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You probably haven’t realized because of your own distractions that Ed Bertolas because of how he cannot deal with Ben Gurion’s most important choice words explaining that the Arabs had nothing to do with America’s Auschwitz, has placed the US Government and all the peoples of America in one hell of a most unenviable position.

His desperation has him going in and out of logic that has his mind, the first indicator of the Supernatural, losing his mind.

There is of course the distinct possibility that Ed did in fact go to the trouble in his very busy schedule to contact this family who you know I will be able to flush not only in an instant but in doing so I will bring that much more Public International Attention to Ben Gurion’s MOST IMPORTANT words, which most of all expose first and foremost all the Jewish people throughout the world who have been co-opted-corrupted.

In other words, how are Ed’s supporters who are my adversaries able to get him to shut up without exposing themselves more?

Just earlier I had a phone conversation with an Israeli “brother” who is assisting me spearheading Operation Smiley that dovetails Operation Sparkling.

It is just a matter of days before I have in my possession an official document from the brutal Israel Defense Force which will do much more than expose this one American-Israeli Special Forces commando who has written a best selling book that positions Israel in the most unfavorable light which of course explains why the top US General in charge of the CIA’s “War on Terror” has embraced it, and if it is only because he did it for the money; i.e. deposited the check without even reading this bs book, then that too explains the extraordinary problems that the US military still faces which many think couldn’t get any worse.

Not to mention more than just me know that when the US says the economy grew last quarter the only thing that grew was the US printing more worthless money and the US military continues to intimidate our most violent regimes who know that if the US goes down the tubes not even their second in commands can save them.

Do you not think it is a miracle that has prevented the US from using its nuclear weapons again or do you think it is just logic=God that continues to prevail?

Nor have you forgotten that the brutal IDF that includes the Mossad understand perfectly everything that is going on, and nor have they decided to order their Kidon assassination unit to shut me up.

Nor have you forgotten why you haven’t explained why you are so lame in getting back to me the “teaser” for my last Intelligence-Peace Briefing to Obama before he along with the US Congress stands down and the US military steps down.

BTW, what are your cats telling you what to do in terms of your next priority.

Right now the music playing at the Pannikan coffee shop in La Jolla has the sound of morse code.

You can of course imagine how the US Government’s Hollywood is going to react to this nonsense Jewish American being an “Arik” having deserted the IDF after 7 months.

Their silence of course won’t change the truth.

You would think this would be an easy document to get a hold of, but then even the Mossad haven’t forgotten they know how best to put traitors to work.

Moreover, when I have things perfectly under control why mess with a good thing?

Nor have you forgotten that the most suicidal nation on the planet is the US who have the least to gain from the truth reaching the masses of the world which does not mean the masses won’t get it.

As everyone makes their escape plans they also leave behind a clear digital trail.

You might not know that the Mossad gave Golda Meir the nickname, “The lady with the mustache” which most probably came when she called Nixon after Israeli forces had been overrun in the first few hours of the 1973 Yom Kippur War and when told he was too busy to talk with Israel’s prime minister who had been handpicked by Ben Gurion, Golda spoke with Kissinger and told him that she was giving Nixon 5 minutes before ordering an evacuation in anticipation of Israel about to unleash its nuclear arsenal which Israel had developed much earlier than the US Government believed, and the little puppy dog Jewish Kapo-sellout Kissinger went running to Nixon who got the message loud and clear which didn’t change the fact that nothing had changed in the foreign policy of the US since constructing the Rockefeller’s I.G. Farben gas pellet production facility in the dead center of Auschwitz.

What about the “no fly zone” I advocated in my first article titled, Perspective One – click HERE – back on October 18th, 2000, which also addressed this most important war which had Jewish American CIA oil trader Marc Rich making a fortune trading with Israel’s enemies which on January 20th, 2000 had De Beers President Bill “Rhodes-De Beers scholar” Clinton “rewarding” him with a Presidential Pardon.

You also remember the threats we got from Jewish CIA officer Charles Knuff and his Dallas, Texas attorney Alan Lowensohn. Click HERE.

Do you think I should bother with filing a report with the FBI following a threatening call I received from a person late last Friday calling from area code 702-430-1699 and being so stupid to leave his telephone number showing up on my cellphone, and when the Sheriffs Department investigated the Sheriff’s Deputy didnt even bother leaving a message on the voice machine after I had told him that I called the number back and the person confirmed it was not just someone dialing randomly asking for “Gary”.

You also know that while the abandonment of fear is critical in understanding the “meaning of life” one cannot be stupid.

You also know that those who worry about things in the future happening to other people like their car breaking down without thinking that the car owner has the skills to fix the car if all else fails, what they really want to do is feel good about themselves having that person feeling a moment of discomfort, however, short-lived.

In other words you should be getting a much better idea of the “meaning of life” as it applies to each one of us.

The more we know about each other the less likely we are to want to go to war with one another as we know how very ugly is the person just wanting to be friends with you without contributing to the betterment of humanity.

So why would anyone want to be friends with bad people as logical people recognize the “Hand of God” in everything.

Most uplifting for the good and totally devastating for the bad who know increasingly they cannot speed up their suicide.

BTW, a most exquisite young lady who happens to be Jewish is seated next to me and when she read what I have written above said, “100%”.

Let me spell out the question, “What percent do you understand”.

Now Cecily is saying, “I have a joke for you”:

What did the frog say after he crossed the road?

That was exquibbet!

Again Cecily, “Can you imagine a 7 year old girl telling you the joke giggling so hard that you are not sure that is exactly how the joke is supposed to go?

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