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Enemy in our sights – Re: every human drop everything

From: Gary S Gevisser
Date: December 16, 2011 5:00:30 PM PST
To: “Terry “Smilin Sam” Samples – Chief webmaster – Veteran F-15 c Eagle Fighter Pilot +++”
Cc: rest;, “Liba” , raye anne marks , “Zena Badash-Ash Gevisser Zulman [May 30 1929 – ] c/o Arnold Pollak” , “Addy Cohen – wife of Syd Cohen [1921 – 2011] South African Commander of Israel Air Force War of Independence.” , “Devin Standard – eldest son of former President of New York State Bar Kenneth Standard.” , Colin Schneiderman , Guy Friedman – vintage , Andre & Martine Dion , “Tony Leon – Fomer head of the South African Oppostion Party to the current ANC regime. Now the ANC South African Ambassador to Argentinia.” , Marcia Kramer – Political / Investigative Correspondent WCBS-TV , “Matthew Margo Esq. – Senior attorney for CBS – Matthew’s father Judge Cecil Margo was tasked by Ben Gurion during Israel’s War of Independence [Nov. 1947 – Jan. 1949] where South African Commander Margo played a pivotal role and overseen every step of the way by devout Christian Jan Smuts to develop the “blueprint” for what is today the brutally strong Israel Air Force” , 60 Minutes <>, TheTonightShow , The Koala
Subject: Enemy in our sights – Re: every human drop everything


You know that to the common herd Cyndi Lauper is a much bigger name than Dan Quayle unless they are as well informed as you and I are about one of the smartest born and bred Americans; but then again the common herd are the common herd for a reason and therefore I must focus on Ms. Lauper who the common herd are trained to think she is no different to any other celebrity, and not all of them are as hooked on prescription and non-prescription drugs as the vast majority of the common herd who hate more than anything being called common herd, but in fact that is what they are, and so far there is nothing I have seen about Cyndi Lauper that makes me think she is part of the common herd; on the contrary, just from the many writings you and Rebecca have shown me and Marie, Cyndi Lauper might relish the possibility of writing Quayle an email right now beginning, “Have we met?”, and of course if they have, then I am sure Cyndi would come up with the right choice words.

If you don’t have the time to read all of this, just scroll down to the bolded section.

Perhaps you could think of explaining to Quayle why you used that title.

BTW, Marie and I wrote you clearly that we wanted your input before it was sent.

Did you not read that?

We must now move fast. I don’t think it is important what people think about a certain date being possibly the end of the world because I know that anyone with the least amount of common sense who has heard the first thing about me would know I have long defied the odds of staying alive as long as I have.

I have not done much exercise today while Marie has not stopped for a moment apart from spending a lot of time and energy on that piece which may turn out to be the best title, assuming you believe that God has a hand in everything.

If I didn’t know for a fact that God existed I would have long gone out of my mind.

The smell of the biodegradable solvent which Marie is currently using that is just vinegar and water is now filling up my nostrils. I could easily walk two paces to my left and open the side window and allow the ocean swept fresh salt air to blast in and it would also help Marie, but instead I type to you, and knowing that the only way Quayle hasn’t seen everything is because the chain of command is getting increasingly unreliable.

When are you planning on clueing in Randy?

How much time are you going to give it before following up with Quayle?

I know it sounds repetitive but I think I do need to remind you that so far we have yet to get in the face of Loewinsohn; we have yet to see a single video.

Notice I didn’t mention Lowy and Knuff. Loewinsohn is the person who was convinced this endeavor to commit the most criminal fraud in the history of the United States given how they are only doing the bidding of De Beers which is totally transparent, that is showing what a total farce is the CIA, would make him lots of money.

I know you remember your phone conversation. How long before you follow up with him because you know that if the CIA-FBI-Justice Department-US Supreme Court were doing their job all 3 of them would long by now be in handcuffs, and something they thought about very carefully from the start?

You should always be thinking how you are going to react the moment you hear that I am dead.

Again, it takes just one person with a strong voice who could tell her husband who forgot his place, “it would not hit the sidewalk much before you do”.

Remember Cyndi would have made it perfectly clear the terms of her marriage long before exchanging their marriage vows.

Bear in mind that the 10 Commandments were all about God saying to hell with the nonsense of animal as well as human sacrifices, with the animal sacrifices only meant to force the people to share not just the food but everything and the human sacrifices only to scare the human herd as well as cover up for the rape of both boys and girls by the rulers who thought they were Gods, and for the human to respect God by treating one another right.

The instant a partner breaks an agreement it invalidates all future agreements including wedding vowels, and why it is that one of the geniuses of Judaism is the teaching that the only person apart from God who knows who you are is your spouse, and if you don’t subscribe to that then you should find yourself another partner.

Cyndi Lauper never bargained to be anyone but your friend and of course you would expect her to do everything within her power to win you over before she lost her sensuality.

If you were to simply put yourself in the shoes of God you would not only know that I make perfect sense because my logic cannot be faulted, but like me you would be looking at God deciding in the very next moment to end your life and that would mean if I survived you how best would I play that card?

Had I become an Israeli Fighter Pilot there is no way possible I could have worked for De Beers, at least not to have got a referral from David Gevisser who I believe genuinely thought that Engelhard died of his addiction to obesity which is a very subjective test.

I have always believed based on my conversations with Ben-Gurion and Boris Senior that it was a Mossad hit, but I may have only been told that to see not only if I could keep my mouth shut but once I had pieced it altogether to share with the world such a very logical conclusion, but you can now also understand that the CIA could have ordered the hit.

George H. Bush remember was the Director of the CIA from January 30, 1976 to January 20, 1977 when he would have known amongst a number of things that Ali Salamah [1940 – Jan. 22, 1979] was still on the CIA payroll, beginning in 1970, the same year David Gevisser mentions twice in The Unlikely Forester that Charles Engelhard Jr. died, when in fact Engelhard died in 1971 which is a year all the rich throughout the world would prefer to forget about.

George H. Bush was also US Ambassador to the United Nations from 1971 to 1973.

Your friend President George H. Bush didn’t become a fighter pilot trainer because he was the worst fighter pilot during World War II, but he may have become the best had he not been shot down.

You don’t move in these circles without knowing about De Beers because De Beers make their presence known to all important government officials.

I know you have not forgotten how well Vice President Cheney got rewarded for placing the diamonds in the ejections seats.

All of these historical facts are to get you to realize that I am and will remain enemy number one to De Beers until such time as they fall on the sword.

I will not back down for that would make me do something very stupid that I will only regret.

My problem with Knuff-Loewinsohn-Lowy and company is really not my or Marie’s problem, it is everyone else’s problem.

To be perfectly clear. When you can buy a government official to not talk about there being no price mechanism when one group of people can use the same diamonds that they use for bribes that get recycled once they get exchanged say for water rights not just in the US but around the world, it means that all means of measuring value are totally corrupted, apart from prostitution so long as there is something other than money being exchanged.

The first time I heard my mom say, “Prostitution is not only the oldest but the most honest profession” it may not have dawned on me exactly what she meant because that lesson may have occurred long before I got out of diapers.

As you know the main reason to get rid of gold in the thinking of the common herd is because gold reserves are the easiest commodity to quantify given how very difficult it is to mine and all the mines keep the most detailed records; and besides there are extraordinarily few independent gold mines and to mine for gold takes a lot more physical hard work than printing money.

Anyone with common sense could have written Alan Greenspan 1966 GOLD AND ECONOMIC FREEDOM essay, but the fact that it was the very easy to understand writings of the future 19 year Chairman of the Federal Reserve is most important.

How is it possible with all my knowledge out there and all those not corrupt raving about what I am doing and the rest so sickeningly quietly applauding this DEATH SENTENCE, that I am still having to write it all out?

Sam, it is an impossible situation to believe that I am not already a household name considering all the important people in the world who know about me.

I know without having to prove the math by showing each person I have explained what is going on there has not been a single person who has disagreed with me, and the only comeback other than silence is, “Why haven’t we heard about you from the media?”

It is this feeling of stupid a word we all use a lot but which cannot fully explain that is so dumbfounding.

We all know what that feeling is, and we know it is an uncomfortable feeling.

But to have so many imbeciles feeling comfortable in feeling stupid is more than hugely counterintuitive.

It ranks up there with not paying your soldiers the spoils of wars and for them to decide on how best to distribute to those who feel they worked so hard to earn their university degrees.

Of course God also hasn’t forgotten that you and your wingman first earned your plenty of high level math MBAs from USC before becoming the United States Top Gun fighter pilots.

Again you know better than anyone that when up in the air in enemy airspace you are either a fighter or a target.

There is no better time than right now to launch.

You can feel it in your bones.

We have the enemy in our sights and there is no escape.

I also understand that a corrupt person cannot believe in God which only means there are a great many more hypocrites which cannot be lost on God who knows as well as you and I that it takes just one person like Cyndi Lauper who has shown she is willing to stick her neck out for the right cause to speak out.

I also know that were you with Cyndi and not Rebecca you would not have come into our lives at the perfect time.

While I am not a Fighter Pilot I long got over the disappointment as it was very easy for me to see how much resentment is directed at fighter pilots by people such as my so mediocre “lucky uncle” Dave who from the moment he laid eyes on my “redoubtable” and very attractive mother, he couldn’t hide his jealousy of my father.

Ben Gurion made it very clear that technology was making flying jet aircraft not as much fun as flying either the Spitfire or Kittyhawk.

I don’t know who named the aircraft carrier Kittyhawk that was refused landing rights in Hong Kong on Thanksgiving Day, November 22, 2007, but the 50 Kittyhawks that Ben-Gurion’s emissary, Boris Senior purchased in South Africa for the unbelievably low sum of 6 English pounds each, soon after he left Israel on February 15, 1948, explained to me that had the price been nothing, then the message today would not have been that clear.

Assume for the moment that Quayle is tapped into this message, what do you have to lose by questioning him?

Ps – Perhaps I dont see everything as a joke because my mind was exercised enough when I was still a kid and noticed that none of my friends had a great grandmother who was orphaned when just a bunch of people who didn’t care for Jewish people murdered her entire immediate family.

The fact that Nechie may have been the only person in the world to survive one of these many massacres was all part of one grand design which has me all alone in first seeing the Hand of God making the whole world go quiet once I am either dead or my book is published.

Nothing will give me greater pleasure, not even when next meeting up with God, than to know that at least for one moment all my adversaries will feel a shudder in their brain thinking that I am right because all their silences right now are already telling them they chose wrong which is why they refuse to choose change as their ego which they cannot explain takes over.

Remember I have one day left to respond to the Texas 5th Court of Appeals, and I have not forgotten that Quayle responded to your previously within 15 minutes of receiving your so in his face communique, all of which I know you have been thinking about very carefully even during the time you came down with the flu. Those copied in this communique have not received the several drafts I sent you which the Justices of the Appeals Court could already have. They don’t need someone like Rush Limbaugh to tell his audience the importance of their decision not to have already leaned heavily on Lowy-Knuff-Loewinsohn.

Amazing how all the bad who have all this information remain not only so dumb but they are in the minority of people who have only their possessions and lifestyle because they left it to those they curry favor with to do the stealing; and the funny part is that most of them still feel that they work hard beginning by getting a university education.


[Word count 2424]

On Dec 16, 2011, at 2:13 PM, The AFRN Group wrote:

as I said the way you wanted it I would cut and paste. Please change back to I don’t check this one as often

From: Gary S Gevisser
To: The AFRN Group
Sent: Fri, December 16, 2011 12:49:52 PM
Subject: Re: every human drop everything

I assume you thought it was as perfect as it could get.

I have yet to watch the video you sent and once I have and I can get Marie to focus yet again I-we will work on making the summary perfect.

BTW, did you give any thought to the title you used?

——Prior messages——-
From: The AFRN Group
Date: December 16, 2011 12:28:49 PM PST
To: Dan Quale
Subject: every human drop everything


Why was your response dated December 5? Are you losing your mind?

I am in the process of helping a most honorable and courageous American citizen who was handed a baseless, precedent setting $4 million DEATH SENTENCE by a Democrat Texas judge who exhibited extreme bias from the start when he stated that he could not see any evidence of defamation and yet allowed the court case to proceed; furthermore, no evidence was ever presented during trial; in fact the judge caught the plaintiff, who purports to be an ex CIA official, committing perjury without admonishing him.

This corruption rips at the core of all that we Men of Honor stand for; to defend this country from all enemies foreign and domestic.

The murder of my client’s impeccable reputation is hanging on the line. Anyone reading this trial transcript would conclude that he is totally innocent and clearly given all the unimaginable witness tampering and intimidation of the key witness there is major foreign interference in order to suppress and regulate the information that he is sharing over the Internet. Motivating these corrupt people who are willing to ridicule and anger men like me who are searching for the truth, is his knowledge of top US Government officials who profited from us going off the Gold Standard some 4 decades ago, and all of them Democrats (who attended the funeral of the person who first orchestrated it. )

I would think you would want to hear the story straight out of his mouth rather than read his book which is days away from publication.

Let’s stop screwing around, and focus not on 2016, but on these elections and have me or someone else such as him imminently qualified to defeat Obama who has the most to hide given the colossal nature of this outrage that is beginning to spread like wildfire, not just here in the US but abroad given the credibility of my client who I am willing to go down with swinging.

This is the greatest threat to our ailing democracy. As someone who has fought long and hard for this country and losing at 15 my fighter pilot father, I consider this grave miscarriage of justice to be all about the curtailment of free speech without which there is no democracy.

BTW, I suspect that more than Obama is aware of what is going on, without the help yet of my singer friend, Cyndi Lauper.

On December 5, my client’s programmer, the main defendant in this lawsuit that will inevitably take center stage sent a letter to the Texas lawyers representing this ex CIA official. If you haven’t already received a copy, I could forward it to you.

It was to say the least very fishy, and so I want to clear this up. Nor have I forgotten how I earned my first DFC when both engines on my F-15 fighter trainer cut out, the one overheating and the other caught fire that had my CO hitting the ejection button over a populated area which of course caused me and the aircraft more discomfort.

You can already see that I am already fulfilling my end of the bargain and nor will I be ashamed to present to the world more of my bone fides; perhaps there is one ground operation that you are unaware of which I have yet to reveal to everyone not even Cyndi Lauper who remains very close and ready to release two more songs about me, but not as close as my wife Rebecca who I met in 2008, the year this attack on my client began.

BTW, my wingman Randy, now a retired 1 Star General has yet to be informed by me of my increasing focus. When he does, I am sure we Men of Honor will be able to count on him as well.

As you can see I am still a fighter.

Major Sam

—– Message —-
From: D Quale
Sent: Fri, December 9, 2011 5:40:21 PM
Subject: Ball tripping ego maniacal bastard


You bastard. Ball tripping ego maniacal fighter pilot. Steal my plane then mar the damn thing in a runway in New Mexico. Ah I suppose that I could let it go. Hell, you’ve been on my Christmas Card list for what 12 years now? I will say this while President Bush, Myself and men like you were on watch the bs that is afoot in the world did not happen. The US needs, greatly needs men; like the 3 of us. Men who would put National interest above their own without thought. Men with whom God and Country still mean something.

Mac ran at 70 plus, We could groom you for ten years and have your ass up there before you are 60. Are you still dating that singer? That might not work; hell on second thought that might be a positive the way things are today. You would have to get over this modesty bs and put your accomplishments out there. Might be something to crack open a good bottle of Scotch and discuss. A few of us in the party have been looking for a man for 2016 I had not thought of you until now

December 5. 2011

—-Original message——-
From: The AFRN Group
Date: December 9, 2011 5:25:05 PM PST
To: D Quale
Subject: Unauthorized use of USAF-02

I need to take a short hop mind if I borrow your bird.

Major Sam

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