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Don't you brush your teeth? – Part 2

And three, a significant number of those who were thought responsible were killed.

And those are indisputable facts.

There are some very interesting lessons that emerge from this story.

This is not a documentary.

It’s not made to be a documentary.

It’s a story based on something that actually happened in history and it’s not an effort to do everything and to be a crisp portrayal of exactly what happened, because even in George Jonas’ book not everything is made crystal clear.

You should make no mistake that I am not attacking Israel with this film, in no way shape or form am I doing that.

Not to mention that throughout this 5 minute very carefully thought through CIA propaganda movie, I have painstakingly, methodically and ever so patiently failed to simply tell it exactly the way it is; namely; the Munich Olympic Games massacres was a CIA job from beginning to end; moreover, instead of saying, “You should make no mistake that I am not attacking Israel with this film, in no way shape or form am I doing that”, I should have kept it both CLEAR and SHORT by saying unequivocally, “You should make no mistake that I am absolutely, 100%, attacking not only the CIA but the entire corrupt 3 Branches of the United States Government with this film, period.”.
This is a very very tough subject and we have decided to approach it honestly and unsparingly.

This film is an attempt to look at policies that Israel the heavily corrupt United States Government shares with the rest of the world’s tyrannical regimes and to understand why a country feels that its best defense offense against a certain kind of violence is counter more violence, and we try to understand this as filmmakers, through empathy because that is what you do, you extend empathy in every single direction because you can’t understand the human motivation without empathy; and when I use the word “empathy” I really mean money that is created out of thin air and whose value is backed up by the country with the biggest gun, period.

Not to mention both our tyrants-despots in the rest of world including their second-in-command who we also support and who keep our despots-tyrants loyal to the United States Government who mostly represent large foreign corporate interests beginning with the mafia monopoly De Beers who we all know have owned the world’s drilling industry for more than a century now, all understand perfectly well that if they US Government ever finds itself squeezed into a corner, the US Government would not hesitate to pull out its big gun nuclear weapons.

To mention little of the US Government being the only government in the world to have used nuclear weapons on not just one but two civilian populations.

To mention in passing what I was thinking when having this albatross placed around my neck when deciding to produce this epic movie.

This movie is not an argument for non response.

On the contrary what this movie is showing is that a response that may be the right response is still one that confronts you with some very difficult issues, and when we have to respond to terror today, what is relevant is the need to go through a careful process, not to paralyze ourselves, not to prevent us from acting but to try and ensure that the results that we produce are the ones that we really intend.

As I said just a little earlier, I will inevitably try the argument that I must have lost my mind which then begs the question, “Exactly when did I decide to play things fast and loose?”

I mean it is the unintended [mumbling] results that are probably some of the worst and that will ultimately bedevil us.

What you see in this movie is not an attempt to answer, “Should there should be targeted killings or not?”.

What I am doing with this movie is highlighting some of the dilemmas and highlighting some of the issues that need to be discussed. I am not trying to answer them. But the movie in a sense, apart from being a human drama which explores what these guys went through, will hopefully stir that discussion.

Adam, you are not alone in receipt of the 27 odd word communiqué I sent Jason M. Ritchie last evening asking him as well as his Facebook “friends” what they think about the US Federal Reserve well on its way to nationalizing the US banking industry.

Not to mention I am also fully aware why it is that you have chosen not to share your vast knowledge of this Diamond Invention, the corruption of corruption with not a single local parish, for you understand that in the very next instant that just one priest “hooks on to” how EXTRAORDINARILY EASY it would be for him as well as his entire congregation to receive all the funding they need to have their basic needs met, so will you find yourself, while profiting financially when helping them get what they are fully entitled to, so this immediate “leveling of the playing field” that is of course fully understood to folks like the Mossad, FBI and CIA; not to mention the US Congress, has both you and your latest internet girlfriend then having to compete on that “level playing field” which is much easier said than done; and it is quite obviously the case, given your huge reluctance to just test out once with that local parish a block away from your current residence.

To mention little of me right this minute sitting very relaxed on a lounge chair on the deck of our rather large and well manicured garden overlooking the Pacific Ocean with the surf not quite the 7 foot surf they were expecting based on the “water stirrings” they had heard going on as far away as Japan, but it is still “huge” as compared to the other day, when the biggest waves were no more than 6 inches in height and when Marie and I were able to see almost to the horizon whales blowing their nostrils “moon high”.

To mention in passing, how neat it was last evening after I returned to the art gallery-studio cliff house from Barbarellas restaurant in La Jolla to enjoy the moon when it was still daylight.

Ps – You havent forgotten that while one does become dumb when one forgets my huge credibility, it is nothing short of “pure folly” to forget how easy it would be for the brutal Israel Defense Force to execute my bullet proof Military Plan, that dovetails perfectly the Israeli Military Intelligence report that talks to the fact that the CIA’s Al Quaida have not yet attacked the oil fields of Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Qatar and in the next instant paralyze the US military economy, is because the CIA knows better than to bite the hands that feeds it, which also explains the truth behind my one headline news item, “Now Israel again defends itself against CIA rocket attacks”, which has its origins back when President Roosevelt on Feb. 14th, 1945 met with King Ibn Saud of the House of Saud, Saudi Arabia on board the destroyer US Quincy, and which was followed up with the most extraordinarily culpable letter that Roosevelt wrote Ibn Saud on April 5th, some 7 days before he was assassinated by the Mossad.

Not to mention how very easy it is going to be for someone like Jason M. Ritchie now collecting all the Ritchies throughout the world as his Facebook “friends”, to get his arms around what is the cause of spoiled rotten and totally undisciplined mid-teenagers, who live here on the beach of Del Mar and who battle to get out of bed because they have been led to believe by their corrupt parent-grandparents that they are somehow special and that the “world owes them a living”; let alone when reminded as they eventually make their way out of the front door more than an hour after I had returned from my rather long run along the beach, which I would have continued for at least another half hour and perhaps even taken out for another hour or so my waveski, were it not for wanting to be back in time
to see my gorgeous French-Canadian wife open her beautiful eyes and then that one of a kind smile, “Don’t you brush your teeth?” to answer, “Yes!” as they then do a mad rush up the stairs and into the bathroom without a thought given to the ongoing brain damage they and they alone are responsible for doing to themselves helped of course by those they have managed to co-opt-corrupt who even bother to remind them,

“Get out of bed… Don’t you brush your teeth?”

To mention in passing, the Jason M. Ritchie’s of the world may take a little longer than someone such as myself to fully appreciate the simple conclusion I have reached that each and every person who shows that they are capable of being a “politicians”; i.e. who can in fact lie, steal and cheat when it suits their agenda and when caught to go instantly in to a state of denial, have “blood on their hands” even though they keep talking “peace”.

It is not what you say, but what you fail to say that counts.

Moreover, I doubt very much that Jason M. Ritchie does not understand that all this massive corruption now surfacing with the biggest crooks who have stolen blind from the hard working poor being “rewarded” yet again for not doing a “good job”, is designed for the masses to feel even more “hopeless” as they also see how ARRAGANT are the corrupt politicians to make money even more scarce to the hard working poor who just to be able to “hold their head up high” while feeding their bellies will gladly join the US military so very necessary in propping up the lifestyles of the lazy rich who so fricken arrogantly declare,

“I am not going to be bothered with all this negative stuff. If there is going to be a race-civil war then I will worry about it then including deciding where I will run; but until then keep all your negative stuff to yourself!”

I was not only “trained” from the youngest of age to live outside of the country of my birth which did not mean I need to learn how to ask politely our highly trustworthy Zurich banker, Mr Jost for a “loan” let alone a “stipend” that could finance each and every Mossad “hit squad” activated following the 1972 Olympic Games massacres, but I was taught the importance of caring for my fellow human being.

So let’s now also hear it from the “Now Generation” belittling motherhood.

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