails I sent Mr. Knuff, the first titled, “Are you serious or delirious?” and the second, “What were you hoping to avoid putting in writing” by clicking on the hyperlinks below:

Road kills also you know don’t make a dent in the human overpopulation population that is why we also need oil wars.

BTW, I last ran into Norm who I often refer to as “Mr. On” – let me help you and Adele with the Quantum Physic-Gravity-Mechanics, that which goes forward must work in reverse – at Starbucks on the corner of 15th Street and Highway 101 when Starbucks was still “riding high” and Norm felt it important to let me know that Bob Dylan was his God.

Not to mention Norm still to the best of my knowledge goes by “Jewish” although he could have taken up yoga that I understand is the largest number of spots offered in community colleges that in northern California cater to the Trust-Hush-Fund rich kids so fearing Clinton’s dire straight prediction of all out Bosnian style ethnic cleansing civil war that they are not only dressing down but taking public transportation like Greyhound buses even though they can also afford to charger a jet which reminds me of my father’s “genius” when simply asking for Jenny Gevisser, the second wife of his father, Israel Issy Gevisser [1888? – Feb. 24, 1970] to provide him with a financial statement to show him not only what she was worth but how she was spending her money given the most ingenious will of Issy Gevisser that had Jenny who was 29 odd years younger and who is closely related to the Nazi Lazarus clan of Durban North that your uncle Jonathan “Trouble Bubble” Beare thinks so highly of, all “tied up in knots”.

Not to mention Issy Gevisser’s will that he left at the time of his death, some half a million South African Rands in total which included his penthouse apartment where on occasion we would visit together with Gunter “The Pig” Lazarus, called for Jenny Gevisser [1917 – 2001]to receive the monthly stipend of 500 Rand a month which was a fortune if you were one of her slave wage earners but “next to nothing” if you were a big time socialite as was my step grandmother, who we only referred to as “Auntie Jenny” given how my father nor his two siblings, considered Jenny anything close to a “step-mother” because that would put Jenny Moltz who married Issy Gevisser in 1954 when she was some 37 odd years of age, within proximity of their late mother, Katie Gevisser [1895-June 8th, 1945] who Israel Issy Gevisser chose very carefully to marry in 1918, some 3 odd years prior to the formation of the highly secretive South African Reserve Bank that traders, especially very successful traders like Issy Gevisser understood would soon be the death nail of all traders.

To mention little of how genius trader Issy Gevisser survived was to forge strategic alliances not only with those citizens of South Africa oppressed by the nonsense race laws which were just a distraction from the rape of mineral rich countries, but international traders such as himself, who were superseding the nonsense monetary-credit-banking system that the US Federal Reserve initiated in earnest with the formation of the nonsense US Federal Reserve in 1913 and which was owned by the most anti-Semitic monopolists in the world at the time who were in fact the world’s bankers; but more importantly, they had the brute military backing of the world’s superpowers at the time; namely, the United States and Great Britain following their victories in the Anglo Boer War of 1899-1902 and the hugely successful invasion of China in 1900 by the American led 8 Allied nations.

To mention in passing, each time Jenny would “moan and groan” that the 500 rand wasn’t enough my dad without getting in the least bit flustered would say, “Jenny, I understand perfectly what you are saying because like my father of Hashalom I am fluent in the English language, just as fluent when I asked you to provide me with a financial statement and I will see to it that the monthly stipend is increased” [sic].

To the best of my knowledge Jenny never got a penny more than 500 rand a month; and most certainly my father never saw her financial statement; and he would most certainly have told me.

Not to mention such a will made perfect sense of why my grandfather would marry such a witch who wasn’t in the least bit pretty and the only thing going for her was that she fraternized with the enemy.

To mention little of how very little my grandfather Issy spoke, but boy o boy did he leave the most extraordinary gun-money-trail but only so long as you had the curiosity to visit with him and know that when he was reconciling the companies’ thousands of invoices to the accounts receivable aging which said everything there was to know about what was and was not selling and who was and who wasn’t paying their bills, to not forget my grandfather wasn’t an accountant, Issy Gevisser probably never got more than an elementary school education and began his trade pushing a wheelbarrow picking up unbroken bottles off the dirt streets of Durban, NOR had he forgotten from where he came even if all those around him only wanted to see how much they could get out of him financially beginning with his second wif
e Jenny who didn’t fool any of us or our parents; on the contrary Jenny was the “laughing stock” of us Gevisser-Ash-Molks, and yet “sumhow” [sic] Issy Gevisser who managed, despite all the strategic alliances with South Africa’s shrewdest Jewish and non-Jewish traders, to hold on to the “control block” of shares of the Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies.

To mention in passing, Issy Gevisser was also not oblivious to the fact that it was my father who shared the same office with him who was the best ideas person in the entire organization and each time my dad would present ideas such as being the first “cash and carry” operation in South Africa as well as given the company’s strong connections in the sugar industry that would have allowed Moshal Gevisser to get the Spa franchise and with no effort whatsoever to knock out of the ballpark any other bidders, the Managing Director of Moshal Gevisser, Sol “Little King” Moshal whose loyalty was to German-American Charles W. Engelhard would tell my dad, “Go fly a kite”.

It was the first genius move I was aware of by my grandfather Issy to make such a will that would have such a genius business person as my father figure out on his own that such a small sum of money for a women who was spending a whole lot more than our grandfather was earning from doing the most important job at Moshal Gevisser which I have already spelled out ad-nausea, would trigger not only my father calling for Jenny Gevisser’s financial statement which remember includes a balance sheet showing all her assets as well as zilch, as in zero liabilities, but in the next instant there would be the “call” to audit the books of both the auditors and lawyers of the Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies who got bought off in the most extraordinary “dirty deal” of its kind in modern day South Africa, and the sticky fingers would reach down as far as those very dirty butcher Strous family, of course with the great exception of the great Harry Strous who also knew to keep a secret.

You know how to let me know whether you consider these Clingmans “kinsmen” of yours.

You do understand that to be “anti-Semitic” you have to be incredibly dumb given how for starters how does one even begin to define someone as “Jewish” when Jewish people cannot even agree who is and who isn’t Jewish. Then you have to look at what is it exactly that is so ghastly about us Jewish people who are not all oil traders because there are really and truly so very few because there really isn’t very much to oil trading apart from making bribes as designated by the CIA and not every Jewish person in the world wakes up every day that excited about bribing oil tyrants who give kick backs to the likes of Hezbollah and Al Quaida.

Just speaking for myself I far prefer just waking up excited.

I might be coming through to England in the next couple of weeks. I would like to exchange the very small but meaningful painting of Sebastian Capella that I gave you as collateral for that modest loan you made when I was having a little “cash crisis”; and of course you know the repayment monies don’t come courtesy of the South African Reserve Bank.

Perhaps you also want to take a drive with me down to Minehead for a few days and check out not only the beautiful countryside but our awesomely positioned, on the water’s edge, Bed and Breakfast Café.

BTW you haven’t forgotten friends of ours like highly educated and very fit Peruvian guide, Augusto Benito Vargis and how tough it must be right now; at the same time people like Augusto, who are far better educated in the History, Economics, Military and Politics [HEMP] than people such as yourself, Adele and Alan BUTCHER Strous Clingman know how to get by with less, their stamina helped greatly by having a “purpose” in life that whatever it is, cannot be enhanced by surrounding oneself with weak-energy people.

Moreover, you know because you were once a great athlete that when having “truth” on your side, that is not “subjective” which only corrupt people today want to believe truth to be, there is nothing that anyone can say or do which takes away from that “high” from achieving excellence.

You may recall since you are closer to Adele BUTCHER Strous Clingman’s age than you are to mine, that she was not exactly “athletic” in anything when attending Carmel College high school apart from having always a very big mouth which must have been the only thing that attracted very quiet Raymond Oshry who is even quieter today knowing that the opposition parties that he and his elder brother Ivan so strongly supported were just as bought and paid for as the CIA’s Apartheid Regime that explains as well why this most repressive, most anti-Semitic, most anti-Israel regime was allowed to exist for an uninterrupted period of 45 odd years.

Not to mention Adele BUTCHER Strous Clingman has to deal today in the very “real world” of “who knew what and when did they know it?” as her and her husband’s lawyers prepare them both for answering interrogatories prior to their respective depositions for all the very many lies they have told in accumulating their extraordinary ill-gotten gains, albeit we are not talking about in the least bit intelligent people – birds of a feather flock together.

To mention little of every waking moment and when waking up at night in a hot sweat and it is not because there is a whole lot of lovemaking going on that household, would you think?, they both have to question the “loyalty” of their respective legal counsel who in turn have to deal with rapidly evolving world waking up to how very little the “rule of law” counts on the next battlefield where the winners may not even have to wait before revoking all forward/future contracts of commodities such as gold and oil.

To mention in passing, as Adele BUTCHER Strous Clingman and Co. keep “talking” on their Iphones, blackberrys, laptop computer, ordinary cell phones and the such, there is not only this digitized record but even their “friends” on websites like Facebook have to concerned about “being looped in” and for those not yet on Facebook, like Lee Anne Benn and her Australian real estate husband, they have to go back and think about all that was said when they all last vacationed just as Adele cannot get out of her increasingly small mind of why her best friend Lee Anne Benn, who Adele continues to “befriend” would “warn” me some 3 decades ago when Lee-Anne was living with me in New York City to “stay clear” of these Clingmans, who attach themselves to likes of Roy Essakow and Marc Rich, who remember are laughed silly at by the likes of my “uncle” David Gevisser and Co. who when choosing as their wives at least make sure they know better than to ever open their mouths; and that ever growing small mind offset against that ever widening big mouth that serves a the “visual display” of all the lies she has told and why she so rapidly lies, “Im not even going to report you on facebook” when just 3 minutes before that is exactly what she had done, which was in fact the second time she had reported me to Facebook, with her first “report” taking place just 8 minutes before the first.

Ps – Note Apartheid Regime banned David Schmarman in the photo below with his head turned to his right taken on the last day of school, November 6th, 1970, before “school leave” to study for the final matric exams; and that is my sister Kathy-Louise out in front, and two behind Adele is Ivan Strous who I believe is her brother.

Not to mention you will also know that another one of our Carmel College Durban, South Africa fellow students “turned in” a Black South African kid who had stolen David’s old motorcycle helmet for “bread money” when Michael Sagorin was a member of the South African Secret Police doing his compulsory military training in the CIA’s Apartheid South Africa, despi
te David pleading with Michael not to charge the kid and to let him go.

To mention little of Michael came to David’s front door while David was under his “banning order” with the Black South African kid alongside that Michael had by the “scruff of his head” [sic], and all Michael, who now has MS, wanted to know from David was whether the helmet he had caught the dirt poor black South African kid stealing for “bread money” belonged to David; moreover, Michael every Friday night sat in front and slightly to the left, at the orthodox Jewish synagogue in Durban with his elder brother and younger sister alongside their grandfather, of the Nazi-Jewish Kapo-Lazarus clan of Durban, all of them as close to the Holy Ark as one could possibly get as well as close as one could get to so very “liberal” Professor Rabbi Abner Weiss.

To mention in passing, Michael told David, “The law is the law” and summarily took the dirt poor Black South African to the police station where he was booked and thrown in prison and when the trial date arrived and David, outraged by a fellow Carmel College student’s diabolical behavior, pleaded before the judge that the helmet meant nothing to him, and to please release the dirt poor Black South African kid,,, well you know that David’s words of course fell on deaf ears.

What exactly does one expect to breed when you allow to go unchallenged the mantra, “IF THERE WASN’T A BLACK PROBLEM IN SOUTH AFRICA THERE WOULD BE A JEWISH PROBLEM”.

You not only get away with creating that “Black Problem” in the first place but you suddenly find that your “most average” Jewish people get picked from the “bottom of the barrel” to become the CIA’s oil pusher-traders whose only job is to facilitate the “kick backs” to the House of Saud, Qatar and Kuwaiti regimes, none of which was ever lost for a moment on the Mossad whose founding members never told secrets since the weapon of choice when worthless-fictitious monies cannot be used to break a human being, is torture.

Now we just have to wait and see what the State of Israel does next.

Do you think God gets bored?

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From: Adele Clingman []
Sent: Sunday, February 08, 2009 12:28 PM
Subject: Re: Yeah – I’m not interested in the history of israel

Hehe. Keep it going. Having so much fun. I see u enjoy answering my questions. The facebook picture seems to be a source of wonderment for u. Interesting how you focus on the big picture so to speak.

Adele Clingman
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On Feb 8, 2009, at 3:20 PM, “” wrote:
Judy – I’ve been out and about exercising my mind and my body while god reveals all through the movement of all those who usurp their limited authority

Big mouth Clingman Strous who has yet to change her very ugly big mouth photo on facebook does not forget however as well that when telling us she and her traitor and very coward hubby fly private jet that people such as israel air force commander Syd Cohen while getting on in years have me just a few minutes from our stone home in the Cleveland “natuibal” [sic] forest all ready to begin “broadxasting” [sic] their reaction to the “xlingman” [sic] and co’s letting us all know why as well they are not interested in the oil bloody history of israel
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From: “Adele Clingman”
Date: Sun, 8 Feb 2009 14:45:27 -0500
Subject: Re: Fw: Fw: Re:
Please be sure to mention my husband is the member of hammas, hezbollah and al quaida. We have lifetime membership to all 3. Thats why we only fly on private jets. We are not allowed on commercial aircraft. You do know that costs zillions of dollars. But its fine we got this by oil trading illegally with Mark Rich

Adele Clingman
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On Feb 8, 2009, at 2:41 PM, “” wrote:
Kathy Gevisser Danziger – remember I have yet to share with the world the reaction of israel air force commander Syd Cohen and his wife Adeline to CIA oil trader Clingman and co
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From: “Adele Clingman”
Date: Sun, 8 Feb 2009 14:35:24 -0500
Subject: Re: Fw: Re:
Thank goodness my father didnt. Would hate to have been mixed up or had any association with you and all you lowlifes.
Way to go. YEAH

Adele Clingman
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On Feb 8, 2009, at 2:32 PM, “” wrote:

Btw my father remembers very well your father not wanting to give him a job which also told your uncle Harry Strous who was your father’s brother of how “blackballed” was my fighter bomber pilot by the corrupt Jewish community of durbs,,, not to be even given a job as a butcher

Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry
Date: Sun, 8 Feb 2009 19:09:57 +0000
Subject: Fw: Re:

Who do you think she is referring to as the laughing stock?

Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry
From: “Adele Clingman”
Date: Sun, 8 Feb 2009 14:02:50 -0500
Subject: Re: Re:
Hmm. Me thinks you r starting to bore me already. Just when i was starting to have some fun. Dont see u on facebook anymore. Oh and by the way i hear your own father does not speak to you anymore. What a low life you must be.
Im thinking to put your email address on block

Have a gr8 day

Adele Clingman
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—— —————————
On Feb 8, 2009, at 1:52 PM, “” wrote:

Why do you think you forgot why you reported me to facebook?

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From: “Adele Clingman”
Date: Thu, 5 Feb 2009 19:06:38 -0500

Keep going kiddo..I so enjoy you quoting me.. You are providing me with immense humor in the dark of the New York winter.
I look forward to seeing how many friends you acquire on Facebook and how many friends accept you as being their friend. Im not even going to report you on facebook. You are providing me with way too much humor.
Contrary to most of the people you refer to, I have way too much time on my hands, so Im happy to banter away. Until it becomes just too boring EVEN for me.
Who the hell cares about what your ridiculous family did in 1925 or 1935 or 2009. They certainly left no impression on me as any contributors in the fantastic Durban Jewry that I grew up with. Surely living in USA you get to realize how the South African Jewry is small and really of no real consequence in global influence. In fact I remember some of you family members bei

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