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eDUCATIonal Light Journey-One Tribe of Achievers seminar-workshop

From: Gary S Gevisser []
Sent: Tuesday, February 17, 2009 10:01 PM
To: Cinthia Shutt – Ducati – DNA Customer Service
Cc: rest;; ‘’; Jeffrey R. Krinsk – Finkelstein & Krinsk; Brad Wills – Fox News @ 10
Subject: Ducati ST4S – RE: I am trying to reach Cynthia Schutt

Sorry for misspelling your name.

Grant over in service at Ducati GP in San Diego informs me that you have communicated with Ducati in Bologna

about the computer problem, ECN? that he thinks needs to be replaced on my Ducati ST4S, and that Ducati have said that because the bike is no longer under warranty there is “nothing more to be said”.

I want to make sure that “nothing gets lost in the translation” and why I wanted to contact you personally who I understand is acting as a “go-between” between Grant and Bologna.

At the time my bike “malfunctioned” I was traveling pretty fast compared to say someone riding a bicycle fast, which of course was not quite at the breakneck speed I often ride at.

I will be 52 next month, March 24th, just in case you wanted to send me a nice birthday card, and still dreaming about getting back in to the same physical shape I was in at 24 when I was very much in “fighting fit” condition after having recovered from my liver being poisoned when I came as close as it gets to death; bearing in mind that before I took deadly ill I was in good enough shape to meet the high standards of Israeli Special Forces commandos which I first became aware of when I was just 15 years of age and demonstrated sufficient athleticism that correlates with “mental conditioning” that resulted in me shortly thereafter receiving highly specialized Israeli Special Forces as well as Israeli military intelligence training that has remained with me ever since.

At least equal in importance in understanding perfectly my logical thought processing is for you to appreciate that I figured out that the “best interests” of both “peace” and me not getting injured, forget for the moment killed, was to “go it alone”’; such reasoning stemming from me asking those who had watched me growing up in a highly respected family some very important questions beginning with “who is profiting the most from supplying Israel as well as Israel’s enemies with the weapon systems?” followed in the next breath with, “wouldn’t it also make sense for these weapons manufacturers to sell different versions of the same weapon systems to all the warring parties and those that paid the most would also receive the intelligence to defeat the weapon systems sold to those who didn’t have enough money?”

Now of course this all seems not only irrelevant but rather funny considering how we all know today it is so easy for corrupt government officials to just print money out of thin air and the rest of us feel increasingly “defeated”.

Then again I was just in my mid-teens and understood more about how the “real world” works than most people in military uniforms today.

So now that you know I am not stupid, let me continue my story.

At the speed

I was traveling it was sufficient to not only kill me but you would know that if a young child were standing beside such an awesome piece of machinery albeit a bad computer system on board that doesn’t even have wireless internet service, that child could end up “chopped liver” were the bike to topple over.

This I know because I have dropped the bike on its side several times and although I am “pint sized” at 5 feet 8 inches when say compared to Kareem Al Jabar, I am still a pretty strong person, the same weight of140 pounds when I was 24 and also back then very capable of playing a most excellent game of rugby despite what my French-Canadian wife refers to as my “chicken legs”.

Not to mention I am about a half inch less than my one time full height of 5 feet 8 and a half inches, very possibly, but highly unlikely, caused by my last mountain bike wipe out a week or so ago,

Moreover, even though I have passed the half century mark if I had a choice today of choosing anyone in the entire world to be my partner in a “street fight” I would, without question, choose myself as my partner only because I know both my strengths and weaknesses better than I know anyone else’s.

Furthermore, you would know just by logical thought processing that you really can’t believe much about what anyone has to say about themselves these days and when combining that thought with the reality of a hot chick just happening to pass by


when a life and death decision may need to be made in such “street fight”, and remember we are only talking hypothetically speaking, there is an extraordinarily high probability that the individual helping me “fighting my fight” would be far more distracted than me, in large measure because I happened to have been, for the past 15 odd years, with the most beautiful, most sexy, most funny French-Canadian woman in the world, and you would know that French-Canadians are the most beautiful and sexy women in the world; not to mention that when I am “focused on the task at hand” I know I don’t get distracted.

I did not run over a young child or a baby or for that matter anyone as my onboard computer “blew its top”.

BTW, I never even dropped the bike.

But the bike did keep running.

The problem I was experiencing was with the clutch that suddenly lost all its tension.

Believe it or not, I continued to ride the bike for about another 10 miles back to our home in Del Mar, California with the engine still running, but I probably lost close to a pound, because whenever I got to a traffic light or stop sign I would turn the bike off and of course I was smart enough to have it in neutral.

Then when it was safe, well you can imagine that my “chicken legs” are not exactly all bone and skin.

I then had the bike placed on a flatbed trailer and shipped to GP but Grant was never even able to get the bike to turn on, which I thought was strange.

Much stranger, however, was Grant letting me know that Ducati have known for years about this “bug” in the onboard computer and decided in their “infinite wisdom” to without informing all the owners of Ducati ST4S to simply replace “free of charge” those computers belonging to owners whose computers had gone kaput without them losing their lives, based on what Grant refers to as a “goodwill gesture” on the part of Ducati.

Assuming you agree with Grant about this seemingly well-known problem you can imagine the type of hand gesture I think is most appropriate for those in Bologna “playing God”.

Suffice to say I have been mostly retired since my late 20s but today I am in fact working harder than I ever did which of course was never quite as hard as say a Black African miner in South Africa.

One of the many ways that I “give back” is to take those who derive great satisfaction in exceeding the limits of their small authority on educational light journeys; and of course you are not the first to have seen the word “ducati” in another English word.

I detest those who derive great satisfaction in exceeding the limits of their small authority; i.e. evil does not come in
the form of a pointed tail or pitched fork!
– Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk Esq.

I look forward to your response.



Next tTOo
Breeding is everything!

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From: DNA Customer Service []
Sent: Tuesday, February 17, 2009 2:10 PM
To: Gary S Gevisser
Subject: RE: I am trying to reach Cynthia Schutt

Dear Mr. Gevisser,

Thank you for contacting Ducati North America.

How is it that I may help you?

Warm regards,

From: Gary S Gevisser []
Sent: Tuesday, February 17, 2009 12:33 PM
To: DNA Customer Service
Subject: I am trying to reach Cynthia Schutt

Do I have the correct email address?

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