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Explain why a publicly traded company should be valued


From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Friday, July 1, 2005 2:29 PM PT
To: Jeff Malatskey CA-CPA blah blah
Cc: rest; Irwin Strous Esq.; Raymond Oshry Esq.; Ivan Oshry Esq.; Raymond Oshry Esq.; Michael Berlin Esq. – Office of Attorney General;;; FBI; Valerie Schulte Esq. – National Association of Broadcasters;; Tony Leon MP – Leader of the Democratic Alliance – Republic of South Africa; Michael Berlin Esq. – Office of Attorney General; Whitman Knapp Esq. – Office of Attorney General; Eliot Spitzer – Attorney General of New York State
Subject: RE: What are you doing?…clowning…


Just got done posting up on The Internet an email that talks to the 316 word Email I broadcasted last evening to Michael Berlin Esq. of Spitzer’s office which was posted up on the AIG Yahoo message board this morning, a SIGNIFICANT number of people from all over the world suggesting as did my very trusted mentor AW that I shouldn’t bother spending the money on the 1,180 word 10 questions for Senator Kennedy and to just go with exactly what I wrote Berlin with a hyperlink to, what u think?


By now you have very probably come to realize a number of things including your folly in thinking I would have “sumhow” [sic] forgotten your failure to answer the very straightforward question I put to you some 3 odd years ago that I wont bother repeating even “tho-ugh” [sic] I know our polluted DNA prompts us to “replicate faithfully” good as well as evil, number the essence of all things?


Neat coincidence that I get cited by one of the most famous Federal Judges in the United States in a landmark multi-million dollar repetitive-stress-injury juryaward for coming forward with irrefutable “smoking gun proof” of SIGNIFICANT wrongdoing by plaintiff lawyer-liars, Judge Jack B. Weinstein being nice enough to credit me in his “reversal” decision that once again erected the “floodgates” on some 2,000 similar class action lawsuits pending at the time.


Timing the essence of all things?


How many coincidences do you think it takes before it is no longer a coincidence?


More importantly do you wholeheartedly agree that which goes around comes around but with a vengeance?


Can you name one woman half my wife’s age who has not only a mind like hers but a body to die for and who will also while painting masterpieces assist me from time to time, bearing in mind she looks far better in her birthday suit that seems to get better with age, in responding to fast balls thrown at or near head so long as I can compete with guys half my age willing to go so far as bumping me off just to spend just one full day with her as she parades around in the most out of this world clothing creations that now urges me to go down and do “tTOo” [sic] pushups?


Now I don’t recall learning much at school beyond what I learned in elementary school the most important teacher in my humble opinion Ms. Smith who was rather attractive and perhaps our math teacher in high school Mr. Smith, no relation to Ms. Smith other than he had hair full of dandruff, did in fact discuss the relationship between Pythagoras’ Right Angle Triangle Theorem, Newton’s principle, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, nothing is gained nor is it lost, Quantum Gravity-Physics-Mechanics, that which goes forward must work in reverse and Einstein’s Special-General Relativity that if you were paying attention connects rather well with all that came before connecting up all the dots between RAT and S-GR, in the words of Professor Dewitt of the University of Texas,


“the square of the hypotenuse is equal to the difference of the squares of the sides rather than the sum”


Now that you have more time on your hands possibly thinking of something to add on to my observation of the 4 digits 1421 when added or multiplied result in the same awesome number 8 which with a Right Angle Rotate looks a whole lot like the infinity sign, nothing quite like the signage my ingenious wife came up with to describe the essence of my book Manager Minute One, an infinity sign within a circle as in IN-FINITY leaving it up to each one of us to work out its significance?


No doubt there is less kibitzing with the likes of the Oshrys and Irwin Strous, “As you know there are a number of ex South Africans living here in Sydney including Irvin Strous and Ivan Oshry – I had learned indirectly from them (and directly from some of our other mutual friends in the USA) some time ago that you have become somewhat disturbed and that you spend many hours…” AND maybe therefore you should consider looking more at the wording of our one website,, and feel free to mock me as much as you want while giving very serious thought to how pleasant is it really to return time and again as a mocking bird?


You surely know enough that while English was ripped out of the Latin one of the spiritual languages like Hebrew, Aramaic, Arabic and Greek by politician lawyers-liars hell bent on confusing the masses English STILL has vestiges of spirituality remaining, nothing “tho-ugh” [sic] quite as precise as Einstein’s “Mind of G-D” equation that in “reverse”, 2 c mE, if one is intellectually honest and has not let one’s formal education interfere with one’s learning one might when examining all the evidence conclude that had Einstein embraced QM he might have found the “Hand of G-D”, his quest for a


Unified Theory

For the inner workings

Of the universe


Much closer “at hand” than many if not most of those who have followed in search of this Holy Grail would prefer to believe, you think?


Ready to get all your colleagues including your “audirting” [sic] firm’s lawyers-liars and engage me in “open debate” on the subject “G-D does NOT exist?”, twistING academia on its heels, the new corrupt church no longer capable of leaving it up to the so “bought and paid 4” [sic] clergy to prove to them that “G-d exists”.


Again in the words of my amazing partner, “It becomes easy to forget the truth the more you lie.”


Now while I may spend no more than 3 hours a day in front of the computer it is rare that I exceed my average of 210 minutes a week actually typing emails, in fact more than half that time is spent either doing “cut and paste” or adding hyperlinks that those very possibly cheering you on clicking on time and again in an effort to drive you thoroughly nuts so that  when they are not in your company clown around laughing their heads off not simply at your expense but in putting their fingertips to work, quite the perpetual motion machines, contribute SIGNIFICANTly to the value of my intellectual property that one of these days I might assign a value to.


The majority of the remaining 150 minutes a day I spend in front of the computer, a good deal of the time just looking out at the other most beautiful women in the world parading in front of the Cliff House, is spent clicking on to hyperlinks that others send me of the important events of the day, the most important 3 minutes of each day just looking at the currency trading making sure no one gets up to “tTOo” [sic] much mischief, increasingly hard in this Digital Age a G-D-Send to hide anything including one’s dirty underwear assuming of course one subscribes as the evidence increasingly suggests of their being quite the Almighty SMART G-D taking His-Her vengeance right this minute in “real time”?


Now I don’t recall you answering the question about being willing to subject yourself to an FBI administered polygraph test ending up depending upon which one of us was determined to be “more truthful” with the entire estate of the loser but perhaps I could find it hidden between the lines in your repetitive bs?


Furthermore you are possibly still capable of realizing not only how we have possibly been the first through “reverse engineering” to capitalize on the power of The Internet without spending a single dime?


The entire literate world now able to judge the more important missives I put out by how they appear not only in all the search engines but at the very top dependant NOT on necessarily someone such as yourself clicking on the pertinent hyperlinks ad-infinitum but rather those with whom you associate who feed off your “dirt”?


You are what you eat and who CHOOSES to keep company with you?


I believe I have already addressed each and every one of the myriad issues you have raised going back to your email of July 16th 2002 which you may or may not have mentioned when trying to ferment unrest amongst our school hood friends from Carmel College, our Jewish day school in Durban, South Africa?


Suffice to say Ivan and Raymond Oshry Esquires as well as Irwin Strous Esq. are more than welcome to respond in “black and white” but I strongly SUSPECT they are going to let you know how very disappointed they are in you by clicking on to this hyperlink time and again and again until such time as their fingertips are black and blue and when concerned when they reach old age possibly right this instant, that “there” [sic] brittle bones could break to keep sending you telepathic messages along the following lines:


You asshole!


Can’t you keep your big mouth shut.


You are a clown.


You have made a fool of both of us…


From now I will explain to whoever asks that you and I are nothing more than acquaintances who get together only because our wives like to hang.


So to be perfectly clear I fully expect you to start playing the part!


I would like to make a final suggestion before making 2 final points and that is you not waste a moment longer, forget the pushups and sit-ups at least for the remainder of the time the Good Almighty SMART G-D keeps you around to ensure I end up dying with the largest estate known to man, get your children before they start to have children to consider very carefully the hypothetical question I suggested the other day this one Professor of Medicine ask of his children, a question it seems is resonating around the world with independent thinkers who appear to be far greater in number than either my ingenious wife or I ever believed possible, don’t hesitate to let me know if you have trouble accessing the hyperlinks.


The fist point is your point contained in your first email of June 20th,


“I guess the only thing I can hope is that whoever does read your stuff about me will contact me and then I can perhaps have them speak with a member of your family some of who I understand to be in Australia who may perhaps be in a better position to explain things to them than I will be.”


Please have these people before contacting either my father or my sister or for that matter my brother-in-law David Danziger in Melbourne, Australia read very carefully this Email I sent to my Dad following challenging Assistant United States Attorney Michael Berlin Esq. to an “open debate”.



The 2nd point covers another example of my prescient timing which although succinctly spelled out in my 316 word communiqué to Mr. Berlin is worth amplifying given how not every single literate person on the planet might appreciate the SIGNFICANCE of my contacts with the office of the Attorney General of New York State.


Being a partner of one of the last 3 odd remaining large auditing firms in the world tasked with “lending credibility” to the financial statements prepared by the overwhelming majority of crooked Chief Executive and Chief Financial Officers of the largest corporations in the world EVEN you might have difficulty COMPLICATINGwhen you explain to your children as well the few “friends” choosing your company, most likely “brainne dead” [sic] what else would explain them wanting to hang with you unless looking for a handout or “tTOo” [sic], WHAT I will now spell out in very simple English that has Mr. Berlin, a gentleman with significant law enforcement powers including an innate ability to conjure up false charges to have me incarcerated, right this minute shaking in his boots.


There are not that many people in the world with my assets as well as credibility willing to broadcast as I did on November 29th of last year a conversation I was having with Mr. Berlin’s colleague, Mr. Whitman Knapp not having the least bit of a problem following all of my logical thought processing since when dealing one-on-one with any individual I can tailor my comments rather well, covering a rather large range of the intelligence spectrum not necessarily from the lowest end but certainly able to communicate with anyone with no more intelligence than my Super Italian Greyhound Pypeetoe at times even able to not bore my ingenious wife who possibly has as high if not higher IQ than Marilyn vos Savant considered the smartest person in the world.


Suffice to say Mr. Knapp did not whine like Pypeetoe nor did he exhibit a lower emotional IQ than many of the ants I have encountered on this planet in the past 48 years, on the contrary he was able to focus rather well on the task at hand which was to not wait for a leak to develop within the Attorney General of NY State’s office or those other law enforcement personnel tuned into my communications to drive the share price of AIG through the roof, 15% in 10 weeks, approximately 78% when “simply” annualized AND then to reap the windfalls as AIG’s share price plummeted 32% in 10 weeks, approximately 166% again when “simply” annualized, the profits taken during this precipitous “rise” and “fall” not “chicken feet” [sic].


Then again things today look a whole lot like the Roman X?


Bear in mind how much “good” I could have done with such “monetary gains” had I decided to “blacken my hands” to mention little of the how back in early 2002 I was as “certain” as any human being could be that on January 3rd 2002 the share price of Vivendi and its 63% owned subsidiary, Vivendi Environmental, would also experience a similar $63 odd billion market value collapse, V and VE taking however, 4 times as long to reach “rock bottom” and no one would have even dreamed of accusing me of “insider trading” had I in fact “capitalized” on my own “work product”.


In the end I am as certain as there is G-D watching each and every one of our moves and failed moves to do the right thing and the smart thing which is the right thing that the “dividends” I will eventually reap for “holding back” will “advance” my “credibility” with those who “count” in time with far more meaningful measurement tools than our current monetary system that were it not for our great President, the most honorable George W. Bush would have collapsed by now without our military in position to quell those such as my DAAC family whose business model is to ferment unrest amongst grass roots organizations who remain the backbone of support of GWB and his most competent administration.


The vast majority of my wealth today is in art that I first began collecting in the mid 1980s following the advice of my Royal Mater who knew I didn’t have the resources at the time to afford the masters that provide for a rather low return on investment compared to finding the very few skilled local artists in different regions of the world whose works have yet to be fully appreciated given how so extraordinarily few art critiques in the world know the very first thing about art despite spending years at university studying stuff like the History of Art.


So very few willing to invest the time in seeking the knowledge to appreciate the works of so very few like Sebastian Capella who have invested a lifetime in studying and teaching to mention little of the infinitesimal amount of people who could come close to being able to paint as well as his less than a handful of top students who in turn when not having sex with the greatest studs on this planet or at least dreaming about such a possibility imagine one day waking up being able to execute all the rather intricate information that Sebastian Capella is able to download in the most straightforward English.


Also bear in mind that while English is Sebastian’s 3rd language, like each of us mathematics-geometry is his first, by knowing his subject matter so well which when combined with his extraordinary command of Spanish less ripped apart like English is so entertaining to his students, again the best of whom not only consider him godly but are motivated to return time and again to his classes just on the off chance that one day they will wake up in the morning ready to challenge anyone who dares to usurp their limited authority.


And of course Jeffrey I wouldn’t be dumb enough to get into a phone conversation with the likes of you allowing you to do no more at this point than toy with yourself.


It all comes down to “He says-She says” something those more in tune with the heartbeat of the universe will put up with for not much longer.


You will notice more and more over the next several days how the conversations you have not only with those remaining in your inner circle gets more and more superficial but how boring it eventually gets talking to oneself in an effort convince oneself that you will not be returning as a dog hoping you find an owner like me and my wife Marie who will let you snuggle up close every so often so long as you don’t make it a habit of licking your wee-wee enjoying just in the morning to sleep between her most amazing athletic legs but of course above the out of this world soft sheets and the comforter.






Ps – I assume you were aware that Ivan and Raymond Oshry are closely related to my Royal Mater’s very close friend Rabbi Abner “SellOut” Weiss?


[Word count 3010]


From: Jeff Malatskey
Sent: Monday, June 20, 2005 3:52 AM
Subject: Re: What are you doing?


just finished the pushups!  Im starting to see the funny side of this.  Not

necessarily in order but:


no –  I dont recall even once a single school teacher at Carmel College, our

Hebrew day school, or our rabbi, Abner Weiss, or for that matter any professor of Economics at the 3rd world crappy University of Natal, Durban, South Africa [NU] in protesting against the financiers of the southern division of the 3rd Reich against the financiers of the southern division of the 3rd Reich”.


snookered – You always were a better Klabejas player than me and I see that

there is no way I win in pursuing this nor will you consider changing your



net worth – youre wrong about mine – its way way less than you suggest.


What you say I told you back then? – you must be spot on in that it must

have been a figment of my imagination for that is the only reason that I

fear I cannot recall what you so vividly can nor for what purpose I would

have said such things to you if you believe that is what happened.


I can see that you really dont much care what happens next, and that you

must be trully godlike to be so sure that you can damage others yet remain

undamaged by things yourself.


A pity because as I said in the first email – lots of what you write makes

sense and I would rather be looking forward to reading and responding than

trying to get you to cease this mission you are on against me.


Not sure theres much point in responding to your further emails, instead

I’ll do what I can to see this through.


By the way do you still paddleski?  remember who you used to do it with? –

there wasnt a better high than riding those waves, was there.  Did you know

then that you were going to be the person you are today?


g’day Gary





Sent: Sunday, June 19, 2005 3:51 PM

To: Jeff Malatskey

Cc: rest; Derrick Beare; FBI; Ivan Oshry; Kathy Gevisser-Danziger; Melvin Gevisser; Michael Kinsman; Mike Sagorin; Raymond Oshry; Ron Bellows Senior – AIG;

Roy Essakow

Subject: Re: What are you doing?


Importance: High




So now you are trying to “real-ly” [sic] put the screws in?


So how defensive can you be to bring in your “audirting” [sic] firm to defend you?


I think maybe they have to gain from all this?


Not such a bad idea unless they are as guilty as you are?


And then they should think of their liability being associated with you et al?


Maybe u have already been questioned when they did a Google search of your name and mine that has credibility written all over it?


I can now hear Mr. Jeffrey R. Krinsk of Finkelstein & Krinsk a very “skilled and experienced” SCAL whispering in my ear,


“Malatskey’s bosses are basically saying to this yoyo, another Lilly White Wheaty Eating moron thinking he can outsmart you,


‘Malatskey your neck is on the line here and do NOT just your best but what is required to get The Little Rattlesnake off your back'”?


Jeff, could this all simply be disturbing your future plans to keep things “under wraps”?


How is Estelle and kids doing?


Lets hear from each of them and of course we should exchange photos of our respective partners bearing in mind I must admit that my extraordinarily attractive Royal “Charm School-Model Agency-Beauty Queens-Mater never quite had a single “pupil” in the “prime of their career” anywhere close to my most eloquent and elegant, math-wizard, artist painter-designer-client partner-wife Marie Dion [Gevisser] less than a year younger than us, Marie and I dancing around our one residence here in Del Mar its massive glass windows exposed to the world, its wood structure with our priceless art collection which could go up in smoke in the “flash of an eye” with just the smallest spark, not only helping me craft this communiqué at light-G-D-Speed, both of us while abhorring anything that smacks of organized religion very comforted in the “knowledge” of G-D, those who “believe” in G-D surely heathens given how there is so much extraordinary evidence of G-D not only being alive but one incredibly SMART dude who has gifted me so many things to take on the likes of u, an intellectual midget who did extraordinarily well within the confines of the Bell Shaped Curve that breeds nothing but mediocrity the “most average” of us rising to the top.


You may recall my mother Zena Gevisser who had quite the eye for both beauty and brains today fully understanding at least one thing besides for having me subscribe to Chinese teachings most of all, “The tallest trees attract the most wind” and “better to keep quiet and let people think you to be a fool than speak out and remove all doubt” until such time as I had solutions for solving all not just “sum” [sic] of the problems of the world?


Why should u be so afraid unless what I have to say is true?


And if untrue then you shouldn’t be so afraid to expose yourself.


You and I have now the makings of a perfect debate on our in which you can enumerate what assertions I have made that prove first that I am crazy and second what I have said is both untrue and harmful.


You can’t just call someone crazy because u dont agree with them?


I have a feeling your silence will speak volume bearing in mind “tho-ugh” [sic] I am copying not just a statistically valid sampling of the world’s literate population but the likes of President Bush and Spitzer, Attorney General of New York State who might decide to provide us both with a polygraph test to be administered by the FBI [Federal Bureau of INVESTIGATION] and for the person considered “more truthful” to end up with the entire estate of the “more untruthful”, bearing further in mind that I would see no problem providing you with my financial statement that places zero value on my extraordinarily valuable intellectual property such as and to mention little again and again of,, etc etc and were it say to turn out that my estate at liquidated net worth were say $15 million and yours $5 million I would have no problem in you, were it to turn out that you were the “winner”, ending up making out 3 times more than what you would lose “hands down”?


And of top of that I would agree to also hand over to you all my intellectual property that I wouldn’t ordinarily give up for all the riches of the entire world to mention little of you Mr. Malatskey while growing up with me knew very little about me and how extraordinarily well schooled I was by both my parents and grandparents who eventually ended up losing their way in this “dog eat god aspartame” [sic] world.


In due course you could so easily become “top billing” drawing quite the crowd of truly hard working and honest people who didn’t bribe their way into the pound seats paying printers of university exam papers to provide you with a copy that you in turn could profit from in a myriad of ways including selling them to people like Merrick Wolman, the nephew of accountant Sol “Gambling Czar” Kersner and David Levy who as best I know remains the President of the Jewish orthodox congregation in La Jolla just down the road from me in Del Mar, California.


Now of course I never saw you actually collect money or hand over exam papers to these folks in which case what you told me could have in fact been a figment of your wild imagination which again unless you are totally pathological should be revealed in the polygraph test?


While u have taken up my precious time my damages are of course mitigated given how I hereby acknowledge very much appreciating the fact that you are increasing the circle of those people dependant upon my communications for their insight and analysis of the events of the day. This is a very affirmative and positive step on your part that is highly appreciated.


Now after getting on your hands and knees and giving me 4200 situps and 3600 pushups remembering to breath in through the nose and out also through the nose, inhaling and exhaling to the count of 5 and when transitioning into the Pilates bicycle “maneavor” [sic] to always stretch your toes, GIVE very careful consideration to bringing your colleagues including lawyer-liars of your accounting-“audirting” [sic] firm “up to speed” on what I think may prove to be additional exposure, their very possible failure to “adequately disclose” the findings of the anonymous-interactive questionnaire put to the 100 Chief Financial Officers of America’s largest corporations at the Business Week Annual CFO “Conferance” [sic] in the spring of 1999 in Phoenix, Arizona, the Securities Exchange Commission [SEC] supposedly as “astonished” as Bill Lerach Esq. of the 2,000 pound gorilla SCAL law firm of Milberg Weiss-Lerach of the systemic rot, the SEC deciding to grab hold of the list of attendees?


And then right this very minute, no this instant, tell ALL your clients what steps the SEC as well as each lawyer-liar involved in securities class action lawsuits, auditors, financial consultants blah blah should have done NEXT with that list to prevent momworker63s, orphans, widows, widowers, pensioners and the “brainne dead” [sic] throwing good money after bad?


Bear in mind Mr. Malatskey, I treat everyone as a friend until such time as I “discover” through “triangulation”, read Perfect Storm II on the website time and again, aided by a mighty powerful G-D seemingly in more of us who don’t build in to our “cost of sales” the “cost of getting caught” understanding the more one lies, steals and cheats the quicker one forgets.


Furthermore, not only could I have chosen the “easy life”, lived the Life of Riley without any possible fear of appearing on the “radar screen” of someone such as yourself who while “living the good life” has to kowtow to so “bought and paid 4 bosses” [sic] instead choosing once I had “worked out” how best to help those who actually add value, made up of peoples of all nationalities including both the Chinese and us Americans who u may have forgotten were exclusively responsible for defeating Nazi Germany “aided and abetted” by the DAAC [DeBeers-Anglo American Cartel], to put my “foot to the peddle” making the likes of anyone whose formal education had interfered with their learning aware to face up to the fact that it is simply impossible to outrun the Digital Age, a G-D-send




An honest District Attorney?


Better wake up and start making amends given how quickly the hardworking masses are being informed at light-G-D-speed and can see this very instant your bs, the past and the future all coming “to-get-her” [sic] in the present.


Gary S. Gevisser

A Name From Here, You Can Trust Over There



Ps – You can take comfort in knowing that you are not the only one who would like me to disappear.



From: Jeff Malatskey


Subject: Re: What are you doing?

Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2005 07:04:39 +1000


The only thing you chose to ignore is to give me your phone number.  Im more

than happy to join up an become a waverider too but only once we talk over

the phone and I hear from you with my own ears why you would choose to

deliberately wreck a mate’s career with such awful assertions.


Surely you must realise that anyone who reads what youve written will not

care whether its true or not and will not give me the time to explain

whether you are a wave rider or not.  I guess the only thing I can hope is

that whoever does read your stuff about me will contact me and then I can

perhaps have them speak with a member of your family some of who I

understand to be in Australia who may perhaps be in a better position to

explain things to them than I will be.


Just for the record – I worked my guts out getting the CA in South Africa,

requalifying in Israel as a CPA and then again here in Australia.  I dont

know why or on what basis you choose to make your comments about the

university.  So far I have not been hurt by your stuff – Im not sure that

will please you.


If you are unable to see your way clear to unlinking the name Malatskey on

the internet search to your Nexterrestrial sites et al then simply tell me

and I will consider my position, including explaining to my colleagues at

our firm who will be most concerned to investigate everything and then do

whatever it takes to protect the name of the firm and its partners.


I await your phone number





To: Jeff Malatskey

CC: rest; Devin Standard

Subject: Re: What are you doing?

Date: Sun, 19 Jun 2005 10:24:19 -0500




I have received a rather “signficant” [sic] number of responses following my broadcasted communiqué to my one programmer Adam Tucker but thought I would quickly respond to you before enjoying breakfast with my trusted family.


You cover a lot of ground and as best I recall you didn’t need to “real-ly” [sic] speak with anyone certainly not Raymond Oshry, his brother Ivan or for that matter Irwin Strous and why not include Merrick Wolman as well as David Levy “to-get-her” [sic] with everyone we grew up with in South Africa for you to get your confidence level up bearing in mind I suspect you have yet to get your arms around who exactly other than DeBeers financed Hitler?


Now that you have decided to step up to the plate lets hear very clearly your point of view of who exactly financed the Apartheid Government leading to who in their right mind would open their big mouth to criticize anyone including those who supposedly opposed the Apartheid Government?


Do you recall a single school teacher at Carmel College, our Hebrew day school, or our rabbi, Abner Weiss, or for that matter any professor of Economics at the 3rd world crappy University of Natal, Durban, South Africa [NU] in protesting against the financiers of the southern division of the 3rd Reich that took root in South Africa back in 1948 the same year the State of Israel was established also mention how we should go about making this world a better place for the next generation, you agree the youth are all our futures, when worthless Certificates of Insurance and diamond trades get included in those all important Money Supply numbers, M1, M2 and M3?


Please notice how brief this response is and respond accordingly.


I will, assuming you can be as “stileto” [sic] like in your response, eventually address each and every point you assert below.


Copied at this time are less than a handful of members of my very inner circle including Devin Standard the executor of my estate. Mr. Standard who happens to be black is not simply far better formally schooled than any of us attending NU but far more importantly he never allowed his formal education to interfere with his learning to mention little of very possibly the same NOT being said about his father Mr. Kenneth Standard Esq. [KS] an alumni of Harvard Law School and the current president of the New York State Bar Association, KS fairly recently correctly concluding that I played a rather significant role in at least escalating the investigation into the insurance giant AIG to mention in passing I seem to recall your last communication with me back on July 16th 2002 where you mentioned “sumthing” [sic] about being a “client service partner in the audirtor division in financial services” [sic] of the auditing firm Ernest and Young able “tho-ugh” [sic] to afford building a new house on a cliff?


Do your best to respond as soon as you wake up since it could help me remind the likes of Raymond, Ivan, Irwin etc etc the impact I am having on the next generation getting “increasinly” [sic] fed up with the bs they have been fed by those thinking they can trade their way out of the pending collapse in the financial markets and of course I expect you to sign up for my one of a kind Educational LIght Journey seminar where you and every single person you know will have the opportunity to participate asking any and all questions while most assuredly understanding why it is that the most rapacious and might I add successful SCALs [Shareholder Class Action Litigators] while knowing perfectly well that given the Digital Age, A G-D-Send, I dont turn a blind eye to evil including those committed by both my clients and family I serve as a rather good coach helping them respond to fast balls thrown at or near head.






From: Jeff Malatskey –


Subject: What are you doing?

Date: Sun, 19 Jun 2005 18:40:12 +1000




I recently spent some time with Raymond Oshry who tells me that he saw you

in London and spent time with you.  Given what he told me I thought I would

try and communicate with you by email in the first instance and ask for your

phone number so that we can perhaps talk.


As you know there are a number of ex South Africans living here in Sydney

including Irvin Strouss and Ivan Oshry – I had learned indirectly from them

(and directly from some of our other mutual friends in the USA) some time

ago that you have become somewhat disturbed and that you spend many hours

ranting and raving by email covering a range of topics and being quite

insulting to many many people.  I was also warned off against communicating

with you in that you have earned yourself a reputation for turning on people

for reasons only known to yourself, that you copy/pass on everything that is

communicated to you, and that you even go so far as to cut and paste or make

changes to emails sent to you before you send them on to a wide number of

people who are on your email lists.


To be honest I didnt know what to make of what people were saying until I

had the misfortune to read some of it myself, and I must admit it did take a

little while to start to somewhat understand things because notwithstanding

the vast majority of strange conspiracy type stuff you write about and about

which I have little knowledge, there were some things about Durban you wrote

of which made a bit of sense and contained elements of what might be

credible or believable at first blush, but not after a few more sentances.

Ive now also seen for myself what others talked about and how many people

spent fruitless hours trying to extricate themselves from your email webs.


The reason I have decided to try and make contact is that Raymond Oshry told

me that you appeared sane and capable of understanding things

notwithstanding that in any conversation you couldnt really contain yourself

and did eventually return to your various theories about how almost everyone

youve come into contact with or read about is somehow a crook.


I’m not sure whether you are going to act true to form on this one, or which

Gary I will find myself communicating with, the one I grew up with and

admired and respected, or the one who is choosing to take pot shots in all

directions.  To be honest I dont care that you demonstrate in writing to the

whole world that you have absolutely no respect for your parents and family

(near or related), that you are so very possessed and absorbed in rubbishing

everything about your home town Durban that allowed you to achieve the

greatness that you no doubt revel in today, that in seeking to destroy other

peoples names and reputations you demonstrate that you have little regard

for your own – that your writings appear to suggest and provide living proof

of a perverted sick mind, but I do very much care that in all your various

diatribes, you referred to me in any manner.


I can see that others have threatened you in trying to persuade you to

desist from your path and that has clearly not worked so no point trying

that.  You obviously really do believe that playing tricks with words and

developing threads and nuances and puns somehow makes you smarter than

others and something more than the simply average student that the Durban

Jewish day schooling system produced.  Do you really believe that your

capacity to understand everything is so much greater than everyone elses –

you,like me and many others, were and are still average in many many ways,

and as much as you now try to disconnect from your past, cannot do so and

are trapped by that fact – yes you grew up in Durban, you benefitted from

apartheid just like everyone else, and only became so religiously zealous

once you were safely far away from South Africa.  If you were a real hero

you would have used your mightly pen there and then not here and now like a

miserable coward.


What I will do is  ask you very nicely to go and do some editing in your

system and remove all references to me.  Why on earth would you say such

terrible things about someone that you went through all your schooling with,

who you had stay with you in your apartment in 1981 in San Diego, whose wife

you were good friends with too, who protected you from the shopkeeper who

wanted to have you arrested those years ago in Bloemfontein on a school tour

for throwing dangerous fireworks into his home, who used to go to bat for

you when your mouth got you into trouble with the bigger boys, and I could

go on and on.


Gary the rubbish you have written about me and university is just that –

rubbish and more rubbish but obviously you believe you can say and write

what ever fiction you like about anyone as your track record demonstrates.


You have a chance to prove that you are not a completely sick mind by

responding directly to me and not copying the world. Please take a moment to

think of what you have said/written and the potential repercussions for me,

Estelle and my entire family.  If youre unable to do that it is possibly

because you dont have kids of your own – maybe there is a god after all –

sparing us all from another generation of your genes.


I await your response and we’ll take things from there shall we.


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From: Gary S. Gevisser
Sent: Tuesday, July 16, 2002 7:40 AM
To: Malatskey
Subject: RE:


Good to hear you are do-ING well. I actually thought I had sent you an email several months ago with a question or too but I have a new system that has yet to have the old stuff loaded?? I am not sure if I am going to make it out your way soon but hopefully some time. Who knows though if Marie decides to get her jet within the next year, actually it is now within the next 9 months, well then it could be sooner than I thought. It is just a matter of space and time.


Right now I am in the process of writing up a storm and who knows it might reach your way before I get there, i.e. Microsoftyword travels fast. Keep the engine warmed up though because some of the stuff I have to say may not go down all that well with sum but I wouldn’t worry too much since they are really only my thoughts and equations DNA everyone is entitled to disagree but it all comes at a price. I am assuming you have been following my other emails, and what EmanANDdog is backwards as in right to left? So what do you think of Professor Klein and my interaction the other day.


Click on:


Now I assume you have been checking in from time to time with


I think you and I would probably only disagree on the role of “audirtors” [sic] who try to have it both ways. The system, in my opinion, was flawed from the “ghet-g-to” [sic]. If management cant be trusted to keep a straight set of books and today we have programs like quicken that automatically put debits on the left credits on the right and with one push of a button one has all the financial reports, how can auditors be blamed when their other half, the consultants need to make ends meet; in other words why have auditors and not simply cops with eyes in every office just like they have in their speedsters, recording everything that goes on in meetings, each time someone opens their mouth, each time their is a nod and a wink which are then backed up into a secure “independent” location, easily retrievable at another push of the “butt-em” [sic] if and when there is a need to call someone to task?


Can you imagine if we had cameras at Carmel College in each classroom and hall, library etc and when someone like Gunter Lazarus came strutting in telling us what and what not to do, always promoting the text of the Nazi Government, “If there wasn’t a Black problem in this country there would be a Jewish problem” telling us as we went about our daily rituals, prayers and all, in so many words:


Listen up dodo heads do as I say or the high-way…you didn’t know that the Dodos are one of the largest shoe people in the country and that we Non Ferrous Metals, commonly known as N-FM are at the tail end of the line to kick your butts you bunch of well-heeled wimps and of course we will provide stereo music as we point you all in the direction of a fall; you all know of course we are responsible for the Blue Train and for that matter the new coaches that you all travel on when touring other schools around the country that we have lookouts everywhere making certain you get the best and safest coaches; and yes of course we will hire “joyim” [sic] to whip you into shape if you don’t behave, if your impish parents are not man and women all built into one, yes take a look at my tits and belly to boot; of course there are times we direct the old coaches to our furnaces and yes sometimes we also say “hi-jack” as we stick it to one of the kaffirs trying to get a free ride below the platforms in between the wheels; it is grueling stuff but if you stay in shape, play squash you can handle anything in the heat of the night and by the time we are finished with our all metal dirty deeds those of us in good shape will have already returned to base and when the question is asked, ‘What train?’ we are reading a “lu-lie-by” to the kids; butt then we pay back the government in kind along with our buddy Phillip Frame who finances them on weekends while we provide the brown paper bag lunches during the week days with cash to boot…You didn’t get all that, whats your problem, are you doing dagga; what sort of Gip-sy are you, were you raised in a pigsty; it “seams” [sic] I will need to have a little chat with your parents who should by now know how to stick to their knitting, they will get the full brunt of my frontal attack, this physic is not all show; I may not look great on a ramp but I sure know how to give it on the rump; by now my edict should have been clearly understood and your parents should know better than to use you children to challenge me and my Nationalist politics; don’t just sit there get moving; if you want a job when you get out of here, if you want cash in your pocket if all hell were to break loose when the kaffirs come looking for you lilly white skin, who do you think would be there for you, the folks from SAIC?… Don’t play funnybuggers with me I said exactly what I mean, if I meant those wimps from South African Clothing Industries I would have said SACI but I was talking about the American defense contractor known as Science Applications International Corporation, so get with the program and yes this is boot camp… okay you got the message and you now just have a headache, then go ahead take two aspirin and call me or one of my liberal-berated-heralded lawyers in the morning if you still have a hangover. Now lets bench the rest for later, La Chaim La Chaim to life, God Almighty free at last free at last thank you Lord free at last, Heil Hitler.”


Jeff, could you explain to me why a publicly traded company should be valued any more than a private company?


Love to all.



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From: Malatskey []
Sent: Tuesday, July 16, 2002 1:43 AM
To: Gary S. Gevisser

Hi there, and nice to get an email from you.

I am a client service partner in the audit division in financial services.
I have 2 major clients where I spend most of my time and then two others
where I spend a bit less.  The major ones are AMP (which is the largest
local financial services company in AUssie) and which you may not have
heard of , and ING which Im sure you have heard of.  In addition I do some
work for Westfields which you may recognise in the USA context as theyve
been buying shopping malls all over the USA.  The last client I work with
is 6 Continents which is a big hotel chain having intercontinental, holday
inns, crown plaza etc.

My role has changed somewhat as for around 4 years I was the business unit
leader for financial services (ie responsible for the results and a very
admin intensive role), and I was then promoted or demoted to a pure client
services role which is where Im am at.  We are busy integrating Andersons
here in Aussie and trying to deal with all the negative sentiment against
auditors, audit failures etc.  Its easy to feel that we do not get paid
enough for this shit but there are many who would argue that we get paid
too much I guess.

Weve been building a house for around 9 months and hope it will be ready in
around 2 months time.  it is exactly nex t door to the previous house we
owned but in a better position as its on the cliffs of Dover Heights
looking out to the Pacific.  Are you ever going to get on a plane and come
visit in AUstralia? You would trully love the place given your love of
water, outdoors etc.  You should make  the trip one day if you have the
time and inclination.

The kids are growing up fast Talia is writing matric in 2 months and Orin
is 14 and getting ready to go to a bush school camp for 6 months.  It is
compulsory at his school and they reckon it makes men of the boys, lots of
outdoor actifvities, abseiling, hiking, canoing,riding etc plus schooling
etc all designed to teach independence, confidence, teamwork, and
individuality.  In addition they guarantee the boyswill keep their room
clean for a year afterwards so if that is true then it will be money well

I dont know whether you keep up with rugby at all or get to see any, but I
go whenever I can anc have seen most of the big games played in Suydney
over the last 10 years.  I am a split voter as I love the wallabies but am
still a springbok supporter!

What else can I tell you – oh yes Ive had my mid life crisis and have
bought a sports car after so many years with a sedan.  I still remember in
San Diego going in your fiat sports in winter freezing cold with the roof
down and the heater on!!  ANyway Ive bought a 3litre BMWZ3 – I think its
called the shark in the USA?  ANyway its great fun to drive and goes like a

thats it for now, would like to catch up again as soon as you return the
email.  cheers




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