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Every passing moment – Fwd: The light is going fast

From: Gary S Gevisser
Date: January 10, 2012 5:45:45 PM PST
To: Celebrity 1
Cc: rest;Sam Samples , Rebecca Samples , Marie Dion Gevisser , “Ira Mishkind Esq. – Gary Steven Gevisser’s estate attorney.”
Bcc: “Liba” , Merna Sturgis , Andre & Martine Dion , Guy Friedman – vintage , “Addy Cohen – wife of Syd Cohen [1921 – 2011] South African Commander of Israel Air Force War of Independence.” , Rosa Capella , sebastiancapella Capella
Subject: Every passing moment – Fwd: The light is going fast

Now my wife says, after Mango and I have returned from an uplifting run at the beach and he is still full of bounce, “It [wave] is pretty fantastic. It is a good painting and if she wants to pay $1.8 million I would have Sebastian paint it”; and if you knew the first thing about my wife, you would know she is not selling.

Of course you don’t yet know about the final death nail in the study-appreciation of fine art oil painting which began in the year 1908, which if you do recognize the genius Hand of God in everything including how each of us who knows the next person come “to-get-her” (sic), it is not in the least bit depressing because when knowing for absolute certainty that God exists, which of course for those of us in pain or around those in constant pain who are themselves plagued for reasons that they can all figure out should they choose, it is not just uplifting but it remains increasing so with every passing moment.

Begin forwarded message:

From: Gary S Gevisser
Date: January 10, 2012 4:45:23 PM PST
To: Celebrity 1
Cc: Sam Samples , Rebecca Samples , Marie Dion Gevisser , “Ira Mishkind Esq. – Gary Steven Gevisser’s estate attorney.”
Bcc: Merna Sturgis , Andre & Martine Dion , Guy Friedman – vintage , “Addy Cohen – wife of Syd Cohen [1921 – 2011] South African Commander of Israel Air Force War of Independence.” , Rosa Capella , sebastiancapella Capella
Subject: The light is going fast

You know that Major Sam is very much under the gun, and I have in order to protect my legacy which is all about my reputation that of course dishonest people can talk about how much it means to them but they are only selling and seeing what sucker will be the next to fall for their lies, to make absolutely certain that I don’t get sucked in to an elaborate conspiracy which could easily involve this latest lawyer friend of his, who he has yet to introduce me to which of course is highly suspicious with every moment’s delay.

I don’t expect anyone to always follow my logical train of thought that has allowed me to survive as long as I have and to the point that each one of my adversaries can easily imagine all of them suddenly stopping in their tracks because they keep forgetting that it is not possible just from reading the transcripts of my fraudulent $4 million DEATH SENTENCE that my reputation could be hurt; on the contrary in fact.

Let me really spell it out for you and Major Sam who just yesterday used the very wrong word “adjudicated” when describing the very elaborate conspiracy to destroy me economically at the same time do irreparable damage to my reputation, since such a word has the air of honorability and respectability which is not part and parcel of the American Justice System, and of course it would have helped had you the exact same experience as me growing up in the US Government’s South African Apartheid Regime for the first 21 years of your life.

You nor anyone in the world can fault my actions from the moment I first heard of ex-CIA Knuff which was right after he met with my former webmaster Adam Lee Tucker on December 23, 2008, and by now I expect you have heard Mr. Tucker’s taped deposition of March 24, 2010 that explains both his fear of Knuff as well as all his statements that completely exonerate me.

Major Sam on the other hand, didn’t do everything to the satisfaction of at least 2 clients, and he thought that Moses was actually happy with him, or at least that is what he told my wife and me. That means either Sam completely misread Moses which means we should question his ability to resolve matters in a common sense fashion or Moses has been put up to do the most terrible harm to Major Sam’s reputation, and the most heinous part is that he knows Major Sam has the most serious heart problems where the pills and poor diet cannot be helping his thinking.

Moreover, I am also aptly aware that Major Sam could die at any moment and there are all these very loose things up in the air including the fact that I remain the only person who has stepped up to the plate to OPENLY SUPPORT Major Sam, and therefore if I am not fully proactive I run the risk of looking at a minimum like a fool. That I cannot allow.

(Given how there is every reason in the world for us all to believe that all our private communications have been intercepted and something Major Sam should have made you aware of from the very start given all of his training, I must include people that I trust implicitly which is not to suggest for a moment that I am happy with my estate lawyer Ira Mishkind Esq. but he is still duty bound by the client-attorney privilege which you should know is your privilege not that of the lawyer).

If it turns out that Moses has been paid to murder Major Sam’s reputation then the obvious question is what does Moses have to gain? Major Sam and Rebecca now say that Moses is owed $425 which means that Moses had to have been paid or promised an extraordinarily huge sum of money to fabricate the emails he says he received from Rebecca and Major Sam and risk criminal prosecution.

It is also very important that Moses has communicated with me but Major Sam is asking that I not respond which of course I cannot understand and nor can anyone else who has the same information we all have. As you know I have already told Sam two times previously to simply email Moses with the following:

“Why didn’t you come to me first before broadcasting to my client list, and if I didn’t satisfy you with an immediate answer, you still could have blasted my email list? How can we fix this without lawyers?”

I know you are following this perfectly because I am writing this only for someone who has not allowed their formal education to interfere with their learning which is impossible to happen to anyone if they either didn’t attend university or have a multi-million trust fund tangling at the end of their noses which I know was not the case with you.

Major Sam does not have any client close to as credible as me, and nor does he have any client who is so attacking the status quo from the top down and bottom up.

Logic says there is every reason to believe that if what Major Sam and Rebecca are saying is true then this attack on him is an indirect attack on me because when you look at the email addresses that were included in all those broadcasts by Moelemi and Moses and there may have been others, you see clearly my website Also when you Google Search Terry Smilin Sam Samples at the very top of the list are my writings.

There is no ego involved here, just the fact that I knew from the moment I hooked the Oppenheimers-De Beers on my very friendly opening missives back in November 2004 and then they quickly went silent, my hugely connected British-English mother wasn’t kidding when she warned me just weeks before, “ARE YOU NOT AFRAID

You would need to know my mother a little bit better to appreciate that she was never a “hysterical” person, not even close given how very careful my best of the best Charm School teacher mother Zena has always been with her choice of words.

You will have seen me mentioning a number of names of people Major Sam could have been contacting over the past 9 months since we met who would have done much more to move the ball forward in order to stop the murderous path our President and the US Congress have us on, rather than contacting the Texas lawyer-liar Loewinsohn who Major Sam gave his real name, and now Loewinsohn and his client ex-CIA Knuff would know all that is going on with Moelemi-Moses and thinking what other than everything is working like a charm?

Again, it should be coming that much more into focus why it is very prudent for me to be most vigilant about what is currently taking place.

Major Sam may not have been thinking all that clearly when he picked up the phone to Loewinsohn and I gave him the benefit of the doubt because he said that he had powerful friends in Texas who could help me expose that much more Loewinsohn-Lowy-Knuff and company, and all of them have turned out total duds.

During this time I could have easily been killed or incapacitated.

The Oppenheimers are extraordinarily desperate at this time and you should be easily able to see this by just following the chronology of events that I have spelled out so well.

Had Major Sam emailed for example Edward Jay Epstein the Hollywood blockbuster investigative reporter who wrote The Diamond Invention book when Major Sam says he was doing all his due diligence on me, and if Epstein replied explaining the huge gaps in his 1978 non-fiction book that I am the only person in the world, besides for my mother who could have easily picked up on, at least for the 2 of us who you can gather are not the dumbest fuck people in the world, it is very possible that none of this with Moses would have transpired since with Epstein on board, the Oppenheimers are fucked.

Below is my French-Canadian wife’s wave (20 X 30)

that is close to being finished, which she hopes to complete here at the cliff house this afternoon but she says, “The light is going fast”.

If you buy it for $1800 which is deal, and now she comments when reading back the words, “It is a deal”, would go towards us giving Major Sam a money loan. It is your indirect contribution to his welfare, as I very much doubt this lawyer friend of his who would have needed to front a signficant sum of money to begin an investigation of this Moses’ character, is going to take me up on my very logical and fair proposal which of course came with the most honorable strings; namely that I who am very well schooled in the logic, would insist on getting to the bottom of the total senselessness advice he gave Major Sam who could in fact be protecting Rebecca and only he, Rebecca and this lawyer would know for sure.

Let me also share with you that while I consider myself the least competent person I know to do webmaster design or database development and not even knowing where the cross-over, if there is, takes place, I didn’t stop improving upon the “risk assessment” skills I began displaying well before I was a teenager but which were sufficiently advanced by the time the Oppenheimers’ lawyers in San Francisco put me to the test, once I left their employment; and as you would suspect the more sophisticated my client the less I would need to spell everything out the way I feel it is necessary for the next generation of teachers to prepare their curriculum for the next generation of children who as my wife says you dont have to force feed children about what makes the human cells happy as they understand something that is good and something that is bad to eat and drink, but if they see their parents doing the bad stuff they say, “Why should I do it? They are old and they are fine with it.” Kids don’t see their parents as fat and unhealthy. They don’t associate fat with the love that overrides ugliness.

I also know that there have been no studies done showing the performance of young kids in the company of beautiful and healthy teachers, which is the only image that I have of you right now when in your late 20s and early 30s, versus similar or identical kids in the presence of fat, ugly teachers.

What I can tell you is that all my friends preferred to be around my mother than their own who were nowhere near as attractive, and perhaps that was simply because when coming over to our house they were surrounded by the world’s most beautiful women.

I just proved my case; and my exotic, most amazing F-C wife, is wrong.

First time, although she is too busy concentrating to talk.

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