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Explain the defamation – Fwd: Andrea Walters to ask Putin what he knows about Robert Hanssen and Aldrich Ames? Re: MOTION TO INSTATE.Re: Half-naked Fakir-Re: Don’t get on eac h others nerves-Re: Time running out -Fwd: Think positive-Fwd: We have to talk…. – R e: You keep broadcastin

Again, explain the defamation. [I have bolded your Feb. 9 communication to Charles Ivie.]

BTW, the Appeals Court of California reinstated my right to resubmit my “Opening Brief” and I will be including in the court record all our communications including this, which is automatically posted up on my website

Begin forwarded message:

From: charles ivie <charles.ivie8>

Subject: Re: Andrea Walters to ask Putin what he knows about Robert Hanssen and Aldrich Ames? Re: MOTION TO INSTATE.Re: Half-naked Fakir-Re: Don’t get on each others nerves-Re: Time running out -Fwd: Think positive-Fwd: We have to talk…. – Re: You keep broadcastin

Date: February 10, 2013 12:24:29 AM GMT+01:00

To: michael

Cc:rest; Gary S Gevisser<crowedavid2>,

I agree with you that gary spams and he was threatened by others with
litigation and I told him just to remove them from his list. Yes, I
was lead council on the knuff case and gary only posted what adam
tucker told him knuff had said, and backed it up with a deposition. so
knuff popped his mouth off at dinner, but then wanted it retracted
when he found out that it was make public. I do not know how he was
injured or hurt or that anything was said that was not true(the
definition of defamation). So gary does attack and go on the same
diatribe of jews, america, diamonds, debeers etc. which is true and
maybe he gets therapy out of it. we all have spam filters, but he uses
different emails. no one has to read it, just like they do not need to
listen to the radio, tv, read a newspaper if they don’t want. But the
doj took carlin to the supreme court on the “7 dirty words” and the
court illegally exempted the media from free speech to sanitize and
placate the population. So gary, considered tradgically disturbed by
the moshal family can not separate his personal vendetta and history
from the legal brief he is incapable of writing or which I could not
do. I have gone from shit to winner to shit list, he does not open his
own web page up to debate and broadcasts everything. People, and
especially government, illegal monopolies and cartels do not want an
informed population, the cornerstone of any true democracy,for what
this patently is not. Gary may have attacked knuff in emails, but the
fact is there was no defamation or damages. so fabricated discovery
death penalty sanctions. so yes, we must all stand up and back up what
we say with out running and hiding. It will be interesting to see how
the world of abuses and corruption turns out I wish everyone the best
who is doing good, and the opposite for the bad people. I do not
believe knuff was victimized, just caught with having to substantiate
what he said to tucker. take care and thanks for the conversation.
Governments, corps, groups and individual can be malicious, that is to
knowingly and willingly set out to do harm. gary has not been harmed,
but rather, ironically, empowered and given purpose. So I agree with
you, and told gary to show up at the court and face his accusers. I
always do, and he did not. Oh well. take care of yourself and if we
all meant no harm and could have candid debates. the world would be
great. sincerely, charles

ps. by the way knuff and the cia along with google maliciously
destroyed my email address when they found out I was helping gary

On Sat, Feb 9, 2013 at 2:47 PM, Michael Asasin <michael> wrote:

Did u look at Knuff case? Gary really screwed him over, why and for what purpose I have no idea. All I know is Knuff was duped into believe that Gary had an honest genuine agenda, but as Gary always does, he screws you over!! Knuff has cash and wasn’t prepared to be screwed, so he reverted to the law which does in principal protects its citizens. They learned people who make judgment based on president agreed that Knuff had been harmed and was entitled to compensation. The truth is, if you fuck with others life/livelihood and your intent is malicious, which in this case it blatantly was!! You got to be man enough to stand your ground and defend your intent. Gary did not do this, and he was wiped away as a malicious spammer, which he is!! He can expect more and more of this when he attacks people personally. You can not be malicious and expect nothing to come back at you. Just as there is free speech, there is freedom to come back at you and put you to task. Gary did not man up!!! Its going to cost him big!!! The shoe is on the other foot, let him feel what its like to be bullied…it might and will make him think before he just openly slanders people!!
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