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Evil all stick together, you know each other – Re: “edITed” sic Fwd: Rewriting History – Re: Message

From: Gary S Gevisser <gevisser>

Date: February 5, 2010 6:43:04 PM PST
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Subject: Evil all stick together, you know each other – Re: “edITed” [sic] Fwd: Rewriting History – Re: Message

From: Gary S Gevisser <gevisser>
Date: February 5, 2010 4:40:54 PM PST
To: sales
Cc: rest; David Moshal <info>, Martin Moshal c/o Andrew Moshal <andrewmoshal>, Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah – Star of Emmanuel’s Gift <emefpchal>, “The coupon clipper is the Jeffrey Jack The Ripper Essakow – co-owner of the Marc Rich and Co. Flower Hill Mall, Solana Beach, California” <jessakow>, Conrad Wolff – supporter of Roy Essakow <kaapstad>, Roy Essakow – Marc Rich Lieutenant <ressakow>, Donald Barr <ddbarr>, “Adele Strous \”Im not interested in history of Israel\” Clingman – wife of CIA oil trader Alan Clingman and business partner of Roy Essakow-Marc Rich and company.” <adelec>, avrilmilner <avrilmilner>, 60 Minutes <60m>, “Matthew Margo Esq. – Senior attorney for CBS – Matthew’s father, Judge Cecil Margo was tasked by Ben Gurion, following Israel’s War of Independence [Nov. 1947 –
Jan. 1949] where South African Commander Margo played a pivotal role, and overseen every step of the way by devout Christian Jan Smuts, to develop the blueprint for what is today the brutal Israel Air Force.” <matthewmargo>, Matthew Hoh – former US Captain who resigned from US State Department <GGreenwald>, “David Bellavia – US Soldier, nominated for the US Congressional Medal of Honor. Now blowing the whistle on Operation Sparkling.” <david>, Allie Meyer-why we fight <alliemeyer>, Amanda Lopez – US ARMY recruiter <talena119>, “Alan S. Loewinsohn Esq. – Dallas, Texas threatening attorney for Jewish American Charles Knuff.” <alan>, “King Golden Jr. Esq. – my long time American attorney and bosom buddy of Our Man Roger who I have known intimately since he joined the National Security Council in March 1982.” <Kingdelmar>, Rupert Murdock <vschulte>, Laurie Black <LJBlack612>, “Shanit – Office for the Israeli Deparment of Defense Attache; Israeli Embassy, Washington DC Israeli Embassy” <att-sec2>, Rob.Rodriguez, “Patrick. J. Fitzgerald – US Attorney fitzgerald” <patrick.j.fitzgerald>, Derrick Beare – Investec <Derrick.Beare>, “Dave Kennedy – former pro surfer, now married to a most beautiful woman half his age.” <dk>, “Dr. Paul Bozo the Clown Teirstein MD. Paul S. Teirstein” <pteirstein>, “Dr. Brian Clement Phd – Hyppocrites Health Institute Health Institute [sic].” <bwishney>, Doctors Without Borders c/o Miriam Ross <Mr>, “ian of the movie, King Corn the movie” <ian>, Lee-Anne Benn Dalley c/o Raymond Bloom Last <rayb>, Vania Leles – De Beers <vleles>, “Kate Jaro.” <katejaros>, “Michael Strauss – International Monetary Fund.” <mstrauss0>, Michael Lombardi – FBI <Michael.lombardi2>, “Vicky L. Schiff – co-managing director Wetherly Capital Group.” <vschiff>, “Bill Simon c/o Dan Weinstein – co-Managing Director of Wetherly Capital Group.” <dweinstein>, “William H. Jackson – Attorney for Wetherly Capital Group” <wjackson>, Mweinstein <mweinstein>, Carlyle Hotel c/o President Barack Obama <comments>, Helen Zille- Leader of the Democratic Alliance – Republic of South Africa <leader>, Ronnie Kasrils – South African Cabinet Minister – mentioned in THE UNLIKELY FORESTER <intmin>, Solly Krok <sollykrok>, Jonathan Beare – founder Invest<intmin>, Solly Krok <sollykrok>, Jonathan Beare – founder Investec<jbeare>, Sam Hackner – Chief Executive Officer – Investec <iamrecruit>, Sam Bozzo – Director-Producer Blue Water <sam>, Maude Barlow c/o of The Council of Canadians <hbertrand>, Edward Jay Epstein – Author of The Diamond Invention <edepstein>, “De Beers – Ernest Slotar Inc.” <cbgsales>, Chairman’s Office – De Beers Julie Burgon – Assistant to Jonathan Oppenheimer <Julie.Burgon>, Nicholas Oppenheimer – DeBeers Diamond Cartel <bondst>, “Stephen Cohen – Codiam Inc.” <stephendcn>, Leon Cohen – Codiam Inc <Leon>, “Mark Gevisser – son of David Gevisser, male heir of American-German Charles W. Engelhard Jr. [1917-1971]” <mark>, Hillary Bill-De Beers-Rhodes Scholar-Marc Rich Clinton <Senator>, “Randall Kaplan – partner of CIA murdered Sayeret Matkal officer, Daniel Lewin [May
14, 1970 – September 11, 2001], co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of AKAMAI founded in 1998. Lewin flew in the business class section of American Airlines flight 11 on 9/11. My first broadcasted communique on 12.1.2000 was to Randall Kaplan. Akamai’s shares last traded on this 27th anniversary of Ben Gurion’s passing, at $27 exactly.” <randall>, “Alan Lipworth former partner of Stephen Cohen, Codiam Inc.” <alan>, Jason Ritchie – Honored US Navy Submariner Sonar Operator with Top Secret Clearance <jmr_1618>, USS Liberty-jimandjoe <jimandjoe>, US Navy Vice Admiral John Stufflebeem <johnn3dkz>, US Marine – Corporal Kevin Gipe <kevingipe>, Josh Tucker – US Marine <tucker8087>, Shaun Tomson <shaun>, Playgirl c/o Ed Bertolas <admin>, Admiral Ami Aylon – Israel Navy <aaylon>, Jerusalem Post <letters>, Janine Saperson <janinesaperson>, Sylvia Vollenhoven – close personal friend of Nelson Mandela <sylvia>, Michelle Smith – South African journalist <clsmith>, Michelle Kube <MichelleKube>, Rush Limbaugh feigned opponent of Obama <rush>, glennbeck, Editor-shanghai daily <editor>, South Africa Obed Mlaba – Mayor of Durban <mayorspa>, South African Consulate General <sacg>, South China Morning Post <scmplet>, FBI <Sandiego>, Guy De Chazal <Susan.Runge>, jeff <jrk>, “Dr. Rod Smith Ph.d – Alumni of RAND Corporation” <smith>, “American-Russian-Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard c/o John Dr. John K. Pollard Jr. – Alumnus of MIT and Cornell University – Proponent of women are inferior in the math and science; i.e. logic.” <jkpjkp>, “Dr. Gross – essakow” <essakow>, “Dr. Daniel Ellsberg c/o Karen Jenkins – RAND Corporation” <karenj>, “Anna. Quindlen” <anna.quindlen>, Drudge <drudge>, sales, “Syd Cohen – South African Commander of Israel Air Force, War of Independence.” <fydad>, Cc-Michael Arinov <aronz>, cc-Saul Basckin <deputygm>, “cc-Lance. Berman” <lance.berman>, cc-Clive Bernstein <iti04598>, Carole Carmichael <ccarmichael>, cc-Ahackner <ahackner>, Cc-Alanditz <mandm>, cc-Bergermd <bergermd>, cc-BermanJ <BermanJ>, cc-Bsmail <bsmail>, cc-Bubs <bubs>, cc-Jbkrifcher <jbkrifcher>, Cc-Joanneazzil <joal2>, cc-Kellyberm <kellyberm>, Cc-Lframe <alana>, cc-Morkelb <morkelb>, CC-Nataliefainsod <nataliefainsod>, cc- Ngould <ngould>, cc-paulClapper <clapper>, cc-Ronnie <Ronnie>, cc- Sir <sir>, cc-Spberman <spberman>, cc-Sperling <sperling>, ccGrahamkluk <gkluk>, ccLhack <lhack>, cc-Saul levin <slevin>, Cc-Colin Puterman <bdfabric>, Cc-Elaine Zulberg <Hbar4>, Cavuto Fox News <cavuto>

Subject: Evil all stick together, you know each other – Re: “edITed” [sic] Fwd: Rewriting History – Re: Message


I do understand why you say I am “crazy” and you now seek help from well healed members of the Moshal family who I know would much prefer you kept your thoughts to yourself let alone bring more attention to how well they are spoken of in David Gevisser’s autobiography THE UNLIKELY FORESTER.

Nor should you feel much comforted that despite me mentioning this book umpteen times to my one Jewish American programmer, Adam L. Tucker who uploaded it more than a month ago on to, he hasnt managed to pull himself away from all his distractions to get through more than a handful of chapters but when I saw him for the first time in months a few days ago, Adam let me and my French-Canadian wife know how eager he was to read about Charles W. Engelhard Jr. [1917-1971].

Earlier today I was seated at the Del Mar City public library next to a public accountant from the State of Washington who is studying for the CPA exam here in California, and I couldn’t help notice the frown on his face getting larger each time he turned over the page of a book that had in big letters on the

cover, ETHICS.

cover, ETHICS.
Our conversation was very brief.

Had I told him about how Jeff Malatskey who is today glob trotting on behalf of his employer Ernst & Young doing audits for corrupt financial institutions, first showed his disdain for the profession as he went about bribing the printers of exam papers at the University of Natal-Kwazulu, South Africa to print him off extra copies that he in turn sold to those willing to pay like the former head boy of Carmel College, Durban, South Africa, David Levy who became the President of an orthodox Jewish synagogue just up the street in La Jolla, California that was first funded by Roy Essakow, no doubt he would have told me his horror stories before going on to wish me luck as he soon left the long table we were sharing after first taking a big swig of a large plastic Pepsi Cola bottle.

His poor wife and kids.

I believe I sent a Facebook “invitation” to David Levy who is a FB “friend” of several FB “friends” of mine, but he has yet to accept.

I suggest you add David to your list and have him also remind you of how much nachas-satisfaction he got during the last Carmel College reunion I attended about 15 years ago at Dr. Norman Kane MD’s house near the Rich-Essakow Flower Hill Mall where David told his young son about how before Roy got rich working for Marc Rich in Zug, Switzerland, he got caught in a South African Police sting operation near our home at 50 Bowes-Lyon Avenue, Durban stealing a bottle of orange juice off the sidewalk.

Crooks are most comfortable sticking together and knowing all the goods they have on each other which allows them plenty of time to be superficial.

The world is very evil only because the human is very evil.

You all understand perfectly well that your lifestyle is dependent on poor, young and dumb American soldiers being put in to army boots to kill and be killed.

When you come across people like Kate Jaro saying, “People are good. You just have to look at the positive in everything”, it does not take you very long to know that she is lying and she will be the first to tell you, just so long as you keep the conversation short and to the point.

Earlier I placed the following on the Facebook “Wall” of First Lady Michelle Obama’s close cousin, African-American Rabbi Capers C. Funnye who now has 365 FB “friends”.

Rabbi, as you know I am working towards creating a “consensus” through each of us being totally transparent that in the next instant will have “greed” disappearing altogether not because the human suddenly becomes good, but smart, knowing that the direction we are heading in has violence and destruction written all over it.

First, each of us had to be intellectually honest about what is going on as we ignore the reality that [it] is overwhelming poor, young and dumb American kids being forced through the systemically corrupt monetary system that was designed to fail from the very beginning, into army boots to kill and be killed.

Second, it is impossible to come up with fair compensation for these individuals who would demand an arm and a leg if they knew as much about how the real world works as you and me.

Third, to fix the problem, one first has to fully explore the problem.
You start out looking for the best in people and then you see they are such hypocrites.

They are wolf in sheep’s skin.
Get rid of their money and they are nothing.

Their pocket book makes them feel superior and entitled, so their level of tolerance is very limited.

They can have compassion for the moment.

Biltong Steve, one does not need to be Jewish to understand what David Ben Gurion, the first Prime Minister of Israel meant when he stated publicly in 1956:

“Why should the Arabs make peace? If I was an Arab leader I would never make terms with Israel. That is natural: we have taken their country … There has been anti-Semitism, the Nazis, Hitler, Auschwitz, but was that their fault? They only see one thing: we have come here and stolen their country. Why should they accept that? They may perhaps forget in one or two generations’ time, but for the moment there is no chance. So it is simple: we have to stay strong and maintain a powerful army.”

There isn’t really much more to say after that.

You will notice that there is not a Jewish American, whether Democrat or Republican or independent or simply a nothing who knows what else to say.

Yet, you all talk.

You all write.

You all can still laugh.

You can even change subjects at the drop of a hat.

You can even be so nice and social, so long as you are all getting what you want.

And of course there is no difference between rich South Africans still mostly living in South Africa and rich South Africans living outside of South Africa.

They also understand perfectly well it is not a “Jewish” or “Muslim” thing. Nor it is a “Christian” thing.

Only when one group is sufficiently targeted does that group come together only for matters of survival.

Rich Jewish people throughout the world are not in the least bit frightened by another Holocaust, not so long as the brutal Israel Defense Force remains undefeated.

It is all a bunch of nonsense.

One has yet to hear about the IDF announcing a huge salary increase beginning with its Special Forces commandos.

Can you imagine if it were to happen?
Before thinking about the effects of hyperinflation, what would you vote in favor of if you were entitled

to the exact same vote as Israel’s Minister of Defense Ehud Barak?

Don’t you suddenly feel good about being part of a dictatorship where someone else has that sort of responsibility?

But what if the dictatorship in order to save their neck decided to abdicate such an important decision and each one of us had the opportunity over the Internet to examine all the facts beginning with the relative pay of competing militaries, and then to vote?

Would you be in support of each one of our names being made easily available including how much we thought each soldier should be paid?

Yes, none of the corrupt want to touch Ben Gurion’s statement with a 100 foot pole which won’t make his profound words disappear.

Let me quickly come back to why Janie Moshal Gevisser, the mother of David Gevisser whose “purse string” controller brother Sol “The Little King” Moshal was still very much alive back in March 1967, along with all her 4 children, decided to spend Passover-Pesach dinner with us Gevissers where there was not a Moshal present.

By this time, despite The Moshal Gevisser Group of Companies beginning with ACME Timber at the peak of their power, German-American Charles W. Engelhard Jr. had made it patently clear that he was not going to let a bunch of Jewish traders interfere with his plans to own everyone and everything worth talking about.

While naming all the gun-money-power families here in the US, David Gevisser in screwing with a whole bunch of important dates underplays the extraordinary influence of Engelhard throughout the world because to do so brings into question why would someone so powerful be spending so much time in South Africa dilly dallying.

David Gevisser talks about the corruption of the South African Apartheid Regime and specifically how they had to have gone along with Engelhard sending solid gold ashtrays out of South Africa.

But he makes it look like Engelhard was forced like all the other business people to make accommodations with the US Government’s Apartheid Regime, in order to “survive”.

Remember, even though David Gevisser makes it look like I don’t exist, I got to know my father’s first cousin in all likelihood better all his four sons and wife Hedda who I only recall meeting once, the day David Gevisser and I spent an entire day together back in 1995, the day after I met with Colored South African, Trevor Manuel, who was then South African’s Minister of Trade of Industries.

Not everyone in South Africa is currently aware that Engelhard was not only “openly racist” but he openly supported his South African Apartheid Regime.

Thanks to you, a great many more South Africans will soon know.

In time every South African will know the true story of South Africa and how all the governments following the defeat of Allied Field Marshall Jan Smuts in the May 26th, 1948 have had to curry favor with the brutal US Government who decided prior to financing Cecil Rhodes’ war, the Anglo Boer War of 1899-1902, that having the mafia monopoly De Beers being the allocator of the world’s resources was better than leaving it to a bunch of US Congress people who would sell out for nothing.

So, how many diamonds do you think should be included in the bonus package of every Israeli Special Forces commando who was involved in Operation Sparkling back in July-August of last year?

Crazy isnt it to think that the “hijackers” of the huge Russian cargo ship Arctic Sea would leave on

board not only their advanced hi-tech military gear but 4 Ray Ban sunglass bags full of diamonds that when opened by the Russian authorities had them acting, “spasdically”?

Highly decorated American soldier, David Bellavia who has been nominated for the US Congress Medal of Honor, the highest award for an American soldier cannot forget why he decided to share first with me top secret US military intelligence along with his conclusion, “There is NO free press” followed with the all important question, “When did they become corrupt?”

Had David who was beside himself as he “weeded” through US military intelligence first obtained from orbiting platforms and satellites, simply bothered to spend more time going through the history of De Beers who have owned the world’s drilling industry ever since their founder, Cecil Rhodes [1853-1902] succeeded in defeating the Afrikaner Boer-Farmers in that most important war at the turn of the century, he would have found his answer when simply reading the Bankers Manifesto of July 4th, 1892.

Since August 27th of last year when David first began downloading to me such detailed information and saying nothing when appearing that evening on the Glenn Beck show on the Fox Network, other than
to poke fun at Beck when telling him that Beck and the rest of the media are the “enemy”, Mr. Bellavia has increasingly been forced to remove his emotions and concentrate on how he can possibly make a living as a soldier-writer-intelligence-counter intelligence operative.

He will tell you that it has not got easier, because he knows that being in denial, let alone trying to cover one’s tracks is not an easy task especially when dealing with someone such as me who is “incorruptable” (sic), and consequently I have far better retention than those forced to keep track of their lies.

The fact that I know that David Bellavia is nowhere near as corrupt as people above him does not make David’s short-circuits less painful.

He is also constantly reminded why he chose very carefully to risk being thrown in military prison for a great deal of time if not his entire lifetime, as he had already done a huge amount of research on me beginning with my poignant and most timely writings that appeared in the Mossad’s Jerusalem Post just 12 days after De Beers President Bill “De Beers-Rhodes Scholar” Clinton gave CIA oil trader Marc Rich, the most diabolical Presidential Pardon.

According to Adam Lee Tucker who had more than an hour long conversation with Mr. Bellavia when he decided to delete me as a FB “friend” as he felt my writings on his FB “wall” would discourage his fans from purchasing more of his books, Mr. Bellavia mentioned that he had spoken with David Horwitz of the JP who apparently told Mr. Bellavia who was now grasping at straws to keep the money flowing into his bank account, that it means absolutely nothing to have letters published in the Jerusalem Post.

Of course just like Mr. Tucker had got carried away in having such a long conversation because Adam was feeling socially deprived, so did Mr. Bellavia which didnt prevent me yesterday from sending Mr. Horovitz – davidh – the following:

From: Gary S Gevisser <gevisser>
Date: February 3, 2010 3:45:10 PM PST
To: davidh
Cc: rest; David Bellavia – US Soldier, nominated for the US Congressional Medal of Honor. Now \”blowing the whistle\” on Operation Sparkling.” <david>

Subject: Do you recall a conversation a few months back with David Bellavia?

I bet David Bellavia would feel a whole lot better, the same with his handlers had Mr. Horovitz replied given how Mr. Bellavia made it out that Mr. Horovitz was eager to “play down” not just my first letter but all 4 and which all dealt with the increased risk of terrorism following the Marc Rich Presidential Pardon and with the last one on May 1st, 2001 taking place just 3 months before the Mossad gave, in

August 2001, both the FBI and CIA the most crystal clear “heads up”.

Remember at all times we are now openly talking about how much the US Government is going to be paying for its regular mercenaries.

It has not been a secret that the US Government has been paying “ridiculous” salaries to its professional mercenaries that US State Department officials prefer to have guarding them than US regulars who have been weaned from an early age on “Honor, Love of Country, Defend The Homeland from all enemies foreign and domestic”.

Let us now move to more recent times.
On February 1st in an email titled “traumatic” – click HERE – I wrote the following:

I left out the word “De Beers” in an earlier broadcast today in an email response to Dion Futerman – click HERE – who has now gone silent; but you can expect him to return talking about another subject although he might come back to talk about why someone like David Ben Gurion totally empathized with the Arabs to the point that he was very clear in stating that if he were an Arab he would not accept the formation of the State of Israel. Moreover, Ben Gurion went on to explain in simple English that the Arabs had nothing to do with the Rockefeller’s Auschwitz.

Sure enough, the next day Dion in response to a subsequent email titled “Chaotic” – click HERE – wrote:

Wonderful painting Marie !! Dion Futerman 🙂

Clicking on each hyperlink should catch you up on most of my broadcasts that followed: HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE

Let us now come back to how De Beers have been so successful at making it look like Jewish people “control the world” as they painstakingly seek out and promote the biggest of our “peacocks” beginning with Donny Gordon of Liberty Life who despite his fat TALKATIVE cells figured out how to “run with the ball”.

You understand that the military includes all of Hollywood.

Evil people also choose to eat bad as they feel so above it all; they can wait for the technology to fix any ache and pain, and in the meantime there are always the pain killers, and if it is all too painful to just end it with an overdose or a gunshot to the head; but until then, they just plan on living it up.

Why change?
They figure everyone is corrupt.

Don’t you just love how not very articulate Janine Vituli Saperson uses the word, “diatribe” when not being able to explain her evil which of course she believes is less than those with more wealth and power to stop young, poor and dumb American kids being put into army boots to kill and be killed.

A tribe as in One Tribe.

The best was in the 1995 action movie, HEAT where Robert screams out during a bank robbery, “We want the banks money; not your money; it is Federally Insured.”

How much do you think the movie’s producers got from the Government for that pitch? How about the end?
There is Dustin and Robert dodging airplanes and you know Dustin is so right.
Good versus bad.

Dustin Vs Robert.
Im sure they both played on the same side also?
They’ve both been good and bad, they played both sides. It is so confusing!
Steve, have you decided to “opt in” with Operation Smiley?

Why not make a pitch to American-Israeli Aaron Cohen who increasingly looks like he is an impostor, and nothing like the Israeli Special Forces commando he asserts on his website as well as in his book, BROTHERHOOD OF WARRIORS.

You agree it is going to get very interesting if in fact he is not who he says he is and on top of it has managed to fool General Tommy Franks, the top US Commander in the “War on Terror”?

Americans always have two parties to blame.

Then there are the individual politicians to take responsibility for the individual who likes it just this way.

I just don’t like it when we have all the solutions to solve all the problems and we have these dumb ass

Jewish people making it look like all Jewish people are a bunch of crooks.

The fact is that I know so much about all the biggest Jewish crooks in the world beginning with Natie Kirsch who again features prominently in THE UNLIKELY FORESTER and who was a nobody before all the Jewish crooks in South Africa stepped aside and allowed the most extraordinary asset stripping of our Moshal Gevisser for which they were all well rewarded along with of course Kirsch who the anti- Semites cannot get enough of hearing that this “unknown” South African is now poised to be the largest owner of real estate in London, England.

We have to end this nonsense of blaming the Jews by focusing on each one of us who have been bought by the virulent ruling banker elite.

It is not hard to see why Israel became corrupt just to survive.

War is the survival of everything and everybody.

Israel has never been in position to take on the US which is all military.

What do you think all the “advocacy groups” who promote everything from child safety laws to protecting the food chain, are all about?

They know the human overpopulation problem is not solved by protecting the elderly and handicapped when the out of control US military economy works best when there are more refugees than injured soldiers and civilians.

Do you recall how confusing things can be in the movies?
Remember behind all the advocacy groups are the lawyers and the medical doctors.

And if you keep going back in time you keep coming back to the history of the United States that is not glorious; far from it.

Evil all stick together, you know each other. The Internet solves it all.

Each one of us gets the information, only the facts, and we quickly figure out who is corrupt; certainly a whole lot quicker than our politicians who we know are all corrupt, and then we vote.

Not many if any of us would vote in favor of war; especially now.

Even those of us who cannot read a balance sheet can understand that we need to be most gracious, most respectful towards the Chinese people who have yet to ask us for compensation for past misdeeds going back to the American led 8 Allied Nation invasion of China in 1900.

You know that if you cannot teach what you know then life becomes not only boring but a totally selfish pursuit.

Can you tell me what you know that is worthwhile for the next generation of children apart from what I am teaching you?

How would you rank me as a teacher?

Once you understand how easily the price mechanism has been so interfered with, so you can understand your total reluctance to compensate me directly, which of course does not make me either stupid or a bad a teacher, agree?

You will have heard that in the last 48 hours the US Government has decided to give its military a huge pay increase.

You also know that small businesses throughout the US are dying left and right.

The only thriving businesses in the US is the military and prison populations who are the official lawbreakers.

How does the US afford to give its military a huge pay increase without compensating equally the rest of its citizens?

You do understand, even though you don’t think about it often when figuring out the profit on each piece of biltong you sell, that logic plays a critical role in military intelligence.

Military commanders on all sides know that the military that wins the war and can hold the ground, even if there is no gold directly underground, has the ability to set the value of its currency, and should the local merchants-farmers not accept the assigned value of the military ruler’s currency, then they will be dealt with that much more brutally.

Israel is one of those abnormalities since its founders, beginning with David Ben Gurion, were not looking to get rich.

This is hugely important because it explains why the Allied powers led by the US who had shown that it was willing to use nuclear weapons on civilian populations to send a message to future adversaries, placed the most diabolical arms boycott on the fledgling State of Israel with the clear intention to make Israel the shortest lived nation in the history of the world.

Of course the reasons why Israel’s corrupt civilian leadership don’t bring up these historical facts is because they are corrupt; but they too will die off and their legacy including how they have allowed a single Israeli child to go to sleep hungry let alone thousands, will outlive them all.

Non-corrupt Israeli Military Commanders and who have access to Israel’s superior weapon systems are not in the least bit afraid of Uncle Sam but Uncle Sam does of course have more dirty pictures than senior Israeli Cabinet Ministers like Ehud Barak spending $2500 a night on hotel suites while procuring weapon systems which of course Israel could demand for free as compensation for past atrocities including the Rockefellers failing to pay a fair wage for their Jewish slave laborers working the assembly line of their I.G. Farben gas pellet production facility in the center of Auschwitz.

Even Barak can decide he is no longer going to be taken for a fool.

Of course Barak is not all that overweight that prevents him playing the fool.

There is also a reason why people who have been bribed to keep quiet remain deafeningly silent.

You notice in all my writings there is a very clear way out, but as time passes and there is no action, then we reveal our true colors.

Speaking the most volumes is De Beers silence.

The US Government’ mafia monopoly didnt need Hollywood blockbuster author Edward Jay Epstein to write in 1978, the year I immigrated to the US from South Africa his epic non-fiction novel, THE DIAMOND INVENTION that details the devious nature of De Beers, to know that they had infiltrated the highest levels of British and American intelligence and while supplying Hitler with his diamonds, the US Government’s principle destroyer of competition throughout the world, saw no reason to hold back on sharing intelligence with Hitler, including the D-Day landings.

What is it you think De Beers didn’t understand about the July 1944 Bretton Woods Conference that took place a month later?

You think that because your mind tells you think about the next word you read, and now when last thinking when you drank something fresh and healthy and constantly about the cancerous cells within your body already perfectly programmed to give you the punishment you most deserve, that you are therefore in full control of your faculties?

People ask why I dont just write a book like everyone else and then follow up with a sequal and you will buy it even if you only manage to get hold of a stolen copy and deny to others that you havent read it, and that no matter what you say most people wouldnt beleive you and why they won’t ask?

You know that you are still smart enough which is part of your punishment, and able to figure out a number of things on your own such as solving math equations, you quickly realize that one of the first things is that your parents cannot be God no matter how much they might look like you.

What is so intelligent about breeding other than having power over another human being?

No one even seems to point too strong a finger at Jesus Christ for not breeding more unwanted children.

It is the children who are doing most of the fighting and when our parents bred us are you saying that they didn’t know this but justified their selfishness because they thought that with more of us there would be less fighting?

Now I can understand if you can only find yourself an ugly person but why not think about how your children are going to feel, especially if you are depressed.

Then when they start telling you how hard they have worked all their lives to afford you your lifestyle you start to recognize a rather nasty streak that is in stark contrast to when you were very young and they were so gentle and kind and just not being able to get enough pleasure out of answering all your good questions.

So you figure it is the person with the money who is always the boss, unless of course you are in the military and even the best military commanders know that to have the best weapon systems means knowing the right people with the money.

Israel’s top military commander in its War of Independence [Nov. 1947-Jan. 1949] was David Ben Gurion.

Even if Ben Gurion had a nuclear bomb at his disposal it is unlikely he would have used it even if looked like Israel was going to be wiped out by sunset on May 15th, 1948, the official start of its first war of survival that continues.

Then again, because I never asked him that question, I don’t know for sure.

What I do know was that Ben Gurion had the very best of intelligence and the best soldiers that money could buy including mercenaries who fought alongside the great many volunteers who came from all over the world, with a very disproportionately large number coming from South Africa, especially within the brutal Israel Air Force given how it was no secret that the best Fighter-Bomber-Pilots belonged to Jan Smuts’ South African Air Force, the world’s second oldest air force.

Don’t blame me for the fact that a great many Israelis today know very little about Ben Gurion let alone his most profound remarks in opposition to the US Government which he directed by simply saying he found no fault with the Arab armies wanting to wipe out Israel since us Jewish people had no reason for

being there, apart from the fact that if any of us were to survive the ongoing genocide that didn’t end with the pogroms of eastern Europe or the defeat of Nazi Germany which was simply a temporary delay in implementing the FINAL SOLUTION, it would be necessary for the Jewish people to build the best army in the world and when the time was right to forge an everlasting peace with her neighbors who had absolutely nothing to do the murder of half of European Jewry.

The fact that most South Africans including Afrikaners do not know that during World War II, devout Christian Smuts in addition to being Prime Minister of South Africa and a founder of the Royal Air Force, the oldest air force in the world, this Allied Field Marshal of also the First World War and only signatory to both World War Peace Treaties was second-in-command to Churchill, is of course not in the least bit surprising.

Educated idiots cannot be expected to retain anything other than the bullshit they are fed.

When you compound their diet even when they begin to eat right which is so very rare, you cannot expect these leopards to change their spots.

You would agree therefore that I shouldn’t begin to change my strategy just to accommodate the human beast who is today bred to do not much more than fuck and spend the earth which doesn’t prevent him from continuing to talk up a storm on any subject that enters his head until of course he runs out breath.

You also understand that even though I have explained perfectly clearly that a country like China can make a perfectly logical legal argument that the 1.5 billion Chinese people now own each and every US aircraft carrier fleet as well as the US Marines and all other US Special Forces, it does not prevent Americans continuing with their lives thinking that nothing has changed in the past 48 hours.

Still the newest and shiniest of motor vehicles can be found here in the US who has less pot holes than a country like Costa Rica but increasingly more than the new roads in China.

A country that has an 8,000 year old art culture which makes them so non-aggressive and hard working can be very patient which does not make them stupid.

The fact that China allows the 3rd dumbest Jewish South African in the world, Neil Gould to make his home in Hong Kong and talk up my website should be applauded.

In fact all the rich throughout the world still this very moment feel rather good about themselves as they still believe the masses of poor will never figure out that the problems of the world have nothing to do with country, race, color or religion just lazy corrupt people promoting nationalism amongst the poor and to compensate for their lack of material things to be satisfied that the government compensates them for every newborn and for them in turn to keep breeding and ultimately to be proud to join the military to fight the world’s poor.

Just because you have managed to figure out the system and have got rich in the process does not make you either omnipotent or intelligent.

Do you not see any good in what I am doing?

You might recall that China whose Special Forces are all Israeli Special Forces trained have yet to be defeated in battle since stopping General McArthur at the 37th Parallel during the Korean War and helped the Vietnamese to dramatically beat the US again in the Vietnam War where America threw everything it had including Monsanto Corporation’s Agent Orange but fell short in exploding more nuclear weapons even though the US did offer the French such weaponry.

You do understand that before I broke my 24 year deafening silence with my former employer De Beers I thought through a great many of things.

Look at how people cannot get enough of all the superficial talk on Facebook; and while going through all the names and their many photographs keep in the back of your mind that I am still around and even when I am dead all your stupidity will remain with you and everyone who has anything to do with you.

Remember as well that I do not maintain for a moment that man is evil as much as he is stupid, and that is the toughest punishment to bear, because the evil obviously doesn’t bother man in the least.

This is hugely important to the intelligent who want to believe that they are simply corrupt.

If they admit to being stupid, then it means that there is always the possibility of a more powerful military is also smarter by having truth at their side.

Why not email Don Barr who made his first million as a litigator back in 1960 while still in his 20s; his email address is ddbarr.

Even very rich people like Lee Anne Benn Dalley

and her sister-in-law Ronlyne Botha Benn who was dirt poor before I introduced her to her husband Cliff Benn

when I returned to Durban back in late 1979 after my liver had been poisoned while working for De Beers on 47th Street, can’t get enough chit-chat.

Now take a look at the back and forth between Ronlynne who absolutely looks her age and who was one of my mother’s top models and bloated smoker Gary Legator who was on Ulpan in Israel with Cliff and me back in 1972:

Gary Legator You need to put up a more recent pic….this one looks like it was taken when you were in your 20’s.
Cliffie…where is your green beenie?
July 21, 2009 at 10:16am · Report

Ronlynne Botha Benn This IS recent! this was taken last year! The St Francis ones are all taken THIS year though!!
July 21, 2009 at 2:20pm

There is obviously a whole lot missing in their lives, don’t you think?

Of course you can email Ronlynne and ask her about our far less superficial back and forth of recent times; but at all times notice how everyone is hooked on what is happening on their FB account including their spouses who dont have their own accounts looking over their shoulders that allow them both to keep closer tabs on each other.

FB is great, don’t you think?

Here you are with not much else going on in your life apart from selling dead dry meat that once had a heartbeat providing them all entertainment without reducing my market size which remains approximately 7 billion less 2, maybe 3 since I have this one check from March 23rd, 2006 for $23.88 which I have yet to deposit.

You also realize that there is most likely more intelligent people than you reading my writings who might understand why it is that even the extraordinarily few people in the entire world who can appreciate a well executed fine art oil painting couldn’t be bothered to share their knowledge because they see it as a total waste of energy which does not change the fact that all abstract art only has value because the people in charge of allocating the funny modern art money have made a point of destroying all those professions where the contribution is both positive and gaugeable and rewarding the rest starting with the worst; namely medical doctors and the quacks like Dr. Clement Phd who depend on medical doctors not doing their job.

You should try first writing down why it is that you dont like someone before writing a whole bunch of generalities, let alone snare others into your web; they may not like it.

More than 5 years have gone by since I let De Beers know that I had painstakingly, methodically and ever so patiently lined up my ducks and during this time I have been extending my reach which has not prevented me from continuing to expose this most dynamic organization who have quite obviously destroyed most if not all of humanity which of course is certainly not the end of the world; far from it.

Just look at yourself.
What is it about you that you can be proud of?

The fact that you can find so many of your own characteristics in a great many others does not change the fact that you are incredibly stupid.

If I were in your shoes I couldn’t think of a single reason for wanting to live on.

To be vengeful towards me who has truth on my side at all times, seems a mindless pursuit on your part.

Again, the fact that you will find a great many people applauding you on does not change the fact that you have to live the remainder of your life with all your lies and then as you get older and weaker have no more peace of mind that there is a God out there who is going to be in the least bit generous or sympathetic.

That would make God dumb.

You should have David Moshal educate you on what happens to the dead biltong once it remains in your colon and that of your customers of course, after more than 80 hours in the digestive system where not just your stomach organs but all of the cells are taxed that much harder and the pain

experienced as entropy has the cells painfully crying out that much more, does not help your thinking. I cannot wait to hear what it is that you are going to have to say.
Do you realize what you are saying when you say, “I am going to get …. details from him”?
Do you really want the sellout Moshals owning your business?

Those not co-opted-corrupted may in fact appreciate you digging?

It may not yet be apparent to you how De Beers’ two-tiered diamond-monetary system works.

Let me quickly explain.

When they want to own a business and hide the true ownership they execute what I refer to as the De Beers “Agenda”; namely, “Take the money now or open up a taco stand”.

It is always an incredibly low ball offer and all those who make a living selling financial instruments; i.e. anyone associated in any way shape or form with Wall Street which includes the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, know not to “buck the system”.

De Beers has only needed to do this on the rare occasions when Wall Street bankers simply forget which is not as often as you might think.

When a multi-national trading conglomerate like Moshal Gevisser gets sold for significantly less than liquidation value and the front person is not even a local and moreover, the most sophisticated financial people in South Africa are living in Durban, South Africa where Moshal Gevisser is headquartered, those facts are not easily forgotten.

So the only question is who got the diamonds?

Or would you prefer right now to think about what happened to the diamonds De Beers gave Herr Hitler that were not used to fashion precision tooling to manufacture mass weapons of war including the crematoria in the Rockefeller’s Auschwitz?

No longer are you so very focused on your “kinship” with Jewish South Africans, are you?

Yes, you should for the remainder of your life be thinking what job would you have today were you having to compete with those much smarter 6 million whose food intake didn’t have so many toxic materials.

You think surrounding yourself with as many rich people right now will help you escape how extraordinarily dumb you had to have been not to have figured out exactly who profited from the rise of Nazi Germany when there were not only such clear laws that Germany could not rearm but the US had the big gun to enforce such a prohibition.

When you have an economy that profits from exporting weapon systems to countries which are rich in mineral resources that you want, you don’t let anything get in your way.

You also export your propaganda machine that includes all the self-righteous pulpit talk such as wasting food is a sin against God.

Then you have your strong movie and TV censorship to protect the “family values”.
Being a hypocrite does not make you and those you breed intelligent, no matter how much you protest.

You should feel most encouraged by the huge numbers of supporters you are going to find.

In the carbon copied section is a whole bunch of Jewish South Africans that live in my local area.

I don’t know that any of them couldnt be more quiet.

If you could get me the email addresses of every living South African, that would be great.

Did you know that not every Jewish South African benefitted from the Apartheid Regime but those that did got a very significant head start over the others?

Would you know why the US Government allowed South Africans to bring in as much money from South Africa as they wanted during the Apartheid years, and I don’t believe that rule has changed?

Would you know how the US Government were able to keep track of the diamonds that Hitler used to trade for oil he got from the Rockefellers?

Do you recall me mentioning that if I knew what was the single purpose of De Beers having some 250 “site holders” throughout the world who each act as “central banks” and who never provide an inventory of their diamonds and therefore there is no way to know which elected and non-elected government officials as well as corporate executives have been bought off, there are others who have that same information?

Does it not strike you as odd that not a single member of the US Congress has ever asked in open hearings why De Beers have never once provided in more than a century an inventory of their diamonds?

Have you noticed that in every discussion involving an elected or non-elected government official there is the talk of money and/or funding and taxing this and that, but none of them ever suggest that De Beers help out?

Now if I were allowed to be one of the questioners of De Beers executives during one of those US Congressional hearings would you be in favor or opposed to such a move, and if opposed why?

Even you selling dead material clogging up the colon may have been better off in another profession, but maybe not.

Tell me about what your parents and grandparents did; also did they leave you an inheritance? Do you expect an inheritance?

Do you think it is fair to those who will never get an inheritance to accept it simply as their fate that others who are corrupt should have their children rewarded as well?

Assuming you put it all down to leaving it all up to God, could you find such passages in the Bible that support your point of view?

Thank you for increasing the circle of those dependent upon my insight and analysis of the important events of the day.

Ps – remember to click on the hyperlink above the word “dig” where you will find additional email addresses as you keep clicking on ad-infinitum.

Don’t also forget that there are still more people out there who do not have the knowledge of why it is that the vast majority of individuals who escaped the brutality of the US regimes and ended up in places like the US, Canada, Israel, Australia, Hong Kong etc had curried favor; and these poor peoples

of every nationality can understand why it is that you are so defensive and prefer to hide. Why didn’t you remain in South Africa?

You would agree that the more each one of us know about the next person the less likely we are to go to war.

You would also agree that most Americans did not benefit from the South African Apartheid Regime because they had no clue what their government was doing down in South Africa while creating havoc in south east Asia which not every Chinese person understood back then, but you would agree that as time passes and the information gets out there, more rather than less people will fully understand that this nonsense, “In support of our south east Asia policy” was principally to rape South Africa as long as possible.

Keep putting yourself who is just a little intelligent in your own shoes and you can see how easy it is for you to figure it out, and nor have you attended one of my seminar-workshops.

Continue to just think of yourself being the only person in the world smart enough to be the first next individual to read David Gevisser’s autobiography THE UNLIKELY FORESTER.

My father’s first cousin who in 1970 became the Chief Executive Officer of Engelhard Enterprises South Africa, says that he supported the armed struggle of the African National Council in its fight against the American government’s Apartheid Regime.

Even you should still be able to easily get your head around so many other things going on here in the US that defies common sense, such as South Africans being able to bring their money from any place in the world where it could have been laundered a whole bunch of times and then purchase prime property like Rich-Essakow and company’s Flower Hill Mall on the corner of the two land richest communities in southern California.

Not only did they manage to plunk down on the first anniversary of 9/11 $31.5 million but they were not in the least bit bothered about paying 20% above market when the shopping center was at 100% occupancy; and during this now going on 8 years survive rather well, as they methodically went about squeezing out tenants and creating a 20% vacancy which didn’t prevent them from also being most charitable to people like Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah who remains a Facebook “friend” of mine.

How can there be a shortage of money when there is no limit on the amount of money and diamonds that not only South Africans but all foreigners who have curried favor with US regimes can bring into the US and drive increasing numbers of poor Americans of all racial and religious groups into the poor house.

Why is it that once a group of people are flushed out as being a bunch of hypocrites they quickly make it out to be a racial issue?

Bear in mind that David Gevisser was mostly a “Moshal” and was increasingly rejected by both his father and his mother Janie Moshal who didn’t take long to figure out that her second son profited more than any other Jewish South African by his close association with the virulent anti-Semite American- German Charles W. Engelhard Jr [1917-1971] who had the backing of all 3 Branches of the US Government who provided all the military might including intelligence on all the Apartheid Regime’s opposition.

Do you feel that you should have been better off sticking to being a butcher than shining more light on the Gevisser-Engelhard-Moshal connection?

Now can you explain this “HUGE mistake” I made?

On Feb 3, 2010, at 9:54 PM, sales wrote:

Wow, did you just make a HUGE mistake. I am very friendly with the Moshal family and am pretty sure that my buddy here knows who you are, and more so, is probably related to you as you mentioned that you are related to David Moshal, and David is his cousin too.

I am going to get your contact phone number and details from him and am going to publish it and broadcast it to everyone on your email list so that you can now be harrassed by them as we all have by you.

Finally you are going to get what is coming to you!!! It was just a matter of time until you slipped up!

Amazing how everyone, including myself have asked you to remove them from your pathetic distribution list. You try and drop these names to act like such a big shot, but at the end of the day, you are a pathetic nebbish, who unfortunately is bringing disgrace to Jews and South Africans around the world.

Finally – my day has come to piss you off and give you what you deserve. So fucking happy, revenge is a beautiful thing, you pathetic doos.

Quoting Gary S Gevisser <gevisser>:

Begin forwarded message:

From: Gary S Gevisser <gevisser>
Date: February 3, 2010 11:46:28 AM PST
To: “Lewis Barnett – former student of Carmel College, Durban, South Africa; now a resident of Brooklyn, New York.” <llwsbrn8>
Cc: rest; Rabbi Capers C. Funnye – close cousin of First Lady Michelle Obama” <ravfunnye>, “Shanit – Office for the Israeli Deparment of Defense Attache; Israeli Embassy, Washington DC Israeli Embassy” <att-sec2>
Subject: Rewriting History – Re: Message

I just sent the following to a relation of mine, also from Carmel College, David Moshal

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