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Does logic say God gets our thoughts before we?

From: Gary S Gevisser
Date: January 9, 2012 5:14:40 PM PST
To: Sam Samples
Cc: Rabbi Abner Weiss , Marie Dion Gevisser , Rebecca Samples , Cyndi Lauper , Jeffrey Krinsk , “Sidney Abelski – lawyer – only child of two Auschwitz survivors.”
Subject: Does logic say God gets our thoughts before we? Re: Kill the messenger – Re: Dan Rather to come out of retirement-Hit show around the world? – Re: Single party line


At this time of the day both wireless internet as well as the cell phones do not work very well at the beach, and while Marie and I were sitting quietly waiting for an elderly Jewish man who as a young man escaped 3 times from the death camps of The Holocaust but it was not enough to save any of his family who all perished, was sitting patiently in his car wondering what I had happened to us.

Were he to read this, it is unlikely the first thing he would do is visit which I know disturbs him because it provides the truths about the United States where he has lived a lifetime that he had a sense of when he was fleeing for his life and knowing that no matter what, he would never see his family again, because he might first decide to take all his savings and visit the rest of the world and never return.

Marie just commented, “His place must be really clean because he picked up my exercise sheet” and our place is mostly spotless apart from a constant layer of fine salt which of course does not bother the lining of our lungs.

In the short time we all conversed and this is not the first time we have met Mr. Klein, all of the games of Wall Street could have ended, and it taking just one person with a voice and a common sense conscience, and when us Jewish people say, “Never again” it would in fact mean never again will the poor of the world be mistreated.

Not many Christians think about these matters even though there were a few who tried to save us Jewish people from an impossible situation only because those who had perpetrated the fraud of the US Federal Reserve have never rested for one moment in coverup their murderous tracks.

You could have long by now written an eloquent email to the Zeitgeist folks since you were a founding member of the San Diego chapter, but you haven’t.

You could have written to David Bellavia and asked as you and I discussed what became of the US Government’s investigation of Operation Sparkling.

There are a lot of things you could have been doing with all your military connections, the same of course with everyone else who does just what suits them.

Why it is you think that I am more at peace than anyone I know or who knows me, and yet I am the one with a $4 million DEATH SENTENCE hanging over me that makes all those envious feel rather good about themselves even though when I explain that it only spotlights that much more the corruption of the Oppenheimers who can read just as well as any of you, and yet you know that without compensating you, they expect you to keep doing their bidding.

Project forward to tomorrow morning and you are convening a boardroom meeting of a Fortune 50 corporation and you received on your desk a hardcopy of this communication when you entered your office and you don’t know if it was one of the cleaning people who left it or your personal assistant who has known about this from a woman who works at a high fashion shop who has been on my email list for a decade and decided that she had nothing to lose by making a better friend of her customer.

There is nothing about me or Marie that anyone who is logical can say shows we are self-absorbed since you first of all have to judge us as a couple who simply don’t take any bullshit from anyone.

Logic tells you that there is extraordinary simple to understand logic about recognizing a self-absorbed person who does not first examine that their pain and suffering also tells others around them that they are self-absorbed unless they never complain, and those few humans are few and far between and they prove the rule.

No youth unless mistreated are attracted to the old who show their insides rotting by what the largest organ, the skin displays, but kids are not allowed to be disrespectful to their elders unless they are also allowed to explain how they feel but most kids don’t have the knowledge to explain what makes them feel so utterly repulsed the smell of dying body cells around them.

One just has to keep the kid in you as an adult and then it takes just one of us to teach the teachers of the next round of children what will bring out the best in the children.

There is only the intellect that attracts a healthy person to someone who is sick and when they lose the intellect there is very little else other than the money.

The Internet is perfect.

It arrived at the perfect time.

The sun is already setting and that is about the only thing the human can rely on at this point.

Marie is currently on the phone with her mom in Montreal and they are of course discussing her dying 64 year old brother who because he had the money couldn’t get enough of his lobster and steak and downed with ice-cream and you know that the spoken language of French is so sexy especially when spoken by Marie who has this one of a kind infectious laugh, that I will have of course missed some of the finer points.

If there isn’t a logical God then it is coming down to each of us having enough broadcasting power to end the charade of Wall Street, and that could begin before the very next mass should a church official in say Rome decide that they simply cannot live with themselves.

Not everyone is rich. I don’t know of a single intelligent rich person because to be intelligent you have to be constantly forecasting the ultimate end of this big lie of big lies.

The fact that you were never taught that the mining houses set the value of the currency to pay the soldiers of the most corrupted governments only means it is just a question of time before you get over it.

None of you are in a position to change the power of the Internet to end the genocide on the poor in the next instant, long before you settle your disputes with customers who are not attacking you because you are exposing the US Government who did much more than sit on the sidelines as the German-South African Oppenheimers and their mostly American banker politician friends led the charge in the arming of Nazi Germany.
Did you misread what i sent you earlier

“Why didn’t you come to me first before broadcasting to my client list, and if I didn’t satisfy you with an immediate answer, you still could have blasted my email list? How can we fix this without lawyers?”

That was my suggestion you write Mr. Moses, unless you are backing off about those emails he said he got from you which you say are fraudulent?

Do you have any idea what going down the path of filing a defamation lawsuit can mean to your health?

Do you think following in ex CIA Knuff’s footsteps is a smart move?

Are you confusing this Moses with the Hebrew Moses getting pissed off with God and God because He is God knowing exactly what Moses was going to do with the first set of tablets?

Did you know that one of the things my very spiritual but not in the least bit fanatically religious Jewish British-English mother Zena did was to have me mostly home schooled on Friday night dinners in Judaism by her closest Jewish friend, Professor Rabbi Abner Weiss who is not the only Jewish rabbi who knows they do not stand a chance debating me on the logic of the Jewish Torah, because they know in the next instant were it to become public just like the logic I just gave you, which will help every Christian Preacher shut up every Rabbi and vice versa, they would all be standing in the unemployment lines.

Amazing isn’t it that there are 7 billion people on this planet alive at this time and even the irreligious never thought of that pure logic to shut up all the religious who like the irreligious should have known long before I arrived on the scene not to mess with the irrefutable logic of God.

The fact that I can perfectly understand how very unsettling it is that you don’t find such pure logic in scripture or in the writings of the greatest sages does not mean I will find a single convert amongst you since only God can be blamed for not allowing all of you to have figured this out ahead of me spelling it all out.

BTW, didn’t you just love Marie’s response to Rebecca’s question of what we are doing in preparation for a catastrophe?

From: marie dion Gevisser
Date: January 9, 2012 2:44:37 PM PST
To: Rebecca Samples
Cc: rest; Guy Friedman – vintage , Gary S Gevisser
Subject: Re: 2012

Rebecca – this is one of the reasons why the cabin in Pine Valley is so attractive because if I had to I could find source water there; we have a well; I could always get a hand pump or generator. I have alfalfa seeds which are the most nutritious food for just a few pennies. I have almonds, rice, beans but dates, almonds and alfalfa I could live for a long time on and stay as healthy as I am, probably healthier since sprouts are the healthiest food you can give your body; and I have a bike for transportation; just nature around you, and I have a fireplace to keep me warm; and I would migrate to Canada in the summer where water is more abundant, hopefully it won’t get to that.

I am a lot more concerned about our government using the grid against its own people if there was unrest; and I have a gun and Gary has friends in the Israeli military that I haven’t seen in a while; they would always be welcome.

You can always come and graze on alfalfa with me.



On Mon, Jan 9, 2012 at 11:44 AM, Rebecca Samples wrote:
Scenario: No water, No electricity, No food, rioting, looting, killing. This will happen when the sun blast satellite & power grids out of commission. See video

What are you going to do?


What could be more of a slap in the face to God than not taking care of one’s body temple?

Taking care of one’s body is the Free Will each of us is given; and the fact that in the very next instant one can change one’s diet and see immediate improvement even if only it is in your imagination, can be either your reward if you decide to act on it, or your punishment.

Find me a well known preacher to debate me on this and you will see how quickly I will become a household name.

You know that if I were one of those debaters in the Presidential Race for President of the United States, the pressure from all the worlds poor who have been kept down by the churches of all the religions would provide sufficient pressure to overturn that wrongful defamation conviction.

Of course my peace of mind is balanced against all those who have the information and are very angry with me; and so why would I care if they want to be foolish and blame God when they can simply change their behavior and stop acting so indifferent when not altogether hostile.

Long before I met you, I was a grown person and knew why it was that the more I explained how very ordinary was Harry Oppenheimer and his American partner Charles W. Engelhard Jr. and these virulently anti-Semetic people who orchestrated the Holocaust chose the weakest amongst the strongest Jewish family to ensure that my grandfather’s trading business bit the dust right before worthless diamonds replaced gold as the backing of the American Dollar, the more resentment was directed towards me.

I don’t see you mentioning why your longtime friends, starting with your wingman Randy and Stephanie have not come up with the judgement monies which has you losing so much sleep?

You are changing the subject. The GIP did not create the problems you have today. Maybe you should have told me at the start that you had a judgement and the person who got the judgement hadn’t yet seen a penny and if he is hurting as financially as you are then maybe I would have helped him out as well.

Money is your problem and you are simply too proud to ask Cyndi for the money. Why? You saved her life. Have her make a hefty financial contribution to until it hurts, and then I can give you full time employment; unless you are waiting to see her money become totally worthless.

You are getting angry because I provide all the logic without me reminding you that it is Rebecca who has told Marie and me independently that she resents the fact that you made her quit her nursing profession which is going to be that much tougher to get back into if you die and/or become incapacitated and then who will she turn to for help? Cyndi?

How come you don’t write to Cyndi this stuff. Why keep her in the wings?

You forget that we are talking about events of the past 4 days when there has been no talk of the GIP but certainly I keep bringing up what they failed to teach you in business school about the power of the Oppenheimers to ban American citizens from the most lucrative business on the planet outside of mining and raping mineral rich countries like my birth country of South Africa, and KNOW FOR A FACT that no one other than me would try and do something about it.

You don’t think I have forgotten you telling me last week before real enemies came at you with their guns blazing and you are leaving it in the hands of a lawyer who can’t offer any logical rebuttal to my most scholarly advice that any honest lawyer would give, that you thought you had a lawyer in Texas for me who would do the work on a pro bono basis which is not what I asked but of course I would accept a lawyer doing the right thing.

The Gold Diamond-Money Inventory Petition [GIP] continues to get fine tuned and you can see it with the hits on the website that my former webmaster created and nor did he receive a penny for his work because he appreciated the education he was getting, until such time as the pressure from ex-CIA Knuff got to him.

The only thing technical that you keep telling me is that Goddaddy’s stats on the number of visitors and page views doesn’t jive with the software program you have written which I have explained to you that your numbers don’t make sense just by looking at the more than 30,000 comments we have received from just the BLOG and you know everyone visiting the site doesn’t even go to the BLOG let alone write a comment which have been overwhelmingly positive, but of course no one yet willing to stick their neck out and make a financial contribution; but that could change in the next moment because the zero contribution cannot get worse and no one can improve on the explosive nature of the US Congress and US Presidents bowing to the foreign based Oppenheimers for more than a century.

You have helped a great deal in fixing problems that Adam Tucker was not equipped to handle but nor does he have your database experience.

It is not a bad thing that bad people shut down when they are faced with the irrefutable truths; it means less wasting of my time. In the end the truth will all come out because I have the numbers in my favor beginning with all the silent who don’t need to write me a bunch of nonsense words explaining their hypocrisy.

You heard nothing negative about me other than me flushing out people like the Oppenheimer’s one operative Ernest Slotar as our phone conversation of March 24, 2008 was as clear as a whistle why the Oppenheimers and all those they have corrupted prefer to see the monopoly money that the Oppenheimers have the US Congress hand out to those who curry favor with them most, as “politics” rather than economics and economics is all about who has the strongest military and a willingness to use it.

The fact that I understand why it is that you are not applauding me does not mean you are right for not appreciating what I am doing for the next generation of children.

The transcripts of my trial are of course very shocking especially if you draw the timeline with me exposing the 3 Branches of the US Government who have been lying to the American public about Lloyds banning American citizens for more than 2 decades.

Could you imagine such an act of treason in any other country in the world?

You want me to take you seriously that all of a sudden I am now the evil incarnate because you know perfectly well that Cyndi Lauper didn’t need to go to university to know that to keep this information to herself would only make her look as stupid as those of us university educated who are now “playing business”

Bear also in mind that you have yet to show me one of your long time friends writing open support for you. I am not only logical but spelling it all out in simple English which is exactly what they are all saying about you but are either afraid or simply don’t have the mental capacity to write.

We have also given you financial support even when you didn’t ask.

What exactly were we at any times at such odds about?

The rich of America do not love America, they love the lifestyle that America affords, and nor do they have any interest in knowing about the history of it all.

You longtime friends should have moved instantly once they heard of your plight; they all know of your health problems; with friends like that who needs enemies?

Of course once you are in debt it is really hard to come up for air.

I believe that you have an obligation to let us all know what came of your meeting with the attorney who if he is going to file a lawsuit against Moses then there is no reason to keep it a secret.

Ps – I made a few edits in what I sent you previously.

On Jan 9, 2012, at 12:45 PM, Sam Samples wrote:

I have stood by you for the past what 9 months or so when no one else would. After reading all the negativity that is being written and has been adjudicated against you; I choose to look at the man in front of me and go with my instincts. I did this regardless of what I heard. When you would not follow the advice I gave you about the tech. side of your GIP which is still a no go (which for over 3 months we kept a SMTP and the bndwth at your disposal) I did no turn on you but rather offered support. I was happy to do this for a friend. Even when that friend would not take my advice and move forward. Let me spell it out for you I have stood by and defended you even when we were at complete odds at what should be done….Bottom line it is your life and your call as a friend I stood with you.

Now I have a issue I Do Not Take Your Advice and all you do is act like a pedantic 8 year old child. If you and Marie suddenly find me and my friendship so disgusting, that you feel the need to become insulting Perhaps you should just go this alone; You are acting like a overbearing, tin-plated dictator with delusions of grandeur.

Terry Samples

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