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End of reign of succulents – Part II

When all logic fails ones adversaries, one should not assume they are anything but bad; and if you are dishonest, even if you decide to stop communicating, that does not make you less of a hypocrite.

Are you not totally bowled over by the writings of young lawyer Siman Nasseri who simply wasn’t experienced enough to keep his mouth shut, let alone express everything that is wrong in the law profession. [CLICK HERE]. As you can see, it has been more than 3 days since I have heard from Mr. Nasseri who again is the first liar-lawyer to let me know in writing that if a Texas Judge can get away after breaking every law on the books as well as every court rule and then pull out of the sky a $4 million DEATH SENTENCE with impunity, then why shouldn’t every lawyer jump on the bandwagon, and why not more than double their hourly rate and know that there is no downside, apart from me [un]willing to go to my death quietly?

We have yet to get confirmation that your communications with US Air Force Major Sam Samples are genuine and that includes this email address he says is yours, but what we do know for certain is that the information I have been sharing about the high treason of the US Government and that includes all opposition, both foreign and domestic, who feign their opposition, remains irrefutable because truth is that which does not change.

Those only with their lies and a history of denials to back them up can never change course, at least in their own minds, and that is all that counts in this digital age where information is traveling at light speed and each of us knows that so long as one is literate, it is possible to get educated.

We also know that each of us are born illiterate and literacy can be taught, and much quicker than those not wanting the truth to be shared would like to think.

It is very much a thinking person’s game, this most serious game of life where few and none of us really care about what happens once we are dead and that includes all those leaving large estates; and anything being left for others other than the shirt on one’s back that one is born with should be brought into question.

Anyone who does not have an immediate member of their family directly involved on the battlefield front-lines should be questioned about their genuine patriotism.

The fact that I don’t have active duty soldiers clamoring to support me who fully understand what is going on does not mean anything other than they are afraid, and so I continue to do my duty to inform the most defenseless and vulnerable.

Never mind that the majority of US soldiers along with their immediate families are less well off than those on Wall Street who have received the lion’s share of the bailout monies, what is important is the fact that the soldiers of all the world’s militaries have the biggest guns and they are far better trained than Wall Street fat cats who are increasingly exposed, principally from the bottom up because I managed very quickly to have the very top dogs, our mineral monopolists led by the German-South African Oppenheimer family to go very quiet back in November 2004 when I let them know that before I could give them a definitive time for a lunch date on 47th Street New York City, I needed to first firm things up with Eliot Spitzer Esq. who at the time was Attorney General of New York State, and all the gun-money-power people throughout the world remember that in mid-October 2004, Spitzer filed the most refreshing criminal complaint against the megalopoly AIG-Marsh McLennan-ACE Ltd, and then he backed off immediately after I began sharing my intimate knowledge of the Oppenheimers’ De Beers mining consortium and their closely held affiliates including Lloyds of London Insurance who continue to ban American citizens from investing in this most important financial institution who set the price of insurance worldwide.

Again, it would be one thing for Americans not to want to invest in an insurance carrier located in a banana republic which is also identified by our State Department as a terrorist country but it is another thing altogether when an entire people such as the US who provide the bulk of the military might for all our Allied nations, to be singled out as if we are a terrorist nation.

Even if one is not familiar with the history of Lloyds that began in 1774, two years before American financial icon Adam Smith published his Wealth of Nations which not exactly coincidentally took place in the same year that the US Declaration of Independence was penned, the name Lloyds is almost as branded as say Revlon and Coca Cola and neither of those public corporation or for that matter all the top branded corporate names are as important as Lloyds who because of their dominance in insuring the shipping fleets set the price of not only insurance but the final cost of every product, both consumable and non-consumable.

It is interesting, wouldn’t you agree, that while total novices can individually think of reasons to debate me on the finer points of what I am saying, they also know from reading the communiques of those more knowledgeable than them that the experts in this field of course cannot find any fault with either my logic or irrefutable facts, but of course I learn from all of them.

Take for example a very small shop owner, David Fifield of the one-time only high end local women’s fashion shop, Gerhard. The excuses this better than average university educated entrepreneur comes up with to avoid answering my very simple questions that revolve around him being willing to leave his 75 year old mother on the hook for guaranteeing his one lease when he knows after spinning his wheels with a worthless lawyer that I am his mother’s only hope after she told the landlord at their last meeting that she was willing to subsidize the rent on his former lease where Dave is losing both his and her shirts because the nature of the clientele which was best defined as high end prostitutes is now very much low end prostitutes and which one can see negatively affecting all the small retail operations including the medium size food chain Il Forniao whose top management recently fired the 12 year manager Ulysse Vicinanza and his “going away present” included his few weeks vacation time that he had accrued plus 2 weeks severance.

You also know that if Ulysse was a bad manager they would have figured this out a long time prior to giving his job to the neophyte son of the President of the chain. Nor is Ulysse all that upset because he is first of fully clued into my missives and perfectly understands that he is a whole lot better off than his compatriots in Sicilly.

I know perfectly well that no one gets bored with my writings and nor have they, but today they perfectly understand that my writings are much more meaningful because again the truth is that which does not change, and [not prefering change are] all those profiting from the failure of the educational system to teach young children exactly why it is that what Adam Smith wrote makes absolutely no sense to the point that of course not one of the smartest amongst us beginning with self-professed intellectual Noam Chomsky can make head or tail of either Smith’s writings or those who support Smith’s point of view which again is impossible to comprehend because no matter how many ways one chooses to splice up nonsense to make some semblance of sense, we all know garbage in is garbage out.

The fact that given how much writings and speeches have been given since 1776 and not a single person has ever had either the intelligence or courage to explain why it is that Smith and all his fellow worshippers have never once been outed, the only conclusion a reasonable person can arrive at is that were it not for me, the truth about the total and complete nonsense of capitalism being the best motivator for bringing out the most inventive and hardworking of us humans, would never have seen the light of day.

Consequently, i
t is very easy to imagine that in a rather short period of time all poverty throughout the world would have been wiped out and the United States brand of capitalism would have been banded about for eternity as the victor over all over isms.

Let me end this Part I with sharing with you my last text message to Dave of Gerhard:

From: Gg
Date: February 12, 2012 1:13:51 PM PST
To: Dave of Gerhard
Cc: rest; Marie Dion Gevisser , Alan Dershowitz – Harvard Law School , Noam Chomsky , “Devin Standard – eldest son of former President of New York State Bar Kenneth Standard.”
Subject: This is an experiment …Fwd:

That I am conducting on you and which I will apply to every monkey human including those who believe they are more evolved in their thinking even though they cannot run as fast as monkeys or bounce from one limb of a tree to the next

Does it have you thinking about responding that much more to what I text you earlier which is a repeat of previous text messages knowing that Marie who you know is in Montreal visiting with her family is in the cc section and/or knowing that in the blind copy section is the most evolved 23 year old electrical engineer who when stopping on the side of the entrance ramp at del mar heights connecting to the i5 thought I might need a jump, before going on to provide me with the introduction to my book as he quoted the chomp monkey Noam chomsky’s rendition of what Wealth of nations meant to him which is not to suggest u get a hard on from Chomsky but there is every possibility that u think like most who have had their formal education interfering with their learning that Chomsky and his feigned opponent Alan know at least what they are talking about when it comes to money and if they don’t know then logically you to conclude that they are therefore misinformed about all the other subjects they purport to know about and therefore it is just a question of time before you can conclude if they are lying through their teeth and then determining exactly when their lying began is very easy

Would you like to know who is included in the blind copy section?

What do you think Dershowitz and Chomsky are thinking?

Sent from my iPhone

Begin forwarded message:

From: gary s gevisser via text message
Date: February 12, 2012 12:30:50 PM PST
To: marie dion gevisser

No email about socks
Did you use ur gmail account and if so u can retrieve those emails off your iPhone
Just got back from the most eye opening breakfast with M…
I want you to try and read up on adam smiths wealth of nations and then see if your mother stops smiling as you ask her if she is uplifted by the fact that those responsible for my death sentence not being overturned know that it is the end of the road for their lifestyles were I to be effective in getting the word out
It would be helpful [i]f u gave me a synopsis of wealth of nations and see if what Lenin said about capitalism is helpful

Tomorrow I will feel that much younger again

Love you
Ps – I have now left mango twice on his own in the cliff house for 2 hrs and he did great

Ps – Let me know if you didn’t get a copy of my back and forth with Ms. Carol L. Dysinger who quickly changed her tune from wanting to get into the knitty gritty such as whether I was in Afghanistan after her 2010 documentary, Camp Victory Afghanistan, to telling me that she had better things to do with her time than be “sensitive” to the real story behind the US presence in Afghanistan once getting her head around my intimate knowledge of how South African based mineral monopolist Oppenheimer-Lloyds-De Beers-Anglo American-Haliburton and company “prime the pump” on all the world’s civil wars beginning [with] those in mineral rich countries like the Belgian Congo, South Africa, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia etc etc, which provide not only for “cheap” imports, but by the US continuing to depend on foreign oil imports which we could end in the next instant by simply digging more wells throughout the US including Alaska until such time as every American can afford their Prius and/or a totally electric motor car with subservient countries like Mexico and Canada building all the power stations, the contrived need to “protect US foreign strategic interests”, provides the pretext for all our very intimidating military bases in some 160 countries spread throughout the globe that combined with many aircraft carrier fleets continues the “good work” of The Great White American Fleet that circumnavigated the globe for 434 days beginning on December 16, 1907.

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